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Rent Vs. Buy Boston

Boston’s housing market is made up of so many young professionals who are highly educated, financially sophisticated, and fiscally responsible. And everyone knows that buying is always the better bet. Right? Tax breaks and endless home value appreciation mean that the first thing you must do when you get that great job or that long-awaited promotion is buy a home. Right?

massachusetts construction labor shortage

Multiple Factors Impacting Residential Construction Labor Shortage

A lack of available housing is a consistent theme heard throughout the US these days, and that holds especially true in the Boston real estate market. Building new homes is an obvious solution to combating the housing problem, but a slew of factors are negatively impacting the residential construction workforce.

16,000 boston landlords

Bigger and Better Real Estate Data – Boston Pads Landlord Network Hits 16,000 Records

Boston Pads, the premier online real estate information portal for the Greater Boston area, recently surpassed 16,000 landlord records in its real-time database.


5 Great Ways to Decorate Your Rental (And Still Get Back Your Deposit!)

Living in a rental has so many advantages over homeownership. Toilet leaking? Call the landlord. Snow needs shoveling? Call the landlord. Driveway needs repair? Well, you get the idea.

marijuana and Massachusetts renters rights

Legal Marijuana and Massachusetts Renters’ Rights

Last November, the state of Massachusetts legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults who are 21 and older. Despite this, Federal law still classifies cannabis as an illegal drug.

airbnb explores long term rentals

Airbnb Exploring Long-Term Rental Market

Rental home service Airbnb allows people to visit cities for short-term stays while living like locals and the company is now investigating the possibility of offering long-term rentals. Airbnb hired consultancy McKinsey and Co in March to determine the feasibility of joining this market.

Short-term and long-term apartment rentals have already popped up in New York City and Arlington, Virginia by WeLive, a partnership between Vornado Realty Trust and office development company WeWork.

architecture designed for commuters

Developers, Architects Designing Homes for Telecommuters

Real estate developers and architects are now designing properties for a growing workforce of entrepreneurs and consultants who have made working from home a popular option.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2016, 15 million workers or 10% of the workforce were self-employed. The number of American workers with flexible schedules who don’t need to work in a traditional office is expected to continue growing.

boston mls listings

Why Energy Efficiency Details Belong in Your MLS

Realtors, appraisers and prospective home buyers all rely on the MLS to learn about home prices and features. However, energy efficiency details about homes are not a standard part of the MLS.

In order to obtain the most accurate pricing on a home with energy efficient systems, the onus is on real estate professionals to include them in the home listing.

conduct background check on boston neighborhood

How to Conduct a Background Check on Any Neighborhood

Before you move into a new neighborhood, you’ll obviously want to know what it’s like to live there. The common way people used to answer this question was to visit that neighborhood at different times of the day and week.

boston real estate market

Massachusetts Real Estate Market Pinching First-Time Buyers

The lack of homes for sale in Boston and throughout the state of Massachusetts is creating an extremely competitive market that’s leaving out first-time buyers. In fact, the Massachusetts Association of Realtors reports that new homeowners in the Bay State comprise the smallest market share since 2003.

The percentage of first-time buyers in Massachusetts dipped from 41 percent in 2015 to just 35 percent in 2016.