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Massachusetts Real Estate Market Prime for Sellers

In the 12 years since the Massachusetts Association of Realtors (MAR) began tracking in-state home sales, the number of people looking to pick up and move is at an all-time low. The amount of home listings from November 2015 to November 2016 plummeted nearly 35%. Condo sales fell 30% during the same timeframe.

From Beantown and beyond, this is the perfect time to sell a home or condo in Massachusetts.


5 Hot New Boston Restaurants Opening This Month

Put down your shovel and celebrate the Patriots Super Bowl win by treating yourself.

How, you might ask?

With dinner, of course. But, not the same old thing. Boston is a city that always has tons of new dining hot spots consistently opening up. That means plenty of delicious and new options all year.

Solar panels in boston ma

Are Solar Panels Really Worth It in Boston?

You may have heard the news about the car company Tesla developing a new form of solar panels. Tesla solar panels look like regular shingles on the roof and power the home and car with environmentally friendly energy. As this news creates buzz in the real estate world, New England home owners ask ourselves the same old questions about solar panels. Will they save me money in energy costs? How will they affect my home value? And will they continue to generate energy despite long New England winters? Jacob Realty did some research for you. Here is what we found.

Boston winter activities

Things to Do in Boston during the Winter

The holiday season in Boston is nothing short of magical. From the Christmas tree in Boston Common to the lights and miniatures of Newbury Street, there are so many ways to celebrate the winter holidays. But what about after the new year? Keep the magic going as long as the frosty weather lasts with these winter activities in Boston.


Average Boston Apartment Rent Prices by T Stop

BOSTON, MA:, a comprehensive digital resource for Boston real estate, published an infographic showing the average per-bedroom rental price of Boston apartments in nearly every neighborhood in Boston. The infographic looks like an MBTA map with a dollar amount next to the name of each stop. The familiar visual allows readers to easily explore rent price trends in Boston.