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5 Landlord Friendly Ways Improve Your Apartment

landlord friendly apartment decor ideas for boston apartments

Rental living offers numerous benefits and perks over owning a home, but personalization isn’t one of them. Nothing beats the feeling of making a rented space your own, and just because you’re renting  doesn’t mean you can’t make your apartment feel like home. Luckily, there are a few Boston apartment decor hacks and tricks you can do to spruce up your rented space without stressing out your landlord or worse, having to pay for it when you move out.

Here are five ways to do just that!

1.  Hang Your Favorite Plants

Adding your favorite indoor plants in your apartment is a great way to bring an apartment to life and make it your own.  But sometimes to hang a plant, you have to put a big hole in the wall our drill into a stucco ceiling to hang a hook.  There is a way to avoid this:  just use a tension rod!  You can hang a few plants over windows using these, adding privacy to your home while also making the apartment feel cool and relaxing. Plants have the ability to fill a home with positive energy, and now you can hang a bunch without putting holes in the wall!  In the event that a tension rod doesn’t work, you can always try to give your landlord or property manager a call and ask if they will work with you to carefully place some hooks or possibly a shelf with nice plants on them.  Many landlords like plants in their apartments because it makes the property look nice and makes it easier to rent in later on as they show it when you decide you are moving out.  In a tight apartment market such as Boston, your property will be shown while you are living there, so don’t be afraid to let the landlord know it will help with the future rental of the place!

2.  Get a Wall Decal 

Wall decals are a great way to add some of your personality to your apartment, and the best part about them is they are not permanent.  You can find some beautiful decorative decals online that are inexpensive, beautiful, and get shipped right to your door.  They are easy to install, and easy to take down when it’s time to move out.  Consider looking on Etsy and Pinterest for some decal ideas, and let your imagination fly! 

3.  Create a ‘Feature Wall’

You can revamp your cookie-cutter apartment with a unique feature wall: decorated in a manner that stands out and grabs your attention immediately.  Multi-color walls and bold color styles are hot in current interior design trends  and a couple of coats of paint in a bold color on a single wall can transform a boring apartment into a trendy pad bursting with character.  Be sure to check with your landlord before you paint the wall, and be prepared to paint it back when your lease is up.  Nearly all landlords will require you to paint the wall color back to the original shade upon your move out so that there is consistency throughout the entire apartment.  However, landlords have been known to allow your custom work to stay in place in the event that the future tenant really likes your style!  It never hurts to talk with an incoming tenant that likes your place and ask them if they can talk to the landlord about keeping the colors.  That is less work for you on the way out!

Another great and inexpensive way to transform a large wall space is to hang a picture gallery.  You can easily print and frame some of your favorite pictures from Facebook or from your phone, and then hang them on the wall in a beautifully arranged pattern.  You can go with a square grid of 8” x 11” portrait frames, or you could print different sizes and piece together an irregular pattern.  There are tools online to help you do this.  Nothing will make your apartment feel like home like filling it with some of your favorite memories. 

4.  Hang a Large Mirror

Mirrors are perfect for small spaces. They reflect light and make your apartment appear larger than its actual size.  With rising real estate prices in Boston and micro-apartments gaining in popularity, this is becoming a very popular way to accent an apartment and make it look bigger.   In essence, it’s like adding an extra window to your room.  Large mirrors can be bought for under $100 at many home goods stores, and you can customize the look by selecting a frame that matches the rest of the apartment decor.

5.  Replace the Toilet Seat

Ok hear me out on this one.  A lot of apartments in Boston are old, and the toilet seat is often overlooked by landlords when they are filling an apartment with new renters.  Especially if you like to have guests over, you want a clean and comfortable commode.  

You can replace a worn-out toilet seat in your Boston rental apartment for less than $50 and 60 minutes of your time. It easy and affordable, and it will make your bathroom feel new and less lived-in.  Confirm with your landlord before you replace anything just to be sure your not overstepping your bounds.  Most will not object and actually be happy that you offered your own money to upgrade the apartment.  Many will even offer to take care of the repair for you.  You can even use this to haggle a bit, and possibly get a discount on your rent.

You may not be able to do a full remodeling of your apartment space, but these Boston apartment decor hacks and tricks will transform your living space and allow you to add your own personality into the apartment. 


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