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Tips for Boston first time home buyers
Nov 30

Biggest Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make

Shopping for a home can be fun, exciting, exhausting, painful and frightening all at the same time.  As a potential homeowner, your aim is to end up with a home you’ll love at a price you can afford. With all the challenges and decisions that have to be made, it’s rare that a first time home buyer goes through the process without making at least one mistake.  Being in the Boston real estate market for as long as we have, we’ve helped hundreds of first time home buyers achieve their dream of owning a home.   These success stories did not happen without obstacles along the way, and with all this experience we’ve been able to identify a few key mistakes that we see repeated by first time home buyers time and time again.

tips for finding rooms for rent in boston
Nov 29

5 Things to Do When Your Roommate Moves Out

Let’s face it, for many living in Boston, roommate living is not always ideal but necessary for lifestyle maintenance.  People opt to share an apartment to either to save on rental cost or for convenience. However, over time, plans and ambitions may change, and your roommate may choose to go out on their own. This is never an easy thing to go through, especially when the departure occurs in the middle of a lease.

rent to own boston ma
Nov 28

Rent to Own Homes in Boston – What You Need to Know

As Boston real estate prices soar, many people who aspire to own a home are priced out of the buyers market.  In order to buy a home, you may need to have a good credit score and a large sum of money for a down payment.

tips to raise your credit score
Nov 27

Buying a Home? 5 Tips to Raise Your Credit Score

For people who have a poor credit score, the dream of owning a home may seem out of reach.  Nowadays, lenders are more stringent than ever when approving mortgages, and even with an FHA loan, you still have to have some sort of established credit to buy a home.

If your struggling with a poor credit score, there are a number of things you can do raise it.  Some of these things can make an immediate positive affect in your credit scores, while some may require some time, patience and discipline.  If you take these steps, you’ll be well on your way to improving your credit.

Before you move into a new construction building
Nov 26

5 Things to Consider Before Moving into New Construction Buildings

Experienced homebuyers know to always do their research on a property before closing on a house. Anytime you buy a home, you have to have the house inspected to see if there’s any issues before moving in.  However, this often gets overlooked when someone who purchases a condo in a newly built apartment building.  What could possibly go wrong?  The place is brand new!  Actually, there are a few things you should consider before moving in to that shiny new luxury complex.  

Nov 21

Holiday Decor Ideas that Will Wow Your Guests

With Thanksgiving here and Christmas is right around the corner, you may be looking for new ideas to spice up the holidays and give your guests something out of the norm.  If you’ve been hosting the Holiday party year after year, why not try to dazzle your guests with something they haven’t seen?  Here are some decor ideas that will leave an impression on your Holiday guests.

Nov 20

Renting is Eclipsing Homeownership – Here’s Why

For so many people looking to live and work in this area, the question of “renting and apartment vs buying a home for sale in Boston” is a difficult one. Renting is gradually gaining in popularity for many reasons, and the fact is that many people in the market for housing will be forced to rent for budget reasons.  However,  homes for sale in Boston  are still in very high demand, and this force will continue to drive the market for the foreseeable future.

exterior remodeling to boost homes value
Nov 19

Exterior Remodeling That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Many experienced real estate agents confess that they mostly make up their minds about a house before they even walk inside it. As much as people spend their energy, money, and time designing and styling the interior decor of their houses, it is much harder to sell a home when the exterior is not enticing to the potential buyer. Are you having difficulties in designing the exterior of your home? Fear not, here are some of the outdoor features that will make your house more appealing.

the benjamin seaport skyline view
Nov 13

5 Boston Luxury Apartments with Killer Views

Looking for a Boston luxury apartment building that meets all of your criteria can be challenging, but not because you can’t find what you want. There are so many excellent apartment options in the Boston area that it can be hard to choose! If breathtaking views are at the top of your list, check out these 5 apartments.

how to soundproof your apartment
Nov 12

4 Removable Ways to Soundproof Your Apartment

Whether you’re a native or a recent transplant, you know that the city of Boston has tons to offer. If you’re looking for a place to live, you have many choices. You can find Boston apartments for every stage of life, whether you’re shopping for inexpensive rooms for rent in Boston or for Boston luxury apartments.

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