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Spotlight Agent: Gabriel Bonilla

Posted By: Daniela Alvarado |  Aug 5
Category: Real Estate Agents

Here at Boston Pads we pride ourselves in the quality of agents we work with at partner offices. From day one, these agents are trained to use all the tools at their disposal to succeed. They work tirelessly to find their clients their dream homes- even in the most challenging market environments. We want to take the time to highlight agents that really stand out, whether they are new agents or veterans. Today, we celebrate our latest Spotlight Agent: Gabriel Bonilla from Douglas Paul Real Estate in Cambridge.

Gabriel is consistently a top closer at his office, month after month. Recently, he grossed $55,000 in one month in rentals alone!

A brief interview with Gabriel:

How long have you been working with Douglas Paul/ Boston Pads?

2 1/2 years

What made you choose real estate as a career and what were you doing before?

Before real estate, I was in the accounting field. After being unemployed for nearly 9 months, 3 people (who don’t know each other) told me to get into real estate— so I did, and haven’t looked back.

What made you choose Douglas Paul above other offices?

I went to Host Group Real Estate to fulfill my pre- licensing requirements. There, several classmates recommended I look into Douglas Paul. The office’s reputation, management, and incredible number of listings lined up with what I was looking for.

What is something you wish you knew when you first started?

How to develop your brand. Explaining to clients why you’re the agent for them, especially in the beginning of your career.

Good thing we offer classes on how to do just that, like our Social Media class! Anyways, what have you found to be the most challenging thing about real estate?

Getting access to new inventory. Some landlords are comfortable working with the same agent as always, or even doing the work themselves. It’s my job to convince them that we’re the right choice for both their rental and sales needs.

How do you build relationships with clients and what would you like them to know about you?

By being transparent with them on Day 1 and spending time really listening to clients about the desired components for their next unit. I focus on showing them what they want, while delivering on what they need. My clients need to know that I put in hours of preparation researching inventory i.e. a unit’s layout, dog friendliness, and amenities, so that the 1st round (and hopefully the only round) of showings are very smooth and lead to a lease signing.

Clients need to work with an agent that is familiar with a neighborhood’s inventory, can provide reasonable options, and who listens to their needs. They won’t have a problem finding such an agent at Douglas Paul Real Estate.

As luck would have it, Douglas Paul Real Estate is HIRING

If you liked what Gabriel had to say, and want to know more about making the transition into real estate, please contact us! We are always looking for dedicated agents for our offices- no matter your level of experience. We offer our agents access to over 180,000 rental listings, 15+ training classes, proprietary technologies, and much more.

Daniela Alvarado
Daniela Alvarado Posted date:August 5, 2021
Daniela Alvarado began her real estate career while still attending Northeastern University, during the summer of 2016. She started with the intention of being a part real estate time agent while she went to school, but almost immediately found her true passion in real estate. Daniela is a quick study, motivating and managing teams in innovative ways to benefit their financial growth and increase their overall efficiency and branding. Her true passion is cutting edge marketing and luxury leasing and sales. Daniela’s relentless drive to seeing projects advance through tight deadlines earned her a rapid ascension to the Vice- President of Marketing for Boston Pads.

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