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Spotlight Agent: Tiffany Costello

Posted By: Daniela Alvarado |  Apr 23
Category: Real Estate Agents

Here at Boston Pads we pride ourselves in the quality of agents we work with at partner offices. From day one, these agents are trained to use all the tools at their disposal to succeed. They work tirelessly to find their clients their dream homes- even in the most challenging market environments. We want to take the time to highlight agents that really stand out, whether they are new agents or veterans. Today, we celebrate our first Spotlight Agent: Tiffany Costello from NextGen Realty!

A brief interview with Tiffany:

How long have you been working with NextGen Realty/ Boston Pads?

I started at NextGen on the second of November [2020]. Two days after I got my license with Host Group Real Estate Academy.

What made you choose real estate as a career and what were you doing before?

Prior to COVID I was working as a bartender in NH and MA for 17 years. Once I got back behind the bar in May of 2020, I felt like a robot, the social aspect of tending bar was gone. I’m a very social person and absolutely love meeting new people. So after years of thinking about it I finally took the plunge!

What made you choose NextGen above other offices?

My courses where all online due to COVID. And one of the last days my teacher Dee Kumar brought on an agent who worked for Jacob Realty/Boston Pads- Dani Alvarado [the interviewer]. I loved the message [she] sent about the company, and how much more room there is to grow as an agent and as a person. After Dani suggesting I meet Eli, my current manager, and having a “quick” (2 hour) interview with him I was absolutely hooked.

What do you find the most challenging about real estate?

Honestly, the most challenging thing about real estate, was making that first ever phone call! It took me SO LONG to build up the courage. This is my first time working for myself and there is so much freedom to work from home, or take a day off when you want. Staying focused on what’s right in front of you and turning off, quite literally, your peripheral vision can become difficult for someone very social like myself.

Can you tell us about your recent experience with the sales side of this job?

A friend of mine was looking to sell their condo in Malden- and I was right there to help! With all the resources and support here it has gone smoothly so far. I think I lucked out with my first, and from I hear fairly easy, sales experience.

How do you build relationships with clients and what would you like them to know about you?

Being a bartender has made the transition extremely easy for me, because I genuinely love meeting new people and hearing where they are coming from, where they’ve been, and where they are going. It helps me to build genuine and real relationships with my clients.

We are hiring!

If you liked what Tiffany had to say, and want to know more about making the transition into real estate, please contact us! We are always looking for dedicated agents for our offices- no matter your level of experience. We offer our agents access to over 180,000 rental listings, 15+ training classes, proprietary technologies, and much more.

Daniela Alvarado
Daniela Alvarado Posted date:April 23, 2021
Daniela Alvarado began her real estate career while still attending Northeastern University, during the summer of 2016. She started with the intention of being a part real estate time agent while she went to school, but almost immediately found her true passion in real estate. Daniela is a quick study, motivating and managing teams in innovative ways to benefit their financial growth and increase their overall efficiency and branding. Her true passion is cutting edge marketing and luxury leasing and sales. Daniela’s relentless drive to seeing projects advance through tight deadlines earned her a rapid ascension to the Vice- President of Marketing for Boston Pads.


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