No Fee Heat & HW Included
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Available 11/23/2020
1 Bed 1 Bath
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        • No Fee
        • Heat Included
        • Hot Water Included

        Price Comparison

        This apartment is 10.13% less expensive than the average price of for 1 bedroom apartments in Brighton. Congratulations on finding a great apartment that is below the average rent price in Brighton. Contact Boston Pads now to see this apartment.

        Rental Affordability

        Recommended Annual Gross Income

        $66,000 - $79,200
        A range of 25-30% is usually the recommended amount of household or combined gross income to spend on rent. This is also what many landlords are looking for in a prospective tenant, a group of roommates, or their cosigner(s). Remember, this is just a suggestion and does not take into account any other expenses you may have.

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