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ideas to transform your homes basement
Sep 13

Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Basement

When moving to a new home, having a finished basement can be a real selling point. Of course, then you must decide what to do with the extra space. This can be especially difficult if you have multiple people with multiple different interests! You can always section off different areas and spaces for different activities, or create one big area for everyone.  In Boston, where space is highly valuable and quite expensive, a great basement can be a huge plus in quality of life!  Read below for our tips on different fun ideas for your basement!
renew my apartments lease or buy a home
Jun 28

Should I Renew the Lease or Buy a Property?

Should I renew my lease or go buy a property? This is one of the most common questions that renters ask themselves. Chances are, you find yourself agonizing over this situation at least once, but possibly many more times over the course of your life. Deciding to renew your lease is as important as deciding whether you should rent or buy. In real estate, market timing is important, but so is knowing what is a great deal, both on the renting and buying side of the equation. The last thing you need is to rack up unnecessary expenses after moving to a new pad or staying put that you later realize could have been avoided. There are just so many factors to consider. If you stay put in your current Boston Pad, you have to deal with the potential of rising rent and perhaps a sub-par landlord. If you buy at the top, what happens if the market makes a correction in a long and tired asset bull run?

Before you move into a new construction building
Nov 26

5 Things to Consider Before Moving into New Construction Buildings

Experienced homebuyers know to always do their research on a property before closing on a house. Anytime you buy a home, you have to have the house inspected to see if there’s any issues before moving in.  However, this often gets overlooked when someone who purchases a condo in a newly built apartment building.  What could possibly go wrong?  The place is brand new!  Actually, there are a few things you should consider before moving in to that shiny new luxury complex.  

the benjamin seaport skyline view
Nov 13

5 Boston Luxury Apartments with Killer Views

Looking for a Boston luxury apartment building that meets all of your criteria can be challenging, but not because you can’t find what you want. There are so many excellent apartment options in the Boston area that it can be hard to choose! If breathtaking views are at the top of your list, check out these 5 apartments.

boston luxury apartments with the best views
Nov 8

Buying vs Renting a Luxury Boston Apartment

There’s no experience quite like living in a Boston luxury condo. If you’ve ever lived life at the top and enjoyed stunning views of the Boston Harbor or city skyline and had access to dozens of amenities that make life easier, you likely never want to go back. If this is your first time considering a Boston luxury apartment, life is about to get much sweeter! While the decision to live in a luxury dwelling may already be made, what may not be decided is whether to buy or rent one. Should you make the commitment and buy a condo outright, or should you rent and keep your options open?

Sep 25

Exchange South End Gets Approval and Plans on Breaking Ground in 2019

In August, the Boston Planning & Development Agency approved plans to build a 1.6 million square foot technology and life sciences hub. The finished project will have four buildings in total and will be developed on the former site of the Boston Flower Exchange. The original parcel was purchased in 2016, and developer Abby Group hopes to break ground on the project in the spring of 2019. The estimated cost of the project is expected to be around $1 billion and is planned to span 5.6 acres. 

south boston development
Sep 18

Massive Development Southie May Need to Be Scaled Back  

New construction in Boston has been undeniably busy as of late with new projects popping up across the board. One of the most ambitious of all the proposals is set to be constructed on the waterfront site where the old New Boston Generating Station used to sit. If completed in its original form, the development could have been the biggest single development that South Boston has ever had (excluding Seaport).

why buy boston real estate
Sep 7

Why Buy Boston Real Estate?

Boston has some great things to offer, and if you’re considering buying real estate there you have a lot of choices to consider. For example, homes for sale in Boston can be purchased in a lot of different price ranges, and if you’re not quite ready to buy yet there are apartments for rent in Boston that you can enjoy while you learn your way around the city.

boston luxury apartment
Sep 5

7 New Developments Recently Approved by BPDA

The Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) recently approved seven new projects this August. These decisions are in line with much bigger plans for changing how people live, work, and travel in this bustling area. Let’s learn more about the priorities of everyone from government officials to developers to everyday citizens, and how these new projects reflect them. With projects for both residential and commercial purposes, all city dwellers should know more about where the future of Boston is headed.

new developments in boston
Aug 31

Top 3 New Boston Apartment Building Developments of 2018

There’s nothing quite like luxury living in Boston. You simply cannot beat the feeling of waking up to the sunrise over the breathtaking Boston city skyline or having access to theaters, lounges, rooftop pools, and building staff that are available to meet your every need. Whether you’re a veteran of renting Boston luxury apartments or you’re new to the game, here are three new apartment building developments to consider this year.

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