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Nov 28

Rent to Own Homes in Boston – What You Need to Know

As Boston real estate prices soar, many people who aspire to own a home are priced out of the buyers market.  In order to buy a home, you may need to have a good credit score and a large sum of money for a down payment.

exterior remodeling to boost homes value
Nov 19

Exterior Remodeling That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Many experienced real estate agents confess that they mostly make up their minds about a house before they even walk inside it. As much as people spend their energy, money, and time designing and styling the interior decor of their houses, it is much harder to sell a home when the exterior is not enticing to the potential buyer. Are you having difficulties in designing the exterior of your home? Fear not, here are some of the outdoor features that will make your house more appealing.

AI disrupting real estate
Oct 30

6 Ways AI Is Disrupting the Real Estate Industry  

Data from Statista indicates that by the end of 2018, the global AI market will be at $7.35 billion. The rise of artificial intelligence has not been one massive sweep. Rather, it has been a series of evolutions with impacts across multiple industries. 

In the past, the real estate industry remained under the radar when it came to technology disruptions compared to other sectors. This is no longer the case with AI, as this exciting technology has brought some new developments to the industry.

boston high real estate market
Aug 27

Why the Real Estate Market is So High in Boston

If you are looking at real estate in Boston and wondering why prices are so high, there are a number of reasons. Boston is a great city in which to work and live, and the demand for Boston apartments is high. Despite the number of new Boston real estate developments in recent years, the demand for places to live in the area continues to be more than what is currently available. This raises the competition level for Boston homes for sale, keeping prices high for anyone that wants to live in this great city.

Aug 9

The New Minimalism: Popular Methods to Control Your Clutter

The new watchword for design and lifestyle is doing more with less. Find out why Minimalism is not just a trend, it’s a way of life.

If you’re an ‘80s or ‘90s kid, you were raised in a time where More was More. It was an age of McMansions, Paris Hilton, and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. It seemed that the desire to acquire was built in to the American mindset. However, the economic meltdown of ‘08 created a new movement toward practicality and frugality. The New Minimalism is about more than saving money and decluttering — it’s about how simplicity can create happier and more satisfying lives. Here are three of the biggest names in small living and how their philosophies can change your lifestyle.

First Time Home Buyer
Jun 27

Top 4 Things Boston Home Buyers Want

Yesterday we talked about the top 3 things young Boston home buyers want in a potential property. In the course of my research I noticed there were stark differences between what young home buyers look for and home buyers their parents’ age (35-54).

3 steps for easy relocating
Jun 26

Top 3 Things Young Boston Home Buyers Want

Think all young Boston home buyers are looking for fireplaces, stainless steel appliances, and eat in kitchens? Then you are out of touch with the latest generation of home buyers. Having grown up with smartphones, apps, and the internet, millennials, have different wants and needs than previous generations when it comes to buying a home.  

millennial boston real estate buyers
Jan 25

Boston Real Estate Predictions 2018

“We’re in the 8th inning,” some have said. “We’re in extra innings,” say others. Generally speaking, real estate cycles last about ten years. The last real estate cycle peaked in 2007, so it came as no surprise when experts predicted real estate prices to dip last year.

Except, they didn’t.

capital market trends and floating rate loans
Oct 6

Capital Market Trend: Owners of Stabilized Properties Turn to Floating-Rate Loans

It’s typically the case that owners of multi family homes look to secure low-cost, fixed-rate debt on their properties. This provides stability and allows real estate investors to more accurately predict their annual cash flow.

Oct 4

Massachusetts Home Prices Hit Record Highs – Here’s What that Means for the Apartment Rental Market

You’ve heard people say that the Greater Boston real estate market is as hot as ever—but what does that even really mean? Well, now we know.
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