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Overview of the Massachusetts Lead Law

Massachusetts Lead Law

An important law that applies to landlords is the Massachusetts Lead Law. This law ensures that lead paint hazards are covered or removed in homes built before 1978 where children under the age of 6 live. Lead poisoning is a serious and harmful issue. Lead poisoning in children can lead to damage of the brain, kidneys and nervous system.

There are two ways owners and landlords can approach the lead law. The first way is to have all the lead hazards removed or covered, through hiring a licensed lead inspector who will test the home for lead and record all existing lead hazards. The second choice is to have only urgent lead hazards corrected, while controlling any remaining hazards. This alternate method is called interim control.

In this case, the owner must first hire a licensed risk assessor who will explain the work that needs to be done. After, the owner will receive a Letter of Full Compliance. The owners then have up to two years before they must have the remaining lead hazards removed or covered. If an owner or landlord faces is informed of lead in their property they must hire a licensed de-leader to work on it. The owner or landlord can only have their property worked on if the home is inspected by a licensed lead inspector and proper training is required.


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