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Boston Real Estate Agents: The Power of Teamwork Over Competition

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In the world of real estate, cooperation trumps competition. By working together, treating each other with respect, and fostering a spirit of unity, we can achieve greater success and create a thriving community. The pace of improvements in the technology real estate space is staggering. Yet at the same time, it’s leaving numerous traditional companies behind hanging on to outdated business models. The lone run and gun 100 calls per day real estate agents working with siloed data are waning. The low budget and often disingenuous “circle of influence” nonsense that traditional real estate companies peddle often leaves agents frustrated and broke.

You often hear of agents spending tons of their money, resources, and time trying to generate leads; joining various organizations and groups in some desperate attempt to generate a few leads. The pace of real estate is becoming faster and customer closing cycles are becoming much shorter. Teamwork, training, trust, and technology are the new pillars of real estate success. Being able to work in a fully immersive real-time real estate ecosystem is probably the best solution for most agents struggling to generate an abundance of commissions.

Teamwork, training, trust, and technology.

In the fast-paced world of real estate, few companies in America can deliver more leads than an agent can handle. Most technology stacks for real estate are built as a remote island that doesn’t get input from other agents. Therefore the agents can only draw from their knowledge and experiences which take longer to foster and refine. In a high interest rate and low inventory world, the stakes have never been higher on making a living at a traditional real estate office. Nearly all real estate companies are not built for teamwork at scale. Yes, it may be true that some real estate companies create small teams; but that doesn’t mean they are sharing in the knowledge base of their entire company. Therefore there is a new emerging real estate agent that is growing at a much faster rate through a new emerging structure of real estate that rewards cooperation over competition.

As someone deeply embedded in this dynamic industry, I’ve seen firsthand how top closers thrive by treating each other with respect and dignity, regardless of which company they represent. When teamwork is properly deployed you can see top closers helping new agents and vice versa in real time. They understand that we are all on the same team, working towards a common goal: serving our clients with excellence. This is the difference.

Collaborative team

The Myth of Competition.

Many assume that real estate is a cutthroat field where agents must fiercely compete to secure deals and outshine their peers. Over time you will hear horror stories of how agents within their same office often undercut and diminish each other . This type of unprofessional behavior almost always occurs when there is a dearth of leads because the brokerage refuses to spend adequate money on technology and marketing. However, In an environment where thousands of leads are distributed among hundreds of agents each week, the true winners are those who embrace teamwork.

They have the capacity and the time to make sure everyone can grow. More friendships are fostered and your work environment becomes a place of mutual respect and goodwill. At the end of the day; it’s all about the listings and leads that are generated that save the agent time and money so they can not only prosper but have more free time in their lives. Very few people like to prospect 50 hours per week just to get a lead and face rejections hundreds of times in a week.

Boston Pads teamwork

The Reality of Cooperation.

Top closers know that the key to sustained success is cooperation. By collaborating with fellow agents, sharing insights, and supporting each other, they create a network of trust and mutual benefit. Smart agents know that it’s them against their competition. Seasoned agents know that they need to move fast and having a large well educated data driven team in place can make all the difference in the world getting more signed exclusives and closing more transactions.

This cooperative spirit ensures that every lead is handled with the utmost care, providing clients with the best possible service. When teamwork is deployed; the customer is serviced very quickly and with an abundance of caring and a deeper understanding of their needs.

Team working together

Building a Strong Team.

Respect and dignity are the cornerstones of any successful team. Real estate professionals must treat each other as equals, regardless of their company affiliations. This means recognizing each other’s strengths, offering assistance when needed, and celebrating each other’s successes. When agents work together, they foster a positive and productive environment that benefits everyone. The key is to have software and business policies built from the ground up that foster teamwork and trust.

The Power of Unity at Boston Pads and Partner Agencies.

At Boston Pads, Jacob Realty, NextGen Realty, Douglas Paul Real Estate, and Boardwalk Properties, cooperation is not just encouraged—it’s ingrained in our daily operations. Here’s how we embody this spirit of teamwork:

1. Shared Knowledge and Insights – Our agents regularly share market insights, client preferences, and successful strategies with one another, ensuring everyone is equipped with the best information to serve our clients.

2. Collaborative Support – Whether it’s offering a helping hand during a busy showing schedule or providing mentorship to newer agents, our teams are always ready to support one another.

3. Celebrating Success Together – We believe in recognizing and celebrating the achievements of our colleagues. Regular team meetings and social events help us stay connected and motivated.

4. Unified Respect – Across all our agencies, treating each other with respect and dignity is a fundamental principle. We understand that every agent, regardless of their company, is part of our extended team.

Boston Pads team at construction site

Embracing a Cooperative Mindset.

To truly excel in real estate, agents must shift their mindset from competition to collaboration. This involves:

1. Communicating Openly – Share information and insights with your peers. Transparency builds trust and fosters a collaborative spirit.

2. Offering Support – Be there for your colleagues when they need help. Whether it’s advice, a referral, or just a listening ear, your support can make a significant difference.

3. Celebrating Successes – Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of your peers. Their success is a testament to the strength of your team.

4. Fostering Respect – Always treat others with respect and dignity. Remember that every agent, regardless of their company, is working towards the same goal.

At Boston Pads, Jacob Realty, NextGen Realty, Douglas Paul Real Estate, and Boardwalk Properties, we are proud to exemplify this cooperative mindset every day. Let’s embrace this spirit and show that, together, we can accomplish anything. If your brokerage is still providing you old sales scripts from the 90’s and peddling the “call expired listings” model – it might be time for a change. Perhaps coming to an organization that sees over 2000 leads per week across a network of over 120 touch points on the internet might be the place for you? What if instead of competing against your own broker who takes your leads, you are simply working with them to handle the huge volume of leads coming in from every direction? What if picking up the phone in your office generated ten leads for you per day? What kind of great feeling and teamwork could be generated from those feelings?

We are hiring; and we have enough leads to easily support over 1000 agents in the Greater Boston Area. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions- 617-980-0351.

Paul Chang

Paul Chang

Published June 14, 2024

Paul is the leasing manager for Boardwalk Properties- Mission Hill, with a passion for making agents reach their full potential. Prior to becoming a leasing manager, he was a top closer for the Boardwalk properties team. He loves helping clients with all their real estate needs, from leasing to investment sales.