So you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate in Boston. What can you expect? Are prices destined to keep increasing or are we going to hit a plateau or even a downturn? Is COVID-19 going to blow up the game? How is the Boston housing market going to look by 2030? We don’t blame […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Oct 13
To buy or not to buy– that is the question on people’s minds, especially now, when interest rates are at record lows. There are certainly those who might be wondering if they would end up upside down on their property or stuck with something they can’t sell later on down the road. In instances like […]
By: Aubrey Liss
 Oct 01
Houses The Boston real estate market is currently classified as having “slowed”. And it has, when you’re talking about the number of units sold. But when you factor in the increase in average selling price, Greater Boston real estate market is faring alright. In fact, it’s doing better than alright. Boston’s real estate market is […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Sep 29
Dear Boston Pads Community, We are receiving a significant amount of questions regarding the spread of COVID-19 and updates regarding the market/rentals/showings. I wanted to write and inform you about several
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Mar 15
With its consistently rapid growth in recent years, is Boston real estate still a good investment today? Or is it time to look elsewhere? Have we reached the top? This article seeks to dig into the fundamentals of whether or not now is the time to invest in Boston Real Estate.
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Dec 31
It’s no secret that Boston’s real estate market presents a lucrative opportunity for would-be real estate agents. But how do you get started? Brokerage licenses, surety bonds, classes, and exams: it can be a bit overwhelming at first.
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Dec 16
For so many people looking to live and work in this area, the question of “renting and apartment vs buying a home for sale in Boston” is a difficult one. Renting is gradually gaining in popularity for many reasons, and the fact is that many people in the market for housing will be forced to […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Nov 20