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Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving to a new home is a big deal all on its own, especially in the Boston area. Add children to the mix, and it can cause many more potential issues and emotions. Read below for our tips on how to make moving with kids as comfortable and smooth as possible for all parties involved.

Let Them Know as Soon as Possible

When it comes to life changes such as a move to a new home, children need to be given notice. Keep in mind that they may feel a world of emotions, and if they have time to get used to the idea it will make the move itself less of a stressful moment. While they may scream and cry at first, it is better to get that out of the way before moving day. Notify them of the move in a gentle way and offer them the reassurance they need.  You may also want to schedule times for them to say goodbye to their friends.  It’s also important to let them know that with technology it is easier than ever before to do facetime and other game sharing devices to make them feel that they are not that far away.  You should also mention that they will see them again and that moving is part of life for many people and that there are now new opportunities to make new friends.


Using positive language and listing the exciting aspects of a new home in the Boston area is key when telling children about the move. Does your new home have a huge backyard? Describe how fun it will be to build snowmen in the winter, or on a playground in the summer. Boston has plenty of kid-friendly activities. Moving close to the Museum of Science? Mention how fun it will be to go there on the weekends! Additionally, giving children options such as picking the paint color of their new room will make them more excited than nervous.  Boston also provides summer opportunities to go offshore on whale watches right out of Boats in Boston Harbor.  Get them excited to try new things!

Take them on the Showings

While ultimately you will be making the decision on which homes you view with your local Boston realtor and deciding which one is right for your family, bringing children with you on showings and open houses makes them feel like they are part of the process. A child might point out something such as a small backyard, and make you realize that it is simply not the right house for you or your family. Additionally, this can make children excited when you show them options for what their new room would look like or a fun room for the family to hang out and play games in.  It also can be calming to drive them by the new school they will be attending to lessen the anxiety of a going to an unfamiliar place.

Meet the Neighbors

Perhaps one of the most stressful aspects of moving for children is the idea of making new friends and leaving their old ones. While it is possible you are moving within the same school district, often a move means a new school for the kids. Try to meet your new neighbors and find out if they have children who are of a similar age. It can relieve quite a bit of stress for children to make new friends before their first day at a new school. Throw a housewarming party and invite over your new neighbors! As a bonus, they may have recommendations for local Boston babysitters or kid-friendly events and locations.
Moving to the Boston area is a fun and exciting time, given all of the great options and the vibrancy of the city! While moving with children can be extra stressful, use our above tips for making the process as pain-free as possible.


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