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Mortgage Calculator

Boston Pads, the largest collection of Greater Boston Area real estate resources on the web, is dedicated to making the home buying process as easy and exciting as possible. One of the first steps in shopping for a home or condo is determining how much you can afford.


Mortgage Calculator

Calculate Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

The handy mortgage calculator below will help you calculate your maximum monthly mortgage payment and establish your budget, information which will help you streamline your choices and make wise decisions on how to make an offer. This detailed calculator allows you to make adjustments to the length of the loan and interest rates, so you can see how differences in loan terms impact your monthly payment.

You’ll also be able to tell how much of each payment will go toward interest and the amount paid to principal, information which can help you select the best mortgage for your unique financial situation. Buying real estate is likely one of the largest and most important investments you’ll ever make, so it pays to know as much as possible before diving in.

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This incredibly powerful real estate portal features listings from respected real estate professionals from all across the Greater Boston area, with hundreds of real time properties. With the most home and apartment listings to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the property of your dreams, in an area you’re sure to love. Boston Pads features search functions which allow you to sort properties by price, location, and other variables, allowing you to view only those properties which fit your needs. This realty database will also connect you to a variety of real estate companies across the area with services you’re looking for.

Once you’ve established your budget, start browsing through the Greater Boston Area’s premier real estate portal and find your next home today.

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