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Pet-friendly apartment living

Making sure your home is a haven for you and your furry friends

Whether you are a dog-person or a cat-person, for many people home just isn’t home without a pet. Pet ownership has been shown to create an incredible array of health benefits, from stress reduction and companionship to lower blood pressure and cholesterol–not to mention a healthy dose of feel-good chemical oxytocin. Pets enhance our lives mentally, emotionally, and physically.

boston luxury apartment

How Boston Luxury Apartments Can Suit Anyone’s Needs

Are you planning a move to Boston? If so, you’ll have no shortage of activities to keep you busy during your downtime.

From the famed Freedom Trail to Fenway Park and myriad museums, eateries, and shops in between, the almost-400-year-old city is steeped in both culture and history.

studio apartment in boston

7 Awesome Benefits of Studio Apartments in Boston

Don’t judge an apartment by its size.

There is actually a lot to love about living in a smaller space, particularly in the city.

Here are seven reasons why living in a studio apartment in Boston is awesome.

Buying Your First Home

5 Tips From Boston Realtors For Buying Your First Home

Are you a future first-time homeowner living in the Boston area?

The market for Boston realtors can be competitive. Even before you start making offers and deal with loan applications, there are a series of steps you need to take.

Advice from professionals in the business could help facilitate the process. Here are 5 tips from realtors that will help you before buying your first home.

Boston Luxury Condos

The Lifestyle Perks of Boston Luxury Condos

It is not surprising that the supply of condominiums in Boston is lower than the demand.

After all, PWC’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2017 gave the city the number 1 rank in property markets. Moreover, people are clamouring to enjoy the perks of living in Boston luxury condos.

There is more to the city than people realize. It is home to great institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It has a ‘Smart City’ tag, which shows its commitment to advancing the city through technology. Plus, it has a diversified economy filled with skilled workers.

With such details, it’s no wonder the city has many wealthy households. They are using their surplus money to invest in Boston luxury condos. There are many reasons why they are moving there. Read on to learn more.


When To Look At Luxury Apartments For Rent In Boston

Are you looking to find a luxury apartment in Boston? You’re not alone.

Massachusetts is leading the Northeast in population growth. Since the 2010 census, Suffolk County’s population has grown by 8.6 percent. Boston, part of Suffolk County, has an extremely competitive rental market.

But finding an apartment doesn’t have to be a headache. By being strategic in your search, you can find the luxury accommodations you desire.

5 steps to finding your next rental

5 Steps for Finding Your Next Rental

Check out our infographic on how to navigate the endless options of Boston rentals and find the perfect one for you!


5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Condo in Boston

Getting yourself ready to buy a condo?

First, thumbs up. Second, welcome to the American Dream!

average rent prices in boston by town

Top 5 Priciest Neighborhoods in Boston

Where to search if you’ve got money to spare.

You know Boston Pads is here to help you find the best in Boston rentals 24/7. You know that they have a network of professionals to connect you with who are ready to help throughout the process. But also has a fantastic infographic tool to help you compare and contrast average rent prices in Boston by town!

3 steps for easy relocating

3 Secrets to the Easiest Move Ever

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Move More Manageable

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