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By the Numbers: Apartment Rent Growth vs. Wage Growth


What a difference a decade makes! The economy has bounced back, employment is on the rise, and a construction boom is creating new housing in cities from coast to coast. All great news. 

In fact, the economy is doing so well that it’s driven housing prices to record highs. Both rents and sales prices are approaching record highs, particularly in places like Boston, where strong market fundamentals continue to attract investors of all kinds.


A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Broker in Massachusetts

We’re in the thick of one of the hottest (and longest) real estate cycles. People are buying left and right, leasing apartments for thousands of dollars a month. If it seems like an exciting time to be in the real estate industry, you’re right. So why are you still sitting on the sideline?


Beantown’s Best: Arts and Entertainment

Boston is full of art, entertainment, excellent food prepared by renowned chefs, and some of the best shopping the world has to offer. But how do you find the rarest gems of Boston’s cultural scene? With this guide to the best of Boston, you can find top-tier experiences like a true local.


Beantown’s Best Workouts

There’s a lot to love about Boston, but the brutal winters, city crowds, and thriving food scene can be rough on your exercise and diet regimen. That’s why there are so many local businesses that cater to Bostonians in need of a workout. However you prefer to sweat it out, try one of these Boston Pads favorites for the best exercise venues in Boston.


Boston Map: Your Guide to Finding the Hottest Neighborhoods to Live in Boston

Boston is one of the most exciting cities in the country, no matter what kind of lifestyle you love to lead.

Wondering which parts of the city are best to live in?

If you’re planning a move to Boston, you’ll want to know where the best neighborhoods are. Keep reading to learn about our favorite areas on the Boston map!

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Beantown’s Best Drinks

Boston may have some great arts and culture, but we also know how to party. In fact, you wouldn’t be off-base in calling us a drinking city with an arts and culture problem. When you’re in Beantown, do as the Bostonians do – but that means going for booze and ambiance quality, not quantity. So, stick with our picks for the best places to drink in Boston to savor the taste and skip the hangover. Cheers!

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Beantown’s Best: Shopping

From trendy boutiques to hidden book shops and beyond – if you have time and money you need to burn through, Boston has you covered. Whether you are looking for the latest items from designer brands, rare treasures, or a great bargain, try some of our picks for the best shopping in Boston.

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Beantown’s Best: Restaurants and Food

Boston has a long tradition of great food. From longstanding neighborhood fixtures to the latest ventures of experimental gourmets, you can find tasty examples of nearly every ethnic cuisine, regional dish, or confection. Try our picks for the best food and restaurants in Boston and dine like a local.


Living in Boston Apartments with Dogs

Living in a city apartment with a dog can be quite the challenge. First and foremost, you need to find a place that allows for animals. Once you’ve found you and your dog’s new home, then you have to establish different ground rules for your pet than you would normally have created for them in a house or something more spread out. Many Boston apartments allow for dogs and some even have dog-friendly amenities included. Finding apartments for rent in Boston that allow for dogs is not too difficult, the challenge lies in the competition for these coveted apartments. Once you find your dream apartment, establishing a respectful dog-routine is the next key step to having a good relationship with your neighbors and landlord. 


In Search of HQ2: The Somerville Saga Continues

There was a flurry of excitement in Boston’s real estate community last week. Amazon announced its shortlist of 20 communities it’s considering for its second North American headquarters, aptly named “HQ2”. Boston had made the cut!