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Planning a Boston apartment renovation can be incredibly stressful for most landlords and property owners. From choosing the right projects to deciding on the finishing touches, there’s a lot that can go wrong. You need to ensure that the money you’re spending will be worth it compared to the increased rent that you will receive. […]

By: Chris Angles
 May 25

Here at Boston Pads we pride ourselves in the quality of agents we work with at partner offices. It follows that our managers would also be top of the line. Not only do they lead by example to find their clients the right home for them, but they work hard 7 days a week to […]

By: Daniela Alvarado
 May 21

Are you interested in purchasing investment property in Boston? Is the lack of cash for the down payment holding you back? If so, we have some good news for you. Having a large amount of money readily available will certainly help advance your real estate investing career, but there’s more than one way to do […]

By: Michael Morrison
 May 20

​Boston is an incredible metropolis. It’s also an expensive place to live. The good news is that the Covid pandemic has reduced rents across the city. The vast majority of college students have been staying at home instead of renting apartments. This may not be good news for the students or their parents. However, it […]

By: Daniela Alvarado
 May 10

A great deal of renters never end up making their Boston apartment look and feel like they want it to. They’re actually under the false impression that it will cost too much money and take up too much time. Some people think they won’t see any return on investment when updating their Boston apartment since […]

By: Tiffany Costello
 May 07

Boston is the city of Champions when it comes to professional and college sports. It’s also the birthplace to the American Revolution. Needless to say, there is plenty to do in this amazing city known as the Hub to some and Bean Town to others. If you want to live in Boston and experience all […]

By: Eli Auch
 May 04
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