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Roommate Matching Service

Boston is one of the best places to live in the country, with rent prices that reflect its massive growth and popularity. How can you possibly find an apartment with the quality, location, and price you want in one of the most competitive rental markets in the U.S.? Get roommates.

Roommate Finder Service

Roommate Finder

Finding the perfect roommate is easier said than done, until you enlist the help of Boston Pads. Take the mystery and stress out of the equation and find Boston roommates with the best roommate matching service and largest real-time Boston real estate database on the web.

When you enter your information into our Roommate Finder form, one of our experienced agents will contact you to learn about your preferences. Then, our powerful technology sets to work searching our massive database. Based on your budget, neighborhood preference, move-in date, and lifestyle factors like pets and cars, we scan thousands of listings and immediately send you rooms for rent. We will keep sending you rooms for rent that fit your criteria, complete with details about the roommates who share the apartment, until we find you the right place.

Whether you want a long-term lease or a short-term sublet, you can find the apartment and roommates for you through Boston Pads’ premier roommate matching software. Why take on the hours of aimless, manual searching when you can harness the most efficient, automated roommate matching technology that is based right here in the Boston area?

Real Estate Professionals

Stressed about move-in paperwork? Don’t be. The experienced real estate professionals in the Boston Pads network are here to make all your move-in paperwork simple and quick, from credit checks and co-signers to anything else that comes up.

Find Boston roommates now by using our real-time Roommate Finder! Click here if you have a room for rent and would like to find a roommate for an existing lease.

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