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Boston Relocation Services

Employees: Save time and money by working with a real estate professional! We will show you the best homes and apartments that fit your budget and move-in date. Whether working with you, your company, or both, Boston Pads delivers the best resources for leasing and sales so you can complete your relocation successfully.

Companies: Whether you are moving a single employee, a team, or an entire division, Boston Pads has the expertise and resources to complete your relocation smoothly, on time, and on budget. We can work independently at your direction, or in tandem with your company contact and/or employees. Contact us today and an experienced agent will work with you to find the best housing options. Simplify the corporate relocation process with Boston Pads!

Relocation Services

Relocation Services Form

Are you relocating? We are here to assist you with relocation services. Whether you are just looking for a new place in a new area, or you simply need assistance in moving and relocation, we can help you.

Our Dedication to You:

  • One Point of Contact

    Your designated Boston relocation specialist will assist you in finding the perfect apartment and, if needed furnishing your new home, giving you more time for other things.
  • Personal Assistance

    We know how moving can be a very hectic time for everyone. Let us deal with the stressful and time consuming work of finding an apartment- we are the experts.
  • Customer Management Center

    Our company works hard to accommodate YOUR schedule. We are accessible days, nights, and weekends via telephone, e-mail or in person.
  • Apartment Vacancy Information

    Our cutting edge technology department lets us know exactly what Boston apartments are actually available in each market. Your time is not wasted calling multiple realtors and apartment buildings, leaving messages, and waiting for calls back.
  • Database With Thousands of Listings

    We have more listings than you could find in any newspaper, internet site, or phonebook. With over 208,269 listings in our database, we are the largest company in the metro Boston area, giving you the best options out there.
  • Customizing Your Search

    Your personal relocation agent will research your specific criteria and set appointments to go out and view only the best properties. We know how long it will take to look at each property as well as how long it will take to drive to the next appointment. We will map out the whole day for you, drive you to each place, as well as provide you with all of the information about the area.