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Codman Square - Dorchester, Boston, MA
3 Beds
1 Bath
Available: Now
Reduced Last Month Deposit

Property Description

Places go fast, call or text ANYTIME for a tour! Transportation Options
Norfolk St @ Charles Rd Bus Stop 0.1 mi (3 min away)
Norfolk St @ Milton Ave Bus Stop 0.1 mi (4 min away)
Norfolk St @ Milton Ave Bus Stop 0.2 mi (4 min away)
Norfolk St. @ Stanton St. opp. #227 Bus Stop 0.2 mi (4 min away)
Norfolk St @ Thetford Ave Bus Stop 0.1 mi (3 min away)

Nearby Places
Ashmont Grill
Codman Square Branch Library
Dorchester High School Library
Greater Boston Center For Healthy Communities Resource Library


Price Comparison

This apartment is 12.59% less expensive than the average price of $2,860 for 3 bedroom apartments in Dorchester. Congratulations on finding a great apartment that is below the average rent price in Dorchester. Contact us about this great unit before it's gone!

Average Rent Prices for 3 Bedroom Apartments in Dorchester

Rent Calculator & Affordability

Recommended Annual Gross Income

$100,000 - $120,000

You + 2 Roommates, Each:
$33,333 - $40,000
A range of 25-30% is usually the recommended amount of household or combined gross income to spend on rent. This is also what many landlords are looking for in a prospective tenant, a group of roommates, or their cosigner(s). Remember, this is just a suggestion and does not take into account any other expenses you may have.

Rent Calculator

How much do you (or your cosigner) earn each year before taxes?

High Range

35% of Gross Income


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Mid Range

25% of Gross Income


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Low Range

15% of Gross Income


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Have You Considered Buying Your Own Home?

Instead of paying $2,500/mo in rent, these homes may have a similar monthly mortgage.

This is an estimate based on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage at 6.3% interest, 20% down payment, $120/mo homeowners insurance, and the average $10.90 property tax rate in the Boston area. Actual interest rates, property taxes, and homeowners insurance will vary. Does not include additional expenses or fees such as closing costs, PMI, or HOA fees. Buyers must complete their own due diligence based on current market conditions.

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