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Roxbury Apartments for Rent

Before Roxbury became a neighborhood in Boston, it was an independent town – one of the first established in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Founded in 1630, it became a city in 1846. It became part of Boston in 1898.

During Colonial times, Roxbury was a major trade center. Roxbury also had many resources that were valuable to the settlement of the colony. It had potentially good farmland, timber, stone for building, and a water source that could be used for both drinking and water power. The stones used for construction were especially valuable because they were rare and used for building foundations. Rocksberry was the original name of the town due to the many stones in the area. Within time, Roxbury developed the Roxbury Russet apple. This apple was particularly good for making cider.

The Revolutionary War Through the 1800’s

Throughout the decades after its founding, Roxbury continued to be a center of trade. A horse-drawn carriage line transported rum, salt, fish, and tobacco through the area. As the area continued to thrive, it attracted new residents from Europe and the rest of the world. Many of the homes of wealthier citizens are still standing. Constructed in 1872, Oakbend was the last mansion built in Roxbury. There were also houses in which workers lived, many of which local workers built in the 1880’s. As more workers moved into Roxbury, old farms and estates were subdivided. Builders erected single-family homes, row houses, and multi-family homes to meet the demands of an increasing population. The advent of trolley service in 1887 further contributed to the increase in population.

Twentieth Century Roxbury

During and in the wake of World War I, many people came to America and settled in Roxbury. Until Prohibition, many successful breweries were in operation here. There was another population surge in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Many people migrating from the southern states initiated this rapid growth.


During the Colonial period, most people lived off the land. During the 1700’s, mills and tanneries were the main industries of Roxbury. By the 1800’s, other industries developed. Piano makers, iron foundries, and rubber manufacturers provided employment for the citizens of Roxbury. The turn of the twentieth century ushered in more changes. Now, there were department stores, hotels, banks, silent movie theaters, and even a bowling alley. City workers filled in the marshes so factories and warehouses became prominent. Today, most of the businesses are offices and retail establishments.

Apartments for Rent in Roxbury

There are plenty of Roxbury Apartments for Rent for people who are looking for housing in the greater Boston area. The average rent prices in this neighborhood at the time of this writing are as follows:

  • One-bedroom apartments – $2,239 per month
  • Two-bedroom apartments – $2,736 per month
  • Three-bedroom apartments – $3,438 per month
  • Four-bedroom apartments – $3,907 per month
  • Five-bedroom apartments – $4,539 per month

Public Transit in Roxbury

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) offers local subway and bus services. Roxbury Crossing is one of the stops on the Orange Line, the main train station servicing the neighborhood. The other station regularly used in the neighborhood is Ruggles Station, which is also on the Orange Line. Ruggles also has connections along the MBTA Commuter Rail.

The new Roxbury Crossing station opened in 1987 during the renovation and relocation of the Orange Line in the south. The station is wheelchair accessible, like all stations on the Orange Line. Dudley Square Bus Station is the stop for the Silver Line.

Many residents of Roxbury apartments for rent use the bus service. This makes Roxbury a convenient place to live, shop, and work.

Public Schools K-12

If you are looking for Roxbury apartments for rent, it’s important to know that there is no shortage of public schools.

Elementary Schools

  • Higginson Elementary School
  • Mendell Elementary School
  • Mason Elementary School
  • Winthrop Elementary School

Middle Schools

  • Roxbury Preparatory Charter School
  • Higginson-Lewis K-8 School

High Schools

  • Boston Day and Evening Academy Charter School
  • John D. O’ Bryant School of Mathematics and Science
  • City on a Hill Charter Public School
  • Madison Park High School
  • Fenway High School
  • Roxbury Preparatory Charter School

Boston Latin Academy

Boston Latin Academy has a distinguished past. The founders of the school created it as Girls Latin School. The Academy provided classical and college preparatory training to girls. This was an unusual and courageous advancement of public education. Before this, there were no girls’ preparatory schools in the United States. Until 1972, the school did not permit boys to attend. The first coeducational class of Boston Latin Academy was in 1977.

Boston Latin Academy is a unique high school that focuses on the classics. The required curriculum includes college preparatory classes and four years of Latin. There are over twenty different advanced placement classes and multiple honors classes. The Boston Latin Academy has received many honors including being recognized by “U, S, News & World Report” as an “Outstanding American High School”. America’s Best Redbook Schools also recognized it for Overall Excellence. All the usual sports training and teams found in other high schools are available here. This outstanding educational opportunity is available to residents of Roxbury apartments for rent.

Madison Park Technical Vocational High School

Madison Park Technical Vocational High School is located at 75 Malcolm X Blvd. It is the only technical vocational high school in Boston. The school provides the usual academic subjects of English, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies. In addition to the usual academics and sports, Madison Park Technical Vocational High School furnishes the skills necessary for successful careers. There are sixteen programs from which to choose. They include the following:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing
  • Dental Assisting
  • Medical Assisting
  • Health Assisting
  • Cosmetology
  • Design and Visual Communications
  • Graphic Communications
  • Radio and Television Broadcasting
  • Information Support Service and Networking
  • Marketing
  • Programming and Web Development
  • Hospitality Management
  • Culinary Arts
  • Carpentry
  • Electrician Training
  • Building and Property Maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Metal Fabrication and Joining Technologies

This amazing resource is available to high school age residents of Roxbury apartments for rent.

Cultural Events and Places of Interest

Roxbury Center for the Arts at Hibernian Hall

In 1913, artisans built Hibernian Hall for socializing, dancing, and enjoying music. This historic building at 184 Dudley Street underwent restoration and reopened in 2005. The large and grand ballroom can accommodate 250 people. It has been renamed the Roxbury Center for Arts at Hibernian Hall. It is Roxbury’s premier venue for theater, concerts, dance, visual art fairs, film screenings, and private parties.

The Roxbury International Film Festival

This festival lasts for ten days and occurs in different places throughout Roxbury. The festival screens all kinds of films and holds workshops and discussions. This is a major source of networking for filmmakers and provides the opportunity for them to interact with audience members. This is also a competition. Competitors win prizes for the following categories: Audience Favorite, Narrative Film, Documentary Film, Narrative Short, Youth, Emerging Filmmaker, and a special award named after award-winning filmmaker Henry Hamilton. Since its beginning, the festival has screened over 700 films.

The National Center of Afro-American Artists

This cultural center is a private, nonprofit institution dedicated to nurturing and preserving artistic heritage. Since its inception in 1968, it has advanced the art community by teaching and presenting professional works of art. The museum exhibits works in many artistic vehicles such as painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, and decorative arts.

The Roxbury YMCA

The Roxbury YMCA is located at 285 M.L.K. Jr. Blvd. They provide many programs that are necessary for the health and well-being of the community. This organization is a valuable resource for residents of Roxbury apartments for rent. People of all ages can take swimming lessons here. There is before and after school care for children. There are many youth sports programs. All YMCA programs stress character building. They also do not neglect academics; there are activities available in many subjects. The programs for children and teens provide a wide range of skill building. Programs for adults are also available. There are many different types of physical fitness programs. This is both a fun and caring place to be.

Historic Sites

The Shirley-Eustis House

The construction of the Shirley-Eustis House took approximately four years – 1747-1751. William Shirley, the Royal Governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, owned 33 acres in Roxbury on which he built his summer home. It has the distinction of being one of the four standing Royal Governor’s mansions in the United States.

Over the years, the house had various owners. Eliakim Hutchinson acquired the house from his father-in-law William Shirley. After Hutchinson’s death, Asa Whitcomb’s Massachusetts Sixth Foot Regiment occupied it. In 1778, Patriots believed it was Loyalist property. Therefore, they seized it. It changed hands a number of times until it was purchased by William Eustis, Secretary of War during the War of 1812. He later held office as the Ambassador to the Netherlands and the First Democratic-Republican Governor of Massachusetts.

After the death of William Eustis’s wife, relatives sold the contents of the house. In 1867, there was a subdivision of the land into 53 lots, all of which people quickly purchased. By 1886, more than a dozen tenants occupied the house. Sadly, it was abandoned by 1911.

In 1913, William Summer Appleton founded the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities. He saved the house! In 1960, it became a National Historic landmark. In the 1980’s, Robert Neiley and the Shirley Eustis House Association began restoration of the house. The property opened to the public in 1991. Landscapers restored the orchards, gardens, and lawns to their former glory. Residents of Roxbury apartments for rent can savor the beauty of Boston’s past in this pastoral setting.

Dillaway-Thomas House

This is one of the few remaining 18th century houses in Boston. It contributed much to Boston’s history. In 1775-1776, the eleven-month siege of Boston was raging. A large contingent of the patriot army camped in Roxbury. The commander, General John Thomas, used the house as his headquarters. From the windows of the house, the general watched the Battle of Bunker Hill and the burning of Charlestown.

In 1786, Reverend Porter resided in the house and used it as a parsonage. In 1835, Martha Dillaway and her husband moved into the house. Reverend Porter left the house to his nieces, Martha and Carolyn Porter Dillaway. Martha became a widow in 1889 but continued to live in the house until 1903.

In 1937, the Roxbury Historical Society received funds to restore the house. This group occupied the building. In 1992, the renovations were completed. The land, funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is now Roxbury Heritage State Park.

Eliot Burying Ground

The Eliot Burying Ground is one of the three oldest burying grounds in Boston. The town established it in 1630. This plot of land was the site of the Roxbury Neck fortifications. By 1854, the only interments made were in family tombs. In 1857, the town made landscaping improvements.

This cemetery contains the Dudley family tomb for early Colonial governors. Governor Thomas Dudley (1653), Governor Joseph Dudley (1720), Chief Justice Paul Dudley (1752), and Colonel William Dudley are buried there. Pewter originally covered the Dudley tomb. Revolutionary War soldiers used the pewter to make bullets. An oval marble slab now covers the Dudley tomb. The Minister’s tomb contains John Eliot and five other minister of the First Church of Roxbury. Other famous people from Roxbury’s past are also buried there. Residents of Roxbury apartments for rent can get a glimpse of the past on these beautiful grounds.

Schoolmaster Hill

Before the creation of Franklin Park, this hallowed ground was home to a very famous occupant. For two years, the leader of the transcendental movement lived here. Ralph Waldo Emerson was a schoolmaster in Roxbury. On this spot, he wrote his nature poems and essays. A plaque with a segment of his poem “Good Bye” memorializes this great author.

The park underwent restorations in 1990. There are picnic tables where residents of Roxbury apartments for rent can sit and bask in the energy of this historic place.

Edward Everett Hale House

Edward Everett Hale House is located at 12 Morley St. This place was home to a well-known humanitarian reformer and Unitarian clergyman who lived there for over forty years. He authored many novels, such as The Man Without a Country.

Due to suburban growth, town planners moved the house from Highland Street to its present location In 1979, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The Boston Landmark Commission designated it as a Boston Landmark in 1996.


Franklin Park

Franklin Park is a 527-acre parkland located in the Roxbury neighborhood. It also extends to the Jamaica Plain and Dorchester neighborhoods. It is the biggest park in Boston and hosts the Franklin Park Zoo. The Boston Landmarks Commission designated Franklin Park as a Boston Landmark.

The original name of Franklin Park was West Roxbury Park. Its renaming was in honor of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin bequeathed money to worthy causes such as this. This park has something for everyone – rural scenery, a woodland preserve, areas for sports, picnic areas, stone bridges, Roxbury Puddingstone, stone ruins, and a zoo.

In 1912, the 72-acre Franklin Park Zoo opened. Today, a large variety of animals lives there. There are lions, giraffes, budgerigars, tigers, pygmy hippos, gorillas, leopards, and zebras. There is also a tropical forest! The Franklin Park Zoo is the second largest zoo in New England.

The park contains the second oldest public golf course in America- the 18-hole William J. Devine Memorial Golf Course. There are also several basketball courts, tennis courts, and baseball fields within the park. The park is the site for Boston Rugby Football club matches. There are also areas used for soccer and cricket.

Several high schools and colleges meet at the park to use the cross-country courses, which range from 3000 meters to 10000 meters. The park once hosted the IAAF World Cross Country Championship in 1992.

Franklin Park Playhouses & Ruins

Spaces called playhouses are open-air public performance spaces where musicians come to perform. Even renowned orchestras such as the Boston Pops have performed in the playhouse.
The Franklin Park Ruins are a must-see in this park. The father of landscape architecture, Frederick Law Olmstead designed the building that used to stand here. The ruins are made of puddingstone and stand to remind us that this was once one of the only buildings designed by this renowned architect. It was originally the field house for the Franklin Park’s athletic fields. The building was designed to honor the landscape around it. Olmstead was a pioneer in the conservation movement. The ruins are reminiscent of an earlier era. You can still see the stone steps, an archway, water fountains, benches, and other architectural designs.

This is one of the best places in Boston to enjoy nature, view history, exercise, and relax. Occupants of Roxbury apartments for rent are fortunate to be close to this exquisite site.

Horatio Harris Park

Horatio Harris Park provides a break from the urban setting. The area’s most natural and beautiful display of Roxbury Puddingstone is located here. Its original name was Fountain Square and it became a park in 1852. It became Horatio Harris Park after the Olmstead Firm made improvements to the site in 1916. This gorgeous display of rocks and trees will rejuvenate you after a hard day. It is a great place for residents of Roxbury apartments for rent to relax and meet friends.


P & R Restaurant

P & R Restaurant is located at 208 Dudley Street. It serves delicious Jamaican food at affordable prices. Their menu includes their specialty jerk chicken, which comes with rice, beans, and plantains. You can also get traditional meat patties and patties made with vegetables. Liver is a unique dish served here that is not available in many restaurants. Residents of Roxbury apartments for rent can enjoy some island flavor without leaving Boston.

Suyu Joint

Suya Joint is located on 185 Dudley St. It is a West African restaurant designed to appeal to anyone interested in exploring the food and culture of Africa. It gets its name from the Nigerian food called Suya. Suya kabobs consist of thinly sliced beef or chicken flavored with authentic Nigerian herbs and spices. Chef Cecelia Lizotte owns and operates Suya Joint. Chef Lizotte learned many of the traditional recipes passed down from family members.

There are many exotic dishes that are quite unique. They have goat pepper soup and oxtail pepper soup as appetizers. Another alluring dish is moi-moi – a type of bean cake. The restaurant serves traditional stews, which come with fufu. Fufu is a type of dumpling made with pounded grain. When a diner orders stew, he or she chooses the desired fufu to accompany it. The choices are yam, whole wheat, cassava, rice, or corn. There are also many vegetarian dishes from which to choose. People living in Roxbury apartments for rent can experience a taste of a distant land right in their neighborhood.

Fasika Café

Fasika Café is an Ethiopian restaurant located on 51 Roxbury St. They offer many Ethiopian comfort foods such as Gored Gored, a dish that is made of cubed, lean beef in a spicy garlic and jalapeno butter sauce. Vegetarians will not go hungry here. There are many vegetarian dishes from which to choose. They also serve Ethiopian coffee at a reasonable price. Many people consider Ethiopian coffee to be the best coffee in the world.


Merangue is located at 160 Blue Hill Avenue and offers delicious Dominican food in a bright and cheerful setting. They have also catered events in some of the most exclusive venues in Boston such as the State House and multiple universities. They have garnered praise from customers, food magazines, and food critics. Their menu is an amazing array of exotic and traditional foods. Diners can choose from many meat or seafood dishes. There are a number of salad choices for vegetarians. Different flavors of flan are their featured deserts. This is a fun place for occupants of Roxbury apartments for rent to sample the flavors of The Dominican Republic.

The Silver Slipper

If you are interested in old-style Southern cooking, this is the place to go. This restaurant is located at 2387 Washington Street and serves breakfast and lunch. The portions are large and the prices are reasonable. Customers agree it is one of the best places around for breakfast.

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