Available 10/25/2019
3 Beds 1 Bath
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3 Bed 1 Bath in Mattapan
Located on Woolson St

Transportation Options
Morton St @ Norfolk St Bus Stop 0.1 mi (3 min away)
Morton St @ Wildwood St Bus Stop 0.1 mi (3 min away)
Norfolk St @ Morton St Bus Stop 0.1 mi (3 min away)

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Price Comparison

This apartment is 4.82% more expensive than the average price of $2,385 for 3 bedroom apartments in Mattapan. An above average rent can be often be attributed to the amenities an apartment provides, its size, and its location. Those are important factors to consider as you are searching for the perfect apartment. Contact us about this unit before it's gone!
Rental Affordability
Recommended $100,000 - $120,000 Annual Gross Income
A range of 25-30% is usually the recommended amount of household or combined gross income to spend on rent. This is also what many landlords are looking for in a prospective tenant, a group of roommates, or their cosigner(s). Remember, this is just a suggestion and does not take into account any other expenses you may have.

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