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Browse houses for sale in Allston, MA from the Boston Pads real estate database! With all the wonderful stores, parks, music venues and restaurants, Allston, MA is an exciting and educational place to live. We have more listings and knowledgeable real estate agents than any other agency in the Boston area. You are certain to find an Allston property that you like and a friendly agent to help you.

About Boston’s Allston Neighborhood

Houses for Sale in Allston, MA

Allston is a neighborhood in Boston, MA. Its current population is 32, 698. The town derives its name from Washington Allston, a poet and painter. Most of the homes date from the 1890’s to the 1920’s and are single-family and multi-family Victorian houses.

Allston borders the Fenway/Kenmore and Brighton neighborhoods. Allston also borders the city of Brookline. The Charles River borders Allston to the east and North. Several bridges facilitate access to Cambridge. Allston Square is at the crossroads of North Harvard Street and Western Avenue.

Harvard University built two new buildings in the Allston neighborhood. They are also starting construction of Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Harvard plans to build another new building on the northeast corner of Allston Square.


When Brighton was a town, Allston occupied the eastern area. Allston received its name after the construction of a new railroad depot for the Boston and Albany Railroad. This occurred in 1867 and in 1868, the depot and the post office were renamed Allston. Many believe that Washington Allston’s painting “Fields West of Boston” may have inspired the new name.

In 1887, the town replaced the wooden depot with a more substantial building. The first trolley route began there in 1888. This route ran through Coolidge Corner, Brookline to Boylston Street and then on to downtown Boston.

The base of the economy was Allston’s livestock and railroad industries. The Boston and Albany Railroad controlled one of the major stockyards. By the middle of the 20th century, almost all of the livestock enterprises ended. CSX Transportation Beacon Park Yard still uses the railroad yard. CSX is planning on moving and allowing Harvard to develop the yard.

Packard’s Corner

The name Packard’s Corner originated with Packard’s Sales Stable and Riding School that occupied that area between 1885 -1920. Alvan T. Fuller, a Boston businessperson and politician, built the Packard Motor Company building at the corner. The company completed the building in 1915. There were many automobile related industries in this area. The name Packard Corner remained. The Art Deco building was the location the Graham Paige Company of New England Autos. Another building close to this one was a car dealership. The area also had other dealerships and automobile related industries such as Segal’s Auto Body Repair Shop, and Repossessed Ford Sales Company.

This area did not have a large population until the second half of the 19th century. The problem was the terrain; it was wet. Several streams traversed Packard’s Corner. There was also a nearby pond and a cedar swamp. During the second half of the 19th century, the invention of steamrollers and steam shovels made building here possible. Allston’s population still did not increase a great deal. The Cattle Market was a deterrent to many people. The Olmstead Plan for Commonwealth Avenue in the 1890’s helped start commercial activity and apartment house construction in the Packard Corner area.


People living in houses for sale in Allston, MA will have no trouble traveling. The MBTA subway Green Line, the B Branch, travels through the neighborhood along Commonwealth Avenue. The other MBTA bus lines that serve Allston are 64, 66, 70, and 86.


Allston is part of the Boston Public School system. There are a few schools in the Allston neighborhood.

Gardner Pilot Academy/Thomas Gardner School (Pre-K through grade five)

The Gardner Pilot Academy is a community hub school. Rather than just focusing on the academic needs of the child, the school integrates school, family, and community. In this way, the school addresses all of the aspects of child development. The school works with community partners to achieve this goal. The school addresses the individual needs of each child by offering many emotional and social enrichment programs. One of the goals of the school is to create socially responsible citizens.

Boston Public Schools Quality Framework rated Gardner Pilot Academy as a Tier One School. It is also a Tier One school for families. The Human Rights Campaign awarded the Gardner Pilot Academy with the Seal of Excellence Award for being a Safe and Welcoming School for All.

Jackson Mann School (kindergarten through grade eight)

The Jackson Mann School provides social and emotional support to all of its students. Some of the programs that help achieve that goal are the wellness project, mental health services, running clubs, and walking clubs. Other special services they offer are sheltered English Instruction and a successful autism program. The Jackson Mann School also provides a Boston University Siblings program, tutoring with Boston College interns, an after school program at the Jackson/Mann Community Center for students who need help with academics, child development workshops for parents, a partnership with the West End Boys and Girls Club to provide an extended school day, and a collaboration with local businesses to provide an apprentice learning program.

They also provide a before school program that is free and starts at 7:30. It staffed by Jackson/Mann teachers and paraprofessionals. Berklee College of Music, America Scores Soccer, West End House, Boston College tutors, Boston University tutors, and Harvard University Smart Talk academic program supports and assists the school in this endeavor. There is an after school program supported by Jackson/Mann Community Center, Boston College autistic program, Tenacity, West End House, College Success Academy.

The Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Pre-K through grade 12)

The Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is the oldest public day school for the hearing challenged in the United States. It is part of the Boston public school system. The Boston School Committee founded the school in 1869. In 1877, the Boston School Committee renamed it for Horace Mann. Horace Mann advocated for oralism. Oralism is a method of communication that uses lip-reading and mouth mimicking to proximate real speech. The most famous alumnus was Helen Keller.

Work at this school inspired Alexander Graham Bell to experiment with instruments that would enhance hearing. These experiments eventually led to the invention of the telephone.
The city committee had to move the school many times as enrollment increased and space became inadequate. Since 1975, the Horace Mann School has been at 40 Arlington Street.

Harvard Business School

The Harvard Business School is a graduate school of Harvard University. This is one of the top business schools in the world. Among its many offerings are MBA programs, doctoral programs, online programs and executive education programs. It has its own publishing company for books, articles, and the Harvard Business Review. This school became a separate business school in 1913.

Harvard Business School developed the case method of teaching for business students. Real case studies from organizations are used. Students must interpret, analyze, and solve problems that arise in the business world.

There are four regional offices and nine global research centers established by Harvard Business School. They are located in Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Dubai, Japan, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, San Francisco Bay Area, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Paris, India Mexico City, and Singapore.

Future Endeavors

Harvard University owns a large amount of land in Allston and plans to develop academic campuses. The university plans to use these sites to expand their medical school and other healthcare programs.


Ringer Park

Stanley A. Ringer Park covers 12.38 acres between the Allston and Brighton neighborhoods. It is a public park near West End House Boys and Girls Club and Jackson Mann Educational Center. There are grassy rolling hills with trees and wooded areas with hiking trails. There are also tennis courts, a softball field, and two basketball courts. For younger children, there is a playground. They also provide chess tables. This park is a great place to relax and is pet friendly.
Community Day at Ringer Park is one way the community utilizes this wonderful resource. For people living in houses for sale in Allston, MA this is a great opportunity to become acquainted with neighbors. The Community Day provides a Free Market/Flea Market. There is no money exchanged at this event. Other Ringer Park community events are Spring Clean-Up Day and Bird Watch. MBTA buses #57 and #64 bring patrons close to the park.

Penniman Road Play Area

This park is located at 25 Penniman Road. The purple and turquoise playground is very popular with children. The small slide and the bright colors make it especially attractive to younger children. There is also a basketball court that will appeal to adults and older children.

Hooker-Sorrento Playground

Hooker-Sorrento Playground is a beautiful green space with a playground designed for young children. There are also lovely shade trees under which adults can relax and picnic. There is also an active playgroup that meets in the park in the summer.

Raymond V. Mellone Park

This park is located behind the Honan-Allston Boston Public Library Branch. The town originally called the park Library Park. This park covers 1.74 acres that used to be a concrete plant. It became a park through the efforts of The Boston Redevelopment Authority, Harvard University, the Boston Public Library, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, and members of the Allston-Brighton community. Harvard is also going to maintain the property using environmentally friendly techniques.

The designers created the park with sustainability in mind. They made a funnel that will direct water to a wild garden. This will both keep the garden watered and reduce flooding in the neighborhood. Three granite lions are used as spouts to mist water and a fourth lion is nearby. Neighborhood children named the statues and plaques state the lion’s names.

Library Park received its new name in 2011. Raymond V. Mellone was a Korean War Veteran and worked for a number of government agencies in the area. It is easy to tour this area. There are paths, open spaces, and beautiful trees. One of the open spaces is suited for educational purposes and has room for fifty people. The hill near the rear of the library has an open space on top and is perfect for meeting with friends. If you live in one of the houses for sale in Allston, MA, this is a perfect place for a chat or a picnic.

Places of Interest in Allston

Boston Public Library: Honan – Allston Branch

This 57,000 square foot library is located at 300 N. Harvard St. This building opened in 2001 to replace a former building that closed in 1981. This large library services all age groups. In addition to books, the library has more than 100 newspaper and magazine subscriptions. The Honan-Allston Library contributes to the Community Learning Initiative in collaboration with the Jackson Mann School and the Jackson Mann Community Center. The MBTA Bus 66 route stops at the library.

Allston did not always have a library building. In 1889, the town stored books in Frank Howe’s drugstore. Carriages regularly delivered books to and from other libraries. In 1905, the Allston Reading Room replaced the delivery station in Frank Howe’s drugstore. In 1924, the reading room became a branch of the Boston Public Library.

In 1929, the branch moved again to Harvard Avenue. Due to budget cuts, this library closed in 1981. This greatly upset the neighborhood and Mayor Menino responded with the promise of a new library. The new library opened in 2001. In 2003, the city renamed the library for Brian Honan, a City Councilor.

The Honan – Allston Library has numerous programs for adults and children. Some of the adult programs are book discussions, basic computer instruction, and conversation groups for people whose first language is not English. Some of the children’s programs include story time for toddlers, science programs, chess instruction, drama instruction, reading activities, and playgroups.

Computers and computer friendly areas are located throughout the library. Meeting rooms and a large function room are available for events, meetings, and recitals. The library also offers passes for various places in the greater Boston area such as New England Aquarium, Museum of Science, Harvard Museum of Natural History, the Boston Children’s Museum, and Harvard University Art Museums.

Harvard Stadium

This stadium belongs to Harvard University and can seat 30, 323 people. It became a National Historic Landmark in 1987 due to the construction technique used to build it. The builders instituted the use of reinforced concrete and permanently influenced the construction of other large stadiums. Harvard Stadium is the oldest structure of its kind for intercollegiate sports.

In 1890, Henry Lee Higginson donated 31 acres to Harvard University. Soldiers Field was the original of the property. Higginson wanted a memorial to Harvard students killed in the Civil War. The Harvard Class of 1879 donated most of the money used for the construction. A professor of civil engineering at Harvard, Lewis Jerome Johnson, was the consultant to the design team.

The stadium hosted many other events. In 1920, 1924, and 1928, the U.S. Olympic Trials for men’s track and field occurred there. Both Bob Marley and Janis Joplin performed in the stadium. The 1984 Summer Olympics held soccer preliminaries in this stadium.

Music Venues

Music lovers living in houses for sale in Allston, MA are very fortunate. This area is alive with sound.

Brighton Music Hall

Brighton Music Hall is located at 158 Brighton Avenue. It hosts local bands, indie, and alternative bands. There is standing room only and that allows the movement people crave with lively rock music. They have booked many popular groups and singers such as Ruston Kelly, Donovan Woods, Shura, Hannah Cohen, Wrabel and Billy Raffoul, Stiff Little Fingers, and The Avengers.

Great Scott

Great Scott is located at 1222 Commonwealth Avenue. It is a major entertainment center in Allston. Consequence of Sound ranks music venues and they rated Great Scott as the greatest music site in Massachusetts. In 2016, people who rate music venues named Great Scott the eighth best in the United States! Before they were famous, the rock groups MGMT, Titus Andronicus, Passion Pit, and Grimes all performed at Great Scott.

O’Brien’s Pub

O’Brien’s Pub is located at 3 Harvard Avenue. This pub is one of the reasons that Allston’s nickname is “Rock City” MA. Even though this pub is animated, it retains its cozy, neighborhood atmosphere. Their goal is to provide an event platform for local and national acts to perform. This place does not judge; it is open to all styles and genres. Hundreds of artists have performed here on their way to stardom. This is a terrific pub for a terrific sound!

Wonder Bar

Wonder Bar is located at 186 Harvard Avenue and offers a party atmosphere seven days a week. For people living in houses for sale in Allston, MA this bar is available for food and fun when you need it! This is a place to eat, dance, and absorb the energy. If you want a private party, there are eleven sections of the bar available for that. Bottle service is available by request; an expert server will prepare drinks at your table. This bar is not stuck on one type of music. You can expect different music all week. There are dubstep and glitch hop on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Funk bands on Sundays and Mondays provide a different treat. This is a nightspot open between 6:00 PM and 2:00 AM and the kitchen is open until midnight.

The Paradise Rock Club

The Paradise Rock Club holds 933 people and used to be the Paradise Theater. It hosts local groups as well as other American and foreign bands. This theater is also able to host non-music shows. Most of the shows require that the patron be eighteen years old or older. Some internationally famous bands played here such as Phish, R.E.M. and Steve Earle.


Allston Squirt Gun Day

Every August, residents have organized the Allston Squirt Gun Day. Green is the color of the day and for years, the participants gathered at the intersection of Harvard Avenue and Brighton Avenue. In order to keep non-participants dry, the town moved the festivities to Ringer Park in 2009.

Allston Village Street Fair

The Parents and Community Build Group, Inc. produces the Allston Village Street Fair. This multi-cultural fair attracts people from all over New England. Two outdoor stages deliver music to the crowds. The food court serves international cuisine. There are also vendors and free promotional items. There is family friendly entertainment and a Street Mural Area that is open to everyone. Visitors know all the charities that receive contributions from this event. The event’s proceeds go to the Allston – Brighton Community. Some of the charities that benefit are Music Drives Us Foundation, The Parents and Community Build Group, The Community Build Project, and the Ringer Park Partnership Group.

The Alston Brighton Parade

This annual event celebrates the neighborhood. The Party in the Park and the Brian Honan 5K Race occurs in conjunction with the parade. This is a glorious display of community pride. There is food, games, live music, and face painting. In 2019, the bands were from Salem High School, University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Boston University, and Boston College.

Interesting Stores near Houses for Sale in Allston

Urban Renewals

Urban Renewals is located at 122 Brighton Avenue. This store is huge and sells secondhand clothes, books, electronics, toys, furniture, and jewelry. Unlike many other thrift stores, this one is well organized and bright. They are open seven days a week and add thousands of new items daily. The employees sort many clothing items by color, which makes shopping even faster and easier.

They are partners of Vietnam Veterans for America. This organization will pick up small furniture, used clothes, and household items. They offer scheduled pickup service.
This store also stresses social responsibility. They want patrons to know that people in the United States create 15 million tons of textile waste and 85% of it goes to landfills. They want people to recycle used clothing.

Vivant Vintage

Vivant Vintage is a vintage clothing store located at 318 Lincoln Street. The store also carries antiques and unusual items. In addition to clothing for women and men, they carry unisex clothing. Every Wednesday, they offer discounts for students and teachers. This is a unique store; they promote the wares of local artists. This store also promotes underground music and the people who create it. They encourage the community to drop off flyers for shows and events. Promoting the Allston community is a focal point of their agenda. For people living in houses for sale in Allston, this is an interesting place to shop.

The Pet Shop

The Pet Shop is located at 165 Harvard Avenue. This store does not just sell pets; they match humans and animals to each other. Store employees want to make sure that the right pet joins the right human. If you want a pet but do not have a lot of time or space, this is the store for you. The pets they sell are small and low maintenance. Some of the available pets are degus, mice, rats, sugar gliders, birds, fish, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils, reptiles, guinea pigs, and pygmy hedgehogs.

Berezka International Food Store

This store is located at 1215 Commonwealth Avenue. In addition to selling Eastern European food, it also sells Russian gifts. This is a great place to try a new food or get a gift that is different from the usual store merchandise.

La Serenity

This general store is located at 248 Brighton Avenue. This store carries a wide range of specialty items and many interesting imported gifts. They also carry many soccer related items. Therefore, if you live in houses for sale in Allston, MA and have a special soccer player in your life, this is the perfect place.


This bakery bakes European-style breads, pastries and pretzels. It is located at 168 Western Avenue. If you are interested in learning to bake, they offer a monthly baking class.

Yi Soon Bakery

This bakery is located at 112 Brighton Avenue. It specializes in Chinese cakes, buns, cookies, and breads. The bakers make every product fresh in the store and you will be tempted as soon as you walk in.

Restaurants near Houses for Sale in Allston

Lulu’s Allston

This restaurant is located at 421 Cambridge Street. This is a great place of lunch for residents of houses for sale in Allston, MA. The prices are reasonable and they have some delightful choices. The seating is spacious so you do not have to feel cramped. Some of the lunch choices are short rib mac & cheese, fried chicken, and Lulu’s burger. Vegetarians, vegans, and people on gluten free diets have some delicious choices also. They serve a quinoa black bean burger, roasted vegetable ravioli, and a number of salads.

Whole Heart Provisions

This vegan restaurant is located at 487 Cambridge Street. The founders of this restaurant wanted to create an eatery that provided healthy food at an affordable price. One of the founders, a professional chef named Rebecca, uses techniques and combinations that she has learned in her travels. In addition to the wonderful combination dishes on the menu, you can build your own meal. You can chose up to four vegetables, any sauce, and some crispy nuts or seeds to put on top. With so many choices, occupants of houses for sale in Allston, MA can eat here every day and not get bored.

With all the wonderful stores, parks, music venues and restaurants, Allston, MA is an exciting and educational place to live. This is a great place to view all the houses for sale that you can!

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