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Browse homes for sale in East Boston, MA from the Boston Pads real estate database! With more listings and knowledgeable real estate agents than any other agency in the Boston area, you are sure to find a East Boston property that you like and a friendly agent to help you.

About East Boston, MA

East Boston Homes for Sale

East Boston is an uncommon section of the city because Boston Harbor separates it from the mainland. It is also uncommon because some of its topography was human made. The city connected a group of islands by using landfill. East Boston became part of greater Boston in 1836. There are presently approximately 40,000 residents.

The islands that were connected were Governor’s Island, Apple Island, Noddle’s Island, Breed’s Island, and Bird Island. It was imperative for the development of East Boston that these islands were connected and that people could travel across Boston Harbor to reach it. Ferries were the first mode of transportation but ferries were limited in their capacity. In order to remedy this situation, three business people William Sumner, Steven White, and Francis J. Oliver formed the East Boston Company.

In 1834, investors built a suspended railroad on land owned by the East Boston Company. That closed in nine days; people were just not interested in using it. However, the Company did not capitulate. Ferry service increased and with that, there was an increase in commerce. With the increase in commerce, there was now a demand for houses and roads. When the town built a bridge to Chelsea, populations and industry increased. There were two companies that contributed greatly to the development of East Boston – the East Boston Lumber Company and the Boston Sugar Refinery. According to some historians, the Boston Sugar Refinery first manufactured white sugar.

Real Estate

The median home price in East Boston is $506,257. For people who love historic neighborhoods, this is a great place to look. The grace of these homes adds to the appeal of the area.


There are four tunnels connecting East Boston to the rest of Boston. The city built the first tunnel in 1904. The other tunnels are the Sumner Tunnel (1934), the Callahan Tunnel (1961), and the Ted Williams Tunnel (1995). Logan Airport, New England’s major international airport, is in East Boston. The MBTA Blue Line provides transportation to most sections of East Boston. People living in East Boston homes for sale will have no trouble traveling around East Boston.


There are numerous schools in East Boston. Younger residents whose parents are interested in East Boston homes for sale will have plenty of choices.

Elementary Schools

  • Patrick Kennedy Elementary School
  • Donald McKay Elementary School
  • Manassah E. Bradley Elementary School
  • Curtis Guild Elementary School
  • Dante Alighieri Montessori
  • James Otis Elementary School
  • Samuel Adams Elementary School
  • Hugh R. O’Donnell Elementary School

Pre- Schools

  • Harbor City School
  • East Boston Early Education Center
  • East Boston Social Centers

Elementary/Middle Schools

  • East Boston Central Catholic School (Private school for Pre-school to 8)
  • Mario Umans Academy (K-8)
  • Excel Academy (5-8)
  • Donald McKay Middle School

High School

  • East Boston High School

Charter Schools

Brook Charter School (K-8)
The focus of Brook Charter School is on preparing children for college. They believe that the most important elements in a high achieving school are high quality teachers. This public school strives to close the achievement gap. They provide a longer school day and year in order to have more instruction time. It is important to the staff that the school’s goal is achievement. The administration supports teachers through organizational superiority and a wealth of resources. In 2019, it was one of the top ten in the state of Massachusetts for student growth in mathematics. Brook Charter school is dedicated to diversity and providing a well-rounded education in a challenging environment.

Excel Academy Charter School (5-12)
Excel Academy Charter School is part of the Boston public school system. A student can gain admission through a public lottery. This school is highly regarded in greater Boston and has an admirable reputation. A student who graduates from Excel Academy has a much better chance of graduating from college. Their goal is to create community-oriented adults who can solve pertinent problems in a productive manner.

Historic Places

The Donald McKay House

This beautiful Greek revival structure is located at 78-80 White Street. Donald McKay built this house in 1844. He is famous for devising the most outstanding clipper ships ever manufactured. In 1854, the Sovereign of the Seas sailed faster than any other sailing ship of its time. The U.S. Navy hired him to build the USS Nausett. Due to Donald McKay’s many accomplishments, his home became a Boston Landmark in 1977. In 1982, the National Register of Historic Places added his home.

Bennington Street Burying Ground

The town founded this cemetery in 1838. The population increased greatly at that time due to the landfill projects and the thriving ship building industries. Many immigrants relocated here at that time. Many of the gravestones carry messages in foreign languages. There are also many Civil War soldiers and sailors buried here; there are 37 stone markers honoring their service. There are also two markers for World War I veterans.

Another interesting fact about this cemetery is that the townspeople did not always use it only as a burial ground. Due to the lack of open green spaces at that time, residents often used the land as a place to picnic, enjoy the outdoors, and meet with neighbors. This cemetery illustrates the diversity of East Boston’s past and the beauty of its open spaces. Occupants of East Boston homes for sale can study history and enjoy the harbor breezes in this lovely setting.

United States Lightship Nantucket (LV-112)

This lightship is unique in that it has the capability to move under its own power. In 1989, she became a National Historic Landmark. Several towns wanted the Lightship Nantucket to dock there. At the present time, the ship is located at Boston Harbor Shipyard and Marina at 256 Marginal Street in East Boston. Residents living in East Boston homes for sale can tour this ship; it is open to the public.

Temple Ohabei Shalom Cemetery

Temple Ohabei Shalom was Boston’s first synagogue. The synagogue had no cemetery, so in 1844, they purchased land at 147 Wordsworth Street. This became the first Jewish Cemetery in Massachusetts. In 2008, the National Register of Historic places added the cemetary to its list. The oldest intact Jewish chapel in Massachusetts in located in this cemetery. The Gothic revival style chapel is under restoration to be a museum.

Boston, Revere Beach, and Lynn Railroad Tunnel

This historic tunnel is located along East Boston’s waterfront. The city completed this tunnel in 1875, which allowed access from Lynn to East Boston. In 1894, the city added an adjacent tunnel. In 1940, the railroad closed but the tunnel still is in existence. It still retains its original brick arching.

Parks and Recreation

LoPresti Park

This beautiful waterfront park is located at 33 Sumner Street. This four-acre park has two basketball courts that have lights. This is great for that nighttime game when you really need to burn off some stress. If you are a hockey fan, there is a street hockey rink. There is also a soccer field. Many people enjoy fishing in this waterfront park. This is a great place for a picturesque view of the Boston skyline. If you are living in East Boston homes for sale and you prefer being on the water, it is permissible to kayak from here.

Bremen Street Park

The Massachusetts Port Authority is in charge of this magnificent park. It is a part of the East Boston Greenway. This welcoming public park has many amenities including a community garden, lawns, playgrounds, an amphitheater, a spray fountain, and a dog park. This dog park is the only one in East Boston. The pavilion building is next to the fountain and contains rest rooms and park offices.

The community garden, with 73 garden plots, offers East Boston residents a space to grow vegetables and other plants. If you have a green thumb and live in East Boston homes for sale, it is a good idea to put your name on the list. Many people take advantage of this opportunity.

The dog park covers ½ acre and planners divided into two sections. There is a section for small dogs and a section for larger dogs. For safety, the builders divided the sections with fences. This area has everything a dog would want – exercise areas, water fountains, and benches. There is even a track around this area for human companions to exercise. The rest of the park does not allow dogs.

Condor Street Urban Wild

This park is located at 300 Condor Street. It was once an industrial site but now it is part of the natural landscape. All entrances allow for a waterfront view. There are salt marshes and meadows to make you forget about the busy city. There is a boardwalk and places to stroll. If you are lucky, you can see porpoises from the Chelsea Creek viewing platform. Boston has 39 urban wilds and this is one of the most scenic. Do not miss it.

Belle Isle Marsh Reservation

This is a public park containing mostly wetlands. These marshes are the last pieces of the salt marshes that were once ubiquitous along the Massachusetts Bay. The Department of Conservation and Recreation oversees the Belle Isle Marsh Reservation. If you live in East Boston homes for sale, this is a charming place to view the wide variety of birds, plants, and marine life that exist only in salt marshes.

Constitution Beach

Constitution Beach is located in East Boston in the Harborview area. This beach is different than many other beaches because it is human made. It is also unique because it faces the runways of Logan International Airport. You can hear and see the planes as they land and take off.

The beach, which opened in 1952, has 223 acres of land. The protected inlet where it is located allows the Atlantic waters to remain calm. There are other amenities located here so it is easy to spend the entire day. They have a playground and a snack bar. For sports, there are courts for handball, tennis, baseball, and basketball. There is even an indoor ice rink. For people living in East Boston homes for sale, this is a one-stop entertainment spot.

Piers Park

Piers Park is located on Marginal Street and managed by the Port Authority. The designer who created this park received a lot of input from the community. The community made suggestions concerning park activities, park furniture, and many other aspects of this park. This 6.5-acre park provides shade pavilions and promenades. The view of the Boston skyline is breathtaking. Other special features include an amphitheater for public activities and an exercise trail.

Historic Architecture

Residents of East Boston homes for sale are fortunate. Sumptuous, historic architecture surrounds every neighborhood.

The Baker Congregational Church

In 1834, the people of East Boston decided that they needed both a church and a meetinghouse. The name of that first church was First Congregational Church in East Boston. In 1837, the parishioners changed the name to Maverick Congregational Church. The people built the first church in the Federal style of architecture. In 1844, they moved to a Gothic revival style building. In 1875, the church moved to a larger building that was also in the Gothic revival style.

The Maverick Congregational Society built its own church in 1852. The East Boston Company donated the land. This group named the church the Baker Congregational Church.

During the 20th century, there were a number of other church mergers. The name of the church now is Grace Church Federated. By 1903, this was now a shingle style church. In 1998, the National Register of Historic Places added the church to its list. It is located at 760 Saratoga Street.

Eagle Hill Historic District

At the present time, the Eagle Hill Historic District is primarily residential. The major development of this area occurred between approximately 1834 and 1900. There are both single-family and multi-family dwellings and an interesting variety of architectural styles. The houses are wood frame. Architects built structures in the following styles : (1) Queen Anne style, (2) Greek revival style, (3) Second Empire style, (4) Renaissance revival style, and (5) Colonial revival style. Many of the most distinguished people had their homes in this district. Some of them were Paul Curtis, Donald Mckay, and William Waters. Due to the ancient architecture and the number of noted residents, the National Register of Historic Places added the Eagle Hill Historic District to its list in 1998.

Old East Boston High School/Joseph H. Barnes School

This impressive building is located at 127 Marion Street. It is now housing but the remarkable building retains its charm. The design of the building involved two different architects. In 1901, Lymon Faxon designed the original structure. Charles Reggio Greco designed the expansion in 1933. The builders used yellow brick and limestone for their building materials. The building is “H” shaped. This imposing edifice is part of the National Register of Historic Places as of 2006.

The Trinity Neighborhood House

The Trinity Neighborhood House stands in the Eagle Hill section at 406 Meridian Street. The entrepreneur Noah Sturtevant commissioned the construction of this building in 1847. It transitioned from the Noah Sturtevant House into a social service center run by Trinity Church. This transition occurred in 1917 and the church renamed it the Trinity Neighborhood House and Day Nursery. The structure is made of brick and there is a rounded portion in the front of the building. The Boston Landmarks Commission, in 1981, designated it a Boston Landmark. The National Register of Historic Places added it in 1992.

The First Presbyterian Church

This is a High-Victorian Gothic church constructed in 1870 – 1871. It is located at 130 London Street. There were once many High – Victorian Gothic churches in this area but unfortunately, this is the last surviving. The parishioners repaired the magnificent stained glass windows.

Places of Interest

Madonna Queen of the Universe Shrine

Many tourists say that this is one of the best spots to view both the harbor and the runways of Logan airport. The magnificent sculpture is also worth seeing. The 35 feet tall bronze and copper structure has a gold decoration at the top that resembles a crown. Arrigo Minerbi created this statue as a gesture of gratitude to the Don Orione Fathers. The Don Orione Instution hid Minerbi during the Nazi invasion of Italy.

The Logan Airport 9/11 Memorial

This memorial is dedicated to the crews and passengers of American Airlines’ Flight 11 and United Airlines’ Flight 175. Terrorists hijacked these two planes, which departed from Logan Airport, and flew them into the World Trade Center buildings in Manhattan.

The memorial is a large glass cube with two glass panels. Etched on the glass panels are the names of all people on those flights. The top of the cube contains a prism of reflective panels. This provides a gentle light at night and refracted light during the day. Moskow Linn Architects designed The Place of Remembrance.

East Boston Memorial Park

Sports fans living in East Boston homes for sale will have plenty of opportunities to watch soccer, baseball, and softball games. This stadium is located at 150 Porter Street and is home to Suffolk University varsity sports. From mainland Boston, Ram’s fans can take the Blue Line to the stadium.

Piers Park Sailing Center

The focus of this center is sailing for all in a healthy environment. It is located on the waterfront in East Boston and is a non-profit organization. People can learn about sailing and marine science while building a healthy community. This organization has been operating since 1998.

Youth Program – ages 6-9

The Harbor Explorer’s program collaborates with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. This ecology program focuses on tactile experience. The children have activities both on land and on the water. Some of the activities include fishing, trapping crabs and lobsters, using underwater cameras, and watching jellyfish. There are also activities such as local history lessons, sailing, yoga, nautical crafts, and marine science.

Climate NATURE Program

NATURE is an acronym for “nature as teacher for urban resiliency education”. The collaboration of Harborkeepers and Eastie Farm makes this enterprise possible. This is a program presented at the McKay School and is available free of charge to the students there. The focus is climate and weather.

Ocean Science After School

This program is for the 4th and 5th graders in Adams Elementary School. They collaborate with Boston Public Schools and it is free of charge. Students study local maritime history, climate change, weather patterns, and marine life. The staff takes the children on field trips to the Piers Park Sailing Center floating classroom. Children can use the remote operated submarine. Experts teach the children to build simple machines to measure water quality, wind, and buoyancy.

Science of Sailing Program

This program serves people from 10 – 22 years of age. This summer program integrates physics, marine science, and biology with keelboat sailing.

Sailing After School Program

This program is for people 10 – 22 years old. This is a complete sailing curriculum with experienced sailors and small classes.

Future Leaders Program

This program is for youth ages 14-16. It is an all-day summer program. This program trains future teachers. After this course is completed, the students can become instructors at Piers Park Sailing Center. Staff mentors guide the students and by the end of the course, they will do some student teaching.

East Boston Sailing Team

This is open to students between the ages of 14-18. East Boston High School is one of only two sailing teams in the Boston Public School system. The sailing instructors are staff members of Piers Park Sailing Center. East Boston High School is part of the Mass Bay League’s B South division.

Special Events in East Boston

Residents of East Boston homes for sale have much to look forward to in this vibrant community.

A Taste of Eastie

To the people of East Boston, their neighborhood should be a foodie destination. This is the event where you can have a taste of all of the diverse restaurants that Eastie has to offer. This celebration brings hundreds of people to try all the different bites.

Eastie Week

This is the best of East Boston. Eastie Week is a community event that brings all of the East Boston neighborhoods together. Local businesses and organizations contribute many fun activities. There are waterfront concerts and family movie nights. There are also activities on Eastie Farm.

Love Your Block

This is the city’s annual cleanup day. Volunteers pick up trash and work to make the neighborhood look better. This is a perfect example of community involvement.


Rino’s Place

This restaurant is located at 258 Saratoga Street. This restaurant has been a neighborhood favorite for 24 years. Chef Anthony’s parents owned the restaurant before Chef Anthony acquired it. Chef Anthony was born and raised in Italy and brings a special flare to this Italian restaurant. The red sauce is the best and they make the ravioli to order. The prices are reasonable and the specials are new every day. This is the place for authentic Italian food.


This restaurant is located at 6 New Street. The Culinary Director, Marc Orfaly, believes in fresh New England food but with international flavors. Some of the interesting entrees are pappardelle pasta, Brandt sirloin, and the East Boston Cioppino.

Mario’s Restaurant

Mario’s Restaurant represents casual, traditional dining at its best. The décor is old world and the food is the comfort food you crave. It is located at 347 Chelsea Street. Their menu is large and has specialties that will make you want to return often. Some of the dishes are vitello & pesce alla Ursula, linguine alla Mario, shrimp Antonio, and fettuccine alla Sophia. The sumptuous desserts look so beautiful you will want to take them home to share. Mario’s Restaurant says it is the closest thing to Mamma’s cooking and I think you will agree.

Cunard Tavern

Cunard Tavern draws its inspiration from the waterfront. It is located at 24 Orleans Street and offers American food with a global flare. The water views add to the coastal ambiance. The food is beautifully presented and fresh. Try the pan-seared scallops, the watermelon salad, and the East Boston cream pie for a delectable taste of New England.

Mi Pueblito Restaurant

This restaurant is located at 333 Border Street and serves Mexican and Central American food. The décor is colorful and the atmosphere is relaxed. One of their unique offerings is a Spanish breakfast. The menu is large and the prices are reasonable so you can try a variety of new foods. This is a destination restaurant for people who love authentic Latin food. The Corona Rita Margarita is a neighborhood favorite. There are special plates for people who prefer a specific cuisine such as Mexican, Salvadoran, or Guatemalan. This is a good place for occupants of East Boston homes for sale to taste something new.

Rincon Limeno

This is a Peruvian restaurant located at 409 Chelsea Street. This restaurant serves large portions of ceviche. The restaurant is bright and cheery. If you have never experienced the delights of Peruvian cuisine, this is the best place for your first taste. They have some unique dishes such as beef heart and a variety of vegetarian dishes.

All of this information reflects an area that is fun, exciting, and filled with new experiences. Tour East Boston homes for sale yourself and you will see why it is one of Boston’s most popular spaces.

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