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Homes for Sale in Brighton, MA

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Browse homes for sale in Brighton, MA from the Boston Pads real estate database! With more listings and knowledgeable real estate agents than any other agency in the Boston area, you are sure to find a Brighton property that you like and a friendly agent to help you.

About Brighton, MA

Homes for Sale in Brighton, MA

Have you been looking at homes for sale in Brighton, MA? You should get some good information about the neighborhood before you decide to finalize your decision! Do you want to know how far you are from downtown Boston? Do you need more information about what your commute will look like in Brighton? Are you interested in what schools are around you? Do you want more information about where to go for fun or for food? If so, look here before continuing your search for homes for sale in Brighton, MA!

Geography of Brighton, MA

Brighton, MA is a small neighborhood in the northwestern corner of Boston. The Charles River separates Brighton from the neighboring towns of Cambridge and Watertown. The total land area of Brighton is 2.78 square miles, designated by the zip code 02135. According to statistics found in the 2018 survey from the United States Census Bureau, the total population of Brighton, MA is 43,887 people.

If you are searching for homes for sale in Brighton, MA there are quite a few districts from which you can choose. The major sections of this neighborhood include Oak Square, St. Elizabeth’s, Aberdeen, and Commonwealth.

History of Brighton, MA

Initially the town of Brighton was a part of Cambridge. ”Little Cambridge”, as it was known, separated from Cambridge in 1807 due to an irresolvable dispute over a bridge. Named after a town in England, Brighton incorporated as a town on February 24th, 1807. It was not until 1874 that Boston annexed Brighton, turning it into a dissolved municipality.

In its early history, Brighton was a very rural town. In the late eighteenth century, the town established a cattle market to supply the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. By the early nineteenth century, it also established its prominence in the horticulture industry. Over the next couple of decades, Brighton became one of the most plentiful gardening towns in the entire Boston area. The town’s residents had not forgotten about the cattle industry, however. Cattle trade and the cattle market was one of the most profitable markets for them. Once construction completed on the Boston & Worcester Railroad in 1834, the cattle market became even more essential to Brighton’s economy. By the year of 1866, the town contained a total of forty-one slaughterhouses that would later combine into Brighton Stock Yards and Brighton Abattoir.

Real Estate in Brighton, MA

Even though the total area of Brighton is less than three miles, there are 18,029 housing units in the neighborhood. Out of those 18,029 housing units, 11,330 units completed construction before 1950. That amounts to 57% of Brighton’s housing units built before the 1950’s. In comparison, homes built between the years of 1950-1989 make up 38.8%, or 7,711 of the neighborhood’s total housing units. Finally, there have been only 839 homes built after 1990.

With the 2019 real estate market in mind, the average list price of homes for sale in Brighton, MA is $689,000. The average size for homes for sale in Brighton, MA is approximately 1190 square feet. There has been a spike in the popularity for living in Brighton, MA over the past couple of years. This best indicator of this is the fact that as of 2016, the median value of homes for sale in Brighton, MA was $495,000.

Investment Property in Brighton, MA

This is also a positive indicator for those looking to purchase multi-family or other investment property in Brighton. The upward trend in home values coincides with an upward trend in average rent prices. Additionally, the neighborhood’s proximity to multiple large colleges and universities, including Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern University, MIT, and Harvard, as well as countless business, research facilities, and state, municipal, and federal offices, adds tremendous value. It is a trendy neighborhood with a vibrant culture that consistently attracts potential tenants.

For this reason, commercial opportunities also exist in Brighton. With its dense population and lively atmosphere, it can be an ideal place to lease space and open the right kind of business. Investors understand the value of commercial real estate in a neighborhood like this as well. Therefore, there are fewer of these types of properties on the market. However, they are out there and they typically do not remain on the market for long.

Transportation in Brighton, MA

If you are looking for homes for sale in Brighton, MA and are wondering how you are going to get around the area you have no need to worry! There are plenty of public transportation options for those living in the neighborhood. Almost 36% of Brighton residents use mass transit on a daily basis, compared to the 2% of people across the United States using public transit every day. This is a positive note for anyone who prefers a train or bus ride to being behind the wheel or being stuck in traffic. Boston has one of the best public transportation systems in the country, and living in the Brighton neighborhood allows you to take full advantage of it.

Brighton is located along the B Branch of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Green Line light rail. There are seven stops along Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton. The very Southern tip of this neighborhood is accessible via the C Branch of the MBTA Green Line via the Cleveland Circle stop. While living in Brighton, if you needed to take the D Branch of the MBTA Green Line, you would be able to do so fairly easily as well!

There is also access to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Commuter Rail accessible by the Boston Landing stop. This train serves the Framingham/Worcester Line. This stop is located just west of the Everett Street Bridge, and right along the Massachusetts Turnpike/I-90.

If you are looking for homes for sale in Brighton, MA but would rather take a bus than a train, there are plenty of bus routes from which to choose. For local buses, there is the 57 Watertown Yard-Kenmore Station bus, the 64 Oak Square bus, the 65 Brighton Center bus, the 66 Harvard square bus, 70 and 70A Cedarwood/North Waltham/Watertown Square bus, and 86 Sullivan Square-Reservoir (Cleveland Circle) bus. For express bus options, there are the 501 Brighton Center and 503 Brighton Center busses.

Education in Brighton, MA

Although this neighborhood is less than 3 square miles, there are plenty of different schools located near homes for sale in Brighton, MA. There are a total of 4 elementary schools, which include Edison Elementary School, Winship Elementary School, Baldwin Pilot Elementary School, and Mary Lyon Elementary School (grades K-8). For secondary schools in the area, there is Brighton High School, Saint Joseph Preparatory School and Mary Lyon Pilot High School (grades 9-12).

There are also a few locations to pursue or continue higher education in Brighton, MA. Everest Institute and Saint John’s Seminary have their main campuses located in Brighton. There are also a few campus buildings belonging to Boston College within the neighborhood boundaries.

Things to do in Brighton, MA

One of the best parts of moving is exploring the new area in which you have found yourself! Luckily, if you are browsing homes for sale in Brighton, MA, there is a variety of great attractions in the area. There are many local spots to spend the weekend exploring, both indoors and out, without leaving the neighborhood.

McMullen Museum of Art

Located on the Boston College campus, the McMullen Museum of Art houses permanent exhibits of European, Asian, and American art from the 17th-20th century. The McMullen Museum relocated to its new location on Commonwealth Avenue in 2016 in a beautiful Roman Renaissance Revival style building. In addition to the permanent exhibits, the McMullen Museum is constantly rotating a carefully curated selection of historic and contemporary paintings, artifacts, and scriptures that appeal to a wide range of patrons. The museum is open seven days a week with prices varying for exhibits and events.

Brighton-Allston Heritage Museum

Located on Chestnut Hill Avenue just outside of Brighton Center, the Brighton-Allston Heritage Museum is a project organized by the Brighton-Allston Historical Society. The museum preserves the rich history of Brighton-Allston by focusing on and exhibiting its diverse heritage throughout the years. The Brighton-Allston Heritage Museum is open on Thursdays and Fridays with free admission to all.

Brighton Center Historic District

There is so much history all over Massachusetts, even near homes for sale in Brighton, MA. The Brighton Center Historic District is a place full of history and great new restaurants too. The Brighton Center Historic District totals 17 acres in area and holds much of Brighton’s oldest history and buildings. Market Street Burial Ground, originally established in 1764, is located in Brighton Center. Brighton Center became the hub for the booming cattle industry during the 19th century, as it was a centrally located area in the town. As of 2001, Brighton Center Historic District was landmarked by the areas Historical Society, which ensures the history and buildings will be preserved and unchanged.

Harry Parker Boathouse

Harry Parker Boathouse is a beautiful and diverse location right along the Charles River in Brighton, MA. The Boathouse serves as the home of Community Rowing, Inc. where rowers all around the Greater Boston Area can come to learn to row, improve their rowing skills, or even compete in community rowing events. Once a year every fall, the masses of Brighton and the Greater Boston Area congregate at Harry Parker Boathouse and along the Charles River to participate in or witness the Annual Fall Regatta. In addition to Community Rowing, Inc, the Harry Parker Boathouse also makes itself available to renters for weddings or for large corporate team building outings.

Rogers Park

Rogers Park is a great way to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors and to get in daily exercise. The park offers a baseball diamond, basketball courts, and tennis courts. In addition to the variety of areas to play sports, there is a playground that includes swings and a jungle gym.

Fidelis Way Park

Located near Brighton High School, Fidelis Way Park lets Brighton residents escape the residential blocks and head over to this small neighborhood park. Despite the smaller size, the park is equipped with a basketball court. In addition to the basketball court, there is a playground and a water spray area for hot spring and summer days.

Ringer Park

Stanley A. Ringer Park is certainly a place where a person can spend an entire day away from the bustling city life! The beautiful park’s skillfully designed 12.38-acre landscape features massive fields and hills of grass and trees. In addition to the open space, Ringer Park has two basketball courts, a softball diamond, and tennis courts. It is such a large park that it even includes hiking trails.

Dining and Drinks in Brighton, MA

If you are looking for homes for sale in Brighton, MA and wondering if you can keep up with being the most adventurous foodie in your circle of friends, dining and drinking in Brighton, MA is the place for you! With a variety of cuisines and highly rated restaurants in the neighborhood, it will be hard to ever make dinner at home. Check out some of the awesome restaurants and bars near homes for sale in Brighton, MA!

Stockyard Classic American Tavern

If you are a history buff and a steak and seafood lover, add Stockyard Classic American Tavern to the top of your list of dining experiences in Brighton, MA. Located along the Massachusetts Turnpike, Stockyard has been serving the greater Boston area for over 40 years! This spot, known for the month long process for aging their steaks, takes pride in ensuring an amazing restaurant experience for every single one of their diners. Stockyard is home to the legendary Al Capone bar, houses the largest horseshoe shaped bar in the entire Greater Boston Area, and even has a fireplace.

Tasca Tapas Restaurant

If you are looking for authentic Spanish food outside of Spain, head over to Tasca Tapas Restaurant located on Commonwealth Avenue! The romantic atmosphere is perfect for a first date or a fiftieth date. Tasca is a lovely spot to have long conversations over a glass of the house made Sangria and a table full of the variety of small plates on the menu. If you are in the mood for cold tapas, hot tapas, pintxos, Palleas, or all of the above, head over to Tasca for a dinner that will satisfy every single one of your taste buds.

Cafe Landwer

It has been a long week at work and all you want for your Saturday afternoon is a delicious brunch with your closest group of friends somewhere that is only flooded with locals–where do you go? Obviously, to the neighborhood gem Cafe Landwer, a local restaurant serving a fresh taste of Mediterranian and Italian fusion. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this spot has a range of options for all diners, including a vegan shawarma, halloumi salad, freshly caught salmon, and even a variety of pizza.

Article 24

With a vibrant scene and genuine passion for creating a fun environment for the best nights out, head over to Article 24 on Western Avenue. With weekend hours from 10am – 2am, you can make it over to Article 24 at any point of your day to enjoy a hub of great music and local art. Article 24 offers elevated bar food and awesome signature cocktails–it is one of Brighton’s best places for all the hip people in the neighborhood. This spot also hosts an array of unique and exhilarating weekly events, including a trivia night on Tuesdays, karaoke on Wednesdays, themed brunches on Saturday and Sundays, and live DJs on Friday and Saturday nights.

Railstop Restaurant & Bar

Right off the Boston Landing train stop, you can find some of the best steak and seafood in the Greater Boston Area at Railstop Restaurant and Bar. Fine dining enthusiasts flock to Railstop to experience some of the most exquisite contemporary New England cuisine the city has to offer! This beautiful gem creates a classy ambiance from its mahogany paneled walls to its gas lantern chandeliers. Satisfying every craving, from a perfectly seared strip of aged New York steak to New England Clam Chowder pizza, is possible at Railroad Restaurant and Bar. Pair any meal option with beer, wine, or cocktails from their lengthy drinks menu and enjoy a relaxing evening.

Brighton Bodega

Have you ever found yourself at the same cafe, restaurant or coffee shop multiple times a day for the sake of convenience? You love the place, but you sometimes wish there were new menu items a little more often. If you are able to relate to that feeling, then Brighton Bodega located on Washington Street is the perfect spot for you! With a menu that changes every single day, Brighton Bodega offers up Asian-inspired street food that adds new choices for the diners regularly. In addition to the ever-changing and highly rated menu, Brighton Bodega boasts a lengthy list of bottled, canned, and draft beer from the best breweries in the Greater Boston Area.

Devlin’s Restaurant

Ranked as one of the top restaurants in the Greater Boston Area, Devlin’s Restaurant on Washington Street has so much to offer its diners. This spot is great when you are craving some authentic American cuisine and a tasty signature cocktail to pair it with. Beyond their fantastic menu, Devlin’s Restaurant strives to have an ambiance that perfectly balances fun and elegance. Come for a drink out on the patio and stay for trivia or live music on any given night of the week. Devlin’s Restaurant is also the ideal spot for Sunday brunches, which feature live jazz every single week.

Porter Belly’s Pub

Serving as Brighton, MA’s staple Irish Pub, Porter Belly’s Pub is a happening local hangout that has everything you want from a bar. With great comfort food and a lengthy beer menu, you can stay here for hours. In addition to their great menu selection, this always-busy spot is the prime example of fun in Brighton, MA. The bar, outfitted with tons of games including darts, plays year round sports on the many televisions mounted along the walls, and opens itself as venue for all the local and upcoming musicians in the Greater Boston Area.

The Little Pizza King

If you are in search for the best pizza in Brighton, MA, The Little Pizza King should be the first spot you try. With a generous menu of pizza, calzones, and even gyros, The Little Pizza King satisfies the great residents of Brighton, MA for all of their pizza cravings and needs. Both affordable and high quality, The Little Pizza King is an excellent spot for dining in or ordering take out for a party or pizza dinner.

Daniel’s Bakery

Having spent the past 50 years perfecting their baked goods, Daniel’s Bakery knows how to satisfy a sweet tooth. Founded by the Handalian family in 1959, the shop is still in the same location along Washington Street. Daniel retired in 2006 and the Silva family continues to serve the Brighton, MA community adding a new Brazilian flair. This quaint spot has three window-facing stools for a quick snack and a massive variety of pastries. If you are looking for a Jewish treats, Italian sweets, Brazilian delicacies, or even a custom birthday cake, Daniel’s Bakery is perfect for you!

Athan’s Bakery

Athan’s Bakery on Washington Street is the flagship location of this small, authentic bakery chain. Athan’s Bakery in Brighton, MA is the bakery’s workshop where all of the delicacies are handmade. With plenty of seating, you can sit down for breakfasts or lunches at Athan’s Bakery and enjoy a little taste of Europe right in the heart of Brighton, MA. Athan’s Bakery is known for its ornate and decadent custom cakes for events and weddings.


If you are looking for homes for sale in Brighton, MA, somewhere like Moogy’s is a perfect example of the neighborhood of Brighton really having everything you could need or want. Infamous for its hoagies and board games, Moogy’s creates subs that are inspired by the delicious ones found in Philadelphia, PA. The restaurant has a laid back ambiance for enjoying hamburger hoagies, breakfast all day, or dollar beers on weeknights.

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