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Homes for Sale in Dedham, MA

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Dedham, MA is a lovely suburb of Boston located at the city’s southwest border. Living in Dedham, MA means you will have access to great schools, parks, entertainment, and restaurants. Real estate in a place like Dedham does not stay on the market for long, so contact Boston Pads to tour those properties now!

About Dedham, MA

About Homes for Sale in Dedham, MA

Dedham, MA is a lovely suburb of Boston with a population of approximately 25,365 people. Located at Boston’s southwest border, it is the county seat for Norfolk County, MA. To the northwest is Needham, to the southeast is Canton, and to the southwest is Westwood. Dedham covers 10.6 square miles; this includes 0.2 square miles of water. It is only 10 miles from Boston.

The community is basically urban but it does contain some lovely suburban neighborhoods. It also contains some beautiful natural spaces in its 10.6 square miles. For people who are buying homes for sale in Dedham, MA and love the water, the Charles River runs through the town. Mother Brook is in Dedham and was the first human-made canal in North America. Its construction linked the Charles River with the Neponset River.


People from Roxbury and Watertown settled Denham in 1635. Incorporation occurred in 1636 and it became the county seat in 1793. The locals wanted to name the town “Contentment” but the Massachusetts General Court vetoed that idea. Since many of the town’s original settlers were born in Dedham, England, that became the name. At that time, the town’s boundaries extended all the way to Rhode Island.

An unusual government protest occurred in Dedham that resulted in the harshest sentence ever inflicted under the Alien and Sedition Acts. In 1798, a group of protesters led by David Brown erected a “liberty pole”. They protested various government decrees such as the sedition act and the land tax. Unable to make bail, he was arrested and taken to Salem for trial. Brown refused to name the others involved in the protest; the judge imposed a fine of $480 and sentenced him to eighteen months in jail.

In 1643, Dedham was the birthplace of publicly funded education. The first schoolmaster was Rev. Ralph Wheelock. The school had a legacy that was to affect education for centuries to come; descendants of these students became presidents of Harvard University, Dartmouth College, and Yale University.

Real Estate

Mean prices for all housing units in Dedham are approximately $512,131. Many residents of Denham own their own homes; single-family home mean prices are approximately $518,440. The mean prices for attached units or townhouses are approximately $369,364 and the mean prices for two-unit structures are approximately $601,359. The mean prices for three-to-four-unit structures are approximately $255,173 and five-or-more-unit structures are approximately $443,055.


MBTA rail service, Franklin Line from Boston’s South Station, stops at Dedham Corporate Center and Endicott. Serving Washington Street is bus route 34 Dedham Line to Forest Hills. Serving Washington Street, Dedham Mall and Dedham square is bus route 34E Walpole Center to Forest Hills. Also serving Washington Street is bus route 235 Dedham Mall to Forest Hills.

Education near Homes for Sale in Dedham, MA

When people buy homes for sale in Dedham, MA, they are also getting some of the best public schools in the United States.

Avery Elementary School

This school is located at 336 High Street and serves students in grades one to five. They have approximately 308 students with a student/teacher ratio of 12:1.

Oakdale Elementary School

This school is located at 147 Cedar Street and has an above average rating. The school has approximately 272 students and serves grades one to five. The student/teacher ratio is 12:1.

Greenlodge Elementary School

This school is located at 191 Greenlodge Street. This school has an above average rating and has approximately 278 students in grades one to five. The student/teacher ratio is 12:1.

Riverdale Elementary School

Riverdale Elementary School is located at 143 Needham Street. This school also has an above average. There are approximately 183 students in grades one to five. Its student/teacher ratio is 10:1.

Dr. Thomas J. Curran Early Childhood Education Center

This school is located at 322 Sprague Street and offers preschool, kindergarten and childcare. All teachers in the program hold certifications in both special education and early childhood. This school is so popular that students must enter a lottery to gain admission. Kindergarten classes are for a full school day. Before and after school day care is available for students four years old and older. Paraprofessionals care for the children in the daycare and provide educational and fun activities.

Dedham Middle School

Dedham Middle School is located at 70 Whiting Avenue. It has an above average rating and serves students in grades six to eight. There are approximately 631 students attending the school with a student/teacher ratio of 11:1.

Dedham High School

Dedham High, founded in 1851, is located at 140 Whiting Avenue. It is very highly rated within the Massachusetts Public School System and has some special features. Advanced placement and honors students can dual-enroll and get college credits from Massachusetts Bay Community College. The credits are transferable to other colleges. The dual-enrollment courses are world and United States history, anatomy and physiology, pre-calculus, calculus, psychology, environmental earth science, English 4, chemistry, and biology. The school provides every freshman in the school with a netbook computer. Students are responsible for the computers and they are still the property of the school.

Noble and Greenough School

Located at 10 Campus Drive, this is a day and five-day boarding school. This coeducational private school serves grades seven through twelve. They have a beautiful 187-acre campus that borders the Charles River. The approximate enrollment is 614 students and a student/faculty ratio of 6:1. The average class size is twelve. “Forbes” magazine once ranked it as the 18th best prep school in the U.S.

The school has an interesting history. Founded in 1866 by George Washington Copp Noble, it was a boy’s only preparatory school for Harvard University. In 1892, it changed its name to Noble & Greenough. The school merged with the Volkman School during World War I. The headmaster of Volkman School faced discrimination due to his German origins and enrollment declined. The merger proved advantageous to both schools. The school moved from Boston to Dedham in 1922. Previously, the land had been a private estate with grounds designed by Frederick Law Olmstead.

Dedham Country Day School

This coeducational Pre-K to eighth grade school is located at 90 Sandy Valley Road. This school has an extremely high rating. They have approximately 291 students with a student/teacher ratio of 6:1. The staff encourages the students to use the 17-acre campus for exercise and creative endeavors. All age groups are involved in community service projects to foster responsibility and commitment. To enhance creativity, the middle school students choose from forty different arts electives.

The innovative techniques start in the Pre-K classroom. Teachers integrate all academic disciplines into hands-on activities. By using thematic units and multicultural lessons, the teachers address the development of the whole child.

In the kindergarten classroom, teachers use role-playing to tackle the social issues that affect the lives of children. They have a program called Big Buddy/Little Buddy that pairs the eighth graders with the younger children. There are special classes that include woodworking, music, yoga, creative movement, physical education, art, and science. Children build confidence through an original class play.

Grades one through five also have a highly progressive curriculum. Faculty teams in each grade plan a cooperative curriculum in order to address the learning styles of each child and their academic, emotional, and social needs.

Middle school students focus on more than academics; they are encouraged to problem solve through independent thinking. The school’s emphasis on both self-reliance and community responsibility help students understand their place in a global environment.

Ursuline Academy

This is a private girl’s school located at 85 Lowder Street. Ursuline Sisters run this school and it serves girls in grades seven to twelve.

The Rashi School

The Rashi School is on the grounds of the NewBridge on the Charles Campus for Hebrew SeniorLife. It is a private school that serves grades kindergarten through eighth.

Employment near Homes for Sale in Dedham, MA

The most common industries in Dedham are professional, scientific and technical services, health care, finance and insurance, accommodation and food services, educational services, public administration, and construction. Some of the largest employers in Dedham are American Red Cross, Dedham High School, Costco Wholesale, Eastpointe Partnership, Hilton-Boston/Dedham, and Delta Projects, Inc. These are just some of the many great places to work near homes for sale in Dedham, MA.

Historic Sites and Places of Interest near Homes for Sale in Dedham, MA

Fairbanks House

The Fairbanks House is the oldest standing timber-frame house in North America. Jonathan Fairbanks built the house in 1641 for his family and it remained a Fairbanks family property for eight generations! Over the centuries, the family expanded the house as the family expanded. Today, The Fairbanks Family in America operates it as a museum. In 1960, the house became a National Historic Landmark; it is also on the National Register of Historic Places.

In 1879, Rebecca Fairbanks became the owner of the house. She moved out briefly when lightning hit the house and killed her dog. By 1895, Rebecca’s financial situation had deteriorated and she sold the house to John Crowley. She continued living there but due to her lack of funds, she had to sell some family heirlooms. The family recovered a wooden chest in 2003. Crowley threatened to demolish the house in 1897, but Mrs. J. Amory Codman and her daughter bought it. Rebecca remained in the house until 1904. In 1905, the Fairbanks Family in America established it as a museum.

This tenacious house has had its share of mishaps. In 1964, a car hit the house. Then, in 1973, another car came close to hitting the house but was stopped by the stone wall. In 1967, a group of criminals tried to burn the house down. In the 1970’s, exterminators had to save the house from powderpost beetles. Just like the Fairbanks family, the house has survived the centuries.

The Endicott House

The Endicott Family gave this property to MIT in 1955, and MIT uses it as a conference center. The property consists of the Normandy French-style mansion, and 25 acres of ponds, woods, lawn, and gardens. The Brooks Center, an art lecture facility, is also part of the estate. It is not just a meeting facility; it is also the site of the Senior Executive Program of MIT Sloan School of Management.

Charles Adams Platt designed the house but the Endicott family determined much of the appearance. Italian painters created the magnificent design of the living room’s ceiling. Imported marble adorned the fireplaces in each room. In 1934, it was complete and the family moved in. The structure has maintained much of its splendor and the antiques, artwork, Flemish tapestries, and oriental rugs are still adorning the mansion. When you buy one of the homes for sale in Dedham, MA do not neglect a tour of this incredible place.

The Dedham Historical Society and Museum

This society is dedicated to preserving the history of Dedham and consists of a museum and an archive. During its early years, the Society did not have a permanent home. Dedham Savings provided space for meetings and their library. The bank eventually needed the space returned so the Society moved to the Court House basement. In 1886, the court gave the group legal rights to own property. Hannah Shuttleworth left her home and some money to the society. The home had historical significance as the first post office in Dedham. The town moved the house and the historical society constructed a new building. In 1887, builders completed the construction of the Romanesque Revival building.

They have a wonderful collection of antiques, books, artifacts, and art. The collection includes historical pieces that one cannot see anywhere else such as pre-Columbian stone tools, Dedham Pottery, local and Civil War artifacts, the oldest piece of American furniture- the Metcalf Chair, and the smallest bell ever made by Paul Revere. The library contains over 10,000 volumes including yearbooks, histories, old street directories, and civil documents. This is a great place to get to know Dedham.

Dedham Village Historic District

This area is the historic center of Dedham and encompasses a section of High Street between Bridge and Ames Streets. The Norfolk County Courthouse, a National Historic Landmark, and The Old Village Cemetery reside there. In 2006, the Dedham Village Historic District became part of the National Register of Historic Places.

Mother Brook

Mother Brook flows from the Charles River in Dedham to the Neponset River in Boston. In 1639, settlers dug the canal that became the first English canal in the United States. From 1639 to the early 20th century, this was Dedham’s only source of waterpower. Now, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation controls the flow of water from the Charles River to the Neponset River. This is important for flood control.

Brookdale Cemetery

In 1880, the town established this historic cemetery near Mother Brook. After the Civil War, Eliphalet Stone donated a piece of land for a monument to Union Soldiers. He erected a granite pillar inlayed with a commemorative plaque. This area also contains four cannons used in Civil War battles. One of the hills is a designated burying ground for World War I veterans. The cemetery also contains monuments to all veterans who served during all wars including the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War. Police and fire fighters have memorials there also.

Parks near Homes for Sale in Dedham, MA

Wilson Mountain Reservation

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation manages this gorgeous protected woodland park and recreation area. It covers 215 acres and is a valuable wildlife preserve. This park is part of the Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston and has magnificent skylines, open space, and hiking. When you view homes for sale in Dedham, MA, do not overlook this incredible natural resource.

Dedham also has the following parks and walking trails: Whitcomb Woods, Dolan Center, Cutler Park, Mother Brook, and Town Forest.

Entertainment near Homes for Sale in Dedham, MA

Kings Dining & Entertainment

Kings Dining & Entertainment is located at 600 Legacy Place. If you buy one of the homes for sale in Dedham, MA, you will not want to miss this lively place. Not only can you get great food here, you can also play games. They have bowling, billiards, regulation and bank shuffleboard, classic Pac Man, and two and four player air hockey. If you want to have fun at a special event, you can get an event package. They have a large menu of snack and comfort foods. Vegetarians and gluten sensitive people will have plenty of choices.

Arthur Murray Dance Center

This center is located at 95 Eastern Avenue #4. Many of us have wanted to learn to dance but just never got around to it. This is your chance. It is great exercise; people report losing weight and feeling better. “The New England Journal of Medicine” ties dancing to lowering dementia risk. It is good for your brain, body, and social life. When you buy that home in Dedham, MA, you might want to put this on your to-do list.

Muse Paintbar

Muse Paintbar is located at 264 Legacy Place. This is a unique idea! They combine a restaurant and bar with painting instruction. They have sessions seven days a week and you do not need to know anything about painting. This is for fun and artistic expression. People of all ages are welcome. You can even rent the space for private parties. This is also a business with a conscience. They donate 5% of their profits to local charities. If a patron has an idea for a charity or fundraiser, they will work with that person.

Thai Wellness Massage

Thai Wellness Massage is located at 547 High Street. They offer a complete list of therapeutic massages. Massage is a rejuvenating experience and relieves stress. The many benefits of massage include soothing overused muscles, alleviating lower back pain, increasing flexibility, improving range of motion, and speeding injury healing. When you find one of the homes for sale in Dedham, MA, you owe it to yourself to make an appointment.


Miniature golf is fun for the whole family. This course at 150 Bridge Street is so beautifully landscaped it looks like a park. They even have waterfalls and a Koi feeding pond. After six rounds of golf, you get a free game. This is a great place to rent for events or just have some laughs with friends.

Pilates Redefined

Pilates Redefined is located at 619 High Street Unit 204. The focus is on mind/ body integration to achieve healing and balance in life. The training is one on one or small groups. Miriam Lundgren, the owner, is an expert in Pilates and functional movement. She believes that through functional anatomy one can heal the mind and body. Miriam has a bachelor of fine arts degree and continues to upgrade her skills. Her students greatly benefit from her dedication to lifelong learning.

Fire and Ice Spa

This spa is located at 115 Eastern Avenue. They offer cryotherapy and hot sauna branches treatment. Cryotherapy is popular for pain relief, rejuvenation, and weight loss.

Stadium Performance

Stadium Performance is located at 460 Providence Highway and provides an injury prevention program and strength training. You can register for one-on-one training or group training. Their highly trained staff works with professional athletes, high school athletes, and college athletes. They focus on helping people achieve optimum orthopedic durability. Some of the reasons people come to Stadium Performance are to gain muscle, rehabilitate from an injury, and burn fat. Each individual receives a tailored program for his or her individual needs. When you become a member, the following services are included: body composition analysis, injury assessments, cupping, massage, electric stimulation, and infrared laser therapy.

Showcase Cinema de Lux Legacy Place

This movie theater is located at 200 Elm Street. It shows all the first-run popular movies and it has some extras that not all theaters have. Technology for the visually and hearing impaired is available. Military discounts are available for active duty personnel and dependents. People can rent the theater for events and there are a number of different movies from which to choose.

Dedham Community Theatre

Dedham Community Theatre is located at 580 High Street. This independent theatre began in 1927. It is a beautiful historic building in a beautiful historic neighborhood. Instead of just the usual films, they offer music, events, comedy, and art-house films. They are very proud of serving popcorn with real butter! This is the kind of a neighborhood theatre that many people remember from their childhoods. When you purchase one of the homes for sale in Dedham, MA, take a break from the mega-theatres and watch a performance here.

Band Gig School of Music and Performance

Band Gig School of Music and Performance is located at 66 Eastern Avenue. The staff wants people of all ages, all ability levels, and all styles to join in their love of music. Students learn by using the songs they love. They offer private instruction, classes, clinics, and band programs. They also provide many opportunities for their students to perform.

Restaurants near Homes for Sale in Dedham, MA

Kouzina Estiatorio

Kouzina Estiatorio is located at 557 High Street. This restaurant features authentic Greek food in unassuming surroundings. Some traditional favorites are horiatiki salad, stuffed grape leaves, keftedes, saganaki, spanakopita, locanico, souvlaki, and moussaka. If you like real Greek food, this is a great place to go.

Waterfords Restaurant & Pub

Waterfords at 2 Bridge Street provides a bar overlooking the Charles River and a cozy main dining room with a fireplace. There are function rooms that can accommodate any occasion. Along with the great food, beer, and wine, they have music bingo on Tuesdays.

Yard House

Yard House is located at 200 Legacy Place and has a huge menu and beer list. You can order new craft beers on draft and by the bottle. They serve some very tasty snacks to go with your beer. Some of them are crispy Brussels sprouts and potatoes, truffle fries, shitake garlic noodles, and hummus. Unlike many restaurants, the children’s menu offers many choices.

Aquitaine Dedham

This upscale French restaurant is located at 500 Legacy Place. Their award-winning chef prepares seasonal dishes to perfection. Some of their choices are fritto misto, escargots, and filet au poivre. The desserts will tempt you so save room. They have hot chocolate pudding cake, apple tarte tatin, and profiteroles. This is a very special place for very special occasions.

Dedham Diner

This back to basics diner is located at 247 Bussey Street. If you are in the mood for comfort food, this is the place to go. This is a brunch restaurant with a very large menu and reasonable prices. They have choices that will appeal to all dietary needs. If you want a special breakfast or brunch, this is a local favorite.


This creative Japanese restaurant is located at 202 Legacy Place. They have a very large sushi menu and a huge food menu. There are also many gluten free and vegetarian choices. If you are in the neighborhood at lunchtime, they have reasonably priced lunch specials.

Living in Dedham, MA

Homes for sale in Dedham, MA provide the homeowner with everything he or she needs. Living in Dedham, MA means you will have access to great schools, parks, entertainment, and restaurants. Real estate in a place like Dedham does not stay on the market for long. So, tour those properties now!

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