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Homes for Sale in Medford, MA

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Browse homes for sale in Medford, MA from the Boston Pads real estate database! With more listings and knowledgeable real estate agents than any other agency in the Boston area, you are sure to find a Medford property that you like and a friendly agent to help you.

About Medford, MA

Homes for Sale in Medford, MA

Medford has a perfect location for people living and working in the greater Boston area. It is just over 6 miles northwest of Boston and located along the Mystic River. While the city of Boston is within a few miles, it does not encroach on the suburban atmosphere of this lovely city. As of 2018, there were 57,765 people living in Medford. Homes for sale in Medford, MA give you the opportunity to be one of the people lucky enough to live in this thriving community.

Settlement and Early History

English immigrants settled Medford in 1630. At that time, it was part of Charlestown in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Squaw Sachem of Mistick, a Native American leader, deeded the land to the colonists. For many decades, the inhabitants called the town Mistick. In later years, the settlers renamed it Meadford. In 1634, Matthew Cardock developed land located north of the Mystic River into a private plantation. Land across the river belonged to John Winthrop, Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He called his farm Ten Hills Farm.

In 1637, the town built the first bridge across the Mystic River. The Cradock Bridge stands there now. The bridge links Main Street to Medford Square. Until 1787, it was the only bridge across the Mystic River. It facilitated the flow of traffic going into Boston. In 1880 and 1909, bridge builders rebuilt the bridge.

Until 1656, the Cradock and Collins families owned all of northern Medford. Different families bought parcels of land and the new owners had town meetings that were separate from the Charlestown meetings. In 1674, the people in that area elected a board of selectman. The authorities granted them further autonomy in 1684; they could now raise their own money. In 1689, they elected a representative to the legislature. In 1690, the people established their own religious meeting room and in 1696, they established a secular meetinghouse.

John Hancock Sr. was the first ordained minister to work for the town of Medford. He served from 1692 to 1693. His grandson, John Hancock, was a significant figure in the Revolutionary War. He was also the first and third governor of Massachusetts.

Nineteenth Century Medford

In the 1840’s and 1850’s, farmers sold land for subdivisions. People needed land for residential and commercial buildings. Town services increased with the population. The town had to build schools, police offices, and post offices to meet the needs of the growing population. Technological advances followed. The town provided lighting, electricity, telephones, and railways. Between 1880 and 1900, the population of Medford burgeoned.

Medford quickly became a prosperous city. Their major industries were tiles, crackers, bricks, rum, and clipper ships. Hayden & Cudworth built two famous clipper ships – the White Swallow and the Kingfisher.

Unfortunately, not all scientific and technological advances turn out well. An astronomer and naturalist named Leopold Trouvelot lived in Medford and did research there. In 1868, he tried to create a better silkworm using gypsy moths. This insect propagated and within ten years, it destroyed much of the vegetation in the neighborhood. It was not satisfied to ravage only Medford; it became a pestilence over all of North America.

Two famous songs were born in Medford in the 1800’s. A local resident was inspired after watching a sleigh race from Medford to Malden. In Simpson’s Tavern, James Pierpont wrote “Jingle Bells”. Lydia Maria Child wrote a poem that was inspired by a trip to her grandparent’s house. This poem later became “Over the River and Through the Woods”.

Notable People

George Luther Stearns was a successful industrialist. However, his real passion was the abolitionist cause. He fought with John Brown, one of the nation’s most ardent abolitionists. Stearns also started “The Nation”, one of America’s most well respected journals. Stearns fought in the Civil War with the rank of major.

In 1863, James Plimpton invented the first user-friendly roller skate with four wheels. This initiated a roller skate trend that rapidly caught on throughout the United States and even became popular in Europe. Fannie Farmer, author of the famous “Boston Cooking-School Cook Book” – which introduced standardized measurements in cooking and is still used today- lived in Medford.

In 1925, Medford could count Amelia Earhart among its residents. She was a social worker at that time – 7 years before her famous flight across the Atlantic. Michael Bloomberg grew up in Medford and attended Medford High School. Bloomberg was the Mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013. He is a noted businessperson and philanthropist.

Historical Landmarks

Isaac Royall House

This historic house on George Street is a National Historic Landmark. At the present time, it is operated as a non-profit museum and is open for tours between June and October.

Governor John Winthrop built the original structure in 1637. In 1732, Isaac Royall Sr. purchased the house. This wealthy merchant and rum distiller also purchased 504 acres of land along the west bank of the Mystic River. Between 1733 and 1737, he made extensive changes to the building. He added a third story, ornamented the exterior with decorative details and strips of spandrel panels, and encased the east façade in clapboard. He also added a number of outbuildings in 1732.

When Isaac Royall, Sr. died in 1739, Isaac Royall, Jr. took possession of the property. He added a great deal to the house and increased the depth of the main building twice its previous size. He extended the outer brick walls and built large twin chimneys joined together by the extensions, or parapets, to create a strong appearance. He redid the paneling, trim, and archways in Georgian style. In 1775, the family had to leave Medford for good. They were British loyalists during the Revolution.

After the Royalls vacated, the Massachusetts General Court confiscated the property. General John Stark used the house as his headquarters. During the beginning months of the Revolutionary War, Generals Stark, Lee, and Sullivan used the house for meetings. In 1806, Isaac Royall’s heirs regained the house. They sold it and in accordance with Royall’s wishes, Harvard University received part of the estate.

The Salem Street Burying Ground

This cemetery, found at the intersection of Riverside Avenue and Salem Street, predates the founding of the United States by amost 100 years. From 1683 through the late 19th century, wealthy people bought burial plots here. The Salem Street Burying Ground became part of the National Register of Historic Places in 1981. It is somewhat of a curiosity now because records indicate that there are 600 people buried there. However, there are only 485 markers. There are several reasons for this. Often, one gravestone marked the graves of members of the same family. In addition, a flagpole and a granite marker commemorate the burial site of several unknown soldiers who fell at Bunker Hill. In the southwest corner of the cemetery, unmarked graves hold the remains of over fifty slaves.

The United States Post Office – Medford Main

This post office, located at 20 Forest Street, was built in 1937 through the Public Works Administration. In 1986, it became part of the National Register of Historic Places. It has a gabled roof and tall windows. The interior lobby is impressive; it has dark woodwork, marble flooring, and marbled wainscoting. The service area has a mural illustrating Medford’s shipbuilding and rum industries.

Statistics for Homes for Sale in Medford, MA

This area generally has 115 homes for sale at any given time. The median price for homes for sale in Medford, MA is $570,000. Homes typically sell for about $427 a square foot. The average price of a one-bedroom home is $363,550. If you are looking for a two-bedroom home, the average price is $545,671. A three-bedroom home has an average price of $618,215. The average price for a four-bedroom home is $755, 733.


Many Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority bus lines travel through Medford. The 80, 94, 95, 96, 99, 100, 108, and 134 bus routes furnish local service and direct connections to Arlington, Malden, Charlestown, Somerville, Winchester, Cambridge, and Woburn. The 325 and 326 routes furnish express service to Boston.

Joseph’s Transportation has the contract for the 710 route. Bus routes 90, 97, 106, 110, and 112 stop at Wellington station. This provides a direct connection between Medford and Malden, Chelsea, Melrose, Somerville, Everett, Revere, and East Boston. On the east side of Medford, Wellington station on the Orange Line affords a connection to the entire rapid transit system and Boston. The Lowell Commuter Rail Line is on the west side of Medford and stops in West Medford Square. Joseph’s Limousine and Transportation of Medford operates a bus line through Medford and picks up passengers going to parts of Boston or out of Massachusetts. Interstate 93 traverses the city from north to south. State routes 16, 28, 38, and 60 cross Medford. Prospective residents of homes for sale in Medford, MA have plenty of ways to travel.


If you are looking for homes for sale in Medford, MA, you have many schools from which to choose.

Public Elementary Schools
• John J. McGlynn Elementary School
• Christopher Columbus Elementary School
• Milton Fuller Elementary School
• Brooks Elementary School

Private Elementary Schools
• Play Academy Learning Center (PK-K)
• Six Acres Nursery School (PK-K)
• Gentle Dragon Preschool (PK)
• Eliot-Pearson Children’s School (PK-2)
• Merry-Go-Round Nursery School (PK)
• Oakland Park Children’s Center (PK)

Middle Schools
• John J. McGlynn Middle School
• Madeline Dugger Andrews Middle School

High Schools
• Medford High School
• Medford Vocational Technical High School

The Japanese Language School

The Japanese Language School is located in Medford High School. In 1975, the school began with only 25 students. The school now has approximately 800 students. They serve kindergarten through high school and offer Japanese as a second language.

The mission of this school is to promote the acquisition and maintenance of the Japanese language and culture. All nationalities are welcome in this pursuit. Japanese textbooks are used. During the school week, children attend public schools. The Japanese Language School provides the Japanese instruction on Saturday. Students from other states are welcome and many attend this school.


Tufts University

People looking for homes for sale in Medford, MA will have the honor of residing near a university that is one of the top 100 schools in the United States.

In 1840, admissions personnel barred members of the Universalist church from entering expensive colleges. The church wanted a more egalitarian venue for higher learning. In 1847, Rev. Thomas J. Sawyer gathered a team to help him with this cause. He wrote a circular that was printed in “Trumpet and Universalist Magazine” calling for a convention to meet in New York City. Rev. Hosea Ballou presented a case for the foundation of a college for Universalists. The founders needed both money and land. Charles Tufts of Medford donated twenty acres of his property.

During the late 19th and 20th centuries, the college expanded to become a national university. The engineering school in 1898, the medical school in 1899, and the dental school in 1899 allowed Tufts to grant Masters and PhD degrees. In 1933, the school established the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. During the 1990’s and 2000’s the school merged with School of the Museum of Fine Arts and established the Allen Discovery Centers.

Academic Centers and Institutes at Tufts

Tufts University is one of the top research universities in the United States. It is the location of 45 interdisciplinary centers and institutes. Students and faculty research technology, the environment, science, and other disciplines. The Center for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching promotes educational innovations and coordinates faculty education among campuses. The European Center in Talloires, France hosts conferences to promote international understanding. It also offers academic programs for undergraduate students and adult learners. Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies promotes greater understanding of the challenges faced in the Eastern Mediterranean region. The Institute for Global Leadership focuses on training people to think critically and globally. They accomplish this goal through workshops, internships, simulations, global research, classes, and international symposia. National and international leaders contribute to these universal perspectives.

The Institute for Research on Learning and Instruction focuses on education research. The Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging is the largest facility in the world dedicated to researching the relationship between aging and nutrition. Tufts Institute of the Environment strives to improve the safety of the environment as it relates to human health. To reach that goal, they use environmental research, education, policy development, and technology. The Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute strives to improve the health of the community. To do this, they translate research into health policy, clinical use, and medical practice. They also join people to consultation, education, and research resources with the focus on collaboration.


For those intending to purchase one of the many wonderful houses for sale in Medford, MA, there is no shortage of beautiful parks and recreation areas.

Mystic Lakes State Park

Mystic Lakes State Park is located at 481 Mystic Valley Parkway. It is the perfect place for swimming, rowing, and sailing. Shannon Beach offers freshwater swimming and relaxation. Sailors can launch their boats from the Tufts University Boathouse. Rowing is also a favorite pastime on the lake. There are picnic areas and grilling. In Lower Mystic Lake, the rules allow powerboats with no wake. However, there are no motorized vessels allowed in Upper Mystic Lake. For the health and safety of patrons, there is no alcohol or littering allowed. The rules allow service animals on the beach but no other pets.

Mystic River State Reservation

Mystic River State Reservation is located on Mystic Valley Parkway. This huge area covers 329 acres of gorgeous land. There are sports fields, picnic areas, and hiking trails. Torbet MacDonald Park in Medford is one of the riverside parks.

The Metropolitan Parks Commission established the park in 1893. It became one of the first nature preserves in Massachusetts.

Torbet MacDonald Park offers paved paths and unpaved paths for your viewing pleasure. There are also beautiful places to just relax and enjoy the river. The city of Medford carefully maintains this treasure so residents and visitors can continue to enjoy the landscape for years to come.

Tufts Park

Tufts Park is located at 437 Main Street. There is plenty of parking in the lot off Morton Avenue. There is also parking available on the street. This park offers a few amenities not offered by many of the other parks. They include an outdoor pool and community gardens. The Tufts Park Community garden was a labor of love by Friends of Medford Community Gardens. A fenced area contains approximately 22 garden plots. Residents of Medford can complete an application to obtain one of the plots. The Medford Community Garden Commission manages all applications. The city tested the soil for contaminants and found them to be within safe levels.

There are many reasons why a community garden is important to Medford. Since many people want gardens, there is a long waiting list. Gardening provides many benefits such as, exercise, preserving land, and bringing the community together through a common goal. There are also educational benefits. Community gardens provide space for outdoor classrooms. Children can learn about nutrition, gardening, the environment, and cooperation with others. Better nutrition is also a community garden goal. It can reduce the amount of money spent on food and provide food with a higher nutritional value. It also provides the opportunity to grow foods that may not be available in the supermarkets. A community garden brings people together. This is a place where people of different generations and cultures can become acquainted.

Hormel Stadium Facility and Riverbend Park

Despite the large stadium, this park has a generous amount of green space. It is located on Locust Street and has 43.9 acres. It has a football field with a regulation track, one tot lot, a community garden, one adult soccer field, and two little league fields.

Wright’s Pond

Homes for sale in Medford, MA offer the luxury of being near this lovely, private recreation area. This area provides ample green space to enjoy nature and savor the beauty of this scenic pond. The Middlesex Reservation surrounds the 148 acres. It is located on Elm Street and has a bathhouse, a concession area, a beach, and fresh water swimming. Parking is never an issue here. Wright’s pond has accommodations for people with mobility issues.

The park has rules and regulations for the health and safety of park patrons. The park is open between 10:00 AM to 1/2 hour before sunset. Patrons must have a Wright’s Pond walk-in or parking pass and must carry the walk-in pass at all times. A visitor with a walk-in pass can bring two guests. If visitors want to fish, they must stay in the designated areas and have a valid state fishing license. If an adult brings a child to swim, who is under seven years of age or less than four feet tall, that adult must be wearing a bathing suit to supervise the child at all times. Infants and toddlers cannot wear cloth or disposable diapers in the pond; they must wear swimsuit diapers or plastic pants. You cannot be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
The following items and activities are against park regulations: swimming in unmarked areas, swimming without a lifeguard, unsupervised children under the age of thirteen, boats, open fires or grills, alcohol, smoking, abusive behavior, glass items, pets (with the exception of service dogs).


The Chevalier Theater

While you’re browsing homes for sale in Medford, MA, note that there is a landmark theater right in town. It is located on 30 Forest Street and attracts comedians, national bands, and many other live performances.


Bistro 5

This restaurant is located at 5 Playstead Road. It is an authentic Italian bistro that specializes in international wines and seasonal foods. The attractive bistro is unique in that it has beautiful artwork on the walls. Their pastas are house -made and they have some unusual ingredients in their dishes such as rabbit ragu and squid ink. Bistro 5 will definitely provide an interesting night out if you purchase one of the homes for sale in Medford, MA.

Yoki Japanese Restaurant & Bar

This restaurant is located at 62 Station Landing. It has a colorful, lively décor that provides a fun atmosphere. It has a long, multicolored bar and a list of unusual sushi dishes such as Boston maki, Celtics maki, and Red Sox maki. This is a great place to dine if you are looking for an Asian dining experience with a few American twists.

Tenoch Mexican Restaurant

Prospective residents of homes for sale in Medford, MA have a great place to go for modern Mexican bites. This fun restaurant is located at 24 Riverside Avenue. They have a large menu of tortas, tacos, and more. Diners can choose the fillings for burritos so even vegetarians can sample this authentic Mexican cuisine.

Tom Yum Koong

This is the restaurant for authentic Thai food at reasonable prices. It is conveniently located at 11 Forest Street. The menu is huge and has choices to appeal to all tastes and appetites. There are foods for vegetarians and people with varying allergies. They have exotic appetizers such as tofu triangles, gyoza, edamame, shumai, sai ua, and moo ping. Traditional Thai soups such as tom yum koong, tom yum, and tom kar kai are available. For adventurous diners, there are tempting entrees such as khao mun gai, khao na gai, and Thai beef stew. There is also an extensive array of rice and noodle dishes. If you purchase a home for sale in Medford, MA, this is a trip to Thailand without leaving town.

Moulton’s Restaurant

This restaurant is located at 178 Winthrop Street and serves great seafood in a casual setting. They cook locally caught seafood so you know it is fresh. Since 1945, the staff of Moulton’s Restaurant has been selecting its own seafood from the Boston pier. If you want to take seafood home, they offer the same fresh seafood in their market. The chef creates made to order food for the dining room so you can be sure of the quality. You can order seafood fried, baked, pan seared, grilled, or broiled. The dining room is friendly and the bar has a flat screen television. The “Boston Globe” has highlighted Moulton’s and they have had a segment on the television show “TV Diner”.

Snappy Patty’s

Purchasing one of the homes for sale in Medford, MA gives you the opportunity to enjoy a restaurant that offers standard American food in a nonstandard way. They make their sandwiches with house baked whole-wheat olive oil brioche. The meat they use is hormone and antibiotic free. They buy fresh, sustainably sourced fish every day and the chef makes everything from scratch from fresh, seasonal ingredients. The produce is GMO free and the menu changes daily. This food is healthy and environmentally friendly.

Homes for sale in Medford, MA provide more than just a place to live. The schools, parks, history, and restaurants create an exciting and vibrant community.

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