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This lovely Boston suburb has many small town amenities and provides convenient access to the city. There are great stores, restaurants, schools, plenty of green space, and beautiful neighborhoods. Homes for sale in Belmont, MA have everything a house hunter needs. View them all on Boston Pads and contact one of our friendly, local-expert agents to visit your favorites and find your new home.

About Belmont, MA

About Homes for Sale in Belmont, MA

Belmont, MA is located in Middlesex County and is a suburb of Boston. If you are looking for a lovely suburb that will allow convenient access into Boston, Homes for sale in Belmont, MA will provide that. Though it is only 4.7 square miles, it provides many of the amenities of a small town. Its border towns are Waltham to the west, Cambridge to the east, Lexington to the northwest, Arlington to the north, and Watertown to the south. At the present time, there are approximately 26,330 people living in this town.

Belmont is famous for the mansions in the Belmont Hill neighborhood. The area around the hill is more densely populated. Cushing Square, Belmont Center and Waverley Square are the town’s commercial centers. Municipal buildings are located in Belmont Center. There are many public green spaces that were originally farms and estates.


Former citizens of the towns of Arlington, Watertown, and Waltham founded the town of Belmont. One of the reasons these people established a new town was their desire to ban alcohol. (Fortunately, the town has reversed that ban.) John Perkins Cushing was instrumental in the creation of Belmont. The residents named the town after Cushing’s estate, and they also named Cushing Square after him. Sadly, a large portion of his estate fell victim to a fire. What was left of his estate became the Belmont Public Library branch. In 1880, the town of Cambridge annexed part of Belmont that included Fresh Pond. There was a slaughterhouse on Fresh Pond and Cambridge wanted to protect its water supply.

Belmont’s economy was originally agrarian; they provided Boston with livestock and produce. At the turn of the 20th century, town planners introduced road improvements and trolley service. After that, the town became more residential and population increased greatly. During the 1920’s, the population increased by 90%.

Commercial greenhouses became the next economic base. Until around 1983, Belmont’s greenhouses produced much of the vegetable and flower seeds for the surrounding area. Around that time, Edgar’s, the last large greenhouse, closed. Mining clay and waste management were also lucrative industries for Belmont. As cities and the state improved highways, and more people bought cars, Belmont became a home for commuters.

The Impact of Railroads

Railroads had a significant influence upon the development of Belmont. The Fitchburg Railroad and the Central Massachusetts Railroad once served the town. Until 1952, the railroads had their own tracks. At that time, the railroad removed the Central Massachusetts Railroad tracks between Hill’s Crossing and Waltham. Trains now traveled over the Fitchburg Line. The MBTA owns the Fitchburg Line that travels through Belmont and ends at Fitchburg. The MBTA has plans to extend the line in the future.

Value of Homes for Sale in Belmont, MA

The value of Homes for sale in Belmont, MA has been rising steadily. The median home value as of 2016 was $785,561. That was a sharp rise from the year 2000 in which the median home value was $419,700. The mean price of all housing units was approximately $846,788. Belmont is divided into the following neighborhoods: Rock Meadow, Belmont Hill, Habitat, Belmont Center, Cushing Square, and Waverly Square.


Belmont has easy access in and out of the city. It is near Route 16, Route 20, Route 3, and I-95/MA Route 128. There are Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority buses and trackless trolley lines. Belmont has two MBTA Rail Stations, Belmont Center and Waverly, which take commuters into North Station, Boston.

Employment near Homes for Sale in Belmont, MA

The statistical breakdown of occupations in Belmont is as follows:

  • Technical products (2.5%)
  • Construction (3 %)
  • Municipal (5.3%)
  • Insurance and finance (7.2%)
  • Health care (11%)
  • Education (18.1%)
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services (20.1%)

These are some of the top employers in Belmont: McLean Hospital, Belmont Country Club, Belmont Hill School, Belmont Manor Nursing Center, People’s United Bank, W.L. Chenery Middle School, Belmont High School, Custom Learning Designs, Tei Consulting Inc., and Purecoat North.

McLean Hospital

McLean Hospital ranks as number one among all psychiatric hospitals in the United States. Its former names were Somerville Asylum and Charlestown Asylum. McLean is a private hospital and supports the world’s largest psychiatric and research programs of any private hospital in the world.

A group of citizens who were concerned about the homeless mentally ill founded the Asylum for the Insane. The organization completed the construction of the hospital buildings in 1818. The hospital was renamed the McLean Hospital for the Insane in honor of one of its benefactors, John McLean. By 1892, there was some progress in the treatment of mental illness and the hospital was renamed McLean Hospital. In 2003, the National Register of Historic Places listed the original Belmont campus of McLean Hospital.

McLean Hospital’s specialty is the treatment of adolescents using dialectical behavioral therapy. They also use a combination of research, teaching, and treatment. The biggest collection of brain tissue used for research is at the hospital and The Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center conducts research there. McLean Hospital developed screening methods for memory disorders, depression, and alcohol. These methods are accepted and used all over the United States.


When you buy one of the homes for sale in Belmont, MA, you are also acquiring access to some of the greatest schools in the United States.

Winn Brook Elementary School

Winn Brook School is located at 97 Waterhouse Road and educates students in kindergarten through fourth grade. They have approximately 453 students attending the school.

Roger E. Wellington Elementary School

The Roger E. Wellington School is located at 121 Orchard Street. They cover pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. At the present time, they have approximately 434 students attending the school.

Mary Lee Burbank Elementary School

Mary Lee Burbank Elementary School is located at 266 School Street. They provide for children in kindergarten through fourth grade. At the present time, they have approximately 299 students attending the school. In the state of Massachusetts, this school rates above average. Students here score higher on state tests and achieve above average academic improvement.

Daniel Butler Elementary School

The Daniel Butler Elementary School is located at 90 White Street and serves students from kindergarten through fourth grade. They have approximately 363 students. This school is highly rated and has a student/teacher ratio of 15:1.

Winthrop L. Chenery Middle School

Winthrop L. Chenery Middle School is located at 95 Washington Street. This is another top rated school in Belmont. It serves students from grades five through eight. It has approximately 1,357 students and has a student/teacher ratio of 16:1.

Belmont Day School – Grades PK-8

Belmont Day School is a private elementary/junior high school located at 55 Day School Lane. They have approximately 280 students and the student/teacher ratio is 6:1.

Belmont High School

Belmont High School is located at 221 Concord Avenue. At the present time, they have approximately 1,264 students and a student/teacher ratio of 17:1. They have a phenomenal rating. The average graduation rate is 98% and 98% of the students are proficient in math and reading. They also excel in advanced placement and college preparation. Belmont High School offers 21 advanced placement courses. It is #11 in Best Public High Schools in Massachusetts. It is #9 for Best College Preparation and rates #22 for Best High Schools for STEM in Massachusetts. If you are looking at homes for sale in Belmont, MA, you will be very fortunate in your choice of schools.

Belmont Hill School

Belmont Hill School is located at 350 Prospect Street and serves students in grades seven through twelve. It is a private boy’s school and has approximately 440 students. Most of the students commute, but there is a boarding option.

Seven people established the school in 1923. They wanted a private, boy’s day school that provided small classes and personal attention. The original property covered 19 acres but eventually expanded to 32 acres.

The school encourages students to expand their horizons and travel for study. Belmont Hill has programs in Vermont, Colorado, Italy, Chile, New York, China, Idaho, Bahamas, Spain, and France.

Arlington School

Arlington School is located on the grounds of McLean Hospital and serves junior and senior high school students. It provides educational services for teens with psychiatric challenges who are residents at the hospital. The Arlington School has a standard college preparatory curriculum and students graduating will receive a high school diploma. Some students take college courses while at the school and some take distance-learning courses.

Each student has an individualized program and receives clinical services. Individual needs are the focus of the school. Student success depends on each student getting the emotional and academic support that he/she needs. The student population is generally around 48 students and the student/teacher ratio is 4:1. Despite the many challenges that these adolescents face, 77% of them attend a four-year college after graduation.

CNS/Pathways Academy

CNS/Pathways Academy is located on the grounds of the McLean Hospital. The school works with children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders. The students range from age 6 to 22 years old. The school operates year-round and strives to meet all of the needs of their students.

Parks near Homes for Sale in Belmont, MA

Beaver Brook Reservation

Beaver Brook North Parking is located at 66 Mill Street. The Beaver Brook Reservation covers 59 gorgeous acres and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation governs it. It was the first reservation created by the Metropolitan Park Commission in 1893. Its primary mission was the protection of the Waverly Oaks. These were 22 white oak trees protected by Charles Eliot, landscape architect. Sadly, by 1920’s, all of these trees were dead. Within the reservation, there is a monument to the Waverly Oaks. Landscape architect Robert Morris Copeland owned part of the reservation and visitors can still visit his house.

This park has more amenities than can be listed including programs on history and wildlife. Some of the other attributes of the park are a waterfall, wading pool, spray deck, bike path, wetlands, playing fields, fishing sites, picnic areas, and restrooms. While looking for homes for sale in Belmont, MA take some time to view this beautiful treasure.

Joey’s Park

This playground connects the Winn Brook Elementary School and the Town of Belmont athletic fields. This park is a memorial to Joey O’Donnell, a student who died in 1986. Joey’s friends wanted to honor him so they organized fundraisers to finance the park. Builders completed constructing the playground equipment in 1989, and Joey’s friends believe the wonderful playground captures his tenacious spirit.

Pequossette Park

Pequossette Park (pronounced pe-qua-sette) is located at 280 Trapelo Road. Tennis courts are the main attraction at this park.

Rock Meadow Conservation Area

According to The Massachusetts Division of Fish & Wildlife, this area is very important as a grassland habitat. Suburbs endanger more and more plants and animals as they impinge upon former farmland. Without conservation areas, many of these plants and animals would be lost. Rock Meadow Conservation Area comprises 70 acres and contains streams, meadows, woods, and wetlands. This area is part of the green corridor that connects Belmont, Lexington, and Waltham. When you buy one of the homes for sale in Belmont, MA, I highly recommend visiting the conservation area for community gardening, hiking, cross-country skiing, biking, picnicking, and bird watching.

Grove Street Playground

This fun place is located at 126 Grove Street and contains basketball, tennis, soccer, and baseball courts. There is also a spacious playground for younger children.

Habitat Education Center & Wildlife Sanctuary

The Habitat Education Center & Wildlife Sanctuary is located at 10 Juniper Road. This natural jewel is available when you purchase one of the homes for sale in Belmont, MA. When you visit, you will experience evergreen and deciduous forests, ponds, meadows, and vernal pools. To help people more fully connect with nature, they offer programs for all ages. An extra feature of this place is the magnificent Georgian style mansion that people can rent for private events.

Town Fields

Individuals can use all town athletic fields, except the ones located on school properties. Schools, teams, clubs, camps, and businesses can apply for a permit through the Town’s Recreation Department. If the event organizers want to have food at an event, they might have to procure additional permits.

Lone Tree Hill

Lone Tree Hill comprises 100 acres of open space. The parking lot is located on Mill Street. There is plenty of space for hiking, biking, and enjoying nature. The wildflowers and native plants are magnificent. This is a protected area so people who buy homes for sale in Belmont, MA will always be able to cherish the natural splendor. This area contains hardwood forests, meadows, wetlands, wooded canopies, and historic stone walls.

Historic Sites and Places of Interest near homes for sale in Belmont, MA

The Homer House

William Flagg Homer and wife Adeline Wellington built this Italianate mansion in 1853. In 1927, the town decided to demolish this beautiful Pleasant Street structure. The Belmont Woman’s Club rescued the house and still maintains it today. A curator conducts guided tours through this lovely dwelling. The most impressive works of art are those created by the couple’s nephew, Winslow Homer. Some of the better-known pieces are “The War – Making Havelocks for the Volunteers” and “The Robin’s Note”. Many of his early works of art illustrate the rural landscapes of Belmont.

Winslow Homer lived close to his aunt and uncle and spent a great deal of time in the mansion. By 1859, he was one of the greatest painters of his time. Though he lived in New York City and later in Maine, he spent his formative years in this area.

The Pleasant Street Historic District

This district extends from Winn Street to south of Concord Avenue and along Pleasant Street. Included in this district are streets northwest of Pleasant Street. In 1979, the National Register of Historic Places listed the Pleasant Street Historic District. People built single-family homes on large lots during the mid-to-late 19th century. The district also contains Belmont’s town hall, library, and municipal buildings.

Belmont Center Station

At the present time, this station serves the Fitchburg Line and is located at the intersection of Leonard Street, Concord Avenue, and Common Street. The railroad built the modern station in 1908. The building is now home to the Belmont Lions Club and passengers must purchase tickets while on the train. The National Register of Historic Places added the building to its list in 1998.

Wellington Hill Station

This station has an interesting history. When the railroad built the new depot in 1879, the Underwood estate acquired this building. The owners used it as an art studio and a summer home. In 1975, the Belmont Historical Society acquired the station.


Located at 90 Somerset Street, this Shingle Style house was the home of William Dean Howells. Howells was a famous writer, literary critic, and a staunch advocate of realism in literature. The Howell family lived there from 1877 to 1882. William Rutherford Mead, the brother-in-law of William Dean Howells, designed the structure. In 1971, it became a National Historic Landmark. The house acquired the nickname “Redtop” because the original roof consisted of red-stained shingles.

The time spent at Redtop was a successful period for Howells. While there, he completed The Lady of The Aroostook and The Undiscovered Country and began the novel A Woman’s Reason. Many famous writers such as Henry James, Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Charles Dudley Warner, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow visited Redtop.

Activities and Entertainment near Homes for Sale in Belmont, MA

Indigo Fire Studio

When you purchase one of the homes for sale in Belmont, MA, this is the place to visit to express your artistic side. Located at 60 Concord Avenue, they focus on sharing their love of pottery. Indigo Fire opened in 2012. They encourage everyone to attend, including experienced potters and beginners. The kiln room is separate and well ventilated and they offer a variety of glazes. Patrons can choose from a large variety of stonewares and porcelain. There is always someone there to help you with your creations.

There are a variety of classes and workshops such as “sip & spin”- part social time and part pottery making. The beginner’s workshop is open to everyone from 10 years old and up. Private lessons are available and there are independent studies for the more advanced.

The Belmont Dramatic Club

The Belmont Dramatic Club, established in 1903, is the second oldest continually running community theatre group in the United States. It is a completely volunteer organization and is non-profit. They are dedicated to providing live theatre for the enrichment of the community. They spread their shows over a number of genres- comedies, musicals, mysteries, and dramas. There is usually one show in the fall and another in the spring. The club gives two free tickets per show to members of the Belmont Dramatic Club.

Banks near Homes for Sale in Belmont, MA

For both personal and businesses purposes, it is necessary to have a ready supply of reliable banks. The following banks are located in Belmont: East Cambridge Savings Bank, Leader Bank, National Association, Cambridge Bank, Belmont Savings Bank, Bank of America, National Association, RBS Citizens, Cambridge Trust Company, Watertown Savings Bank, and Sovereign Bank.

Media near Homes for Sale in Belmont, MA

The newspaper that covers Belmont is the “Belmont Citizen-Herald”. The merger of the “Belmont Citizen” and the “Belmont Herald” formed this newspaper in 1988. Local Belmont news is available online and the website to check for Belmont news is “Belmont Your Town” published by “” and “The Boston Globe”. “Belmont Patch” and “The Belmontonian” are also online sources of news.

In 2005, a local non-profit established the “Belmont Media Center”. This government access and educational television station provides television programming produced locally and classes in editing and media production. The station also provides video/television equipment, facilities, and studios to residents of Belmont.

Stores near Homes for Sale in Belmont, MA

Shopping and dining out in Belmont is easy and convenient. There are 251 grocery stores and many full-service restaurants. You will find when you purchase one of the homes for sale in Belmont, MA there are also plenty of fun stores for strolling around town and browsing.

Bells & Whistles

Bells & Whistles is located at 68 Leonard Street and is much more than a gift store. They provide an interior designer who will make your rooms unforgettable. Their designer provides services including color consultation, wall coverings, interior design concepts, interior details, floor and lighting plans, window treatments, and furniture selection. This is one-stop shopping for buyers of homes for sale in Belmont, MA.

Zia Clothing Outlet

Zia Clothing Outlet is located at 91 Trapelo Road and is the area’s award winning discount designer boutique. By buying samples and over-runs, they are able to offer up to 75% off the retail price. There are new clothes every week and you can shop without the high-priced store attitude. If you desire designer clothes with remortgaging your Belmont, MA home, this is the place to shop.

Westcott Mercantile

Westcott Mercantile, located at 61-63 Leornard Street, provides expertly curated local crafts. While gazing at the many unique items, you can learn the stories of local artisans. If you are shopping for that “difficult to buy for” person, you will love the variety that Westcott provides.

Revolve Boutiques

This store is located at 59 Leonard Street and is a part of the largest consignment network in New England. Lisa Castagno founded the first Revolve in Belmont in 2009. She is dedicated to providing beautiful wardrobes well below retail prices. She accepts consignment items daily and provides a personal shopper upon request. Lisa and her team accept individual wish lists and special requests. Her clientele includes many professionals who need to look their best.


Karma is a store that showcases fairly traded art from all over the world. Traditional techniques that coalesce with modern styles are represented in their clothes, ceramics, home décor, and jewelry. Experience the beauty of handmade crafts at 68 Leonard Street.

Restaurants near Homes for Sale in Belmont, MA

My Other Kitchen

This cozy restaurant is located at 762 Pleasant Street. The menu is American and Greek with Mediterranean influence. Their creative breakfasts will help you start your day with a smile.

Patou Thai

This innovative Thai restaurant is located at 69 Leonard Street. Patou means darling, beloved, or sweetheart and they illustrate that affectionate attitude in their food. Many of the dishes are unique and not to be found in most other restaurants. So, when you buy one of those homes for sale in Belmont, MA, be adventurous and try the dancing squid.

Spice Delight

Located at 63 Concord Avenue, Spice Delight will definitely delight you with their expertly blended herbs and spices. You need to try the fresh baked bread, tikka masala, curry, vindaloo, or biryani to understand why this restaurant is popular with tourists and locals alike.

Living in Belmont, MA

Homes for sale in Belmont, MA have everything a house hunter needs. There are great stores, restaurants, schools, and beautiful neighborhoods. View them all while you explore its lovely historic neighborhoods.

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