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Homes for Sale in Dorchester, MA

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Dorchester is a place that never runs out of things to do. There is always a festival, restaurant, or museum that will provide education and/or entertainment. The beautiful beaches and parks are always there when you need to relax and enjoy nature. It is larger than many Boston neighborhoods, which means there are more opportunities for home ownership and investment. With all of this to offer, do not wait to contact us and schedule showings of your favorite houses for sale in Dorchester, MA.

About Dorchester, MA

Houses for Sale in Dorchester, MA

Dorchester is not a boring place to live. The history of Dorchester has many facets, twists and turns. It is larger than many Boston neighborhoods which means there are more opportunities for investments. When you find one of the wonderful houses for sale in Dorchester, MA, you will be inundated with fun and stimulating activities.

The population of Dorchester is approximately 125,947 people. The area is 6.101 square miles with a population density of approximately 18,227 people per square mile. In this neighborhood, the average cost of a stand-alone, single-family house is approximately $372, 357. The average cost of attached units and townhouses is approximately $372,632. In two-unit structures, the average price is approximately $321,727. Units in three- to four-unit structures have an approximate price of $306,716. Five or more unit structures generally are approximately $75,319.

Dorchester has a very convenient location if you plan to travel to downtown Boston; it is located just south of there. Quincy, South Boston, South End, Roxbury, Hyde Park, Milton, and Jamaica Plain surround it. The Neponset River separates Dorchester from Quincy and Milton.


It is so easy to travel around Dorchester and to travel to adjacent towns and neighborhoods. The MBTA Red Line has five stations and there are five stations on the Ashmont-Mattapan High Speed Line. The Fairmount Commuter Rail Line also has five stations there. Around the city, there are plenty of buses to make shopping or going to work easier. The ease of travel makes houses for sale in Dorchester even more attractive.


High Schools

  • Dorchester Education Complex
  • Jeremiah E. Burke High School
  • Codman Academy Charter School

Elementary/Middle/High Schools

  • Boston Collegiate Charter School – Grades five through twelve
  • Lili Frederick Pilot Middle School – Grades six through eight
  • Dr. William H. Henderson Inclusion School – Grades kindergarten through twelve
  • John W. McCormack School – Grades six through eight
  • Richard J. Murphy Elementary School – Grades kindergarten through eight
  • Neighborhood House Charter School – Grades kindergarten through eight
  • Smith Leadership Academy Charter School – Grades five through eight
  • TechBoston Lower Academy – Grades six through nine

Elementary Schools

  • Roger Clap Innovation School
  • Paul A. Dever Elementary School
  • Edward Everett Elementary School
  • Thomas J. Kenny Elementary School
  • The Mather Elementary School
  • William E. Russell Elementary School

The University of Massachusetts – UMASS Boston

The University of Massachusetts Dorchester campus, also known as UMASS Boston, is the university’s second largest campus. This is one of the best incentives for buying one of the homes for sale in Dorchester, MA. This university is Boston’s only public research university. No matter what your academic goal, you can accomplish it here; they offer associates degrees through doctoral degrees. At any one time, they could have approximately 13,000 students but the student/faculty ratio is 15:1. Many of the students come from Massachusetts.

Some of the most popular majors are Health, Social Sciences, Parks and Recreation, Business and Marketing, Biology, Psychology, and Security and Protection Services. This terrific school continues to expand due to its popularity. One of the newest buildings is a dormitory that has a magnificent view of the water. When you find one of those perfect homes for sale in Dorchester, MA, you can stroll around the campus to appreciate this valuable resource.


Members of the Massachusett nation, the Neponset, were the original inhabitants of this region. The Neponset River estuary was a perfect place to settle due to the abundance of fish. These Native Americans did not believe that they owned the land; they believed that people owned the products the land provided. This land was generous; it provided fish, beaver, fertile land for crops, and forest animals.
There was a population decrease in the 17th and 18th centuries due to fighting as well as infectious diseases brought by European settlers. Chickatawbut, the Massachusett chief, conducted negotiations with the first settlers. When he died in 1633, his brother, Cutshamekin, relinquished more land to the British. There are still members of this tribe in the Boston area today.

The Thompson family first settled here in 1626. In 1630, a larger group arrived in Boston Harbor on the ship “Mary and John”. The founders of Dorchester were on that ship- Nicholas Upsall, William Phelps, Henry Wolcott, Roger Ludlow, John Maverick, Roger Fyler, Henry Wolcott, and John Mason. These men would play an important role in the development of the United States.

Dorchester was the location of the first town meeting ever in the United States in 1633. The Mather School, founded in 1639, was the first public elementary school. Dorchester blossomed as a place for innovation. One of the first gristmills on American soil, built by Israel Stoughton, was in Dorchester.

America’s First Chocolate Factory

To many people, the most important innovation in the American colonies occurred in 1765 – chocolate. Americans love their chocolate. It all started with an Irish chocolatier, John Hannon, who refined West Indian chocolate beans in Dorchester. With the collaboration of physician James Baker, he founded the first chocolate factory in America. This factory, the Walter Baker Chocolate Factory, stayed productive until 1965.

The American Revolution and Beyond

Dorchester played a role in the American Revolution by providing a meeting place for the Sons of Liberty. In 1769, the Lemuel Robinson Tavern was an important gathering place for patriots. Lemuel Robinson himself was key player in the war effort. He represented Dorchester during the war and became a colonel in the army.

Dorchester continued to contribute to the development of the country throughout the 19th century. Due to the congestion in Boston proper, many people came to Dorchester to enjoy the open, green spaces. John F. Kennedy’s grandparents and mother lived here. Builders extracted the much sought after building stone, puddingstone, in Dorchester. Frederick Law Olmsted made his mark on Dorchester in 1895 by creating Dorchester Park. By 1870, Boston completely annexed Dorchester.

Historical Sites and Places of Interest near Houses for Sale in Dorchester, MA

James Blake House

The James Blake House located at 735 Columbia Road is the oldest house in Boston. James Blake built the house around 1661 and used a type of medieval architectural design. The Williams family bought the house in 1825. After that, the city of Boston owned the house but wanted to demolish it. The Dorchester Historical Society saved the house from destruction in 1896. They had to move the house but only by 500 feet. The Boston Landmarks Commission listed it as a Boston Landmark in 1978.

William Monroe Trotter House

Located at 97 Sawyer Avenue, this was the home of William Monroe Trotter and his family. He was a civil rights activist and a journalist whose pursuits inspired the establishment of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. William Trotter and his wife moved into the house in 1899. It was listed as a National Historic Landmark in 1976.

The Commonwealth Museum

When you find one of the perfect houses for sale in Dorchester, MA, this is the first place you should visit. The museum is located on the campus of the University of Massachusetts. The entire history of Massachusetts is on display for everyone to see. You can even see artifacts from as far back as 1630 when the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts.

There are 20 million documents detailing historical events such as John Adam’s vice presidential papers and the letters of Governor John Winthrop. There is a document written by John Hancock encouraging people to protest British taxes. You can even view a bill for horses Paul Revere used for a very famous ride. Thanks to the engineers at MIT, ancient documents are on display for all of us to treasure. Argon gas lighting makes this possible. The museum has displays that explain the amazing works of the following people: Horace Mann (fought for public education), Lucy Stone (fought for women’s rights), William Lloyd Garrison (abolitionist), Dorothy Dix (fought for the rights of the mentally ill), and Frederick Douglass (abolitionist).

The Treasure Gallery contains exactly what its name implies. Some of these treasures are the Bill of Rights (1789), the 1629 Charter that King Charles I gave to John Winthrop, the Massachusetts copy of the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts written by John Adams in 1780.

There are many interactive exhibits here also. Children can pretend to be a Salem Witch Trial judge. Some of the buttons they can press open books that contain historical documents. Children can watch actors portray John Hancock and Prince Hall. This a great way to get kids and adults involved and interested in history.

Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate

This institute is located on the University of Massachusetts campus on Columbus Point. This nonprofit contains an exact replica of the United States Senate Chamber. There are also digital exhibits to inspire and encourage people to participate in our democracy.

The reproduction of the United States Senate Chamber is the only one in the world. When you visit this exhibit, you will have the chance to vote on a bill. Live performers interact with films that portray past senate debates; we can immerse ourselves in the process that makes our laws.

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

There is a special feeling that surfaces when you walk among the artifacts of our history. When you buy one of the houses for sale in Dorchester, MA, you must experience this place. This impressive structure designed by I.M. Pei, is located on Columbus Point. It contains the original papers of President Kennedy’s administration. It also hallowed ground for those of us who love American literature. The Ernest Hemingway Collection is here.

The tour begins with a film narrated by President Kennedy. This includes a film about the Cuban Missile Crisis. The seven permanent displays are the Attorney General’s Office, The Campaign Trail, The Oval Office, The First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, The Space Race, The Kennedy Family, and The Briefing Room.

The Ernest Hemingway Collection will enthrall all of his fans with the documents and memorabilia on display. Hemingway’s widow, Mary Hemmingway, wanted her late husband’s materials archived at the Kennedy Library. Jacqueline Kennedy agreed that these two eminent men should share this space. The Ernest Hemingway Collection includes almost all of his manuscript materials. There are over one thousand manuscripts, some in the writer’s own hand, including The Sun Also Rises and notes for A Farewell to Arms. Research materials, personal letters, photographs, and some of the author’s books complete this collection.

All Saints Church – Ashmont

This incredible example of Gothic architecture is located at 211 Ashmont Street. Anyone interested in ancient architecture should view this building. The architect was Ralph Adams Cram and the building material he used was Quincy granite. The interior of the building is Gothic with stone carvings by John Evans, woodcarvings by Johannes Kirchmayer, and stained glass by Charles Jay Connick. In 1980, the National Register of Historic places listed it.

Fields Corner Municipal Building

This Victorian Gothic building is located at One Arcadia Street and 195 Adams Street. It was originally a library and a police station. The National Register of Historic Places listed it in 1981. Historians believe that George A. Cough was the architect and the actual construction occurred between 1874 and 1885. It later became a district court with jail cells in the basement.

Dorchester-Milton Lower Mills Industrial District

This historic area is on both sides of the Neponset River. It is a complex of factories most of which were associated with Walter Baker & Company. Building construction occurred between 1868 and 1947 and the town uses the building space now for retail, housing, and manufacturing. The National Register of Historic Places listed the Industrial District in 1980 with some additions in 2001.

Parks near Houses for Sale in Dorchester, MA

Dorchester Park

This gorgeous green space comprises 28.5 acres and Richview Street, Dorchester Avenue, Adams Street, and Richmond Street surround it. In 1891, it became another jewel in the Emerald Necklace chain of parks. An abundance of wooded areas bestows a pastoral retreat from this very busy city. There are also places for everyone to play – a Little League baseball diamond, a playground, and tennis courts.

Dorchester Shores Reservation

This beautiful aquatic area and green area is open all year. When you buy one of those houses for sale in Dorchester, MA, come here to stroll, enjoy the water, fish, play, or just absorb the view and watch the birds. Sections of the park are located along the mouth of the Neponset River. Malibu Beach has a bathhouse and a swimming area. Victory Road Park is a serene spot with lovely, local plants. Savin Hill Beach has a protected swimming area, a tot lot, and baseball fields. Tenean Beach has basketball courts, a swimming spot, tennis courts, and a playground.

Pope John Paul II Park Reservation

This 66-acre park borders the Neponset River and the Department of Conservation and Recreation is its caretaker. The restored salt marsh beckons to people who love birds and indigenous plants. Great blue herons and snowy egrets fish here, as do other water birds. Since the park has ample land, there are many trails on which to view the picturesque water and woodlands. There is room for soccer, picnics, and playgrounds. You can exercise here yourself or watch the many road races that racers run on the trails.

Entertainment near Houses for Sale in Dorchester, MA

Strand Theatre

This 1918 movie and vaudeville venue is located in Uphams Corner and was the home to the first theatre organ in New England. The ornate design of its interior is reminiscent of the theatres in the early 20th century. It closed in 1974 due to its deteriorating condition. However, in 1979, the city of Boston realized its historical significance and restored it. It still has much artistic potential for the community; a newly renovated art gallery opened in 2014.

Boston Bowl

This is the place to go for fun and games. Located at 820 Morrissey Boulevard, this place has everything you need to stay amused. They have bowling, billiards, and an arcade. The arcade has over 800 games and some offer prizes. There are lanes with a private bar that adults can rent for parties. Along with the usual wings, burgers, and fries, you can get beer crust pizza. Of course, there is an ample beer menu.

Ashmont Hill Chamber Music

Ashmont Hill Chamber Music is located at 209 Ashmont Street. Their mission is to bring people together through the magic of music. All of their concerts are accessible and affordable to everyone. Children can even attend concerts free. In order to foster music in the community, they collaborate with all organizations that support music education for children such as Boston City Singers and Project STEP.
The group had humble neighborhood beginnings. In the 1970’s, a group of people in the Ashmont neighborhood organized concerts in various homes. There was a resident ensemble until 2014 but a new director changed that. Now, they sponsor touring musicians from all over.

Boston Winery

Boston Winery is located at 26 Ericsson Street. In 2006, Raffale Bruno and his grandsons obtained fruit from Chile, Italy, South Africa, and California and fashioned international flavors for wine lovers right here. If you truly love wine, you can participate in wine production. If you want a truly unique setting for your next event, they will arrange it. The rustic setting is perfect for weddings and occasions that are just too special for the ordinary.

Wine tastings and tours are a change from the usual afternoon activities. The Boston Winery has some distinctive flavors that are all their own such as Bread and Roses Rose, Midnight Mountain Barbera, Boston Winery Mala Femmina, and Shark in the Pond. This is a very popular winery but you probably don’t want to try all of the flavors at the same time. This is a place that you will want to visit more than once.

Boston Harbor Distillery

Rhonda Kallman founded this distillery after working for 25 years in the craft beer industry. Craft distilling was her continuation of making fine drinks. She found just the right spot in the Neponset section of Dorchester. The building she and her crew decided to renovate was an old mill building from 1859. It has Douglas fir post and beam construction, over 100 windows, and 40-foot high ceilings. They brought it back to life as Boston Harbor Distillery. The building now contains hundreds of whiskey barrels, liqueurs, distilled beer from Sam Adams, and small batch rum.

The distillery is located at 12 R Ericsson Street and open to the public at certain times. Their standard distillery tour packs in a lot of fun in a short time. The tours our limited to 20 people at once so it feels like a party. During the tour, you receive a history of the region and a description of whiskey manufacturing. You also get to taste some spirits to decide which ones are your favorites.

The VIP Whiskey tour includes a more detailed look at the distillery. You get more to taste, including a sip straight from the barrel. These tours must be booked in advance.

Annual Taste of Dorchester

Owning one of the houses for sale in Dorchester, MA provides you with the opportunity to frolic at the many neighborhood events that keep the area lively. One of the best is the Annual Taste of Dorchester. This is the time to meet your neighbors and become acquainted with Dorchester’s great restaurants. Over 20 local restaurants serve their outstanding food and you can try them all. There are also other forms of entertainment such as live music, a raffle and prizes, and a silent auction. Free parking and a cash bar make it easy to enjoy the night.

Dorchester Day

Since 1904, this parade has celebrated the beginnings of the town of Dorchester in 1630. This day, the people of Dorchester celebrate Dorchester. The first Dorchester Day occurred on Savin Hill. This spot held a special place in the hearts of the residents. In 1630, it was the place that the original British settlers built their fort. Sadly, it was the place of the last Native American camp in the area. The view from the top of the hill was spectacular. You could see the whole Dorchester Bay and the Boston Harbor Islands. It was very important to those who loved the town that this spot be preserved. In 1904, John F. Fitzgerald, the mayor, declared that the hill should be a park.

Annual National Pizza Day Celebrations

I know of few people who would want to miss a celebration of this kind. While many people celebrate with their own homemade pizzas, the local restaurants lure pizza lovers in by offering discounts on a wide variety of pies.

Dorchester Multicultural Day

This is a day to celebrate diversity. Owning one of the houses for sale in Dorchester, MA, puts you in the heart of the action. Without leaving the neighborhood, you can experience the foods, clothing, cultures, and music of people from all over the world. There is a live performance area, arts for children, and prizes.

The Annual Boston City Singers Winter Stars Holiday Concerts

This wonderful group gives a free, indoor concert every year. They present songs for all of the winter holidays – Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas. Though the concerts are free, they appreciate contributions to the Boston City Singer’s Scholarship.

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

Dorchester celebrates this day with a parade across town. There are fun activities and special events at the local restaurants and pubs.

Restaurants near Houses for Sale in Dorchester, MA

Oasis Vegan Veggie Parlor

With an emphasis on health, Nahdra Ra Kiros and Jahriffe MacKenzie opened a vegetarian restaurant in Dorchester’s Four Corners neighborhood. Not only is it healthy, it is also affordable with most meals costing around $10.00. With the healthy food, you can also get healthy drinks – smoothies and fresh-squeezed juices. They have selections you don’t often see in most restaurants such as vegan burrito bowls, African pot bowls, veggie korma bowls, and oshun wraps. When you want something different, why not try something that you won’t regret the next morning?

Eire Pub

Eire Pub is located at 795 Adams Street and over the past 50 years has emerged as one of the most famous and popular pubs in Boston. Both Presidents Reagan and Clinton have visited this establishment and it is now a tradition for political aspirants and leaders to stop here. They have eleven different beers on tap and they rotate the beer menu according to the season. Eleven different screens allow you to watch all of your favorite teams. Eire Pub is a favorite stop for many celebrities and is part of the Dorchester landscape.

Shaking Seafood

Shaking Seafood is located at 1616 Dorchester Avenue and is a sea to table restaurant. They are open from Sunday to Thursday noon to 9:30 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from noon to 10:30 p.m. Because they want only the best quality seafood, they are there when it’s caught. The seafood is prepared New Orleans style and with New Orleans style fun. You can mix and match the delicacies and choose the sauces and spices. Choose from a list of seafood: crabs, mussels, scallops, clams, shrimp, lobster, or crawfish. Choose the flavor: lemon pepper, garlic, Cajun, or the shaking sauce ( all of them) and choose the heat: non spicy, mild, medium, or hot.

Living in Dorchester, MA

Dorchester is a place that never runs out of things to do. There is always a festival, restaurant, or museum that will provide education and/or entertainment. The beautiful beaches and parks are always there when you need to relax and enjoy nature. With all of this to offer, do not wait to tour the houses for sale in Dorchester, MA.

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