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Homes for Sale in Boston, MA

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Homes for Sale in Boston, MABoston Pads is home to Greater Boston’s largest inventory of houses for sale in MA, giving you the buyer the most options of listings than any other online resource! If you’re looking for real estate, and you’d prefer having a house to call your home, a backyard, driveway, and living space, then you’ve found yourself in the right place. We’re dedicated to providing you the buyer anything you could ever need to close on the house you love so you can turn it into your home!

From classic brownstones to Victorian colonials with big wrap around porches, here you’ll find some of Boston’s most beautiful houses that are on the market. No matter what type of home you’re looking for and in what neighborhood, you’ll find the perfect match right here on Boston Pads! Use our search tool below, and filter your listings based on size, price, location, and much more!

We have countless MLS listings of homes for sale and you’ll have access to Boston’s most experienced real estate professionals, who combined have countless years of experience helping buyers like you find and close on their dream homes. Connect with them here, and you’ll be in the driver’s seat, well on your way to owning the property you’ve always wanted! They can help you simplify the buying process by ensuring you are adequately prepared financially, and they’ll connect you with reputable service companies to help you with anything from moving to renovating.

With so much under one roof, there’s no other resource you need to find your dream home!

About Boston, MA

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About Homes for Sale in Boston, MA

Within Boston, MA and its distinctive neighborhoods, you can find homes for sale near some of the best schools, restaurants, parks, music and theater venues, and museums in the world.

No matter what your dream home includes, homes for sale in Boston, MA provide an unparalleled array of real estate options. There are numerous townhomes and condominiums amid Boston, MA nightlife, and there are waterfront homes for sale and homes for sale in wooded areas. Your home real estate choices are only limited by your imagination. However, the home real estate market in Boston, MA is booming and homes for sale move quickly. So, find your home with a professional brokerage firm – Boston Pads. Whether you are one of the first time home buyers or want a new home in Boston Massachusetts, qualified real estate professionals can remove the stress and turn finding Boston, MA homes for sale into an adventure.

Boston, MA Neighborhoods

Homes for sale in Boston, MA are as varied as the neighborhoods in which they reside. Each neighborhood is a real estate enclave unto itself with all the personality that makes each of these homes for sale special. Your dream home in Boston, MA is waiting.


Trendy and an easy commute to everywhere in Boston, MA – it’s no wonder that these homes for sale in Boston, MA are hot real estate listings. Rich in architectural history, most of these Boston homes for sale consist of single-family homes and multi-family homes.

A majority of the featured properties in this area consist of residential real estate. Many of the Allston homes for sale in Boston, MA are older homes that provide more expansive floor plans than some of the newer homes. If you are looking for a house for sale that will provide both a home and an investment, you should contact a real estate agent to attend an open house.

If you are looking for a single-family house for sale or a townhouse for sale in Boston, MA, this neighborhood might not be the best place for your home real estate search. However, if you are interested in a condo or a multi-unit house, you can find your new home here. An Allston home can be both lucrative and fun. Virtual tours are available for most Boston, MA homes for sale.

Back Bay

Home to the bustling Newbury St. and Boylston St. shopping districts as well as home to Boston Common, the Back Bay neighborhood blends small-town allure with the diverse real estate of Boston, MA. It is also home to Boston Public Library. This is one of the most desirable neighborhoods for homes for sale in Boston, MA, making real estate scarce.

When you look at a house for sale or other homes for sale in Boston, MA, you will be smitten by the classic home designs. A stroll down Beacon St. as you view the real estate is enough to convince most homebuyers that this is the best place to live. If you want a home in an opulent Boston, MA building with a master suite and full bath, they are available. Take advantage of an open house or a virtual tour of a home. Real estate and Boston homes for sale in Back Bay are in high demand, so let Boston Pads help you search for your next home. They are the home real estate experts, so you don’t have to be.

Bay Village

Tucked between Back Bay and South End, Bay Village provides you with a home in a small village atmosphere. They are home to pocket parks, sunken gardens and unique real estate. If you love the ambiance of historic homes but want the amenities of contemporary real estate, you can buy a renovated condo or duplex. These homes for sale in Boston, MA rarely appear in local real estate listings. However, a real estate agent from Boston Pads can help you find homes for sale nearby. They can alert you to an open house, so you won’t miss out on finding a great home among these luxury properties.

Beacon Hill

Picture luxury homes for sale in Boston, MA and Beacon Hill real estate comes to mind. This hill is home to the Massachusetts State House. Beacon Hill’s gaslit streets create the most fashionable real estate in the Boston, MA area. Acquiring one of these homes for sale makes you part of Boston, MA history. A home here returns you to Boston’s colonial past; the architectural history of Boston, MA is alive in Beacon Hill real estate.

A house for sale might be rare, but it is possible to find various homes for sale in one of the magnificent brick buildings. The housing market makes real estate competitive due to the size of the neighborhood and its allure, but a good real estate agent can alert you when an open house is scheduled for one of these sought after homes for sale. A home on Beacon Hill exudes prestige and charm.


If you want to buy a home on the Charles River, Brighton homes for sale in Boston, MA should be part of your real estate search criteria. You can find a studio, a three bedroom condo, a townhouse, or a single-family house for sale. There is new construction in the Brighton community resulting in a real estate boom. Boston Landing has acreage containing numerous businesses and research facilities. Due to its popularity, homes for sale here move fast; contact Boston Pads so you don’t miss an open house or the home you want. The variety of real estate is remarkable for such a small area.


When looking for homes for sale in Boston, MA, make sure you enter Chinatown’s paifang gate. Real estate here is intertwined with some of the best Asian restaurants in the greater Boston area. Though it is difficult to find a house for sale in Chinatown, there are a few homes for sale.


Historic landmarks surround these homes for sale in Boston, MA. The gas lamps and cobblestone streets invite you to step into America’s past while still living in homes that have all the amenities of upscale Boston, MA real estate. Just think about sharing a home zip code with Bunker Hill or The Freedom Trail!

Boston homes for sale in Charlestown are available in both attached and detached property types. If you desire a home with a gated entry, they are available. There are also multi-unit homes for sale and two-family homes for sale. If you are looking for real estate with a view of the Charles River, contact a real estate agent at Boston Pads to help you find a house for sale.

Leather District

When you are looking for homes for sale in Boston, MA that are unique and have an interesting history, look for real estate here. Located between Chinatown and the Financial District, industrialists created these structures to comply with new real estate regulations after the Great Boston, MA Fire of 1872. The renovation of these factory buildings has preserved the distinctive character of this Boston, MA real estate while providing innovative living space. When you want to find a home with an open floor-plan, contact a real estate broker at Boston Pads so you don’t miss any new real estate listings. A home here is beyond compare.


If you are looking for the most dynamic neighborhood for a house for sale in Boston, MA, you can find your home here. Between 2010 and 2017, this neighborhood attracted over 200 new companies and the need for homes for sale skyrocketed.

These Boston homes for sale include luxury real estate and some of the most high-tech homes in Boston, MA. Imagine a smart home with a video intercom, media lounge, and integrated appliances.

There is more than technology offered in these Boston homes for sale. Amenities such as hardwood floors and granite countertops, or a terrace overlooking the water, are available here. If your taste runs to more traditional real estate styles, there are homes for sale with soaring ceilings and exposed brick in renovated buildings. If you are looking for real estate that maintains green space, a home here will not disappoint. Almost all the homes for sale provide beautiful outdoor areas.


Home to Fenway Park, this neighborhood offers some terrific homes for sale in Boston, MA. Huntington Ave. and Massachusetts Ave. are centrally located, and real estate here puts you in the heart of the action. In addition, your new home will be adjacent to the Longwood Medical and Academic Area. If you desire a home in a luxury building, there are a number of those homes for sale.

Whether you want to buy or sell, Fenway homes for sale move quickly! Contact a real estate agent at Boston Pads before your perfect home is gone.

East Boston

Boston Harbor separates East Boston homes for sale in Boston, MA from the mainland. A home here has a greenway that provides beach access. Many people want water views from their home when they search for a house for sale, so this makes East Boston, MA real estate very popular; home values are increasing. However, you can still find homes for sale that are affordable. Real estate options include apartment homes for sale, multi-unit homes for sale, Tudor-style homes for sale, colonial-style homes for sale, duplex homes for sale, and single family homes for sale.

Hyde Park

This neighborhood’s rustic charm makes it feel like a suburb. Few small areas with homes for sale in Boston, MA can provide their variety of property types. Real estate choices include apartment homes for sale, single-family homes for sale, two-family homes for sale, and multi-unit homes for sale. At the time of this writing, there was a Queen Anne house for sale, several ranches, and less than an acre lot on which you could build a home.

In addition to the many Boston homes for sale, it has a commuter-rail stop to quickly get you from home to Downtown. A home here also provides access to the Stony Brook Reservation with its beautiful nature trails. And if you value real estate near a golf course, a Hyde Park home is near a Boston, MA public course.


The eclectic nature of Dorchester homes for sale in Boston, MA provides for a great place to find a first home. In addition, a home here is near the University of Massachusetts which contributes to its real estate value. You can find Victorian homes for sale and triple-decker homes for sale that are a Boston, MA real estate staple. Throughout the neighborhood’s six-mile radius, you can find single-family homes for sale, new homes for sale, apartment homes for sale, two-family homes for sale, and multi-unit homes for sale. If you would like a multi-level home, contact a real estate broker for a townhouse for sale. There are also lots for real estate and new home construction on Dorchester Ave. making this area attractive to both investors and builders. Check with Boston Pads for real estate information on homes for sale and an open house.

North End

North End, situated between Downtown and the Waterfront, is the oldest neighborhood in Boston, MA. Due to its diminutive size – 0.36 square miles – it is not easy to find a house for sale. However, the homes for sale in Boston, MA in this neighborhood are desirable due to its lively community spirit. There are homes for sale ranging from 436 square feet to 3,738 sq ft. Homes with one, two, or three bedrooms and one or two bathrooms are available. When your Boston, MA home is here, you are only seconds away from great restaurants and bakeries.

Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain homes for sale in Boston, MA are in one of the greenest neighborhoods in Boston, MA. When you find real estate in this neighborhood, you will be near Olmstead Park and numerous trails. These Boston homes for sale include multi-unit homes for sale, single-family homes for sale, and apartment homes for sale. Sometimes in home listings there is a townhouse for sale or a Victorian house for sale. If you have your heart set on a Boston, MA house for sale here, keep in touch with a good real estate company such as Boston Pads.


Mattapan contains some of the most affordable homes for sale in Boston, MA. You could acquire a single-family house for sale, a triple-decker house for sale, a two-family house for sale, or an apartment home for sale. Colonial homes for sale and traditional homes for sale are popular here. If you are looking for homes for sale that are near a state park, you are in luck. The Boston, MA Nature Center & Wildlife Sanctuary, run by the Massachusetts Audubon Society, is in Mattapan.

Mission Hill

Packing more personality into its 3/4 square mile than some entire cities do, Mission Hill is one of the most vibrant and energetic neighborhoods for finding a home in Boston, MA. Its main commercial streets are Tremont St. and Huntington Ave. where residents of homes for sale can enjoy interesting restaurants and shops. There are some lovely multi-unit homes for sale, single-family homes for sale, triple decker homes for sale, and apartment homes for sale. If you want a home that is reminiscent of Boston, MA colonial architecture, you will love the real estate here.


Roslindale manages to maintain a cozy neighborhood atmosphere while offering some of the best homes for sale in greater Boston. People who live here say it’s the best neighborhood to have a home in Boston, MA. Houses for sale in Roslindale are beautifully maintained and some have fenced-in yards creating very valuable real estate. In addition to single-family homes for sale, there are several multi-unit homes for sale and apartment homes for sale. You have many choices, including a ranch-style house for sale, a colonial house for sale, and a Victorian house for sale. Explore all of these real estate options to pinpoint your new home.

West Roxbury

If you want the thrill of living in Boston, MA but long for the small town feel of the suburbs, you need to view homes for sale in West Roxbury. Many of these Boston homes for sale have great yards. There are also apartment homes for sale, two-family homes for sale, and multi-unit homes for sale. A townhouse for sale provides a single-home feeling within the city. Real estate choices can be plentiful, but if you hesitate, the home you want might be gone.

West End

Home to TD Garden, this neighborhood is hopping with excitement yet retains its scenic value through its historic redbrick architecture. Presently, most of these Boston homes for sale are condominiums, many of which provide spectacular waterfront views. This real estate is ideal if you want to be near the Charles River, Museum of Science or Zakim Bridge.

Chestnut Hill

If you want a home close to nature, these Boston homes for sale in Chestnut Hill are ideal. You can buy real estate close to some gorgeous preserves including the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. This neighborhood has single-family homes for sale, apartment homes for sale, and even a mansion or two.

South End

New construction, Victorians, and brownstones co-exist beautifully to provide some of the best real estate in Boston, MA. Any home here will be in high demand, so enlist the real estate services of Boston Pads. If finding homes for sale in a historic neighborhood appeals to you, this is a terrific place to start. The neighborhood offers single-family homes for sale, apartment homes for sale, and multifamily homes for sale. If you want a home with more than one floor, view a townhouse for sale. Much of the real estate here offers spectacular views and is an exciting place to call home.

South Boston

Southie real estate owners love their neighborhood! If you’re looking for a house for sale near a beachfront, you will be happy to know that Castle Island will be near you. There are several multi-unit homes for sale that make great real estate investments. A home near the water and in Boston, MA is an unbeatable combination.


Boston homes for sale in Downtown are prized; it is the largest commercial district in Boston, MA and contains many of the tourist attractions that bring people to Massachusetts. Historic sites include Faneuil Hall, Old State House, Custom House Tower, and Old South Meeting House. Emerson College and Suffolk University are near these Boston homes for sale. It is also home to Downtown Crossing, one of the busiest shopping districts in Boston, MA.

Due to the constantly evolving business climate, there are always new homes for sale in Downtown Boston, MA. Most of the homes for sale are apartment homes and are extremely luxurious. If this bustling neighborhood appeals to you, contact a real estate agent at Boston Pads to help you find your new home.

Fort Point

Lovely water views and Fort Point Channel attract people to Boston homes for sale on Fort Point. This real estate mainly consists of studio homes for sale and one-to-three-bedroom homes for sale. If you would like a home with exposed brick and natural wood, you will find these homes for sale very appealing.


When you buy one of the Boston homes for sale in Roxbury, green space abounds. Your home will be near community gardens and the first urban farm in Boston, MA. This neighborhood has vintage homes for sale, multi-family homes for sale, and single-family homes for sale. You can also find a gorgeous condo. Columbus Ave. in Roxbury is a good place to look for real estate investment opportunities. There is an abundance of properties from which to choose – from a mansard-style house for sale to a triple-decker house for sale. Contact a realtor to get the best deal. With this abundance of real estate, you are sure to find the right home.

Public Transportation near Homes for Sale in Boston, MA

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) provides transportation in Boston, MA with busses, trolleys, light and heavy rail, and subways. When you leave your home and must traverse Boston Harbor, there are various forms of water transit. People living in Boston homes for sale can quickly travel anywhere in the city.

Schools near Homes for Sale in Boston, MA

Massachusetts public schools are rated as the best in the U.S., and Boston, MA has some of the most renowned colleges and universities in the world. Boston, MA is home to Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern University, Emerson, Suffolk University, UMASS, and Simmons.

Historic Places near Boston Homes for Sale

Boston, MA is the birthplace of American democracy, and almost every square foot of real estate has some historical significance. Landmarks might present themselves when you least expect them such as the statuary on Commonwealth Ave. When you buy one of the Boston homes for sale, you have the privilege of owning a home that is sitting on hallowed ground.

Tourists flock to visit the Freedom Trail, Boston Athenaeum, Old North Church, Paul Revere House, Boston Massacre Site, Quincy Market, Bunker Hill Bridge, and many more sites. Even residents who own one of the Boston homes for sale find themselves visiting these places often.

Where to Start

There are so many wonderful Boston homes for sale and so many details to consider before buying a home! Do you want a house for sale, a condo, or a townhouse for sale? Which neighborhood has homes for sale that best fit your lifestyle? Do you need a home inspection? Do you know all of your options for home loans, lenders, and home mortgage rates? Which homes for sale can you afford? Is the home listing price the final home price? How do you negotiate with home sellers? If you buy land for your home, who are the best home builders? Are some real estate terms such as escrow confusing? Boston Pads can help.

Find your dream home on Boston Pads. Our map search will show you all homes available and let you refine based on criteria such as lot size, baths, or homes ranging from low to high list price. Then use the mortgage calculator to estimate your costs. Remember, MLS listings might contain all the homes for sale, but all real estate brokerage firms in Boston, MA aren’t equal. You can find a home on the Boston Pads site and the best real estate agents in town waiting for you.

Homes for Sale in Nearby Neighborhoods and Towns