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Homes for Sale in South End Boston, MA

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The beauty of the architecture distinguishes this neighborhood from all others. Boston’s South End comprises over 300 acres of magnificent Victorian style houses, along with luxury condos, and classic, upscale townhouses. The National Register of Historic Places listed the South End in 1973. The South End also provides some of the best schools in the country. With a variety of excellent restaurants and an abundance of green space, it is no wonder residences in this neighborhood are highly sought after.

About the South End of Boston, MA

Homes for Sale in the South End of Boston

The beauty of the architecture distinguishes this neighborhood from all others. Boston’s South End comprises over 300 acres of magnificent Victorian style houses, along with luxury condos, and classic, upscale townhouses. The National Register of Historic Places listed the South End in 1973.

Dorchester, Back Bay, South Boston, Roxbury, and Bay Village surround the South End. Originally, the area was not as large as it is today. Tidal flats encircled the settlement. The Back Bay filling project expanded the area by hauling in gravel from other parts of Massachusetts. During the project, the city created the understructure of the buildings by creating a system of submerged timbers. The city checks water levels on a regular basis.

As other areas in the city became more crowded, the South End became more popular. The proximity of the railroad lines contributed to its development as a residential and commercial district. At the present time, there are no MBTA trains that run directly through the South End. However, multiple subway stops surround the neighborhood. Multiple local MBTA buses serve the South End so transportation is always available.

The South End is 1.034 square miles and has a population of approximately 42,846 people. Homes for sale in the South End of Boston have an average estimated value of $732,237.


Homes for sale in the South End of Boston provide some of the best schools in the country. There are great schools for children, teenagers, and adults.

The Hurley School (K-8)

The Hurley School is located at 70 Worcester Street. They have a truly innovative program. It is a Spanish-English immersion school. Students learn in both languages and achieve academic proficiency in both languages. In addition to their marvelous language arts curriculum, students also achieve math and science fluency. The school is also dedicated to advancing students in their artistic endeavors. Cultural and linguistic diversity among the students enhances the understanding of many cultures. Hurley enrolls approximately 350 students. Their enrichment programs include woodworking, physical education, visual arts, library science, performing arts, and music.

The Blackstone Elementary School

The Blackstone Elementary School is located at 380 Shawmut Avenue. This school is distinctive in many ways. Boston Partners in Education, City Year, St. Stephen’s and Generations, Inc. provide in-class support. They have a school-based health center. Big Brother/Big Sister, Power Lunch, and City Year provide mentors. There are classes for students and parents to earn a laptop computer. The school plans themed family nights for each school quarter. Blackstone also provides English as a Second Language classes for the families of students. For elementary students living in homes in the South End of Boston, this school is a great resource.

McKinley South End Academy

McKinley South End Academy is located at 90 Warren Avenue. This school provides for the special education needs of students from kindergarten through 12th grade. They focus on the whole child by addressing learning, emotional, and behavioral needs. They have a behavior management system reinforced by clinical supports. Every student has an Individualized Education Program. This is an outstanding school for challenged children. There are four Boston Educators of the year on its staff and “Boston Magazine” named McKinley South End Academy an Over-Performing Elementary School in 2005.

Little Sprouts Boston South End

Little Sprouts Boston South End is located at 160 East Berkeley Street. This facility offers much more than just childcare. They provide an enhanced learning environment that promotes the child’s development. In the infant classroom, teachers use songs and sign language to teach communication skills. Teachers read to babies to encourage verbal awareness. There are activities around gross and fine motor skills to develop coordination and strength. Sight, touch, and sound are also important so they try to take the babies outside when possible.

The toddler curriculum includes small groups, play, outside activities, self-help skills, rest, and small group activities. The pre-school curriculum consists of small group rotations, Montessori practices that inspire interest-based learning, play, rest, outside time, and whole group circle. Teachers design the kindergarten class to encourage imagination and inspire the love of learning. They investigate concepts in math, science, reading, social studies, and writing.

Boston City Lights Performing Arts School

Boston City Lights Performing Arts School is located at 1154 Washington Street. This school is a work of art in and of itself. This school is free to children who want to study the performing arts. They have classes in acting, sound production, dance, set design, and singing. Children can take classes seven days a week. The hard work and discipline build character. Through their performances, they learn to nurture each other and care about the whole community. Children learn self-confidence and self-respect. Through working with a troupe, they learn to share and cooperate.

Duggan Hill, Braun Duggan, and Tiane Donahue are the three full-time volunteers who staff the school. Other volunteers are local professionals and student teachers. Duggan Hill is the founder of Boston City Lights Performing Arts School. The school started in 1979 and Duggan Hill has continued to teach and inspire thousands of children. Duggan Hill has devoted his life to nurturing the inborn creativity in all children. Any child living in a home in the South End can take advantage of this spectacular opportunity.

Boston University School of Medicine

Boston University School of Medicine is part of Boston University. The university established the medical school in 1848 and it was a pioneering university in many ways. This was the first school to academically train female doctors. In fact, its original name was The New England Female Medical College. In 1864, this university became the first medical school in the U.S. to graduate an African-American woman. By 1873, The New England Female Medical College had merged with Boston University and became Boston University School of Medicine.

Boston Medical Center is the teaching hospital for Boston University School of Medicine. The Boston Medical Center manages the biggest Level I trauma center in New England.

Many prominent alumni attended BUSM such as Louis Wade Sullivan, founder of Morehouse School of Medicine and former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Another esteemed alumnus was the only woman to be editor-in-chief of the “New England Journal of Medicine” – Marcia Angell.

The Division of Graduate Medical Sciences offers MA, MS, and PhD degrees. Students can earn MA degrees in Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine, Clinical Investigation, and Medical Sciences. Available MS degrees include Forensic Anthropology and Genetic Counseling, Bioimaging, and Biomedical Forensics. Students can earn MD-PhD or PhD degrees in the following subjects:

  • Biochemistry
  • Physiology
  • Oral Biology
  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Anatomy and Neurobiology
  • Genetics and Genomics
  • Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
  • Microbiology
  • Biomedical Neuroscience
  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Biophysics
  • Immunology
  • Molecular Medicine
  • Pharmacology
  • Medical Nutrition Sciences

Parks and Gardens for Residents of Homes in the South End

Peters Park

Peters Park is located at 1277 Washington Street. This park has approximately five acres. Shawmut Avenue, Watham Street, Washington Street and East Berkley constitute its boundaries.

There are many athletic fields for the sports enthusiasts living in homes in the South End. They have basketball courts, a little league baseball field, handball courts, and a tennis court. Bleachers provide a place to relax if you just want to watch a game.

Dog lovers have a special place in the park. The first dog run park authorized by the city, Joe Wex Dog Recreation Space, is there. Your canine friends will have plenty of space; the run is over 13,000 square feet. If you have a little dog, there is a separate area set aside.

Peters Park has a distinction that most other parks do not have. There are two areas designated for works of art. The mural wall is open to artists from the city and graffiti artists, with the city’s permission, can decorate it. This space provides a venue for creativity and cultural commentary. Artists from the African Latino Alliance Collective and Boston City Lights Performing Arts Center have displayed work there. This is a terrific learning experience as experienced artists mentor novice artists.

Franklin and Blackstone Squares

These two squares are next to each other and separated by Washington Street. Shawmut Avenue, Brookline Street, Newton Street, and St. George Street form the boundaries. There are iron fences around each square but they do have convenient entrances. Franklin Square covers 2.48 acres and Blackstone Square is 2.44 acres. The National Park Service oversees the maintenance of both squares.
These parks have beautiful trees such as sugar maples, white oaks, and silver linden. The gorgeous circular fountains in each square provide a place to absorb the soothing sounds of flowing water. The base of the fountain adorns the square. It consists of a pedestal topped with a large bowl surrounded by four uniquely sculpted fish.

Titus Sparrow Park

Titus Sparrow Park got its name from the first African-American umpire in the U.S. Tennis Association. This was a community labor of love. The residents of the surrounding neighborhoods, Pilot Block, Cosmopolitan, Claremont, and St. Botolph all helped design the park. There are designated areas for baseball, basketball, and tennis. There is also sandbox and a well-stocked playground. In the summer, The Friends of Titus Sparrow Park arrange free concerts.

Monsignor Reynolds Playground

Monsignor Reynolds Playground is an adorable little green space located at 5 Monsignor Reynolds Way. They have some fun playground equipment such as dish swings, a net climber, an arch based play structure, and balancing spheres. The linden trees provide beauty and shade to visitors. There is plenty of seating to accommodate people living in homes in the South End. This is a respite oasis for an otherwise busy day.

Berkeley Community Garden

In the 1950’s, developers tore down much of the housing in the area that was to become Berkeley Community Garden and Peters Park. Residents finally opposed these “urban renewal” projects and the land became idle. Many people used this vacant land to grow food. In the 1980’s, developers again started to use vacant land for buildings. Developers once again threatened community gardens. In 1991, the South End Lower Roxbury Open Space Land Trust came to the rescue. They acquired the land on which the garden now rests. Through the help of the city, donations, and grants, they were able to buy and spread topsoil. With this funding, volunteers installed water sprinklers. The community built garden plots with fencing and timber. Building development cannot occur on this land.

The Berkeley Community Garden continues to grow and improve. In 2002-2003, the community built a granite-lined pathway down the center. The community built a more attractive and secure fence around the garden. They planted plants and shrubs adjacent to the fencing so that the garden remained beautiful all year.

In 2012, the South End Lower Roxbury Open Space Land Trust merged with Boston Natural Areas Network. Under the auspices of the Boston Natural Areas Network, the Berkeley Community Garden joined the other open spaces of Boston.

Harrison Urban Garden

This garden is located at 1060 Harrison Road. The community has created a green space that is fun and inviting. This garden plot has a chicken coop, a pumpkin patch, a geodesic dome, a picnic area, and an orchard.

Stores in the South End of Boston

Many cities have succumbed to the chain stores and outlets. However, if you live in homes in the South End of Boston you will have some interesting stores from which to choose.


Gifted is located in a beautiful historic building at 2 Dartmouth Street. This store is independent and the beautiful, artistic décor illustrates its freedom. It displays the works of United States artists and craftspeople as well as fascinating objects from around the world. They also stock the area’s biggest selection of American printed cards.


This adorable store is located at 274 Shawmut Avenue. A mother-daughter team owns the store and has clothes and accessories that appeal to women of all ages. They stock wares from popular designers but admit that their favorite designer is Lauren Moffatt. The fanciful décor is sure to make you smile.

Formaggio Kitchen South End

This beautiful European style, gourmet food store is located at 268 Shawmut Avenue. They carefully select only the finest foods from North America and Europe. Some of their delicious products are handmade sweets, natural wines, small production cheeses, rare spices, craft beers, charcuterie, and locally baked breads. They also have a delicatessen case filled with seasonal side dishes and salads. The chefs make fresh sandwiches every morning using fresh local bread. Dinner orders are available after 2:00 PM. There freezer case is stocked with other delectable offerings such as Bolognese sauces, house made chicken, rendered duck fat, cheese gougeres, macaroni and cheese, veal and fish stocks, leaf lard, and mini meatloaves.

Formaggio Kitchen is committed to being environmentally aware and responsible. They compost their biodegradable waste and reuse packing materials. As a result, they have reduced the amount of garbage they produce by 2/3. Additionally, they use biodegradable coffee stirrers and their company car is a hybrid. As much as possible, they carry organic and sustainably produced products such as organic jams, sweets, olive oil, cheeses, and vinegar. You can also buy humanely raised meats there such as Zoe’s antibiotic-free deli turkey, local grass-fed beef, Bell & Evans poultry, Niman Ranch pork, roast beef, and Giannoni poultry.

Polkadog Bakery

This bakery for dogs and cats is located at 256 Shawmut Avenue. The originators of this company had a one-eyed rescue dog and they wanted to make sure she had sufficient nourishment. They made treats for Pearl using only the best ingredients such as wild caught fish and Teddy’s peanut butter. This humble enterprise blossomed into a business. They use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Two of their most popular products are hand-rolled dehydrated fish skins and dehydrated chicken strips. For dogs and cats living in homes in the South End of Boston, this is the best bakery in town.

Olives and Grace

Olives and Grace is located at 623 Tremont Street. Many people agree that this is the best gift shop in Boston. Sofi Madison, the owner, is committed to helping artisans sell products that are good for individuals and good for the world. Sofi is concerned with the quality of the product and the quality of the manufacturer. One of her suppliers is a company called Fig. With every necktie they sell, they donate a school uniform to a needy child. Women in Kenya make the labels on Ajiri teas. When you buy a gift box from Olives and Grace, you will get information about the different products. Giving a gift with a social conscience tells the recipient that you really care.

Pioneer Goods Company

This store will bring you back to the days when people lived in cozy cabins. Here you can find vintage articles and contemporary treasures. Its rustic appearance is intriguing and carries a hint of nostalgia. It is located at 764 Tremont Street.

For people living in homes in the South End of Boston, this store is a treat. One of their specialties is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Justin Power, the owner, uses this paint to refinish antique furniture and to custom paint furniture for clients. He also sells this paint to people who want to refurbish furniture themselves. Customers can buy furniture from factories that are antiques themselves. Justin also has a design service for people who want to achieve that rustic look in their homes.

Justin has also included in- store events and workshops such as a tintype evening with Giles Clement. More workshops and events are in the planning stages. Justin admits to having some favorite pieces in his store. He was particularly fond of a set of vintage camp furniture made of teak wood and his collection of old American flags. Justin Power loves being part of the Americana movement and he illustrates that passion in his store.

Entertainment and Points of Interest for Residents of Homes in the South End of Boston

The South End Branch of the Boston Public Library

This library is located at 685 Tremont Street. Residents of homes in the South End of Boston will love this gem of a library. Its special features include a park next to the building, world language collections in Chinese and Spanish, an urban fiction collection, and an attractive area for exhibitions. There is a bike rack, WiFi, and laptops available to patrons. They have programs for children, teenagers, and seasonal tax preparation help.

Animal Rescue League

The Animal Rescue League is located at 10 Chandler Street. Animal lovers in homes in the South End of Boston are fortunate to be near such a beautiful humanitarian enterprise. This organization is committed to the health and safety of animals. They will help you find your perfect furry friend and help your furry friend find a perfect forever home. Certified dog trainers teach dogs socialization skills, basic manners, and advanced commands. Animal Rescue League has a Community Cats Rescue Agent and a Community Cat Volunteer Squad that traps and neuters cats.

Boston Veterinary Care is an affiliate of Animal Rescue League. Profits from the clinic benefit the shelter animals.

Boston Center for the Arts

Occupants of homes in the South End of Boston are fortunate to be in close proximity to a major performing arts and visual entertainment center. Within this complex are the following:

  • The headquarters of the Boston Ballet
  • Four resident theater companies
  • Performance spaces
  • The Community Music Center of Boston
  • Rehearsal spaces
  • Restaurants
  • A gallery
  • Several arts organizations
  • The Cyclorama Building – rental space for private and public events

Fantastic Restaurants Close to Homes for Sale in the South End of Boston

Gaslight Brassserie du Coin

This amazing restaurant is located at 560 Harrison Avenue. Using fresh, locally sourced components, their chefs create impeccable French foods. They use both modern and traditional techniques to fashion dishes that can be found nowhere else. The old world décor is created with reclaimed wood floors, antique mirrors, a Parisian zinc bar, mosaic tiles, nicotine stained walls, and beamed wood ceilings. They even offer free parking!

The menu contains some distinctive French dishes such as terrine de Foie Gras, escargot, moules frites, and duck confit. The pastries such as chocolate beignets, crème brulee, and mousse au chocolat, will tempt the most discerning pallet.

The Gallows

This American restaurant is located at 1395 Washington Street. It serves American food with an international flare. The natural wood décor lends a homey atmosphere to this gastropub. They offer interesting food that is popular in other parts of the world such as Scotch egg, poutine, Parisian gnocchi, and taco salad. Vegetarians have plenty from which to choose. They have white bean hummus, vegetarian poutine, kale and quinoa salad, and roasted beet salad. If you live in homes in the South End of Boston, this is the place to try something new.

Toro Boston

The chefs in this restaurant are James Beard Award winning chefs Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette. This Spanish tapas restaurant serves Barcelona inspired food. The terrific food and the wine list keeps neighborhood people returning. Their menu includes foods that are difficult to find in other restaurants. Some of their choices are boquerones, lardo, tosta de atun, and pato con membrillo. Toro also provides a full vegetarian menu with choices such as maiz asado, patatas bravas, and broccoli plantxa. This is a great place to be adventuresome and try some authentic Spanish food.


This restaurant is located at 1525 Washington Street and offers the finest Italian dishes. The décor might be modern, but the chef, Evan Deluty, creates cuisine with a traditional flare. They also have an outdoor patio that is one of Boston’s largest. You can have a whole meal or enjoy one of their $6.00 bar appetizers. Stella is one of the few restaurants in Boston to provide full vegetarian, gluten free, and children’s menus. Stella has most of the usual Italian choices and a few twists – saffron risotto, wild mushroom risotto, crudo misto, and beef carpaccio.

The Beehive

The Beehive offers delicious food in an upbeat atmosphere. It is located in the Boston Center for the Arts complex so you can absorb the energy of the surrounding art. The comfort food encompasses flavors of the Middle East, America, and Eastern Europe so it is never boring. At no extra charge, you will be treated to blues, electronica, Latin, burlesque, blues, reggae, country, and cabaret music. “Downbeat Magazine” rated The Beehive as one of the “Top 100 Jazz Clubs in the World”. “Boston Magazine” listed The Beehive in one of their “Best of Boston” listings.

Myers + Chang

Myers + Chang is located at 1145 Washington Street. This is a unique restaurant with an interesting chef/co-owner. Joanne Chang received a degree in Applied Mathematics and Economics from Harvard. She left the corporate world to become a chef. Her partner is her husband Christopher Myers. They have written cookbooks and have won acclaim all over the United States. The unique menu features culinary influences from different parts of Asia and the U.S. No matter what your nutritional needs are, you can find a delectable choice here.

Living in Boston’s South End

Homes for sale in the South End of Boston offer more than can be discussed on a few pages. People who live here say that the community spirit is infectious. There are so many beautiful green spaces, wonderful restaurants, and schools that it would be a mistake not to view the homes. The real estate appreciates and moves quickly, so do not wait!

Homes for Sale in Nearby Neighborhoods and Towns