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About Charlestown, MA

Charlestown MA Apartments For Rent

Charlestown was the first neighborhood in Boston. Initially, the native Massachusett people called it Mishawum. Thomas Graves established Charlestown in 1629.

It was for a time the capital of the Bay Colony before it was annexed by Boston in 1874. A majority of the Charlestown population at this time was Irish. From then on, the population has become quite diverse and now people from all over the world call Charlestown home.

In recent times, Charlestown has become more modern, integrating new developments with the older colonial-style buildings that distinguish the neighborhood. More and more developments are being constructed near the waterfront.

Charlestown hosts a lot of historic sites, health facilities, and headquarters to quite a few organizations.

Market Analysis

According to Charlestownpads, the average rental unit prices in Charlestown are as follows:

  • Studio – $1, 798
  • 1-bedroom – $1, 921
  • 2-bedroom – $2, 524
  • 3-bedroom – $3, 783

Demographic Analysis

According to, the population of Charlestown is 18,901 and approximately 66% have earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher.


The 2010 Census report puts the figure of people who drive private cars at 53.7%. On the other hand, 30.0% of the people there take public transportation.

Those who use the public transport will either take the bus or use the MBTA Orange Line. People in the Greater Boston area commonly use the MBTA Subway system, which provides affordable transportation all over the city.

Bars and Restaurants

Charlestown has a lot of very classy bars and trendy restaurants. Below, we list the most popular and highly rated bars and restaurants in the area with an emphasis on what makes them stand out.


The Warren Tavern

If you are looking for a decent watering hole, 2 Pleasant Street is the place to be. The Warren Tavern is an iconic tavern that has been around since 1780. Its décor transports you back to colonial times when George Washington and Paul Revere would sit down here for a drink. As the oldest tavern in Massachusetts, it has attracted people from all over for centuries.

They have a carefully selected beer selection, both local and imported. In addition, they have a wide range of snacks and dishes to go with your drinks.

Their lovely professional staff that are all committed to making your experience pleasant. It is also conveniently located near a few Charlestown MA apartments for rent.

Blackmoor Bar and Kitchen

If you are keen on grabbing a refreshing beer in Charlestown, Blackmoor Bar and Kitchen should be among your top picks. Located in 1 Chelsea Street, Blackmoor Bar and Kitchen is one of the many highly rated bars in Charlestown, making it a great place to visit before a game or concert.

Their well-stocked bar, good ambiance and staff have a lot to do with that rating. This gastropub is highly sought-after and attracts a lot of people. To avoid long lines, make a reservation well in advance for a decent table.

Ironside Grill

Ironside Grill is a popular restaurant that offers some of the best comfort foods in the Charlestown area. Their diverse selection of beer, wine, and liquor has made them a staple in Charlestown. Their array of flat-screen televisions has also made them a popular spot to watch sports games near Charlestown MA apartments for rent.

Sullivan’s Pub

On 85 Main Street you will find Sullivan’s Pub. This bar attracts a lot of people from around Charlestown on account of its convenient location and extensive bar selection. They have a friendly, welcoming ambiance where anyone can sit down and have a good time. This is also enhanced by the top-quality bartenders they have. If you are in the mood for a nice pint of Guinness, Sullivan’s is the place to be.

Tavern At the End of the World

Are you looking for a bar like no other in Charlestown? If so, make your way to 108 Cambridge Street to the Tavern At the End of the World. This Irish-style pub has a classic design that everyone will enjoy. No wonder this spot is so popular with the locals and tourists as well!

They are known not only for their wide range of beer and liquor, but they have a delicious food menu as well. Their tavern wings make a great complement to your drink that you can enjoy will listening to their live bands and performers. On special nights, they have stand-up comedy as well. It is the sort of place you must visit if you live in Charlestown MA apartments for rent.


This lively lounge brings the exciting nightlife of Morocco to Charlestown. Koullshi has anything you may want on a night out, offering a wide array of beers, liquors, and signature cocktails you cannot get anywhere else. They have one of the only walk-in humidors in the area, offering over 70 labels of the world’s best cigars. They even have a hookah lounge, letting you experience how Moroccans spend their late weekend nights.

Koullshi also serves a mixture of authentic Moroccan cuisine and American bar classics that are all expertly crafted. Their tagine is local favorite, along with the truffle fries. All of this also makes Koullshi a magnificent date spot or place to take anyone visiting Charlestown for the first time. If you don’t take them to this place, you will end up regretting it!


Boston Juicing

Located in 283 Main Street, Boston Juicing is a very popular and highly rated café known for their very tasty and refreshing smoothies as well as other American-style fare. It is a small and intimate café that offers very efficient service. Their colorful decor is a great indicator of the friendly environment they provide to their customers.

Monument Restaurant & Tavern

Located in 251 Main Street, Monument Restaurant & Tavern is a top-rated restaurant that has everything you want out of American comfort food. Its ambiance is class and sophisticated, but still warm and welcoming. Their staff is very prompt and professional, and their food is absolutely exquisite. They have an incredibly well curated menu that accommodates for all who make their way to this restaurant.

From fresh oysters to juicy burgers to crunchy Thai lettuce wraps, you can never get bored when going to Monument. They also offer seasonal specials such as $1 oysters in the summer and brunch specials whose flavor cannot be beat. It is conveniently located near the heart of Charlestown, and only a short distance from a couple Charlestown MA apartments for rent.

Pier 6

Looking for a really good seafood dish while in Charlestown? On 18th Street, you will find the highly rated Pier 6, one of Boston’s best waterfront restaurants. This nautically themed eatery is right next to the oldest commissioned naval ship in the world, the USS Constitution. Known for their vast and unique menu, Pier 6 strives to provide their customers with the absolute best seafood and service. They use only the freshest seafood in their dishes, using seafood that has been caught the vary same day you visit. From buttery lobster and scrumptious shrimp rolls to creamy clam chowder, you can never go wrong by dining at Pier 6.

Most of the patrons go there not only for their dishes, but also for the ambiance. Since they have some of the best views of the Boston waterfront available, they offer seating on their roof-deck that overlooks the waterfront. It is one of the most picturesque dining establishments you can visit.

Figs by Todd English

Figs by Todd English is located in 67 Main Street. It is a very popular Italian restaurant that is lauded for their handcrafted, thin-crust pizzas. What makes their pizza so good is their use of locally sourced, fresh ingredients. In order to always provide the best food they can, they offer special seasonal food and drink menus so that you get the best items for that time of year.

Sometimes the place can get very packed at any given time due to its popularity, so making a reservation to avoid the long waits is highly recommended if you go. They have a very good ambiance that is laid back and intimate.This restaurant is located near quite a number of Charlestown MA apartments for rent.

Sweet Rice Thai Kitchen + Sushi Bar

If you would like to try some delectable Thai and Japanese cuisine, walking into Sweet Rice is always a great choice. This simple restaurant offers the best combinations of Thai and Japanese flavors. Their exquisitely prepared fare is delicious and beautifully plated.

Their most popular dish is the Pad Thai, a bowl of yummy egg noodles that is accompanied by assorted vegetables and your choice of protein. Patrons also love their sushi, having attested to how diverse and inclusive their options are.

In addition, they have some the most efficient service around, and their staff is always friendly and smiling. Overall, you will definitely get your money’s worth with every visit.

Brewer’s Fork

Another place where you can get good wood-fired pizzas is Brewer’s Fork on 7 Moulton Street. Located in Hayes Square, Brewer’s Fork is a highly rated pizzeria that attracts a lot of people at any given time. They have exquisite service with very small waiting times for orders.

In this rustic and lively restaurant, you will not only get delicious, smoky pizzas, but also a whole array of inventive dishes including oysters, sandwiches, charcuterie, and great drinks. They have a wide selection of ales, ciders and beers chosen to complement your meal and to cater to the tastes of virtually anyone who goes through those doors.

Overall, it is a great get-away from your pad if you are looking for a good place with good food and drinks to unwind.

Legal Oysteria

Legal Oysteria on 10 City Square is another top-notch seafood restaurant in Charlestown. It is so popular that if you are trying to avoid long lines you are better off making a reservation. Not only do they serve good seafood, but also their cocktails and steaks are heavenly as well. This classy spot offers coastal Italian-style seafood dishes that will satisfy any person.

It is conveniently located near quite a number of Charlestown MA apartments for rent. Therefore, if you want a good place for a night out, have this place part of your itinerary.

Jenny’s Pizza

320 Medford Street is home to Jenny’s Pizza, a staple in the Charlestown community. They have been serving hand-tossed pizzas, subs, and calzones to residents since 1970, and there is no sign of that stopping. It has received a lot of praise for its classic menu. They do all of this from a very small space.

Even though they are a relatively small operation, they attract many people there. Their service is top-notch, and they have very limited waiting times for orders, and can even deliver their food right to your doorstep if you do not feel like going out. It is conveniently located and very accessible to people living nearby in Charlestown MA apartments for rent.


Tangierino is lovely Moroccan restaurant next to the lively Koullshi lounge. Not only do they serve traditional Moroccan fare, but they supply great entertainment as well. They offer their patrons great belly dancing performances, as well as live music.

In addition to Moroccan fare, they also offer French brasserie dishes as well. It is a popular joint and often takes reservations.

99 Restaurants

29-31 Austin St is home to 99 Restaurants. This is another popular American restaurant known for offering classic American dishes. Their burgers in particular are very popular among patrons. Other well-known and well-liked dishes include their tender ribs and salads. It is a family-friendly pub with children’s sections on the menu as well. Their convenient location makes it among the ideal places to check out if you live in Charlestown MA apartments for rent.

New Speedy Chen’s

If you are in the mood for good Kung Pao chicken in Charlestown, make your way to 297 Main Street to New Speedy Chen’s. They have a very wide menu selection of very tasty and competitively priced Chinese dishes. Their specialty is creating modern takes on traditional Chinese dishes

They have takeout menus as well, so you can order delivery if you plan to host an event at your Charlestown MA apartments for rent. New Speedy Chen’s has very quick and efficient food delivery.

Grasshopper Café

In 229 Bunker Hill Street, you will find one of the best breakfast and lunch spots in Charlestown. Grasshopper Café is a popular place that serves American-style dishes at competitive prices. Being located at the center of Charlestown, it is easy to get there and have a nice meal. From home fries to blueberry waffles, Grasshopper Café has it all.

It is family-friendly and has great service in addition to its convenient proximity to Charlestown MA apartments for rent.

Famous Places

Are you looking to relax and explore wonderful historic sites? If so, Charlestown is the place for you. As it is the oldest neighborhood in Boston, there are many places to visit here.

Bunker Hill Monument

Located in Monument Square, Bunker Hill Monument is an iconic and historic landmark that commemorates one of the most significant battles in American History. It is an obelisk that was opened to the public in 1843. This site was the location of the Battle of Bunker Hill, an important battle in the American Revolutionary War that allowed George Washington and his allies to secure an important strategic point in the city of Boston.

This monument is located in a lush, verdant park and is frequented by lots of crowds. It is a free to visit and is located along the Freedom Trail. It opens daily at 10 a.m.

USS Constitution Museum

Located in Charlestown Navy Yard, the USS Constitution Museum is where the Boston Freedom Trail terminates. If you are looking fulfilling historic activity while in Charlestown, definitely add this destination to your itinerary.

This is a historic place that is filled with loads of pretty interesting artifacts. This museum was set up in order to document the historic USS Constitution ship that has sailed Boston’s waters since 1797. This naval ship was named by President George Washington himself, and was constructed right here in Boston. While you are there, you get to learn about its exploits, the people who created it and sailed it.

The tour guides there will captivate you with their riveting and captivating tales about this ship. Most of the visitors who came from a tour will attest to how illuminating it was. If you are interested in learning more about the USS Constitution, the Samuel Eliot Morison Memorial Library will provide you will all the resources you need. It opens daily at 10 a.m.

USS Cassin Young

The USS Cassin Young is a decommissioned historic battleship that is located along 198 3rd Street. It was named after Cpt. Cassin Young who was killed during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1942. It is also worth noting that this is one of the four only remaining Fletcher-class ships afloat today.

It is conveniently located near a few Charlestown MA apartments for rent. You can take guests from out of town on a tour of this ship which starts daily at 10 a.m.

Bunker Hill Museum

The Bunker Hill Museum is located at 43 Monument Square, across the street from the Bunker Hill Monument. It was was established in 2007. This small museum contains artifacts that document the history of the American Revolutionary War as well as the founding of Charlestown.

It is relatively close to quite a few Charlestown MA apartments for rent. The guides there are fantastic. They know their Bunker Hill history backwards and forwards. They will keep you entertained as they take you around the museum. For more information about this place, please check out their website.


If you are looking for apartments in Charlestown MA, there are a variety of options from which you can choose. Just ensure that any decent place you find you snap up quickly because it is among the most in demand places in Boston.

Charlestown Real-Time Average Rent Prices

  • Studio$2,040
  • 1 Bedroom$2,138
  • 2 Bedroom$2,962
  • 3 Bedroom$3,446
  • 4 Bedroom$3,492
  • 5 Bedroom$5,050
Charlestown Real-Time Vacancy Rate


Charlestown Real-Time Availability Rate


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