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Andover MA Apartments For Rent

Andover is a town in Essex County, Massachusetts, located right on the Merrimack River. Located just 23 miles to the north of Boston, Andover is one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. Andover sits on the border of larger cities in Massachusetts, such as Lawrence and Methuen, providing its residents with a pleasant, suburban lifestyle, avoiding the struggles of city living, while still benefiting from the conveniences.

A Brief History Of Andover

John Woodbridge, accompanied by a select group of settlers, established the first permanent settlement in Andover in 1642. Settlers achieved the establishment of Andover after the Massachusetts General Court decided to separate a section of land for inland plantation in 1642. In order to attract new residents to Andover, the town offered three years of immunity from taxes, levies, and other services.

In addition, the Andover we know today is a mere fraction of the original settlement, which also contained North Andover. The settlement was divided after its population had begun to move towards the South, becoming one of the largest towns in Massachusetts.

Andover was also instrumental in fighting the British Army during the American Revolutionary War, sending 350 soldiers to fight in significant battles, such as the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Demographic Analysis Of Andover

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Andover has an estimated population of 36,403 people as of 2018, demonstrating a growth of 10.1% since April 2010.

Andover residents are highly educated, with 97.4% having graduated high school and 73.7% having obtained a Bachelor’s degree or higher. This has likely influenced the median household income of residents in Andover MA apartments for rent, which is $143,292, almost three times the national average of $57,652.

Market Analysis and Trends of Andover

The Andover median home value is $603,700, while estimates show the median rent to be $1,423/month. Out of an estimated 12,369 households, the homeowner occupies 80% of them. While the real estate market in Andover is more expensive than other towns in Massachusetts, the quality of life that Andover offers to its residents is exceptional.

Economists and investors expect housing in Andover to appreciate in value, which could render property investments here an attractive option. A majority of homes in Andover are single-family homes, many of which were built between 1970 and 1999, and contain three or more bedrooms.


Andover is conveniently located at the intersection of Interstate 93 and Interstate 495, two major highways that provide access to other major cities in Massachusetts, such as Boston and Lawrence, and Manchester, NH. Routes 28, 133, and 125 also serve as the town’s main roadways.

Public transportation is also available in Andover, containing the Ballardvale and Andover stops of the MBTA Commuter Rail’s Haverhill/Reading Line. This line provides direct access to Boston’s North Station, meaning that a trip to the city will never be a hassle. Locally, the Merrimack Valley Transit Authority’s regional bus service provides bus transportation to Andover.

Schools in Andover

Andover is home to several high quality schools, ranging from kindergarten to postgraduate institutions that have received praise for their approach to education.

Public Schools

Shawsheen Pre-School (K-2)

If you are looking to enroll your child in a student-centered environment that employs educators that have an unwavering dedication to self-expression and rigorous academics, then look no further than Shawsheen Pre-School. Part of the Andover Public Schools group of learning institutions, this K-2 program offers a variety of options for students to become well-rounded members of society. The school is also well regarded for its special needs programs, as well as its comprehensive dedication to extracurricular activities.

Bancroft School

At the Bancroft school, your child can benefit from a communal, sustainable learning environment with an accent on green living. This school is an Andover Public Schools affiliated institution. Known for its star-shaped layout, containing five classrooms and two project groups, Bancroft School focuses on providing children with a cohesive learning environment and aims to help its students achieve the following goals: communication, teamwork, and creative use of technology.

The school focuses on creating communal spaces between all grades to mimic the interconnectedness of tomorrow’s interconnected and globalized world. If you want your child to gain first-hand experience of sustainable living, you will find the school’s green design particularly attractive. The school uses its rainwater collection system for various classroom lessons. They designed a solar-panel system to sustainably provide the learning community with warm water, central air, and an opportunity to learn about how these systems help our shared planet.

West Elementary School

Although academic rigor is one of the first criteria that many parents will consider in their selection of schools, emotional and social learning is becoming an increasingly important element of everyday life. West Elementary School, part of Andover Public Schools group, prides itself on not only developing their students’ skills in math, science, and English, but also applying an emotional-learning approach to every lesson.

West Elementary holds the importance of transmitting the values of dignity and respect within every student at the highest level and encourages all students to become life-long learners. This school is a great choice for parents who want their children to develop a desire to learn, discover and explore their own interests, and pursue their passions under careful, individually provided guidance by a team of highly trained educators.

Henry C. Sanborn Elementary School

Established in 1962 and completely renovated in 1996, this Andover Public Schools-affiliated institution was named after its former school superintendent and educates about 350 pupils. Sanborn Elementary prides itself on its focus of providing students with a sense of civic responsibility and critical thinking skills. The school’s community focus helps students develop emotionally and socially, so that they can strengthen their community by helping others.

Doherty Middle School

Located on 50 Bartlet Street, Doherty Middle School is one of the best performing middle schools in Andover, and hosts nearly 600 students and 90 dedicated faculty and staff to accompany your child in their journey of self-discovery. The school performs extraordinarily well on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests. It also works diligently to provide an emotional support system tailored to each individual student through a comprehensive extracurricular program, highly invested counselors, and further opportunities within the academic curriculum. Your child will receive careful, individual attention from the skilled counselors that the school proudly employs, so that you and your child can set goals for personal and academic development.

West Middle School

Located on 70 Shawsheen Road, West Middle School provides student-centered lessons based on the Turning Points 2000 report and the Andover Public Schools’ District Goals. One of the school’s core values is mutual respect, which is a common theme in the school’s multidisciplinary curriculum designed for your child to apply the values of dignity and acceptance in their lives. Like many Andover schools, West Middle School employs active learning, which focuses on developing a child’s intellectual, physical, social, emotional and ethical development. West Middle School encourages its students to learn beyond the classroom setting and apply what they learn in class to their daily lives.

Wood Hill Middle School

Located on 11 Cross Street, Wood Hill takes great pride in its ability to develop strong relationships between students, faculty and parents. Guiding students by understanding their environment and past experiences is a core mission of the school. Wood Hill manifests this commitment through the following programs: WEB, CREW, Camp Kieve and Mindfulness. The school also works to push its pupils to challenge themselves in a way that is academically rigorous, while also supportive; indeed, Wood Hill’s moto “We Take Care of One Another” is integral to the school’s mission, approach and actions.

Andover High School

Located on 80 Shawsheen Road, Andover High School is not only nationally recognized for its academic excellence, but also prides itself on its diversity and focus on active participation. The school’s comprehensive, multidisciplinary curriculum and extracurricular activity program encourages students to become risk-takers and engaged community members. Andover High School also has an excellent reputation as a college preparatory school, providing the tools your child will need to excel and reach their full academic potential.

Greater Lawrence Technical School

Greater Lawrence Technical School, located on 57 River Road, is a regional technical high school that hosts students from Andover, Lawrence, Methuen and North Andover. This New England Association of Schools and Colleges-accredited school provides students with a wide range of technical programs to explore. It also pairs students with counselors and advisors so they can choose to focus on their passion.

The main educational experience students will experience at Greater Lawrence lies within the Career Vocational and Technical Education (CVTE) program, which prides itself on its experiential learning approach; students spend half of their time in a professional atmosphere, conducting hands-on work. Having professional experience at a younger age will increase the chances of your child finding work in the field of their dreams. That is exactly what Greater Lawrence aims to achieve for each and every one of their students.

Private Schools

Saint Augustine’s Catholic School

This school, located at 26 Central Street, will not only provide a rigorous academic education, but also instill spiritual values in children from nursery school to grade 8. This NEASC-accredited school, established in 1918, provides its pupils with a strong sense of spiritual guidance, academic achievement, and extracurricular activity, which can be best encapsulated through its desire for students to be W.I.R.E.D (Wisdom, Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and Devotion).

The Pike School

Located on Sunset Rock Road, this Pre-K through 8 school boasts an impressive academic record, and is dedicated to forming emotionally intelligent and socially-aware students. The school, established in 1926, has multiple accreditations. The school sits on a large, 35-acre campus surrounded by Andover’s wilderness. Pike School prides itself on its small class sizes that allow the institutions’ educators to dedicate individual attention to every student. The school is brilliantly positioned to offer your child an unmatched educational program that is delivered through state-of-the-art classrooms and teaching styles, and will connect your child with the beautiful nature that Andover has to offer.

Phillips Academy

Serving grades 9-12, this highly selective school is one of the finest preparatory schools in the country, with many of its alumni becoming presidents, congressional representatives, and Nobel laureates. Founded in 1778, this G20 group school offers a highly competitive academic environment that not only challenges students to reach for their dreams, but also prepare them for the rigor of the college environment through its comprehensive college preparatory curriculum. Your child can join the list of highly accomplished Phillips Academy alumni and develop the necessary emotional and social skills to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

Fun Activities in Andover

Harold Parker State Forest

Harold Parker State Forest is a 3,300-acre public forest that spans across the towns of Andover, North Andover, North Reading, and Middleton. The forest features ponds, swamps, and rolling hills, along with remnants of 18th century farming and milling operations that still stand to this day.

The forest’s 89-site campground is one of the most accommodating in the state, providing campers with warm running-water and access to swimming areas. All beaches, camping spots, and restrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Addison Gallery of American Art

The Addison Gallery of American Art is an academic museum established in 1931 by Phillips Academy. The original intent of the museum’s creator and Phillips Academy alumnus, Thomas Cochran, was to, “enrich permanently the lives of the students,” at the academy. Today, the museum is used as a teaching resource for students, and has opened its doors to the general public. While the exterior boasts a neoclassical style, the interior design was inspired by modernist architecture.

The Addison Gallery’s collection contains works by many famous artists and painters, such as Winslow Homer, Georgia O’Keefe, John Singer Sargent, and Jackson Pollock. In total, the museum’s collection contains over 17,500 works of all types of media, covering a time span of over 300 years.

If you enjoy art exhibits, or are a fan of American history, this place is a must-visit. You will be in awe as you venture through each of the exhibits’ sculptures and paintings. You can also gain an important insight into the evolution of American artistic expression. Every year, the Addison Gallery offers twelve special exhibitions that ensure you never get tired of visiting. Their permanent installations are the reason why people from all over the world continue to visit Andover.

The Charles. W Ward Reservation

Established in 1940, the Charles W. Ward Reservation is an open space reserve covering 704 acres of land from Andover to North Andover. Mrs. Ward donated the original land in memory of her late husband. From 1944 to 1999, the Ward family and other groups granted additional lands to the reservation.

This historic reservation is an homage to the Massachusetts pre-industrialization lifestyle and hosts colonial-era stone walls and remnants of earlier settlements. The reservation is also home to Shrub Hill, Boston Hill, and Holt Hill, all of which provide visitors with bucolic views of the surrounding areas.

An example of these settlements is the historic Holt Farm, which was built on Holt Hill, the highest point in all of Essex County. This farm offers visitors a wide view of Boston, Salem and the Blue Hills Reservation.

The Ward Reservation also offers its visitors 13 miles of trails and old wood roads that are available for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and even cross-country skiing.

Benjamin Abbot House

Located on 9 Andover Street and built in 1711, Benjamin Abbot House is an historic Andover home registered in the National Register of Historic Places. As one of the oldest homes in Andover and the country, the Benjamin Abbot house allows you to travel back in time, gaze at early colonial architecture and also experience how people lived during the colonial era.

Haggetts Pond

Haggetts Pond serves as the reservoir for Andover and is located in the western part of the town. Connecting to the Merrimack River, this pond is ideal for fishing and row-boating enthusiasts. Haggetts Pond also hosts a pathway along its edge, rendering it a pleasant place from which to watch the sunset.

The Park

Located on Chestnut Street next to Andover Town Hall and near many Andover MA apartments for rent, this quaint little park is a great spot to relax on the lush, green grass and enjoy the sun.

All along this park, you will find a beautiful network of red brick pathways that lead you to the gazebo found at the center of the park. There are also a variety of trees, such as elm and maple, to provide shade for park visitors, and many benches, should you get tired from the day in the sun.

Bars and Restaurants Near Andover MA Apartments for Rent


From the minute you walk in the door, you can smell the aroma of the sizzling steaks and seafood. Residents rave about their generous portions and the quality of the food. If casual dining is on your menu and you want to watch the game, the bar has craft beers and signature cocktails.

The appetizers might tempt you to skip dinner entirely and just try an assortment. They offer the usual crispy fare but also more creative dishes such as tex mex eggrolls and seafood stuffed mushrooms. If you can’t decide if you want meat or fish, the surf & turf will satisfy your appetite.

Andover Deli & Pizzeria

Sometimes you just want an excellent pizza and nothing else will do. This is the place to go in Andover. Be adventurous and try one of the specialty pizzas such as Grecian, Hawaiian, or firehouse. If you want something a little lighter, they offer a choice of specialty wraps such as melanzane or chicken Caesar. Design your own calzone using pizza toppings or choose some of their standard fillings such as steak and cheese or eggplant parmesan. If you’re having a party, your guests will love their party size calzones cut into squares.


Andolini’s, located on Essex Street, is known for hosting monthly themed dinners with a prix-fixe menu. This place caters to all of your party planning needs and specializes in catering and hosting private dinner parties for all events, such as birthdays, baptisms, and much more. From Cantonese classics to Mardi Gras meals, every visit to Andolini’s is new and delicious. They are also happy to accommodate any member of your party who may have a dietary restriction, making this restaurant not only a fun and delicious experience, but hassle-free!

Elm Square Oyster Co.

Elm Square Oyster Co. is an elegant, New American restaurant specializing in seafood and American dishes. They focus on using local and seasonal ingredients, ensuring that their customers only eat food made from the best possible ingredients. This restaurant understands the importance of serving quality food and ensures that their patrons have culinary experience they will thoroughly enjoy.

Executive Chef Michael Sherman and his team have developed relationships with local fishermen, farmers, and distillers to create what can only be described as a true dining experience. Elm Square Oyster Co. is a great place to celebrate a promotion, an anniversary, or simply have an elegant meal.

LaRosa’s Café and Bar

LaRosa’s Café and Bar offers residents of Andover MA apartments for rent a unique dining experience, serving Italian and American cuisine. Located on 7 Barnard Street, LaRosa’s is separated into what are essentially two restaurants: Café LaRosa and Bar LaRosa.

If you are looking for a tasty, casual bite for lunch or dinner, then Café LaRosa is your best bet. Serving a combination of sandwiches, salads, and pasta dishes, the café offers luxury dishes at a great price. The café embraces its Italian roots, cooking all of the typical dishes you may find in an Italian grandmother’s kitchen.

For a more refined dining experience, Bar LaRosa cannot be beat. They fuse traditional Italian dishes with cuisines from all over the world, creating indescribable flavor profiles that you must experience to truly understand. Some of the dishes offered include Tuna poke, ceviche, chicken marsala, and cavatelli Bolognese.

Oak & Iron Brewing Company

Known as Andover’s hometown brewery, this place is located on 18 Red Spring Road. Oak & Iron offers patrons high-quality, small-batch craft beers that are inspired by the owners’ New England roots and spirit. They set out to create handcrafted beers for the New England community and set up a taproom in Andover for everyone to enjoy. This is “a place where strangers become friends and friends become family.”

One of the features that make Oak & Iron so unique is that they offer residents of Andover MA apartments for rent the opportunity to take home a growler of their artisanal batches of beer, which is a large glass container with a built-in handle that makes it easy to take your favorite beer home. As long as the growler is clean and rinsed, the folks at Oak & Iron are more than happy to fill it up for you.

Bueno Malo

Located on 93 Main St., Bueno Malo is a fun Mexican restaurant that offers a variety of experiences to its clientele. By day, the restaurant operates as Bueno, its good side, during which they take the freshest ingredients and turn them into their signature tacos and burritos. A local favorite are the fish tacos, which come with cabbage, pico de gallo, and a homemade baja sauce. The atmosphere is fast-casual, and family-friendly.

As soon as the sun sets, the restaurant becomes Malo. Here, they urge you to find your fun side and have a good time. Whether you bring a date or are simply hanging out with friends, you are guaranteed to have fun. At night, they make signature cocktails from spirits, such as tequila, gin, vodka, and mezcal. Their “Smoked Mangos”, made with mezcal, Ancho Reyes liqueur, fresh mango, lime, agave, and a touch of tajin, are a fan favorite. This drink is sure to spice things up, and pairs very well with their ‘Pork Slap’ carnitas grilled cheese. Any night here is destined to please.

Palmer’s Restaurant & Tavern

Palmer’s is an Andover staple, serving the community for over 30 years. Chef and owner John Ingalls first established Palmer’s in the town of Swampscott, but soon after moved to downtown Andover for its location and access to prime produce. Since its inception, Palmer’s has been a recipient of praise and awards from the Boston Globe, Zagat Reviews, and a number of other reputable publications.

Palmer’s focuses on combining New England dishes and ingredients with Chef Ingalls’ classically trained expertise. This has resulted in the creation of dishes such as the Grilled Salmon: grilled Atlantic salmon tossed in a salsa verde sauce, served with a smoky fire-roasted corn salsa. You can also get a succulent, grilled ribeye steak – locally grown beef seared with slow-roasted garlic and black pepper, resulting in a cut that is juicy and tender on the inside and a flavor-filled crust on the outside. Palmer’s will continue to serve Andover for many years to come, so come on down!