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About Arlington, MA

Arlington MA Apartments for Rent

Arlington is a town approximately six miles northwest of Boston in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. At approximately 5.5 square miles, Arlington is a relatively small town in size. However, it is home to a lot of people and still manages to offer many opportunities for exploration. This makes living in Arlington MA apartments for rent a great opportunity. Their locations are sufficiently close to the town’s jobs and amenities as well as everything Boston has to offer. As of July 2018, the United States Census Bureau puts the population of Arlington at 45,624 people who occupy around 20,000 housing units.

Arlington MA Neighborhoods and Geography

Today, six municipalities border Arlington. These include the cities of Cambridge, Medford, and Somerville, as well as the towns of Belmont, Lexington, and Winchester. Arlington itself has developed into a series of prosperous, vibrant neighborhoods, with each one adding its own microculture to the overall feeling of the town. The ten neighborhoods where you can find Arlington MA apartments for rent are:

  • Arlington Center: the civic and commercial heart of the town
  • Arlington Heights: an area with top-rated schools
  • Morningside: suburban neighborhood that offers a more relaxed lifestyle
  • East Arlington: an urban neighborhood known for its high-quality shops and restaurants
  • Jason Heights: home to a lot of green spaces; this neighborhood provides urban living for those who love to enjoy the outdoors
  • Brattle Square: a bustling residential area that is home to many small businesses
  • Arlmont Village: this neighborhood comprises the border between the towns of Arlington and Belmont
  • Turkey Hill: this is the northernmost neighborhood of Arlington and also its highest by elevation
  • Little Scotland: an area in which many Scottish immigrants settled in after WWII, with many streets named after Scottish places
  • Poets’ Corner: named after a local park

The History of Arlington MA

First settled and founded by European colonists in 1635, Arlington was originally a village located in the city of Cambridge called Menotomy. This name is an Algonquian word meaning “swift running water”. Settlers chose it because of town’s proximity to the Mystic River and the Mill Brook stream. The Mill Brook stream used to be a large part of Arlington’s economy, operating as a source of power for mills. Farmers from all over Greater Boston would come to Arlington to mill their grains into flour. Captain George Cooke built the first mill in the area in 1637 and eventually various groups built six other mills here. One of these mills is the Old Schwamb Mill. In operation since 1650, it is the oldest working mill in the United States.

In 1807, this area and a part of the town we know today as Belmont were separated from Cambridge and incorporated as West Cambridge. After the establishment of Arlington National Cemetery in 1867, the town decided to officially change its name to Arlington. They did so to honor the American heroes and soldiers buried there after the American Civil War. Before this, Arlington (Menotomy) was a significant location during the American Revolutionary War. It experienced more fighting on the first day of the war than at the battles of Lexington and Concord combined. On April 19, 1775, the Battle of Menotomy occurred when Minutemen from surrounding places in Massachusetts ambushed the British soldiers here as they retreated from Lexington and Concord.

The Origin of Uncle Sam

Samuel Wilson, the man behind the well-known Uncle Sam persona, was born and raised in Arlington. He was only nine years old when the Battle of Menotomy took place. Wilson eventually moved to Troy, New York, and opened a meatpacking business. His fame began during the beginning of the War of 1812. After the government chose his business to provide 2,000 barrels of pork and 3,000 barrels of beef to the United States Army, they appointed Wilson as the meat inspector for the Northern Army and he developed the nickname “Uncle Sam.” With many of the troops stationed in New Jersey and New York, they recognized his business’ packaging and attributed the “U.S.” stamp on the barrels to meaning “Uncle Sam.”

Arlington’s Got Moxie

It is not as common today, but the word “moxie” used to be popular all over the United States to describe someone who was courageous or brave. This word came from the popular soft drink Moxie. Introduced in 1876 as Moxie Nerve Tonic, this beverage has a close relationship to the town of Arlington. At one point, Moxie was the most popular soft drink in the United States.

Dr. Augustin Thompson moved from Maine to Lowell, MA with the desire to create a medicinal tonic. By 1884, sales had declined, so he added soda water to his tonic syrup and the Moxie soft drink was born. Dr. Thompson’s son, Francis Thompson, eventually became president of the Moxie Beverage Company and lived most of his life in Arlington. Here, he set up the Thompson Scholarship at Arlington High School. They continue to award it to students today. Every year, over 100 seniors receive Thompson Scholarships ranging from $200 to $2,000 to help pay for their university costs. Area restaurants still serve Moxie today as one of New England’s favorite local sodas. It is even the official soda of the state of Maine.

Analysis of the Arlington MA Real Estate Market

Similar to the real estate markets of other cities and towns in the Greater Boston area, Arlington real estate prices can be somewhat expensive. The median home value in Arlington is $709,786 – over three times the median home price of a typical home in the United States. However, this is offset by the fact that wages in Arlington and New England as a whole tend to be some of the highest in the country. In addition, Arlington’s proximity to other major cities in Massachusetts, such as Boston, Cambridge, and Medford, make it a lucrative place to in which to live. This is why Arlington has a home-ownership rate of 60.5%, which is among the highest in the area. For reference, Data USA puts Boston’s home-ownership rate at 35.2%.

If you are looking to invest in property, Arlington is one of the best places in Massachusetts to do so. With an average annual appreciation rate of 4.06%, you are almost certain to turn a profit, as there is also no sign of this appreciation rate decreasing. This is also good for people looking to simply be homeowners in the town, as you will not have to worry about losing money if you decide to sell your home. All of this makes now the best time to get into the market, because prices are probably not going to get any lower.

Arlington MA Rental Market

Despite the higher home-ownership rate, this town still has a healthy rental market with options that will please just about anyone. The reasons for higher home values are the same as those for higher rents. This explains why the average monthly rental cost of Arlington MA apartments is around $2,200 per month. Rental prices may be higher here than in other parts of the country, but they are still lower than the average rent in places located closer to the center of Boston. Some may even consider the prices here a bargain for all that Arlington has to offer compared to other towns. Prices also vary depending on the type of apartment you are looking for, taking into account the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you may need.

To make your search for Arlington MA apartments for rent easier, we recommend that you think about exactly what you are looking for in terms of budget, amenities, location, and more. This will serve as a good reference if you choose to look for an apartment.

Transportation near Arlington MA Apartments for Rent

Arlington’s public transportation is excellent. It is the main source of transportation for many people living here and all over the Greater Boston area. They are all lucky enough to be under the service of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, or MBTA. This is the organization responsible for most of these transportation options, including the subway, bus, and Commuter Rail lines. The Red Line is the town’s main subway line otherwise known as the “T,” and it gives commuters direct access to downtown Boston and connections to most of the other subway lines. The Red Line’s Alewife Station is located near East Arlington and is the first stop of the Red Line.

Bus services are one of the main ways to get around Arlington, and are also one of the most popular. The 77 Bus follows the primary route for commuters, but there are also ten other buses and routes that service Arlington. All bus lines except the 80 Bus conveniently connect to the Red Line.

There are also two private bus shuttles: the 128 Business Council and Go Buses. The 128 Business Council runs four shuttles from Alewife Station to several other places in Massachusetts such as Lexington and Waltham. Go Buses also operates from Alewife Station and runs shuttles to Manhattan, Providence, New Haven, Hartford, and Washington, D.C.

Having a Car in Arlington, MA

Owning a car is not necessary in Arlington, but if you do, it should not be a problem. There are copious amounts of residential parking along certain streets. However, the town requires you to have a permit if you want to use those spaces. These permits are not hard to acquire. As long as you live in the area, the town will typically approve your permit. The town government also offers metered parking and municipal lots in busy areas such as Arlington Center. Here you will have access to US Routes 2 and 3, the Concord Turnpike, as well as the Mystic Valley Parkway. Together, these provide easy access to all of the nearby cities and towns as well as major highways that you may need to travel across New England.

Other Transportation Options

While there are many time-saving transportation options, some people still choose to journey the Arlington streets or bike to where they need to go. Arlington is a pedestrian-friendly area with many pathways and biking trails. One of the most famous is the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway. Since 1992, the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway has provided ten miles of luscious greenery to pedestrians and bikers alike. Formerly a railway, it connects the towns of Bedford, Lexington, Arlington, and Cambridge and provides easy access to subway and bus lines.

Getting around in Arlington, MA, is easy and convenient for anyone who lives in the area. Whether you have a car, a bicycle, or are simply a pedestrian, getting to anywhere you need to be in and around Arlington is generally trouble-free.


Arlington has a large variety of public and private elementary, middle, and high schools where children from ages 4 to 18 can attend. All public schools in town are fall under the management of Arlington Public Schools, with Niche giving many of them an A rating. Arlington Public Schools include a variety of subjects and programs that are sure to cater to any student’s interest, whether it is in the arts, sports, or STEM activities. They boast a close relationship with parents and host an active anti-bullying campaign. All of the public schools near Arlington MA apartments for rent are as follows:

  • Public Elementary Schools
    • Menotomy Preschool: the only public preschool in town.
    • John A. Bishop Elementary School
    • John Q.A. Brackett Elementary School
    • Cyrus E. Dallin Elementary School
    • Rodney J. Hardy Elementary School
    • Pierce Elementary School
    • M. Norcross Stratton Elementary School
    • Thompson Elementary School: named after the son of Dr. Augustin Thompson, creator of the Moxie soft drink.
  • Public Middle Schools
    • Gibbs School: opening in September 2018, the Gibbs school is the newest school in Arlington and only offers the 6th grade for now.
    • Ottoson Middle School
  • Public High Schools
    • Arlington High School
    • Minuteman High School: one of the most revolutionary vocational-technical high schools in the country, offering curriculums in digital arts and design, trades, engineering, life sciences, culinary arts, and even biotechnology.


In addition to conveniently located schools, Arlington provides its residents with public libraries. There are many Arlington MA apartments for rent near each library. These libraries are:

  • Robbins Library – Located at 700 Massachusetts Ave, they offer museum passes and a local history room
  • Edith M Fox Library – Located at 175 Massachusetts Ave, they offer sing-a-long activities for children
  • Little Free Library – This is a sidewalk book-sharing box located at 37 Silk Street

Interesting Things to Do near Arlington MA Apartments for Rent

Arlington is one of the oldest towns in America, with its beginnings starting before the foundation of the United States by almost 140 years. As a result, there are many places near Arlington MA apartments for rent that have a rich history and are sure to entertain you.

Spy Pond Park

On the northern shore of Spy Pond, you will find Spy Pond Park. For many years, it has provided the people of Arlington with access to outdoor recreation and water activities including tennis courts, seasonal canoe and kayak rentals, and a field where people can play baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and even ultimate Frisbee. There is also a lovely picnic area where you can host birthday parties or other friends-and-family gatherings.

The Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum

Cyrus Dallin was a 19th century American sculptor from Utah that many consider one of the most important sculptors in American art. Known for his iconic monuments depicting Native Americans, he quickly became a popular figure among other artists such as John Singer Sargent. At the age of 39, he moved to Arlington and spent the rest of his life here. After his passing, his home was turned into a museum that follows the former sculptor’s beliefs of artistic expression and social justice. Located at 611 Massachusetts Avenue, this museum is a must-visit once you move into your Arlington MA apartment.

The Jason Russell House and Smith Museum

On 7 Jason Street, you will find the Jason Russell House. It was the site of the bloodiest fighting of the first day of the American Revolutionary War. The Arlington Historical Society purchased the house in order to preserve the town’s colonial history and to show people what life was like in colonial times. In 1981, they added the Smith Museum to the land to have a rotating exhibition of Arlington art. Today, this place is in the National Register of Historic Places.

Arlington Food + Drink Festival

Every year, the Arlington Chamber of Commerce hosts the Arlington Food + Drink Festival, formerly known as the Taste of Arlington. People flock here from all over the area, enjoying food, wine, and craft beers that are hard to get anywhere else. They recently moved to a larger venue to accommodate even more vendors.

Restaurants and Bars in Arlington MA

Trattoria NINA

In recent years, Trattoria NINA has become one of the hottest restaurants in Arlington. This restaurant offers homemade, from scratch Italian dishes that will rival the flavors of your favorite Italian restaurant. With classics like veal saltimbocca, creamy lobster ravioli, and chicken piccata, you will never be disappointed. This place is located at 1510 Massachusetts Ave.

La Victoria Taqueria

La Victoria Taqueria is located on 12 Medford St, and it brings traditional Mexican street food to the heart of Arlington. Known for their Mexican “torta” sandwiches, it is a favorite among many residents. You can fill these sandwiches with many things including smoked ham, pork carnitas, Mexican sausage, and also assorted vegetables. These tortas are massive and pack a lot of flavor. They also have burritos, quesadillas, and tacos.

Common Ground Bar & Grill

At 319 Broadway you will find Common Ground Bar & Grill, which has a lively atmosphere and beautiful outdoor seating. They offer their own twist on typical American fare for lunch and dinner all week long. They also have an extensive selection of wines, local craft beers, and spirits that they served straight or in one of their signature cocktails. Any night at Common Ground is sure to please you and anyone else you go with.

Living in an Arlington MA Apartment for Rent

Before you move into an Arlington MA apartment for rent, you may also want to know what services the town offers its residents and what a typical day is for people here. In Arlington, the town provides every resident access to public and emergency services under the local police, local fire department, and local ambulance services. You will also have access to high quality medical care if you ever need it, with many hospitals and treatment centers nearby. At home, you can have high-speed internet brought to you by providers such as Xfinity, Verizon, and RCN. In Arlington MA Apartments, it really is a pleasure to be home.

Arlington Real-Time Average Rent Prices

  • 1 Bedroom$1,810
  • 2 Bedroom$2,318
  • 3 Bedroom$2,836
Arlington Real-Time Vacancy Rate


Arlington Real-Time Availability Rate


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