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Bay Village Apartments for Rent

Bay Village is a small, residential neighborhood sandwiched between the South End, Back Bay, and the Theatre District. Trees and gas lamps line the blocks giving this area the feel of historic elegance. The redbrick row houses are immaculately preserved and date back to the 1800’s. Though people living in Bay Village apartments for rent are in a large cosmopolitan city, they will the experience the elegance of a bygone era.

Bay Village is the smallest neighborhood in Boston. In 1820, developer Ephraim Marsh created Bay Village from landfill. It has had many names such as Church Street District, South Cove, and Kerry Village. Many of the homes are similar to Beacon Hill structures because those who built the homes in Beacon Hill built homes for themselves in Bay Village.

According to the U.S. Census, the population of Bay Village in 2010 was approximately 1,312. It may be a small community but it is still highly diverse. Boston’s international flavor is not lost here. This charming area is in the heart of Boston and is close to all the wonderful opportunities Boston has to offer.

History of Bay Village

Edgar Allan Poe

The famous writer, Edgar Allan Poe, was born at 62 Carver Street. Carver Street is now Charles Street South in Bay Village. Both of his parents were actors in the nearby Theatre District.

Cocoanut Grove fire

This tragedy was significant because it led to the creation and enforcement of strict fire codes across the country. It also initiated better treatments for burn victims. Cocoanut Grove was a nightclub in Bay Village. In 1942, it had a terrible fire in which 492 people lost their lives. At the fiftieth anniversary of the fire, the Bay Village Neighborhood Association placed a memorial plaque near the club’s former site.

The Raising Of Bay Village

Bay Village has a very weird “honor” among Boston neighborhoods. It literally had to be lifted due a sewage problem. The landfill used to create the Back Bay and South End neighborhoods put their elevations above sea level, which caused the sewer disaster. Since poor Bay Village was at sea level, the sewers could not handle the drainage demands of all three neighborhoods. The neighborhood became flooded with sewage. By the early 1860’s, Bay Village basements were filled with disgusting waste.

The City of Boston decided on a solution – raise the neighborhood. The City jacked up streets, 457 homes, and 24 stores. Builders lifted these structures eighteen feet above sea level. The City bought gravel and placed it below the buildings. Strangely, they filled back yards to only twelve feet. Today, you can see these sunken gardens throughout the area. Some houses were not raised and have windows that are below street level. That is just another piece of history for residents of Bay Village apartments for rent to consider.


Living in Bay Village apartments for rent places you in an architectural paradise. Builders constructed the red brick townhouses during the Federalist Period. Art Deco details adorn later buildings. Hidden gardens greet the observant resident. When you view the English Neoclassic houses, their design transports you back to the 1830’s. There are also more elaborate Greek Revival townhouses. Builders constructed Our Lady of Victories Church in the French Renaissance style. There are fourteen German designed stained glass windows and windows from Chartres, France. This diversity in architecture provides an international flare for those living in Bay Village apartments for rent.

“The Castle”

“The Castle” is a Bay Village landmark built in the 1890’s. Its first purpose was military. The First Corps of Cadets lived there with the purpose of guarding the Massachusetts Bay Colony governor.

In 1776, John Hancock was commander of The First Corps of Cadets. These cadets served in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and World War I. The Corps became a National Guard in 1940. By 1960, the building was converted to civilian use.

In terms of architecture, this building is magnificent. The building materials used were granite rocks and it is classified as late Victorian style. It has a six-story crenellated tower with slit windows for archers to shoot their arrows. There is also a drawbridge and corbel towers! This historic structure is an antique treasure among modern buildings and an enhancement to residents of Bay Village Apartments for rent.

Architectural History

Due to its central location, Bay Village became the center of Boston’s film industry. Early in the twentieth century, these enterprises bloomed. The Theatre District to the north and east of Bay Village lured actors, musicians, and other entertainment industry professionals to the neighborhood. Sadly, to make room for film distribution companies and other related businesses, several producers demolished some of the Federal period homes.

Bay Village was also the location of some “criminal” activity. During the 1920’s and 1930’s an amendment to the U.S. Constitution banned alcohol. During Prohibition, Bay Village housed many speakeasies (illegal bars).

In 1983, the Boston City Council designated Bay Village as a Boston Architectural Conservation District. This designation will protect the historical beauty of the remaining structures. This will ensure that the charm of this neighborhood will remain intact for all residents of Bay Village apartments for rent.


Isabella Street Park

Isabella Street Park is located at 40 Isabella Street in Boston. It is a lovely oasis of greenery inviting people to sit and watch the activity on Isabella Street. So take a break from a busy day and enjoy the beautiful trees that adorn this colorful place.

Statler Park

Statler Park is located at 243 Stuart Street. It is nestled between historic buildings and is a beautiful enhancement to the city blocks. One can rest here on the benches and enjoy the sounds and sights of the picturesque fountain. This is a relaxing place to have a quick meal and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Average Prices of Bay Village Apartments for Rent

Though the area is small, there are many beautiful Bay Village apartments for rent. Below are the average rent prices for the neighborhood as of this writing.

  • Studio apartments: $2,080 per month
  • One-bedroom apartments: $2,483 per month
  • Two-bedroom apartments: $3,292 per month
  • Three-bedroom apartments: $4,319 per month


There are quite a number of MBTA rapid transit stations on the periphery of Bay Village. As for rail transport, you can get to Bay Village through Back Bay Station and South Station.

A residential parking sticker is available for people living in Bay Village apartments for rent. There are parking lots on Piedmont, Fayette, and Melrose Streets.


Boston Center for Adult Education

In 1933, Dorothy Hewitt founded the Boston Center for Adult Education. Her goal was to advance education that enhanced the lives of adults. Degree acquisition was not the main goal. The goal was, and still is, aimed at creating a more erudite and enlightened population. This school resides at 122 Arlington Street.

The Boston Center for Adult Education is a center for enrichment. It was a site for wartime efforts in the 1940’s. It housed a forum for social policy debates in the 1960’s. Now, as always, it offers a diverse approach to personal and professional growth.

Its classroom offerings are languages, employment skills, writing, computers and technological skills. Artistic classes include craft, dance, music, performing arts, and visual arts.
Food preparation skills include baking, cooking, and beverage preparation. For the food enthusiasts, there are also celebrity chef classes. Living in Bay Village apartments for rent affords one the opportunity to partake in this valuable and enjoyable resource.

Boston Adult Technical Academy

Bay Village apartments for rent also have nearby educational resources for students of high school age. This academy provides the skills needed to acquire employment in today’s economy. The focus is on academics and individualized instruction. There are also online courses available.

Bars and Restaurants

One of the key attractions that brings people to Bay Village is its proximity to trendy, popular, and elegant establishments. The bars and restaurants are near quite a number of Bay Village apartments for rent. Though the area is small, there are many cultures represented in its restaurants and bars. A culinary adventure is waiting for you.

BASILE, Fine Italian Kitchen

Since 2007, BASILE has brought fine Italian meals to the people of Bay Village and beyond. If you saunter to 162 Columbus Avenue, you will see why BASILE has received high praise and awards for its food. Offering a seasonal menu, the chefs here always use fresh, local ingredients to prepare their dishes. With a modern take on Italian classics like rigatoni Bolognese, lobster risotto, and the Indian fusion masala ravioli, it is easy to see why such a highly rated restaurant has remained fashionable. Their pastas are homemade and their signature wines will add sparkle to any dining experience. It is only a short distance from many Bay Village apartments for rent.

Besides their delicious food, BASILE also boasts a very cozy and elegant setting that really enhances the dining experience. This makes it a great place to go out to dinner with your significant other or celebrate a special day with family and friends.

Mike and Patty’s

At 12 Church Street, you will find Mike & Patty’s, This local eatery was voted one of Boston’s best breakfast and lunch sandwich shops. If you are living in a Bay Village apartment for rent, this can be a great place to stop on your way to the many other attractions this area has to offer. This is the best place in town to stop and refuel with sandwiches and coffee. The staff creates many of the restaurant’s sandwiches, so you will not find them anywhere else in the city. No matter what time of day you crave that unique egg sandwich, it is available at Mike and Patty’s.

Since 2008, Mike and Patty’s has made high-quality sandwiches that are highly affordable. They have garnered not just local attention, but also national attention. They earned recognition on multiple “Best Breakfast Sandwich in the USA” lists back in 2015 and 2016. Although long lines can form to get inside the restaurant, the exclusivity of it makes you appreciate the sandwich more and is part of the experience. It is definitely worth the wait considering the quality of the food. They now offer online ordering to expedite your order. You can pick up your sandwich or have it delivered right to the door of your Bay Village apartment for rent.

Red Lantern Restaurant and Lounge

Red Lantern Restaurant and Lounge is located at 39 Stanhope Street. It is an innovative Thai restaurant that offers a variety of delicious food and drinks. On Red Lantern’s menu, there is sushi, noodle dishes, steak, duck, and vegetarian options. Their drink menu is extensive and well-curated, featuring draft beers, sake cocktails, mai-tais, martinis, and many types of wine. Their creative menu will satisfy all tastes. The décor is bright and cheerful and will perk up the dullest of days.

Moon Bar

If you are in town and want a good draft beer or a rich bottle of wine, make your way towards 304 Stuart Street. This restaurant has an expansive and well-stocked bar that has virtually whatever you want. At Moon Bar, they have a wide variety of beers such as Lagers or IPAs. They also house many different types of red, white, and rosé wines including sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot noir, and cabernet sauvignon.

The food at Moon Bar is exquisite, especially their fresh seafood options. With options such as grilled squid, fish tacos, poke bowls, and tuna tartare, their menu is never boring. Uncommon dishes such as smoked swordfish pate and Mooncusser Chowder will enhance your unique dining experience. They also have meat and vegetarian options, so everyone has something to enjoy here. Moon Bar is very popular and is often quite crowed. You might want to make a reservation if you are interested in getting a seat there.

Rooftop at Revere

The Revere Hotel furnishes a wealth of hospitality and entertainment. The Rooftop at Revere continues that tradition with its wide variety of beverages and outstanding signature drinks. This establishment is popular throughout Boston and will provide hours of fun for people living in Bay Village apartments for rent. The cuisine is New England but the ambiance and décor is reminiscent of a beachside resort. You can relax on couches or play in a cabena. While eating and drinking, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Boston. This is the place to escape the mundane and enjoy a more colorful experience.

Mooncusser Fish House

Mooncusser Fish House at 304 Stuart Street is adjacent to Moon Bar. The seafood here is always fresh and delicious. This elegant seafood restaurant has earned the rating of being among the top twenty-five new restaurants mentioned in “Boston Magazine”. This eatery attracts so many patrons that they recommend making a reservation.

Mooncusser offers its clientele the best that the ocean has to offer. They have a new a la carte menu almost every time you go, as well as seasonal tasting menus. Their regular menu features inventive dishes such as smoked bluefish pâté, lobster and bass minestrone, and seared scallops. In addition, they have a lounge where you can relax after a long day. As for the service, they have a very knowledgeable and professional staff that is warm and respectful. Mooncusser has a large selection of drinks to go with your meals. If you would like a glass of wine or other type of alcoholic beverage with your entree, all of the servers are experts and can recommend the best drinks to match your meal.

Rebel’s Guild

Rebel’s Guild is a fun place for people living in Bay Village apartments for rent. Just as the name implies, it is a place to indulge the rebel in you. It is located at 200 Stuart Street at the ground level. The décor is modern but colonial inspired. A large cannon is aimed directly at the door and its walls are adorned with Revolutionary inspired murals. If you like a bit of fantasy with your food, this is the place to be.

The cuisine is American with some special colonial dishes. Through some of the foods, you can return to the time when actual colonial guild members ate here. Foods such as skillet cornbread, roasted duck, and baked beans are available. Needless to say, reservations are a good idea. This is a very popular place.

The Friendly Toast Restaurant

If you are looking to have a one of a kind dining experience, then The Friendly Toast is the place to go. Make your way to 35 Stanhope Street and experience things such as their bacon-infused Bloody Mary or the Doughnut Stop Believin, a breakfast donut sandwich with eggs, sausage, cheddar cheese, and a side of maple, sour cream, and strawberry habanero jam. Besides these creative concoctions, The Friendly Toast also prepares classic American comfort foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have scrambled eggs with hash browns, burgers and fries, and signature cocktails.

Their huge menu has something for everyone’s taste and dietary needs. Gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian foods are always available. They do not have a stagnant menu; A few times a year, they add fresh, seasonal items to keep the menu lively. This is a renowned restaurant located near quite a number of Bay Village apartments for rent. Since The Friendly Toast is so popular and it does not take reservations, adding your name to the waiting list is the best way to guarantee a table. Dining at The Friendly Toast is the best way to start or end a day.

Nusr-Et Steakhouse

The dining experience at Nusr-Et Steakhouse Boston on 100 Arlington Street is a Bay Village experience that shouldn’t be missed. The pillars, hanging plants, and artwork are reminiscent of the Ottoman empire. Patrons rave about the steaks, but there are many exotic meals to move you out of your culinary comfort zone such as tiger prawns and shrimp kataifi rolls. It is evident that every dish is prepared with meticulous care.

Living in Bay Village Apartments

Living in Bay Village apartments for rent is a timeless experience. You can return to Boston’s historic past, live in its lively present, and participate in building its ever-expanding future. This small area also has many businesses in which to work. World-famous flutes and piccolos are made at the Wm. S. Haynes Company. There are many offices in Bay Village. Many business management firms are located here such as ncapsulate at 142 Berkeley Street, Dana Consulting at 118 Arlington Street, La Salle Hill LLC at 18 Piedmont Street, Xrefer Limited at 316 Stuart Street, Maconomy at 312 Stuart Street, Product Genesis (Innovations Genesis LLC) Innovation Consulting at 75 Arlington Street, Jawsbury at 75 Arlington Street, and Deloitte at 200 Berkely Street. This is also a fun place to eat, work, play, and browse. There are apartments just waiting to help you experience all Bay Village has to offer.

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