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Belmont Apartments

Belmont is a western suburb of Boston with an estimated population of 26,710, as of July 1, 2022 (US Census Bureau).

History of Belmont MA

The town of Belmont, MA was established in 1859. The citizens of the town were former residents of Watertown, Waltham, and West Cambridge (now known as Arlington). One of the reasons why this town was established was that the citizens wanted a place where buying and selling of alcohol was prohibited. John Perkins Cushing was the largest donor of the town and as a result, the town was named after his estate, Bellmont. Cushing Square is also named after him. After it burned down, what remained of his estate became the branch of the Belmont Public Library.

There were large farms in the town, which provided services to Boston, particularly livestock.

Education in Belmont MA

If you are considering living in Belmont apartments, you may want to know about the town’s school system. There are four elementary schools in Belmont MA that are operated by the Belmont Public School System.

  • Mary Lee Burbank
  • Daniel Butler
  • Winn Brook
  • Roger Wellington

The one public middle school in Belmont MA is Winthrop L. Chenery Middle School. The rest of the schools, along with their important information, are discussed below.

Belmont High School

Belmont High School is located at 221 Concord Avenue. The school was established in 1865 but was destroyed by a fire in 1967. The town completed rebuilding the school in 1970. They offer advanced placement and college level classes to prepare students for AP exams, which take place in May. They have a broad range of extracurricular activities and sports as well.

  • Cheerleading
  • Field hockey
  • Basketball
  • Ice hockey
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Golf
  • Skiing
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Wrestling
  • Indoor track

Minuteman Career and Technical High School

If you want access to a public vocational high school, but you are afraid that it is far away from your Belmont apartment, then you can always make use of the transportation network that Belmont MA offers its citizens.

This school is located at 758 Marrett Road in Lexington, which is the next town over from Belmont to the Northwest. Students from Belmont also attend this school. Students like to attend this high school for the many technical and trade programs it offers. This includes programs such as graphic design, computer technology, culinary arts, automotive, carpentry, electrical, welding and multimedia engineering.

Minuteman Career and Technical High School also offers different sports, including football, soccer, cross country, cheerleading,, wrestling and swimming.

Belmont Hill School

If you are living in Belmont apartments, close to 350 Prospect Street, then you have fast access to Belmont Hill School, which is a boys school where students from grade 7-12 are enrolled. The school has a good athletic program, with large basketball courts and a wrestling room, which allows students to explore their athletic abilities.

The school has sports like football, hockey, alpine skiing, baseball and wrestling. The extracurricular activities of the school also include visual arts and music. They also encourage students to participate in theatre activities and learn more about it.

Must-See Places in Belmont, MA

There are many historical places you can visit to explore the rich history of Belmont, MA. If you are looking for something to do that is near Belmont apartments, then you should visit the places discussed below.


The Redtop is a Shingle Style house. If you want to a see a house that was built in 1878, you should go to 90 Somerset Street. The architects of this place were McKim and Mead & Bigelow. This house is on Belmont Hill, and when you go to this place, you can also see Cambridge and Boston. The brick that it is built of is clad in wood shingles, and the house has a sloping roof, which fully dominates the house. As per Wikipedia, the architectural designs of the house are recorded at Amherst College.

Edwin O. Reischauer Memorial House

This house was the home of Edwin O. Reischauer, who was a Japanese scholar. When he passed away, the house was bought by Kondansha Publishers, and the place hosted scholars who were related to Japanese Studies at Harvard University. This is a private residence now, but if you look at the house, then you will see a glimpse of historic Japanese architecture.

Boston Massachusetts Temple

This is the milestone 100th temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to be constructed, and it is located in Belmont. The groundbreaking ceremony of the temple took place in 1997 and the temple was completed three years later. It contains four ordinance rooms and four sealing rooms. The exterior is made of Olympic white granite.

Fun Places to Visit in Belmont, MA

There are many interesting places to visit if you live in Belmont apartments. Forget travel expeses and hassle; there are fun places right in your back yard. We will describe some of these places below.

Westcott Mercantile

Westcott Mercantile is located at 436 Common St #438. It is an antique store where you can shop for gifts and other interesting items. This is a modern general store where you will find a lot of creative things, like unique artisan crafts, vintage furniture and new furniture. So, if you want to buy someone a really good gift, or buy some eye catching decor for your Belmont apartment, then this is the place to go. The best part is that the display of the shop keeps on changing, meaning that whenever you go there, you will find something new to buy.

Mass Audubon’s Habitat Education Center Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is located at 10 Juniper Rd, There are several habitats you will be able to see such as turtles, frogs and birds. It is a family-friendly destination with educational and recreational activities for adults, children, and teens. They even have goats! You will love the effect that a little bit of nature will have on you.

Beaver Brook Spray Deck

This place is located at 621 Trapelo Rd and is a really good playground to go to. There is an area for toddlers and a separate place where older children can play. There are picnic tables and shade, so that you can relax whenever you want. There are not many places where children can find entertainment, but Belmont MA has many of these places.

2nd Friday Concerts

First Church Belmont presents wonderful acoustic music to the community with all proceeds going to charity. The concerts are very popular and include a variety of musical genres.

Art’s Specialties

Art’s Specialties is located at 369 Trapelo Rd. It is a specialty gourmet shop and gift store that has recently expanded to include a wider selection and more inventory. They have a good collection of wine, cheese, coffee and even tea. If you are hosting a party at your Belmont apartments, then there is no better place to get appetizers and other party materials.

Places to Eat in Belmont, MA

There are a wide variety of places to eat in Belmont, MA. If you are living in Belmont apartments, the following are some of the places from where you can go out to eat.

My Other Kitchen

This eatery is located at 762 Pleasant St. It is a Greek and Mediterranean restaurant. Some of the most popular dishes are Greek Salad, the Chicken Gyro, Lamb Burger, Chicken Souvlaki Skew, Egg Avocado Melt and Veggie Omelet. The best salad in this restaurant is Greek salad; it is fresh and delicious and the dressing seems like homemade.

il Casale Belmont

Just looking at the pictures of the colorful dishes at il Casale Belmont will entice you. This restaurant at 50 Leonard Street in Belmont is in a converted firehouse. You can dine on traditional Italian classics while appreciating the authentic brick and wood architecture.

Stone Hearth Pizza

Stone Hearth Pizza is a slice above the usual pizzeria. Located at 57 Leonard Street, this restaurant has pizza that caters to every taste. They pride themselves on local, organic ingredients that you can mix and match. And if you have food restrictions or allergies, they can accommodate you.

The Wellington

This American traditional restaurant is located at 75 Leonard St. The food is superb. You can make reservations for a dinner out and get gift cards as well. The beef Wellington here is outstanding and you should definitely try the cocktails as well. They have excellent salads and burgers, such as the Kale salad, Winn Brook Burger (served with beefsteak tomato), Truffle Burger, Tuna Burger and house Hamburger. The restaurant offers sides with each dish and they have a separate menu for kids. So, if you are going as a family from Belmont apartments to this restaurant, they have something on the menu for everyone.

ANI Catering and Café

There are not many cafes out there that will give you the dine-in option and the catering option. This catering and café service is located at 687 Belmont St. and it serves Middle Eastern food. Be sure to try the Falafel wraps to experience the delicious pita bread. The Baba Ghanoush, Imam Biyaldi Eggplant, and the Falafel sandwiches are a must-order. The portions are quite generous and the food is affordable as well.

Patou Thai

Are you tired of eating burgers and pizza? You should go to 69 Leonard St. and try some Thai food. This restaurant serves real, authentic Thai food, like the spicy chicken served with rice and spicy mussels. The sauce that is served with mussels is exceptionally tasty and a must-try. If you are looking for something light to eat, then you can order short ribs or shrimp in a blanket. The restaurant has plenty of flavors to offer you. It is quite big and has a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Gen Sushi

If you are looking for authentic Japanese food, then look no further than 61 Concord Ave. The Toro and Uni here are always fresh – something you should experience for yourself. The prices are competitive. The place is small and very comfortable. The chef here really cooks amazing dishes. If you want to have soup, then you can order miso soup and clam soup. They serve special rolls here that are shouldn’t be missed, like shrimp tempura maki, black dragon roll, wasabi roll and spider roll. If you want to eat something light, then you can order a side dish of steamed rice, sushi rice, or wasabi and pickled ginger.

Teddys Kitchen

If you are running late for work or just want to have a nice and quick breakfast, you should go to 462 Common St. All the breakfast items that you can think of you can find in this restaurant. The prices are very wallet-friendly and they serve fresh, strong coffee. You can try the tuna salad sandwich, which is served with lettuce and tomato. If you want a boost before work or school, this is the perfect place to come to.

Café Vanak

In 2022, Conde Nast Traveler called Café Vanak one of the best new restaurants in the world. When you visit this restaurant at 271 Belmont Street, you will discover that this description is deserved. The exotic Persian cuisine is expertly spiced and cooked to perfection.

Renting an Apartment in Belmont, MA

Now that I have told you about Belmont, MA, Belmont apartments, the places you can eat and the places that you should visit, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether you want to live here. This is an overall excellent place to live for everyone from families and individuals to students and young professionals.

The town has a good transit system which will get you where you need to go at an affordable price. The school system is very good. Additionally, there are so many places to visit here! You can learn more about the history of Belmont, MA, and see historic places that have been in town since the 19th century. Moreover, there are places where you can have fun with your friends and family, experience the wonders of nature, get a great meal, and just relax after a long day.

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