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About Apartments for Rent in Chelsea, MA

The City of Chelsea is located in the Suffolk County, Massachusetts. The Mystic River acts as a natural border between this city and Boston, with Chelsea on the northern side and Charlestown on the southern side. The Chelsea River creates the eastern border between the city and East Boston. Everett is on the western border and Revere is to the north.

Samuel Maverick was Chelsea’s first settler in 1624. A year later, he sold all of the land, except that on which he lived and farmed. The area was a part of Boston until 1739, when it was broken off and incorporated. The town is named after the London neighborhood of Chelsea.

As of 2018 the population of Chelsea is estimated to be 40,160. With a population density of 18,172 people per square mile, Chelsea is the second most densely populated area in Massachusetts after Somerville. It is the smallest out of all the cities in Massachusetts, occupying an area of 2.21 square miles.

Chelsea, MA Background

The city of Chelsea is a diverse and vibrant community with a high level of industrial operations. While the city experienced financial trouble in the 1990s, ending up in receivership in 1991, Chelsea was able to reverse its decline after the State of Massachusetts returned it to the people in 1995. By focusing on fiscal responsibility and improving the services provided to local businesses and residents, the city was able to substantially improve its financial situation. Chelsea survived the 2007-2008 financial collapse with little impact on its finances.

As a result, Chelsea has been able to completely reverse its decline from the early 1990’s and is currently enjoying sustained economic growth. Its close proximity to Boston as well as its relative affordability allowed the city to experience an increase in housing developments, rising by 1,200 units since 2005.

Additionally, there has been a significant increase in the number of restaurants, office space, and retail developments throughout the city. Despite the fact that Chelsea has a dense population, it has several parks and open spaces. These parks include Dever Park, Kayem Park, Anita’s Park, PORT Park, Cater Park and Bellingham Park. If you are looking for apartments for rent in Chelsea, MA, this is an area with many economic and cultural opportunities that is just over the bridge from Boston.

Transportation near Apartments for Rent in Chelsea, MA

There are various transit options in Chelsea. U.S. Route 1 bisects the city. The Tobin Bridge brings RT-1 from Charlestown over the Mystic River into Chelsea and continues north all the way to the Fort Kent–Clair Border Crossing between Maine and Canada. Other main roads in this city include Broadway, the Revere Beach Parkway (RT-16), Washington Ave., Everett Ave., and 2nd Street.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, or MBTA, serves many apartments for rent in Chelsea, MA. The commuter rail offers service from North Station in Boston to stations in Chelsea along the Newburyport/Rockport Line. Several routes on the MBTA bus line, offering local service to Revere, Everett, East Boston and other nearby cities also serve the Chelsea community.

Additionally, the Silver Line serves a large number of Chelsea, MA Apartments. The Sliver Line is the MBTA’s bus rapid transit system. The line operates in two sections that the Authority constructed in different phases. They extended this line into Chelsea through East Boston. The route starts at South Station and stops in four Chelsea stations: Downtown Chelsea, Mystic Mall, Box District, and Eastern Avenue.

Historical Landmarks in Chelsea, MA

Chelsea is home to several historical landmarks, such as the Chelsea Garden Temple Cemetery, the Walnut Street Synagogue, and the residential historic district of Downtown Chelsea. These sites and others in Chelsea are on the National Register of Historic Places.

While living in apartments for rent in Chelsea, MA, you can visit the district of Bellingham Square. This historic district encompasses the commercial and civic heart of Chelsea. Four streets form the boundaries of the neighborhood: Shawmut, Shurtleff, Broadway, and Chestnut. The city constructed the district after the Great Fire of Chelsea in 1908; a monument to the civil planning that took place during that time.

Alternatively, you can visit the Bellingham Cary House, which is the historic home museum located at 34 Parker Street in Chelsea, MA. This house was constructed in 1724 and incorporates the 1659 hunting lodge that belonged to Richard Bellingham, who was a colonial governor.

Three streets form the boundaries of the residential historic district of Downtown Chelsea: Division, Marginal and Shurtleff, with its fourth boundary being Bellingham Square. It is where Shurtleff School (currently known as the Center of Early Learning) is located. Period structures surround the school. The Great Fire of 1908 completely devastated this section of the city, which previously contained City Hall as well as other community buildings.

Housing in Chelsea

According to a community survey conducted between 2011 and 2015, there were 12,940 households in Chelsea. Renters occupied about 72% of the residences and owners occupied 28%. Despite the fact that this city is reputed to have many renters, the Chelsea Restoration Corporation advocates for residents to own their homes. This corporation provides educational housing workshops and works with state, private, and municipal partners to increase housing affordability and rehabilitate properties in the area.

More than half of the residential units in Chelsea utilize natural gas for heating, while the rest use electricity, kerosene, fuel oil, or LP gas. The city has started many initiatives toward sustainability and renewable energy for new buildings and apartments.

Market Analysis of Chelsea, MA

Apartments for rent in Chelsea, MA are growing in popularity due to the ongoing improvements to roads, transit, use of public space, business outreach, and beautification. The recent upswing and growing economy has led to an increase in the median income of residents, and therefore has led to higher home values and rent prices. Chelsea’s median household income as of 2017 is $51,839.

The median home value in Chelsea is $436,173, higher than the national median home value but still approximately $130,000 lower than that of neighboring Boston. The average market rent is $2,373 per month. That makes Chelsea a more affordable choice than other neighboring cities.

On average, home values in Chelsea appreciate in value at a rate of 4.57% every year. This means that now is most likely the best time to be purchasing a home or finding an apartment for rent in Chelsea, MA, as analysts do not expect these rates to go down. This may seem daunting, but it means that securing a place now is a good investment for the future. The fact that almost 75% of people in Chelsea rent the place they are living in shows how strong the rental market is right now. This is good news because it means that you have many options to choose from if you are renting, and that buying a place and renting it out can be a long-term source of income.

Price of Apartments in Chelsea

Apartments for rent in Chelsea, MA have the average monthly cost of 2,373, which is increasing steadily year over year. Average rents for apartments based on number of bedrooms are as follows.

  • 1-Bedroom Apartments: $2,039
  • 2-Bedroom Apartments: $2,567
  • 3-Bedroom Apartments: $2,867

Schools in Chelsea

Several schools are located a short distance from apartments for rent in Chelsea, MA. Chelsea public schools consist of one high school, three middle schools, and four elementary schools:

Elementary Schools

  • William A. Berkowitz Elementary School
  • Edgar F. Hooks Elementary School
  • George F. Kelly Elementary School
  • Frank M. Sokolowski Elementary School

Middle Schools

  • Joseph A. Browne School
  • Clarke Avenue School
  • Eugene Wright Science and Technology Academy

High Schools

  • Chelsea High School

There is only one private school in the area, Saint Rose School, located on Broadway. Additionally, there are two public charter schools in the area, Phoenix Academy Public Charter High School – Chelsea and Excel Academy. Excel Academy educates students from the 5th grade to the 8th grade, while Phoenix Academy serves as a high school offering grades 9 through 12. The area also has institutions of higher education, like Bunker Hill Community College – Chelsea Campus.

Outdoor Spaces near Apartments for Rent in Chelsea, MA

There is always something to do near apartments for rent in Chelsea, MA. From the historic landmarks that capture the city’s past to the many green places that dot the landscape, you are sure find something to entertain you. Below are some of the best parks and outdoor areas that Chelsea’s neighborhoods have to offer.


PORT Park is a wonderful recreational space located right along the Chelsea River. Located at 99 Marginal St, this park has won awards for its landscaping design. It often hosts events such as shows by the Apollinaire Theatre Company that feature local actors, and parts of the Chelsea Art Walk. What makes PORT Park special is the amenities it offers to Chelsea residents such as public basketball courts, open spaces, and an exercise track. On hot summer days, you can spray your friends with water cannons that were formerly foam cannons used by firefighters.

Highland Park

Highland Park is the place to be if you are looking to play outdoor sports such as basketball, football, and soccer. The park is on Willow Street and it features two public basketball courts and a soccer field. At 1.74 acres, Highland Park provides an excellent nearby escape from city life.

Mary O’Malley State Park

Mary O’Malley State Park is a beautiful space right on the Mystic River that features views of the Boston skyline and the Tobin Bridge that you cannot get anywhere else. The park has many facilities to help you enjoy a day out in the sun. It has a large open green space on the waterfront, a picnic area, a playground for kids, restrooms, tennis courts, and more. There are paved paths where people can explore the park. The park even allows dogs (as long as you pick up after them). Overall, this is one of the best outdoor areas in Chelsea.

Quigley Park

Located at 25 Essex St, Quigley Park is one of the most used recreational areas near apartments for rent in Chelsea, MA. The city renovated the park in 2015 to create a more open, modern layout. They used a state grant to update the playground equipment. Quigley Park is very colorful, and features facilities such as a water splash area, slides, swings, and many sitting areas. The park now has a large green area, making it a good place to play catch or take part in other outdoor games like foursquare and hopscotch.

Other Parks and Outdoor Spaces in Chelsea

  • Voke Park – Baseball field, basketball courts, tennis, playground, water spray area, benches and tables, green space
  • Chelsea Square (Winnisimmet Park) – Home of the Stebbins Fountain and Soldiers’ Monument, this park has a large number of benches, and well-manicured shrubs, trees and grass. The Chelsea Christmas Tree is placed here during the holiday season.
  • Paul A. Dever Park – Small park with a playground, basketball court, benches, and a picnic area
  • Island End Park – Waterfront park with a boardwalk and wood footbridge, gazebo, benches, green space, and a nice view of Boston and the marina.
  • Mystic River Overlook Park – Reclaimed land under the Tobin Bridge that offers new green space to residents, plenty of benches, historically inspired lighting, paths, and a great view of Boston
  • Washington Park – Green space with trees, benches, and a playground named after George Washington, whose troops once camped on that spot at the beginning of the Revolutionary War in 1775.
  • Anita’s Garden – Playground and public garden
  • Bosson Playgound – A nice, basic playground for the kids with some green space, benches and a picnic area
  • Box District Park – Beautifully landscaped city park with decorative paver paths, benches, a picnic area, lawn, and a fenced-in playground

Chelsea, MA Apartment Buildings

One North of Boston Apartments

Located at 100 Heard St this building is one mile from the city of Boston and one block from the commuter rail. It provides a stylish neighborhood from which you can quickly access Charlestown, East Boston, Downtown Boston, Everett, Revere, Malden, beaches at the North Shore, and Logan Airport. It is near the Silver Line, which offers access to South Station and the Seaport District. The unique features in this neighborhood include coffee shops, various eateries, a Market Basket grocery store, and views of the Boston skyline. The building has an S-shaped design with five stories, outdoor amenities, and extensive landscaping. This full service building provides beautifully crafted apartments and special amenities that foster connection and community. The apartments available consist of studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom units.

There is an additional building, referred to as One North of Boston 2, which is adjacent to and the 2nd phase of the One North community. Therefore, it offers similar features to the One North project discussed above. This new project has 222 units and is a six-story building with several exterior amenities. It also incorporates green spaces that include a landscaped park to enhance the community for its occupants.

One Webster Apartments

One Webster Apartments, located at 1 Webster Avenue in Chelsea, MA consist of 24 units that include studios, one bedroom and two bedroom/two bathroom units. These apartments are conveniently located just a few minutes from excellent shopping, nightlife, and dining in Boston. Boston is about ten minutes away, making these apartments ideal for commuters and people searching for homes near the city.

The community is centrally located between Route 1 North and Route 1A. It is close to the intersection of Webster Avenue and Eastern Avenue, and runs along Broadway. This makes it easy to access all the main routes that lead to Cape Cod, New Hampshire, beaches, Boston, and Maine. The property is two miles from the Marina at Admiral’s Hill and the Mystic Mall. Several transportation options are also close to One Webster Apartments. The Silver Line is one block away and the nearest station is the Easter Avenue Station.

Some schools are near these apartments for rent in Chelsea, MA, such as Frank Sokolowski Elementary, which is across the street. Also, there are many other schools within the area. The community college of Bunker Hill is within a 15-minute commute from these apartments.

Residents of these apartments receive superior treatment and can access a 24-hour Wi-Fi lounge, a pool, and a fitness center. Additionally, there is an onsite facility for childcare. The apartments are completely fitted with modern conveniences, which include large closets, granite countertops, gourmet-style kitchens, and hardwood floors. The floor plans have various sizes that range from 590 – 970 square feet. There are also parking garage spaces that residents can reserve for an extra monthly fee.

Parkside Commons Apartments

This apartment community located on Stockholm Street in Chelsea, MA was constructed in 2008. It consists of four stories with 294 units in total. It offers an excellent living experience and convenient access to many points of interests that are located in the neighborhood. The community is directly off Route 1.

This community is LEED certified and has won several accolades for its accomplishment of a luxurious lifestyle combined with eco-friendly living. Parkside Commons has some unique amenities to fulfill the lifestyle of its residents. The MBTA commuter rail Chelsea Station is just one and a half miles from the apartment complex, while the Blue Line is just two miles away. Additionally, Logan Airport is less than two miles from the entrance of this community.

The property consists of various types of units that include studio, one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom residences.

Axis Admiral’s Hill Apartments

Axis Admiral’s Hill Apartments, located at 325 Commandants Way, are a relaxing waterfront community you would be happy to call home. Constructed in 2009, this complex of buildings has four stories consisting of 161 units in total. These elegant and spacious apartments are pet-friendly and are less than a mile from the Newburyport/Rockport purple line Chelsea commuter rail station. Some parks that are near these apartments include Polonia Park, O’Neil Park, and Mary O’Malley Waterfront Park.


Despite having a high population density, the city of Chelsea is able to provide an affordable alternative to Boston apartments. Additionally, apartments for rent in Chelsea, MA offer amazing city views, great proximity to Boston, a lively atmosphere, and comparatively lower rent prices than many other neighborhoods in the Greater Boston area.

Apartments for rent in Chelsea, MA are within a price range than you wouldn’t expect to see in an area this close to Boston. This is a main reason Chelsea remains the focus of well-informed renters. You will certainly maximize your return on investment if you tap into the opportunities of Chelsea’s real estate market. However, with continued economic growth in and around the area, the prices will soon begin to reach the levels seen in similar areas. So don’t wait! The time to get into a Chelsea apartment is now.

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