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Danvers, MA Apartments for Rent

Danvers is a town in Essex County, Massachusetts. It is on the Danvers River and is also close to the beaches of Gloucester. This location was originally called Salem Village. Its association with the infamous Salem Witch Trials makes it a popular destination point for both tourists and students of history. Danvers is not only infamous, but it is also famous. Many historic events and people from this area helped shape the formation of the United States.

History of Danvers MA

Colonists founded Danvers in 1636. They named it Salem Village. The people of Salem Village incorporated the area into town in 1757 and named it for Danvers Osborn. Osborn was one of the original settlers.

Danvers has a direct association with the Revolutionary War. Many patriots either stayed or lived in Danvers. Unfortunately, one of them was Benedict Arnold. One of the most noted was General Israel Putnam. General Putnam was a courageous fighter in many battles including the Battle of Lexington.

At that time, Danvers had a primarily agrarian-based economy. In fact, they were famous for developing the Danvers Onion and the Danvers Half – Long Carrot. Danvers earned the nickname Oniontown because of its famous onion.

In later years, Danvers’ economy turned more towards industry. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Danvers had a booming shoe industry. The horse-drawn trolleys enabled people to travel around the city and get to their places of employment.

Notable People and Historical Places

Samuel Holten

Samuel Holten was instrumental in the birth of the United States of America. He held local, regional, and provincial government posts. Samuel Holten was one of the signers of the Articles of Confederation and President of the Continental Congress.

His house is located at 171 Holten Street and is open by appointment. Unfortunately, it also has a dark history. It was the home of Sarah Holten. She is infamous for giving prejudicial testimony against Rebecca Nurse. Rebecca Nurse was one of the innocent victims of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

General Israel Putnam

During the Revolutionary War, Israel Putnam fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill (1775). Previously, he served as an officer with Rogers’ Rangers during the French and Indian War (1754-1763).

Israel Putnam inherited his courage from his parents. Joseph and Elizabeth Putnam opposed the Salem Witch Trials and petitioned the court to acquit Rebecca Nurse.

General Israel Putnam House

For over three centuries, the Putnam family owned this property. In 1991, the descendents of the Putnam family gave it to the Danvers Historical Society. The house was built on one hundred acres and was the birthplace of General Israel Putnam. The original house still stands at 431 Maple Street. Builders have added many additions over the years. The architecture is unusual. The structure is two and a half stories with a pitched roof over one part and a gambrel roof over another. Residents of Danvers, MA apartments for rent are fortunate to live in proximity to this interesting and historical building.

Rebecca Nurse

During the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, hysterical people, mostly young girls, used “spectral evidence” to accuse her of witchcraft. Many of the townspeople came to her defense but to no avail. She was a pious and respected member of the community and remained so until her murder in 1692. She was seventy-one years old when the hanging occurred. Though her burial place is unknown, her descendants built a memorial to her in the Rebecca Nurse Homestead cemetery.

The Nurse family built The Rebecca Nurse Homestead in 1700. It is located at 149 Pine Street. Throughout the years, it underwent many additions. In 1909, the town restored it and established it as a museum. A non-profit organization – The Danvers Alarm List Company owns and operates this museum.

Samuel Parris

Samuel Parris became minister to Salem Village (Danvers) in 1689. He chose this profession to gain financial security after a hurricane destroyed his Barbados property. In so doing, he became one of the greatest villains in Danvers’ history.

Parris was not a popular minister. He was unable to stop the quarrels that consumed the residents. He also spent money on gold candlesticks at a time of financial insecurity. At one point, the town stopped paying his wages. He carries the blame for much of the Salem hysteria. Parris’ daughter and her cousin accused Parris’ slave of witchcraft. Parris beat a confession out of Tituba, the slave. Tituba’s husband then began to accuse others. Friends of the two girls joined the madness. Samuel Parris fueled the fire from his pulpit. Many of the victims were people the Putnam family did not like. The Putnams were allies of Samuel Parris. Before it was over, the people of Salem village killed twenty innocent people.

Parsonage Archaeological Site

This site is at 67 Centre Street and was the home of the Parris family. It was at this spot that the horrors of the Salem Witch Trials began. The town of Danvers now owns this site. It includes the original foundation walls and interpretive signs.

Salem Village Historic District

The Salem Village Historic District encompasses a group of properties. This district is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The area includes properties along Centre, Hobart, Ingersoll, and Collins Streets, north to Brentwood Circle, and south to Mello Parkway. Several of the locations are associated with the Salem Witch Trials. The Rebecca Nurse Homestead and the remains of a local parsonage are located there. Residents of Danvers, MA apartments for rent can easily tour the area whenever they want.

Endicot Pear Tree

This tree is nearly four hundred years old! In 2011, it became a National Monument. It has lived through severe weather and vandals. This tree is the oldest living cultivated fruit tree in North America. Residents of Danvers apartments for rent can visit this tree for a reminder of the resilience of nature.

Derby Summer House

The Derby Summer House was designed by architect Samuel Mcintire and is also called the Mcintire Tea-House. Mcintire built it in 1793 and it is now located on the grounds of Glen Magna Farms. The Danvers Historical Society owns the property and maintains it scrupulously. It is a National Historic Landmark and is a perfect example of an eighteenth century summerhouse. In 1968, the house became part of the National Register of Historic Places. It is unusual today because its wooden sculptures are on the roof. These figures are replicas of some of the earliest sculptures in America.

In 1901, the town moved the house to its present location. The two statues on the roof were subject to mishaps. During the 1901 move, The Shepherdess was lost. Twenty years later, a worker found her on top of an Andover mill building. Unfortunately, a fire left her badly damaged. An artist carved a duplicate and the original is in the Peabody Institute. The Reaper met his end in a storm in 1981. An artist reproduced the statue and the original resides in the Danvers Historical society collection.

Danvers Apartments for Rent

A one-bedroom apartment in Danvers typically rents for around $2,000 per month. The average price of a two-bedroom apartment is $2,275. Three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments for rent have an average monthly cost $2,540 and $2,875, respectively. Danvers is a very popular location so I would suggest starting an apartment search now.


For people living Danbury apartments for rent, there are numerous places to work. The top ten employers in town are:

  • Medtronic Interventional Vascular
  • Hospice of the North Shore
  • North Shore Community College
  • Abiomed
  • Cell Signaling Technology
  • Lahey North Shore
  • Essex Techinical High School
  • Danversport Yacht Club
  • IRA Motor Group
  • The Home Depot


For the younger residents of Danvers apartments for rent, there is no shortage of schools. There are five elementary schools serving kindergarten through sixth grade. They are:

  • Highlands Elementary
  • Riverside Elementary
  • Great Oak Elementary
  • Thorpe Elementary
  • Smith Elementary

Children in grades six through eight attend the Holten-Richmond Middle School. Grades nine through twelve go to Danvers High School or Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School. Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School offers the following programs:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing
  • Automotive Technology
  • Companion Animals
  • Culinary Arts
  • Design and Visual Communications
  • Engineering and Automation Technology
  • Equine Science
  • Graphic Communications
  • Information Technology Services
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Sustainable Horticulture
  • Veterinary Science
  • Arboriculture
  • Biotechnology
  • Cosmetology
  • Dental Assisting
  • Environmental Technology
  • Health Assisting
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Landscape and Turf Management
  • Masonry and Tile Setting
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity
  • Carpentry

North Shore Community College

North Shore Community College is located at One Ferncroft Road. It is a public two-year institution that prepares students to continue to a four-year institution or enter the workforce. They offer 75 academic degrees and certificates. This is a very valuable resource for occupants of Danvers, MA apartments for rent. Whether studying for degree or certificate, this college provides an affordable path to future employment.


CoCo Key Water Park

CoCo Key Water Park is a fun for all ages and a fun in all-weather place. It is located at 50 Ferncroft Road and covers 65,000 square feet. They have water slides, an activity pool, an indoor river, and an arcade. There is free parking and day passes available. Residents of Danvers, MA apartments for rent can use this wonderful indoor center for fun, parties, class trips, or any group activity.

Liberty Tree Mall

Liberty Tree Mall is not your average shopping mall. There are many stores for the price conscience shopper. This mall is large, with 66 stores for shopping and browsing. There are also many convenient restaurants. What sets this mall apart are their entertainment venues. Liberty Tree has an AMC theater and a place called Sky Zone. Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park. The trampoline floor consists of connected trampolines that form one surface. Angled trampolines surround that surface enabling people to actually bounce off the walls! People of all ages come here for this unique experience. The Sky Zone is available for group events also.

WOW Family Entertainment is also located in the mall. It is a large facility filled with arcade games. People living in Danvers, MA apartments for rent can shop, play, exercise, and eat all in one lively place.


Ferncroft Pond Open Space

Ferncroft Pond is at 80 Ferncroft Road. It has 3/4 of a mile of trails and wetlands around the pond. There is a robust beaver population and the area surrounding the pond is a great place to view their habitats. During certain months, vernal pools are visible. You can view a variety of wildlife in a peaceful setting. This area is near both North Shore Community college and Essex Technical High School.

Greenleaf Open Space

This area consists of 23 acres and has 0.3 miles of public trails. It is most noted for, and named after, its most famous resident, John Greenleaf Whittier. Whittier was famous around the world for his magnificent poems that extolled the beauty of the New England countryside. His poetry had a much higher purpose though. Whittier was an abolitionist and wanted to promote change against the injustice of slavery.

Whittier built his house in Danvers in 1842. Even more than the house, he loved the natural elegance of his land. Whittier wrote over 100 poems while living in Danvers. Sadly, in 1958, a developer destroyed Whittier’s home. The developer split the former estate between the Greenleaf neighborhood and the Greenleaf Open Space Area. The preservation of this pastoral land coincides with Whittier’s reverence for nature.

Endicott Park

This park is located at 57 Forest Street. It encompasses 165 acres of beautiful bucolic views, woodlands, marshes, and trails. The wildlife is abundant and includes beavers, coyotes, grey squirrels, whitetail deer, and cottontail rabbits. This is a bird watcher’s paradise. The park provides plentiful food and resting areas for many different kinds of birds. There is a great deal of activity in Endicott Park. People come here to hike, fish, sled, snowshoe, picnic, ski, and play on the playground. For people living in Danvers, MA apartments for rent, this is a natural landscape for leisure and fun.

Danvers Dog Park

Canine inhabitants of Danvers, MA apartments for rent are also important to the Danvers park system. The Danvers Dog Park is located in Endicott Park. The rules and regulations of the park are very strict for the protection of dogs and their companions. If someone violates the rules, that person can be excluded from the park.

Dog Park Rules

  1. The caregiver must remain in the dog area with the dog.
  2. All dogs must have a license and have proof of rabies vaccination.
  3. When a dog enters or leaves the park, he must be on a leash.
  4. If a dog is in heat, the caregiver cannot bring him into the park.
  5. Dogs younger than four months old cannot be in the park.
  6. Humans cannot have more than two dogs at a time in the park.
  7. If a dog is aggressive, the companion must immediately remove the dog.
  8. The dog companion must remove feces and trash.
  9. Dogs must be with a human companion.
  10. If the dog digs a hole, the human must fill it.
  11. Prolonged training collars and choke chains are against the rules.
  12. Humans cannot smoke, use glass containers, or bring in food.
  13. Humans and dogs must leave toys and treats at home.
  14. Companions must be eighteen years old or older.
  15. Children under twelve cannot come into the park.
  16. Large dogs, (greater than 25 pounds) must stay out of the small dog enclosure.
  17. When the staff is doing maintenance, visitors must leave.
  18. Humans are responsible for their dogs.

Choate Farm

Choate Farm is located at 401 Locust Street. The one mile of marked trails traverses both fields and forest. These trails lead into the Danvers Rail Trail. Choate Farm has a group of peach trees that are very popular with the residents. Picnic tables are at the end of the trail and are a welcome site. One can often see people eating or just relaxing.

Danvers Town Forest

The Town Forest covers over fifty acres and is the largest Open Space area in Danvers. The reconditioning of three miles of trails allows for a greater forest experience. Visitors can choose from the red, yellow, blue, or green trails. The colors designate the degree of difficulty of each trail. By choosing the correct trail, each explorer can better appreciate the beauty of the forest. Town Forest also encloses a piece of history. Goodale Cemetery contains the remains of soldiers from both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

Wildlife habitats are abundant in this park. A diversity of animals comes from the Ipswich River and surrounding wetlands. Three vernal pools provide breeding grounds for amphibians and invertebrates. Visitors can see fairy shrimp, blue spotted salamanders, and wood frogs. There is also a beaver dam across Norris Brook. For residents of Danvers, MA apartments for rent, this forest provides peace and a way to communicate with nature.

Whipple Hill

Whipple Hill is located in Endicott Park. The movement of glaciers about two thousand years ago formed this area into a drumlin. Drumlins have steep front faces and long sloping back faces. This is a new growth forest with many trees younger than two hundred years old. There are many new growth forests in New England because settlers used trees for fuel and building construction. There are numerous tree species including white pine, red oak, red maple, and beech. Rock walls mark an area farmers used for sheep and other livestock. Residents of Danvers, MA apartments for rent will enjoy watching the many animals that live here. Coyotes, wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, and cottontail rabbits roam freely throughout the forest.

College Pond

College Pond is located at 8 Greenleaf Drive and is a pleasant spot for a short walk. The new boardwalk and bench are perfect for relaxation or some of the best bird watching in Danvers.


Daniella’s Café and Market

If you are living in Danvers, MA apartments for rent and want a taste of Italy, this is the place to go. They have a market filled with Italian delicacies and a café that offers homemade dishes, salads, sandwiches, and desserts. Many of the items offered in the market are imported. The chef creates dishes from family recipes. To add to the authenticity, the floors are mosaic marble, there is antique Tiffany lighting, and they use a nickel-plated espresso machine. They cook all of your Italian favorites to perfection. It is conveniently located at 78 Holten Street.

New Brothers Restaurant and Deli

New Brothers offers inexpensive, authentic Greek and American food in a casual atmosphere. The service is quick and there are numerous food choices. It is located at 31 Maple Street and there is ample parking.

They serve breakfast specials all day and there is a huge selection of sandwiches, pasta dishes, salads, soups, seafood, full dinners, and desserts. Though there are occasional menu changes, the local favorites – stuffed grape leaves, spanakopita, and macaroni and cheese are usually available. Greek dishes that are very popular are chicken egg lemon soup, moussaka, chicken kabobs, and roast leg of lamb. For people living in Danvers, MA apartments for rent, this is the place to go for both the familiar and the exotic.

Sawasdee Danvers Thai Restaurant

Sawasdee Danvers Thai Restaurant is located at 49A Maple Street and offers authentic Thai cuisine. The menu is very large and caters to all tastes. They serve Thai classics such as Thai rolls, satay, tom yum, and seaweed salad. They also have many vegetarian selections such as dishes made with tofu, bean thread noodles, and a variety of mixed vegetable dishes. You can mix and match your favorite meats and vegetables making every meal exactly as you like it. You can create your own curry dishes by choosing seafood, meat, or tofu with your favorite curry. For people living in Danvers, MA apartments for rent, this restaurant offers more than just a meal; it is a culinary adventure.

Daily Harvest Café

If you are health conscious but still want a delicious meal, this is the café for you. It is located at 103 High Street and has ample parking. They have foods that appeal to all tastes, including vegetarian selections and a kid’s menu. Unlike many other restaurants, the owners seek out suppliers who care about humane practices, the environment, and sustainability. They are dedicated to using products that are natural and organic. Residents of Danvers, MA apartments for rent have the perfect place for breakfast and lunch.

From all of the above information, you can tell that Danvers is a great place to live. It is conveniently located on the North Shore and offers fascinating history, beautiful parks, delicious food, and many educational opportunities. It is a good idea to look at apartments today.