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The number of people searching for homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA is always increasing, and there are good reasons for that. The streets are lined with trees and post-war ranch houses with easy access to upscale grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops. The neighborhood boasts a colonial-era history, reflected in its many parks as well as prominent buildings and structures.

About West Roxbury

Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Know About West Roxbury, MA

The number of people searching for homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA is always increasing, and there are good reasons for that. The streets are lined with trees and post-war ranch houses with easy access to upscale grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops. The neighborhood boasts a colonial-era history, reflected in its many parks as well as prominent buildings and structures.

This research on homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA, will help you learn more about this intriguing neighborhood. We will cover the history, geography, transportation information, real estate statistics, and various sites of interest right here, so you can have a robust knowledge of the neighborhood as you search Boston Pads listings for your next perfect property.

Statistics About West Roxbury, MA

The population of West Roxbury is approximately 30,446 people compared to the 685,094 residents living throughout Boston according to the last 2017 United States Census Bureau statistics. West Roxbury has experienced a population rebound after a decline in the 1980’s through the 2000’s. However, the population density of West Roxbury is 63% lower than the rest of Boston, which means many homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA often have ample green space and backyards to enjoy the varied climate of this area.

Summers in West Roxbury tend to be comfortably warm with highs between 73-82 degrees Fahrenheit. The snowy, wet winters range from 23 degrees to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of its suburban-urban atmosphere with trees on many streets, West Roxbury is an ideal place to see a classic New England autumn where the leaves display a stunning, vibrant color change.

History of West Roxbury, MA

Settlers established West Roxbury in 1630 contemporaneously with the founding of Boston. The settlers used it mainly for farmland. The neighborhood was originally part of Roxbury and residents called it the Spring Street neighborhood until Boston annexed it in 1873. Before 1873, the neighborhood saw the creation of many homes, schools, cemeteries, and churches. Throughout the 1600’s and 1700’s, streets connected the area to parts of Boston and other Northeastern towns.

One of the most notable events in West Roxbury history was the creation of Brooks Farm in 1841. This experiment in utopian, communal living lasted until 1847. The experimental community even served as the inspiration for Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book, The Blithesdale Romance, which he published in 1852.

In 1848, The Boston and Providence Railroad created multiple stops at West Roxbury Village, Central (Bellevue) Street, and Spring Street. This contributed to West Roxbury’s dramatic population increase and transformed it from a mainly rural farming town into an urban area.


West Roxbury is located in the southwest corner of Boston and is a part of Suffolk County. While West Roxbury is sometimes confused with the neighborhood of Roxbury, Jamaica Plain and Roslindale separate the two. West Roxbury used to be a part of Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, and Roslindale until West Roxbury separated from Roxbury in order to remain more rural. West Roxbury included Roslindale and Jamaica Plain until 1873 when Boston annexed the town.

West Roxbury and Roxbury are named for the unique Roxbury Conglomerate (more often called Roxbury puddingstone) rock formations that underlie the majority of the area. In the 19th and 20th centuries, builders used this rock to create home foundations and walls. This rock is so ubiquitous throughout the region that it is the official state rock of Massachusetts.

West Roxbury borders the neighborhoods of Hyde Park in the southeast, Roslindale in the east, and Jamaica Plain in the northeast. Outside of Boston, you can explore further areas to the west, such as the towns of Needham and Dedham in Norfolk County and Newton in Middlesex County.

Real Estate Information Regarding Homes for Sale in West Roxbury, MA

The average price for single-family homes in this area ranges from $400,000 to $700,000. This is much less than neighboring areas such as Jamaica Plain where the average single-family home sells for $1,010,000. Many homes include some sort of green space and residents describe them as having both suburban and urban amenities.

Popular neighborhoods within West Roxbury include Upper-Washington Spring Street, Brook Farm, and Bellevue Heights. Many homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA include lawns or are located near one of the many parks and verdant historical sites.

Transportation in West Roxbury, MA

Public transportation is abundant in West Roxbury, making travel throughout Boston and nearby areas a breeze. West Roxbury has three bus lines (35, 36, and 37) and three MBTA Commuter Rail stations (West Roxbury, Bellevue, and Highland) that serve the Needham Line. Because this area has three Commuter Rail stations, numerous homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA are conveniently located near one of these stations.

While no major highways extend through West Roxbury, there are numerous ways to get to Route 109, Route 9, and Interstate 95 through local streets. Many residents say that parking spaces are ample in residential and commercial areas.

Schools in West Roxbury, MA

This Boston neighborhood hosts a plethora of public and private schools that are close to many homes for sales in West Roxbury, MA. Public schools in this area include Beethoven Elementary School, Joyce Kilmer Upper and Lower School, Urban Science Academy, West Roxbury Academy, and more. Private institutions are abundant and include Children’s House Montessori, Holy Name Parish School, St. Theresa of Avila School, The Roxbury Latin School, and Catholic Memorial School.

Local Events Near Homes for Sale in West Roxbury, MA

West Roxbury hosts a number of entertaining local events throughout the year. One event is the Corrib Classic 5K Road Race that happens every June at Billings Field, LaGrange Street. The event began in 1994 with 250 runners and the Bligh family of Corrib Pub and Restaurant sponsored it. The event helps to raise money for a variety of causes and now typically raises half a million dollars each year. Their typical attendance is 2,000 runners, plus volunteers, and event staff.

Another charming local event is the Shamrock Shootout along Temple Street near many new homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA. What began as a hockey tournament for neighborhood kids, who had school off for Evacuation Day in 2008, is now a 650+-player tournament that includes music, food and other exciting activities. Registration for the event is free and all players receive a free hockey stick, shirt, and lunch.

Points of Interest and Historical Places in West Roxbury

If you are searching for homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA, you are searching for a place rich in New England history; this neighborhood does not disappoint. Consider the following if you are interested in this neighborhood’s intriguing history and points of interest.

Brook Farm

Sometimes called the Brook Farm Institute of Agriculture and Education, Brook Farm was a 175-acre farm founded in 1841 as a utopian, transcendentalist experiment in communal living. George Ripley and his wife Sophia Ripley founded the farm. They believed the community would serve as an example to the rest of the world on the merits of hard work and equality. Residents believed that sharing the workload equally would allow for plenty of leisure time and pursuit of other intellectual interests. In its heyday, the community hosted renowned thinkers of the period, including Margaret Fuller, Charles Anderson Dana, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Unfortunately, Brook Farm often struggled with finances and, despite its name, proved difficult to farm; it discontinued operations entirely in 1847. Afterwards, the farm served as training grounds for Civil War soldiers, and an orphanage called Martin Luther Orphan’s Home between 1872 and 1943. Later it became a treatment center and school, which later closed in 1977. Brook Farm became a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1965 and a Boston Landmark in 1977. Visitors today can see the Print Shop, constructed in 1890, as well as the gorgeous natural surroundings that include meadows, orchards, dense pine trees, and a brook (hence the name Brook Farm) that leads to the Charles River.

Westerly Burial Ground

Sometimes people referred to it as the Westerly Burying Ground; this is a historic cemetery located in West Roxbury. Local citizens established it in 1683 and it is Boston’s seventh-oldest cemetery. This site is the final resting place for some of the earliest settlers of West Roxbury, eight Revolutionary War veterans, and fifteen Civil War veterans.

Westerly Burial Ground is also historically significant due to its large collection of funerary art. One-third of the surviving gravestones at this site are from the eighteenth century and many others are from the nineteenth century.

The Theodore Parker Church

This church’s more than 300 years of history started with its first meetinghouse, constructed in 1711. The parishioners named the building after Theodore Parker who served his first pastorate from 1837 to 1846 at this church. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Lincoln were inspired by his eloquent oratory. Visitors to this church can see gorgeous stained glass including seven windows created between 1894 and 1927 by Tiffany Studios. The windows vary in subject from religious iconography to fields of plum-colored irises.

Millennium Park

What was once the Gardner Street landfill hill is now a 100-acre green space complete with six miles of trails and a canoe launch on the Charles River. It also offers stunning views of downtown Boston, Blue Hills, and Newton’s hills. This park also contains a sports field, a playground, picnic areas, and lovely landscapes of oak, maple, and pine trees as well as hundreds of wildflowers. The area of shoreline where the park meets the Charles River is affectionately named “Dump Shoreline” in honor of its landfill roots. However, many residents will inform you that nature has splendidly reclaimed the park and it no longer resembles a dump in any way whatsoever.

Bellevue Standpipe

The Bellevue Standpipe is a historic water storage tank located on the highest natural point in Boston, Bellevue Hill. In 1914, builders constructed the 114-foot tall and 47 feet in diameter structure from rough-cut granite blocks. The steel water storage tank can hold 2.5 million gallons of water and is located near a second a water storage tank that was built between 1955 and 1956. In 1990, the National Register of Historic Places added the 1914 structure.

Boston Public Library

West Roxbury is home to the West Roxbury branch of the Boston Public Library on 1961 Centre Street. This location is the second largest branch of the Boston Public Library at 24,200 square feet and serves as the headquarters for the West Roxbury Historical Society.

This branch also has many community rooms that one can reserve, a gallery, a local history room, and a reading garden. Computers, printing stations, scanning stations, and free Wifi are available to all visitors. Patrons can also access collections of books in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish. The library has bike racks and parking spaces, so you can use your favorite mode of transportation to easily go back and forth between this community gem and the many homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA.

Best Restaurants Close to Homes for Sale in West Roxbury, MA

For foodies of all types, West Roxbury certainly has something to satisfy every craving. After all, even the best cooks want to take a break and enjoy a tasty dish from one of the many cafes, bistros, diners, and bakeries around West Roxbury. Most of these restaurants are conveniently located on Centre Street. This community hub is the main commercial thoroughfare of the area complete with dozens of restaurants, pubs, banks, convenience stores, grocery stores, and the Parkway Community YMCA. There are multiple parking lots along this street as well as two bus stops.

West on Centre

This casual neighborhood eatery provides a comforting ambience with a fireplace in the winter and a garden patio for the warmer months as guests enjoy burgers, fries, tacos, seafood, and other popular bar foods; prices range between $7 and $25.

Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available as well as takeout options for those who want to take a quick trip to West Roxbury’s Centre Street before returning to one of the homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA. Those who dine-in for lunch, dinner, and brunch can also try one of the popular drinks at West on Centre including local beers, wine, and seasonal cocktails created by the bartenders.

Sofia Italian Steakhouse

For a decadent Italian dining experience, locals turn to Sofia Italian Steakhouse where dishes range in price between $22 and $45. Seafood options abound as well as traditional Italian dishes like pasta, fresh salads, and steaks topped with garlic butter or more unique additions, like jalapeno jelly, gorgonzola wine sauce, and merlot demi-glace. This luxurious location is also available for private events, cocktail parties, and banquets for lunch and dinner in addition to convenient takeout options.

Himalayan Bistro

Take a trip to the Himalayas without leaving West Roxbury and indulge in Indian, Nepalese, and Chinese cuisines with plentiful vegetarian and vegan options. Located on Centre Street, this restaurant has dine-in options and takeout options. The lunch buffet is a fixed price and you can sample a variety of delectable chicken, fish, lamb, rice, bread, and vegetarian delights.

In addition to vegan and vegetarian offerings, Himalaya Bistro can also prepare gluten-free dishes, food for those with certain allergies, and can adjust the spice level of dishes to mild, medium, or hot. No matter what spice level you choose, try a mango lassi, a delightful Indian yogurt and fruit drink to sip between courses.

Al-Wadi Restaurant

For those who enjoy Mediterranean food and Lebanese cuisine, you will find scrumptious appetizers, main courses, and desserts galore at Al-Wadi Restaurant. In addition to dine-in, options in a gorgeous dining room complete with marble columns and elegant chandeliers, guests can order takeout of the many dishes that can be made vegetarian, Halal, vegan, and gluten free.

Prices range from $10 to $30 and feature a wide variety of Mediterranean cuisine, including falafel, hummus, halloumi cheese, kebabs, and baba ghanoush. You can make a reservation at this restaurant that also has a full bar featuring wines, Lebanese beers, specialty cocktails, and Arak – a traditional Middle Eastern spirit with a slight licorice flavor.

Rox Diner

Named after the first half of the word ‘Roxbury’ in honor of its West Roxbury roots, owners founded this staple diner in 2007 under the guiding principles of culinary expertise, graciousness, and collaboration with local artisans. What was formerly a small breakfast spot now serves lunch, brunch, and dinner for around $5 to $15. Local beer and wine are also available as well as mimosas. This cozy diner serves traditional American breakfast and lunch fare with customizable omelets, French toast, pancakes, sandwiches, wraps, soups, and salads. They serve all dishes throughout the day.

Porter Café

Located on Centre Street, this spot not only serves up delicious and unique pub food but also boasts the largest craft beer selection in all of West Roxbury. This menu will satisfy all tastes with its vast variety of food, including Thai, American, English, German, Vietnamese, Japanese, Portuguese, and Canadian cuisines. Porter Café is open until 1 AM every night, making the location a fun spot for a tasty meal and drinks before or after conquering the Boston nightlife. Customers who frequent this restaurant speak highly of its comforting pub ambience and the friendly, attentive staff.

Anna’s Hand Cut Donuts

Open daily until 1 PM, this old school donut shop serves bagels, donuts, and coffee to hungry visitors looking for hand-made treats. This bakery is cash only and has a small section of diner-style seating for those who want to dine in. Street parking is available, but there are no bike racks and seating is all indoors with no outside dining areas. It is not uncommon to see residents picking up a dozen donuts along with a steaming cup of coffee on the weekends from Anna’s Hand Cut Donuts, especially since its location on Centre Street is close to many of the homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA.

Sugar Bakery

Another popular bakery in West Roxbury is Sugar Bakery, which visitors frequently rate among the best bakeries in Boston according to TripAdvisor. Food and drinks range between $5 and $10 and include cupcakes, cookies, Italian desserts, tarts, cakes, breakfast pastries and more.

Sugar Bakery serves multiple coffee options and teas along with specialty drinks that change with each new season. Raspberry lime rickeys are a favorite in the summertime, and hot apple cider can make even the coldest autumns and winters feel warm and cozy. This location also has indoor seating options and can cater local events with platters of cookies, custom cakes, and pies for the holiday season.

Corrib Pub and Restaurant

The Bligh family who originally bought Corrib Pub and Restaurant in 1988 originated the Corrib Classic 5K Road Race, held every June at Billings Field. For over 30 years, this pub has gained a reputation for serving delicious Irish dishes, beers, and classic bar food from quesadillas to buffalo wings. Bostonians looking for seafood options will find a wide selection of salmon, clams, scallops, and shrimp to pair with the many beers on draft.

There are plentiful seating options with televisions that regularly play local sporting events, and takeout options for those who would rather watch their favorite sporting event at home. In case you are curious, the name Corrib comes from a lake in County Galway Ireland called ‘Lough Corrib’.

Los Amigos

This restaurant is located on Centre Street, which is right near most of the homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA. In addition to delicious Mexican food, this eatery also serves some fascinating history. A recent 2012 graduate from Babson College looking to combine his newly acquired business acumen with a lifelong love for food, found a vacant storefront for sale right next to his father’s Pizzeria. Soon after, the fast-casual restaurant became a West Roxbury favorite with its contemporary twists on Mexican burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. This location has vegetarian options, catering services, and even has fun merchandise available in-store and online for its biggest fans.

Recreo Coffee & Roasterie

Praised as one of the best coffee and tea spots in Boston, this café sources all of its coffee in a socially and environmentally responsible way from its family farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua. The Recreo website details its meticulous process of growing, processing, and brewing its coffee beans by experts who ensure they complete each step using only the highest standards. In fact, these beans are so popular among West Roxbury locals that the café now has options for visitors to purchase 3 oz., 5 oz., and 5 lb. bags. Customers looking for a quick bite can purchase a locally made pastry or cookie – the perfect accompaniment to a fresh cup of coffee.

In addition to its amazing coffee and food, Recreo Coffee and Roasterie is a visual treat with exposed brick walls, charming tin roof, and comfortable seating options. The café also typically plays soft classical music throughout the day, making this location a great spot to catch up with friends, read a book, or work on assignments. You can display your loyalty to this wonderful place by purchasing some of their merchandise. You can also take an enriching and educational tour of the Nicaraguan family farm to see how coffee is processed from beginning to end.

Greek International Food Market

While this selection is not a traditional brick-and-mortar eatery, it is certainly a favorite among foodies who adore fresh Greek dishes. They also supply a huge selection of farmer’s market items such as tea, pasta, grains, beans, clothing items, seafood, herbs, jams, olive oils, honey, coffee, pastries, beverages, and beauty products.

The origin story of this market is similar to the origin story of Los Amigos. A Babson College graduate (2009) started The Greek International Food Market and its associated restaurant in Newton, MA. She wanted to serve people the food she loved as a child. The market is typically open seven days a week from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM and it is located near a few of the local elementary schools and the Dunbarton Woods Park. You can combine a fun after school trip with some exercise and playtime.

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