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Many people consider Lexington to be one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. Out of 196 suburbs in Massachusetts, they are rated number one. Public schools here are the best in the greater Boston area – out of 349 public schools, they are also rated number one. Lexington has beautiful green spaces, an enormous amount of history, beautiful homes, and some of the best dining and shopping around. When you search for Lexington, MA homes for sale on Boston Pads, you will understand why property in this town is so highly sought after.

About Lexington, MA

About Lexington, MA Homes for Sale

Many people consider Lexington to be one of the best places to live in Massachusetts, and after reading this article, I am sure you will agree. It is in Middlesex County and has a population of approximately 33,339 people. The town is densely populated but has enough green space to provide beautiful and comfortable living space. Public schools here are the best in the greater Boston area. Out of 349 public schools, they are rated number one. Out of 196 suburbs in Massachusetts, they are rated number one.

Lexington covers 16.5 square miles – 16.4 square miles of land and 0.1 square miles of water. The towns of Lincoln, Burlington, Arlington, Woburn, Belmont, Bedford, Winchester, and Waltham surround Lexington. Among these towns, Lexington is the largest.

Real Estate in Lexington, MA Homes for Sale

The median home value in Lexington is $816,100, which is above the state of Massachusetts average. The median price for all housing units is approximately $983,121. Single-family detached homes have a median price of approximately $1,000,000 and townhouses have a median of $703,325. The median price for 2-unit structures is about $578,300 and for three and four unit structures, it is $414,073. Five plus-unit structures is have a $447,871 median price.

Employment near Lexington, MA Homes for Sale

There is a wide range of employers in Lexington. MIT Lincoln Laboratory employs just over 3,400 people. Care One Lexington, HIS GLOBAL INSIGHT USA INC., Lkq, and Quantech Services employ between 250-499 people. The following companies employ between 100 to 249 people: Boston Sports Clubs, Eastern Research Group, Fiske Elementary School, Jonas Clarke Middle School, Agilent Technologies Inc., Booz Allen Hamilton, Cotting School, Element Lexington, IVF New England, Merck & Company Inc., Pine Knoll Nursing Center, Wilson Farm, Atmospheric & Environmental Research, Brookhaven at Lexington, Endo Pharmaceutical Solutions, Minehart & Company, Sensormatic, William Diamond Middle School, Oasis Systems LLC, and Shire.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

The United States Department of Defense funds the MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Their research and development focus is on the technology necessary for military electronics such as radar and reentry physics.

Created in 1951, its first mission was to improve air defense through advanced electronics. Due to MIT’s successful management of the Radiation Laboratory during World War II, the U.S. Air Force wanted MIT to do the research for an air defense system that could detect, identify, and intercept incoming air threats. MIT Lincoln Laboratory developed the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment Air Defense System. With the use of a computer that could perform in real time, this system could collect, analyze, and relay data from numerous radars.

Now, the research and development at MIT Lincoln Laboratory consists of the following mission areas:

  • Advanced Technology
  • Engineering
  • Space Control
  • Communication Systems
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Systems and Technology
  • Air, Missile, and Maritime Defense Technology
  • Cyber Security and Information Sciences
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Tactical Systems
  • Homeland Protection

Education near Lexington, MA Homes for Sale

The Lexington school system is the highest ranking in Massachusetts. It is also one of the top-ranked school systems in the United States.

Elementary Schools

  • Bridge Elementary School
  • Harrington Elementary School
  • Joseph Estabrook Elementary School
  • Maria Hastings Elementary School
  • Bowman Elementary School
  • Fiske Elementary School

Middle Schools

  • Jonas Clarke Middle School
  • William Diamond Middle School

High Schools

  • Minuteman Regional High School
  • Lexington High School

Private Schools

  • Lexington Montessori School
  • Lexington Christian Academy
  • The Waldorf School of Lexington


In 1642, Lexington was part of Cambridge. It became a separate town in 1713 and the residents gave it the name of Lexington. Historians are not quite sure where the name originated. It might have been named after Lord Lexington or a town in Nottinghamshire, England. Vine Brook enhanced the economy of the town by providing water for the mills and farms. For many years, farming was the major industry.
On April 18, 1775, the British marched from Boston to Concord in order to seize the colonial arms supply and arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock. The militia, warned by Paul Revere and the other riders, confronted the army on the Lexington town green. The rebels shot first and the British retreated. This was the first battle of the American Revolution.

In 1846, the economy of Lexington got a boost from the Boston and Maine Railroad Line. Being near Boston and having this level of transportation increased the prosperity of the town. The next population increase occurred during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Property values soared due to the increase in technology jobs.

Historical Sites and Places of Interest near Lexington, MA Homes for Sale

The Lexington Battle Green or Lexington Common

This spot was the location of the first battle of the American Revolution. It is now a public park that commemorates this historic event. In 1961, it became a National Historic Landmark and in 1966, the National Register of Historic Places added the Common to its list.

The statue representing Captain John Parker, the militia leader, stands at the eastern corner of the Common. The western corner contains the Revolutionary War Monument, an obelisk built in 1799 and surrounded by an iron fence. It is the oldest standing war memorial in the United States. In 1835, the remains of seven of the eight militiamen killed in the battle of Lexington were reburied within this enclosure.

Lexington Visitors Center

Located at 1605 Massachusetts Avenue, this is the place to shop for all things Lexington. It is also the place to rest and acquire all the information you need to tour this wonderful town. Tickets for the Liberty Ride, the trolley tour of Lexington and Concord, are available here. It is also the location of the Battle of Lexington diorama.

The Old Burying Ground

This is Lexington’s oldest cemetery and contains graves dating from 1690. The entrance is located on the corner of Harrington Road and Massachusetts Avenue; the Battle Green is across the street. Buried there are early inhabitants of Lexington and soldiers from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Originally buried there were The Minutemen who died during the Battle of Lexington. Though the residents reburied them in the War Monument Enclosure, there is still a plaque in their honor at The Old Burying Ground.

Many believe that The Old Burying Ground contains the remains of Captain John Parker but no one has been able to find a grave marker. Even though there is no marked grave, the cemetery has two memorials in his honor.

The Old Belfry

The Old Belfry is located in Lexington Center and a plain wooden sign on Massachusetts Avenue announces its presence. This is not the belfry that announced the march of the British in 1775; it is a replica. The rocky and steep path that leads to Belfry Hill deters some visitors. However, it is worth the climb.

Buckman Tavern

Benjamin Muzzey completed this tavern in 1710 and he was granted the first license for a public house in Lexington. After Benjamin Muzzey retired, his son John ran the tavern. After John Muzzey retired, his daughter and son-in-law, John Buckman ran the tavern during the start of the Revolutionary War. At the time, Lexington had a militia for local defense. After training on the Lexington Green, they liked to relax at the tavern. It was here that the militia awaited the arrival of the British military force.

Buckman Tavern was not just the headquarters of the militia. It was an extremely busy tavern, the location of the town’s first store, and the location of the town’s first post office. In 1961, it became a National Historic Landmark.

Munroe Tavern

This tavern is located at 1332 Massachusetts Avenue and had a significant role in the Revolutionary War. The owner of the tavern, William Munroe, was a sergeant in the militia and allowed the militia to use it as a meeting place. On the night of April 18, 1775, Solomon Brown reported to the assembled group that British troops were heading towards Lexington. The next morning, the battle began. The British soldiers used the tavern as a field hospital and occupied it for 1.5 hours.

In 1789, George Washington visited the Lexington battlefield and ate at Munroe Tavern. You can view the room that holds the table where he sat and some official documents.

The National Register of Historic Places added Munroe Tavern in 1976. The Lexington Historical Society oversees the building as a museum. In 2010 to 2011, the Society renovated and restored parts of the building.

The Hancock-Clarke House

The Hancock-Clarke House is located at 36 Hancock Street. As a child, John Hancock lived here for several years. Built in 1738, the house had a role in the Battle of Lexington and Concord; before the battle both John Hancock and Samuel Adams were staying there. In 1971, it became a National Historic Landmark and the National Register of Historic Places lists it. It is now a museum that contains relics of April 19, 1775.

Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Library

This museum emphasizes Freemasonry and American History and contains the Van Gordeen-Williams Library and Archives. Founded in 1975 and funded by the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite, it also serves as their headquarters. The exhibits change periodically and focus on American history, American culture, Lexington’s role in the Revolution, and fraternal organizations.

The Lexington Depot

The Lexington Depot, built in 1847, was once the center of activity for the town of Lexington. In the past, as many as nineteen trains stopped here. The Lexington Historical Society renovated the building and now uses it as their headquarters.

The Stone Building

This magnificent Greek revival building is located at 735 Massachusetts Avenue. Built in 1833, it was originally a meeting hall. Many famous people spoke there such as Theodore Parker, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Wendell Philips, Josiah Quincy, Jr., Henry David Thoreau, and Charles Sumner. In 1976, the National Register of Historic Places added it to its list.

Parks near Lexington, MA Homes for Sale

Parker Meadow Conservation Area

Parker Meadow Conservation Area is located at 59 Revere Street and has 17 miles of gorgeous green space. Explore the pond and reconnect with nature while you stroll around the meadow.

Willard’s Woods

Willard’s Woods covers 100 acres and is a designated conservation area. In the 1870’s, it was a large orchard farm. Now, it is a much loved recreation area consisting of two streams, three miles of trails, a solid path near a pond, varieties of plants and wildlife, and a bike path. People have seen fox, deer, raccoons, many bird species, and opossums in the woods. There are abundant wildflowers in the meadow. Lexington, MA homes for sale provide you with one of the most magnificent parks in Massachusetts.

Lincoln Park Playground

Lincoln Park Playground is located on Lincoln Street and has playground equipment for both little children and older children. There are sports fields around the play area but that is not a problem as a fence surrounds the playground. In addition to slides, there is a rock climbing wall, a wobbly bridge, ladders, and monkey bars. The surface of the playground is bright blue rubber so you do not have to worry about injuries. Planning a fun day here is very easy; there are picnic tables, grills, trashcans and bathrooms.

Other Parks in Lexington

There are many parks in Lexington for relaxing and enjoying nature. Some of them are Paint Mine Area, Garfield Park, Chiesa Farm, Daisy Wilson Meadow, Katahdin Woods, The Old Reservoir, Juniper Hill, Arlington’s Great Meadows, Sutherland Woods, Blossom Street Field, Tower Park, Emery Park, Shaker Glen, West Farm, Bowman Park, Idylwilde, Poplar Street Play Area, Dunback Meadow, Island, Cotton Farm, Chelsea Meadow, Tophet Swamp, Whipple Hill, Valleyfield Play Area, Meagerville, and Countryside Green.
The amount of green spaces and the care the town provides for its green spaces is an indication that this is a town dedicated to the well-being of its residents.

Entertainment and Activities near Lexington, MA Home for Sale

The Lexington Players

The vibrancy a theatre group brings to a city is unsurpassed by any other venue. Founded in 1995, The Lexington Players is Lexington’s only theatre group. They produce four productions a year and have a summer drama program for children called YouthStage. Their New Directors workshop trains budding directors for their own productions. After three months of training, they direct, plan, cast, and audition a one act play. A Women’s Dance Ensemble was another of their creations.

The creativity of children is further encouraged by their a capella group. This is a workshop for children ages eight to fifteen. By the time the workshop ends, children will have the fundamentals of harmonizing. Munroe Center for the Arts has provided them with the space they need for rehearsals. Performances are in different locations around Lexington.

Pinot’s Palette

Pinot’s Palette is located at 7A Meriam Street and provides art just for the fun of it. It is a place to paint, drink, eat, and create. Pinot’s Palette is available to rent for parties for people of all ages. However, the Paint and Sip parties are adults only. There are evening art classes for those who want to perfect their skills.


LexMedia is located at 1001 Main Campus Drive and is a non-profit, community access media center. They pride themselves on being the voice of Lexington. It is fitting that the birthplace of the American Revolution has an organization committed to freedom of expression. They provide studio and field equipment and training to their members to encourage them to be as creative as possible. LexMedia provides cable coverage on three channels – LPTV, LETV, and LGTV. streams these Media channels live. Comcast, RCN, and Verizon also provide channels.

The Josiah Willard Hayden Recreation Center

The Josiah Willard Hayden Recreation Center is a non-profit center located at 10 Lincoln Street. Established in 1937, their purpose is to promote the physical, intellectual, and moral development of the children of Lexington. The Center has two buildings at the corner of Lincoln Street and Worthen Road. The Hayden Recreation Centre contains a weight room, swimming pool, dance studio, gymnasium, gymnastics studio, art studio, and pottery studio. It also houses the Hayden After-School program, the Josiah Hayden Pre-School, and the summer camp programs. There is also a full-size ice rink where skating classes, hockey clinics, and the Hayden Recreation Centre Figure Skating Club all meet. Both locations offer adult programs also such as swimming, skating, and weight training.

The Irving H. Mabee Town Pool Complex

The Irving H. Mabee Town Pool Complex is located on Worthen Road in the Center Recreation Complex. It is open seven days a week and offers a variety of programs such as Adult Aqua Aerobics, American Red Cross Swim Classes, Diving Lessons, and Adult Lap Swim. They have also added a splash pad with multiple spray features for children.

Pine Meadows Golf Club

When you buy one of the Lexington, MA homes for sale, you will have access to this lovely public golf course. Whether you are an experienced golfer or a beginner, you will enjoy this nine-hole course. For those who want to learn to play golf, professionals are available for instruction. Teachers teach not just the physical fundamentals of golf but also relaxation techniques. You will even get homework – drills to practice to perfect your swing.

Restaurants near Lexington, MA Homes for Sale

Il Casale Lexington

This restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine from their a la carte menu. They also have a children’s menu and vegetarian options. It is located at 1727 Massachusetts Avenue.

Town Meeting Bistro

Town Meeting Bistro is located at The Inn at Hastings Park, 2027 Massachusetts Avenue. The beautiful colonial setting lends an old New England ambience to your meal. Just as in a bygone era, local farms provide the ingredients for their New England flavored dishes. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Mario’s Italian Restaurant

Mario’s Italian Restaurant is located at 1733 Massachusetts Avenue and serves traditional Italian cuisine. Lexington’s Readers’ Choice Awards voted them the number one Italian restaurant in Lexington. They have a reasonably priced lunch menu that has all the Italian favorites such as calzones, salads, and pizzas.


Daikanyama is located at 43 Waltham Street and serves genuine Japanese food. Their large menu has something for everyone. Vegetarians will have more selections here than most places. Their sparkling, blond wood décor lends an upbeat atmosphere to this fine dining experience. The sushi bar has an excellent array of traditional and creative sushi dishes. Some of their most popular dishes are wasabi shumai, tsukemono, sunomo, and numerous noodle dishes. While touring Lexington, MA homes for sale, stop here for a taste of Japan.

Royal Indian Bistro

Royal Indian Bistro is located at 7 Meriam Street and serves real Indian food. This family owned restaurant mixes the tastes of India with contemporary American flavors. It is a great place to go if you are a vegetarian or on a gluten free diet. Some of their popular dishes are papad, pakora, biryani, and tandoori. When you become tired of the ordinary, try this extraordinary cuisine.

Taipei Gourmet

Taipei Gourmet is located at 211 Massachusetts Avenue and specializes in Taiwanese and Chinese food. The décor is simple, but the food is delicious. All of the traditional favorites are here such as pork buns, red bean buns, seafood noodle soup, and moo shoo vegetables. The huge menu will satisfy even the fussiest eater.

Love at First Bite

Love at First Bite is located at 1710 Massachusetts Ave. and offers artistically presented Thai food. They are open seven days a week and offer take out and delivery. They serve all your usual Thai favorites but also some signature dishes such as freshwater prawns and shrimp with glass noodles, shitake mushrooms, bacon, ginger, and scallions.

Via Lago

Via Lago at 1845 Massachusetts Avenue has something for everyone. There is a restaurant, a café, and catering. From 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., the relaxed café features comfort foods, fresh baked goods, and homemade soups and pasta dishes. In the evening, the space transforms into an intimate dining space with candles on the tables and full-service. The dinner menu has favorites cooked to perfection including fresh fish dishes, steak, and pasta.

Stores near Lexington, MA Homes for Sale

Browsing around the many fun stores in Lexington is a great way to get some exercise and find some unique and special items.

Crafty Yankee

This lovely gift shop is located at 1838 Massachusetts Avenue and specializes in New England sourced gifts. The owner of the shop is dedicated to promoting New England artisans and artisans from around the world. They carry pottery, jewelry, handmade glassware, and accessories. Every holiday season, the shop donates to The Jimmy Fund and Minuteman Senior Services.

Fancy Flea Antiques & Fine Jewelry

Fancy Flea Antiques & Fine Jewelry is located at 1841 Massachusetts Avenue and has a range of distinctive items not found anywhere else. Here you can find estate jewelry, period pieces, and modern designs. When you want an uncommon engagement ring, this is the place to look. They encourage people to browse their stunning displays. If you have some jewelry that needs some help, they offer repairs and adjustments. And if you have a piece you love that needs an updated design, their experts can help.

Center Goods

Center Goods is located at 30 Waltham Street and is making a difference in the world. In addition to selling ethically sourced products, they encourage people to bring containers to refill with those products. You can reduce your plastic waste and enhance a healthier lifestyle. Refill that empty bottle with soap, lotion, laundry powder, toothpaste tablets, and cleaners.


This adorable gift shop is located at 739 Massachusetts Avenue. Created to benefit the children at Waldorf School, parent volunteers staff the store. They feature items artisans make from natural materials that stimulate creativity. New England artists make many of the items. They carry books, gifts, art and craft supplies, and toys.


This store is dedicated to Francophiles and is located at 46 Massachusetts Avenue. You can order a fancy French dish or buy the ingredients to create your own delicacies. The desserts are picturesque, decadent, and delicious. They also have desserts for people on a gluten-free diet (but not a weight loss diet). When you feel you need a reward, this is the place to go.

Omar’s World of Comics and Hobbies

Omar’s World of Comics and Hobbies is located at 30 Waltham Street. This is a special store in many ways. Omar, the storeowner, has Down Syndrome. He loves all things Superhero so his family helped him open this store. Omar is very proud of the fact that he hires other challenged people to work in his store. The store stocks graphic novels, board games, trading cards, comics, and role-playing games. They also provide a weekly event calendar that offers many enjoyable activities.

Living in Lexington, MA

From reading this, you now know that this is one of the best towns in which to live. Lexington has fantastic schools, beautiful green spaces, and some of the best dining and shopping around. When you are looking at Lexington, MA homes for sale, you know that you cannot do better. Lexington homes move quickly, so do not wait.

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