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Lynn MA Apartments

Lynn MA is the largest city in Essex County and is overall the 9th largest city in the state of Massachusetts. Officially incorporated in 1850 as the City of Lynn, early settlers originally incorporated the entire area as Saugus in 1629.

Lynn MA Industrial History

Lynn started out as an industrial center in 1635, having a large leather tanning industry and being a primary producer of shoes. Soldiers in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary war wore boots made in Lynn. That industry was a driving force behind the city’s economic and industrial growth. In the early 1900’s, Lynn led the world in shoe production. Over a million pairs of shoes were produced per day across a staggering 234 shoe factories.

In 1892, the Edison Electric Company in New York merged with the Thomson-Houston Electric Company of Lynn to form General Electric (NYSE: GE). The GE plant remains in Lynn to this day and currently produces jet engines. The city is also home to businesses in multiple industries, including manufacturing and machining, polyurethane and adhesive production, a Garelic Farms dairy products plant, and the company that makes marshmallow fluff.

Lynn MA in the 21st Century

In recent years, Lynn has gone through a major revitalization. The Diamond Historic District and other historic homes in the city are being restored. Real estate investors and developers are restoring and converting abandoned industrial and commercial buildings into loft apartments. Lynn is a prime location if you are looking for a loft outside of the city. The area is also attracting major developers who have purchased multiple large parcels of land. They plan to build high-end apartments on both the Lynn waterfront as well as downtown.

A large part of Lynn’s revitalization includes culture, art and green spaces. The downtown area has many large murals painted on its buildings. Interesting lighting features and projections have been created throughout the city. This focus on quality of life has attracted new restaurants and businesses to the area, as well as people. In 2018, the Boston Globe labeled Lynn as a top place to live in the Boston area.


According to the U.S Census Bureau, the population of Lynn MA stood at 94,645 as of 1st July, 2018. The median age in Lynn is 40.4 years.

Market Analysis of Lynn MA

In Lynn MA, there are over 32,981 households. Of that number, over 44% of these units are owner occupied. The average rents are as follows.

  • 1 Bedroom Apartments – $2,053
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments – $2,476
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments – $2,658


According to Census Reporter, the following are the transportation statistics for commuters in Lynn MA.

  • Drive alone: 71 %
  • Public Transit: 12 %
  • Carpool: 7 %
  • Walk: 3 %
  • Other: 3 %
  • Work from Home: 5 %

Public Transportation

The Central Square – Lynn Train Station at 325 Broad Street serves the MBTA Newburyport/Rockport Commuter Line, as well as the 426, 429, 435, 436, 439, 441, 442, 448, 449, 455, 456, and 459 bus lines. There are also bus stops along Western Avenue, South Common Street, Market Street, Silsbee Street, Exchange Street, and Lynnway.

Things to Do in Lynn MA

Lynn MA has a lot of interesting and historic places to visit and things to do. This section highlights a sampling of what is available.

Red Rock Park

Red Rock Park, along the Lynn Shore, is the place to be if you crave a picturesque view punctuated with a soothing, cooling breeze. It is among the most highly rated parks in Lynn, especially due to its convenient location. It is close to quite a number of Lynn MA apartments. Overall, it is a great place to visit if you to relax on the waterfront or enjoy a free concert.

Lynn Museum

Founded in 1897, the Lynn Museum and Historical Society was established to preserve Lynn’s rich and vibrant history. The museum expanded into a second building, LynnArts, furthering its mission as a center of arts and culture in the city. Residents hold the museum in high regard due to its exhibits and activities. The Lynn museum is located at 590 Washington Street and the LynnArts expansion is located at 25 Exchange Street. Whether you are a longtime resident of the city or Greater Boston Area, or you are new in town, this is a great place to visit to learn about local history and the arts.

High Rock Tower Park

High Rock Tower Park, also known as High Rock Tower Reservation, is a 4.5-acre park situated at the top of a large hill. It provides clear and amazing views of the Boston skyline as well as the Atlantic Ocean. High Rock Tower, an 85-foot tall stone structure, is periodically open to the public. When the tower is open, the city offers visitors use of the tower’s telescope free of charge.

Dungeon Rock

Dungeon Rock is another place worth visiting, especially if you are interested in riveting pirate tales. The guides will make this pirate story come alive as they retell it to you. Local legend is that in the 1850’s spiritualist Hiram Marble was directed by the ghost of the pirate Thomas Veale to excavate the cave here and recover a buried treasure.

Lynn Heritage State Park

If you are interested in visiting a history-themed park, then the Lynn Heritage State Park is a place worth considering. This is a highly rated park with great guides and exhibits. Tours start every day from 10AM, and you have the option for a self-guided tour if you are so inclined.

King’s Beach

King’s Beach is another highly rated and very popular public beach in Lynn. In addition to the natural beauty of the ocean, it is renowned for its resplendent views of the Boston skyline. It borders Red Rock Park and is close to quite a number of Lynn MA apartments.

Pine Grove Cemetery

This historic cemetery offers a somber ambience and very elegantly designed buildings. Their greenhouse has received many plaudits, having been noted in U.S. horticultural circles for quite a number of years. It covers about 250 acres. Visitors to Pine Grove Cemetery remark on the peace and tranquility, and that is a good place for quiet contemplation. Eagle nests have been observed in the trees.

Steel Tower Lynn Woods

Steel Tower Lynn Woods is another place of note worth visiting if you are into great views and outdoor activities. While you are here, you have access to one of the best biking trails in Lynn. It may be strenuous getting up to the tower, but it affords a great view of Boston. Overall, most of the people who have visited here say that it is quite beautiful and they would love to come back.

The Stone Tower

The Stone Tower is located along Cook Road, near many Lynn MA apartments. This site attracts tourists and locals alike. Most people agree that it is a very relaxing place to visit. The tower is five stories tall and access to the interior is limited to times when it is unlocked by a local park ranger.

Sluice Pond

Sluice Pond is a 45-acre pond surrounded in large part by homes, with public access and a paved-ramp boat launch. Small-engine and human-powered boats are allowed, however jet skis are not. It has two restaurants and a pub to get hearty food and drink after a day on the water. The clean, spring-fed pond is stocked with multiple species of fish, and fishing is permitted.

Spring Pond

Spring Pond abuts Lynn on the northern edge of the city, as well as the cities of Peabody and Salem on the eastern and western sides, respectively. Touted as a beautiful pond by all who have seen it, Spring Pond is a great place to visit to enjoy the trails or camp in one of the camping sites on the shore. Residents also regard this as a romantic place to take someone who loves nature and the tranquility of a scenic wooded area.

Bars & Restaurants in Lynn MA

If you are always on the lookout for fantastic food and drink, Lynn MA has plenty of eateries and bars where you can get your fill. The beauty of these establishments is that they are near quite a number of Lynn MA apartments. This section explores what these establishments are known for, their ambience, and the quality of service.


Lazy Dog Sports Bar

Lazy Dog Sports Bar is a laidback spot where you can watch your favorite teams on game day. It is known for its very diverse drink selection. You can find virtually any popular beer you might desire while you are there. The service in this bar is very efficient and quick. Waiting times are limited. The staff is prompt and attuned to meeting the needs of the patrons.

They also have an equally diverse menu that features American pub food. Their menu includes the Lazy Dog Burger and Lazy Dog hot dogs. There is a selection of salads and sandwiches. Dinner entrees include Steak Tips, Chicken Plate, Sausage Plate, Dogs & Beans, Chicken Finger Plate, and a Lazy Dog Pick Two combination plate. There is also a children’s menu. Daily specials may include items such as Baked Sea Scallops, Fusion Sausage Stir Fry, Reuben Burger, and Kung Pao Chicken “Lazy Dog Style”.

Tony’s Pub & Grill

Located at 196 Franklin, Tony’s Pub & Grill is another highly rated bar in Lynn. It is known primarily for its steak tips, which are sumptuous, to say the least. The menu also includes Boneless BBQ Center Cut Pork Chops, Chicken Stir Frye, Grilled Herb Pizza, Shrimp Scampi, Tony’s Pub Triple Decker Club, Brad Wrap, Stranny Burger, Cajun Jalapeno Cheeseburger, as well as a selection of salads, and there is a kids menu.

Tony’s Pub & Grill has a rotating craft beer selection. If you typically eschew the mainstream for an obscure IPA, Tony’s is the place to be. Their service quality is top-notch. Everything they do, from the moment you walk in the door to the moment your plate arrives on your table, they do professionally. Waiting times for service are very short.

Bruno’s Bar+Burger

Bruno’s Bar+Burger is an eating establishment located at 856 Western Avenue. This talked-about bar and grill is known primarily for its very tasty burgers and beer selection. Their burgers are exquisitely prepared and have garnered praise from current and former patrons. The food and drinks are affordably priced, making it one of the places to visit if you have a tight budget and want good food. The staff is very neat, very helpful and fast. Overall, you will be pleased with the service.

Brick Yard Bar & Grill

The Brick Yard Bar & Grill is located at 163 Blossom Street. This establishment is known for its well-stocked bar. If you are thirsting for something, be it a light beer or something stronger, their bartender has you covered.

They also have a respectable selection of food on their menu. Regardless of your tastes, you will find something on their menu to enjoy. If you are stuck on deciding what to order while you are there, you should try one of their steak dishes. Most who have tried them have attested to how well they are prepared.

Brick Yard’s service is second to none and their staff is friendly and very professional. This place is located near quite a number of Lynn MA apartments.

Buchanan Cafe

Apart from their well-stocked bar and lively ambience, Buchanan Café on 648 Eastern Avenue is also known for its decent food menu and close proximity to Lynn MA apartments. Their staff is very professional and waiting times for service are among the lowest in the city.

Four Winds Pub & Grill

If you want to catch your favorite team in action as you sip a cold one, make your way to Four Winds Pub & Grill on 265 Broadway. This establishment serves expertly prepared wood-fired burgers and has an extensive drink selection. Their menu changes periodically, and may contain Candied Garlic Spareribs Appetizer, Shrimp Tempura Skewers, Fresh Baked Pub Pretzels, Smoke House Wings, Caprese Homemade Artisan Pizza, Rick’s Sausage Party Pizza, Caramel Apple Salad, Bourbon and Black Pepper Burger, Whiskey Brined Pulled Pork, Braised Short Rib Grilled Cheese, Fresh Flour Tortilla Tacos, House Mac and Cheese, and Grilled Pub Sirloin.

If you’re less concerned with the big-screens and more interested in the atmosphere (or there is no game on), the Four Winds Pub & Grill has outdoor seating that overlooks Sluice Pond, offering you a picturesque view. In terms of service, it is very good and professional with staff being prompt and very attentive to your needs.

Conga Lounge & Restaurant

Conga Lounge & Restaurant, located at 170 Broad Street, is the spot to be if you are into Latin music and great Latin American foot. This place has a somewhat club atmosphere, with live performers and DJs appearing most weekend nights. There can be a line to get in when there is live music, so get there early. But pace yourself because the real party doesn’t begin until later in the evening.

Restaurants in Lynn, MA

Lynnapesaukee Four Winds Pub & Grill

Lynnapesaukee Four Winds Pub & Grill is located at 265 Broadway on Sluice Pond, known by the locals as Lake Lynnapesaukee. Their large deck is right on the water, so you get a great view of the “lake.” Whatever you call the water, it is beautiful when the deck is lit up. You can enjoy the view even in the winter; the deck is heated. That and the great food and service is why so many gatherings in Lynn are booked here. It’s closed on Mondays and hours vary: Tuesday 3:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday 11:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., and Sunday 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. They also have live entertainment, taco Tuesdays, and a fun atmosphere. One of their axioms is the following: “Pizza alone won’t fill the emptiness of your soul. You’ll also need beer.”

When your taste buds need a treat, try candied garlic spareribs, pulled pork and pineapple pizza or mac & cheese with spinach, tomato, and artichoke.


Rossetti is an Italian restaurant located at 47 Sutton Street. This popular and highly rated restaurant serves traditional Italian fare as well as a selection of modern dishes. They have a well-curated wine list that provides some delightful pairings with the outstanding food.

When you’re at Rossetti, you’re family, and the chef-owners make sure you feel welcome. With a large dining area, open kitchen, and modern ambiance, you are sure to have a great experience here. They also know how to mix a drink and have a craft cocktail menu that is sure to provide some interesting tastes to explore. Reservations are not required, but they are a good idea if you want to avoid a wait at this popular Lynn restaurant.

The Blue Ox

If you live in a Lynn MA apartment, then you must definitely try eating at The Blue Ox. This contemporary-casual but upscale bistro serves American fare in its own original way. They have excellent reviews on all of the major platforms and those ratings are well earned. Additionally, they have won many awards, including Best of Boston, Best of the North Shore, Best of the New, and Top 100 American Restaurants in the US. For 3 years straight, Chef/Owner Matt O’Neil’s Sin Burger won Boston Magazine’s Battle of the Burger.

The Blue Ox serves both seasonal and year-round dishes. They also have a small kids menu. Their fermented menu includes bar staples and a wide variety of local craft brews. They have a very respectable wine list as well as a number of house specialty cocktails.

Because of its popularity and amazing food, they recommend making reservations.

Antique Table Restaurant

On 2 Essex Street, you will find Antique Table Restaurant, a respected Italian restaurant. Its design includes aged wood tables, antiques and pictures that make you feel like you’ve been transported to Italy. It’s cozy atmosphere is the perfect setting for any meal.

Their food menu features both traditional and contemporary Italian dishes. You will find a lot of variety designed to cater to a variety of tastes. The desert menu also gets rave reviews. Their staff is attentive and courteous, completing the authentic Italian dining experience. Antique table is very popular, so there can be long waits if you don’t have a reservation.

Tacos Lupita

Tacos Lupita on 129 Munroe Street is a Mexican restaurant worth trying out. Famed for their Salvadoran pupusas and whole host of Latin-inspired items, this restaurant is the place to go if you want good Mexican food quickly. Patrons rave enthusiastically about their burritos.

The interior is typical fast-food decor, but don’t let that fool you – the food is anything but. You may get it fast and at very reasonable prices, but the flavor is spot-on. The restaurant is conveniently located near quite a number of Lynn MA apartments. They also provide takeout as well as deliveries to your doorstep if you feel like ordering in.

Brothers Deli

Brothers Deli at 41 Market Street is a no-frills, cafeteria-type of eating establishment. This place is famed for its most remarkable breakfast meals, as well as their signature deli sandwiches. Their convenient location makes them a must-try eating establishment if you live in Lynn MA apartments.

Andy’s Breakfast & Lunch

Andy’s Breakfast & Lunch, located at 30 Boston Street, is a highly-rated breakfast restaurant. It is close to quite a number of Lynn MA apartments. Their extensive breakfast and lunch menus make this a popular spot with residents. There are few better endorsements than hearing that this is where the locals eat breakfast. The restaurant is set up like a diner and is on the smaller side, but you don’t need reservations to get a hearty meal. With great service and a friendly staff, you can’t go wrong at Andy’s.

Pho Minh Ky

If you live along Union Street, you should definitely try out Pho Minh Ky. This Vietnamese delicatessen is very popular among locals and visitors. Their beef noodle soup is among the most-ordered dishes in this establishment. On the rest of their menu, you will find vermicelli, stir-fry dishes and noodle dishes, just to mention a few.

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