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Homes for Sale in Roxbury, MA

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Browse homes for sale in Roxbury, MA from the Boston Pads real estate database! With more listings and knowledgeable real estate agents than any other agency in the Boston area, you are sure to find a Roxbury property that you like and a friendly agent to help you.

About Roxbury, MA

Homes for Sale in Roxbury, MA

Roxbury is in Suffolk County and has a population of approximately 56, 075 people. The area in square miles is 3.915. Its accessible transportation, interesting shops, plentiful entertainment, and diverse restaurants make it a great place to live.

Real Estate Statistics for Homes for Sale in Roxbury, MA

The average price of single-family detached homes is $314,407. The average approximate price of townhouses is $266,042. If you are looking to purchase a unit in a two-unit structure, expect to pay approximately $1,040,950. Housing units in three to four unit structures is approximately $684,719. A residence in a five or more unit structure in Roxbury costs around $204,791. As you can see from these numbers, buying homes for sale in Roxbury, MA can be a good investment.

Transportation for Homes for Sale in Roxbury, MA

It’s easy to get around Roxbury as there are many bus and subway routes provided by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. You won’t waste time searching for transportation to get where you need to go. There are streets that are part of the state highway system such as Blue Hill Avenue, Seaver Street, Columbus Avenue, and Tremont Street which are all part of State Highway 28 and Morton Street, which is part of State Highway 203.

Schools near Homes for Sale in Roxbury, MA

When you purchase one of the homes for sale in Roxbury, MA, you will never be far from a public school.

High Schools

  • Madison Park High School l
  • John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science l
  • Boston Day and Evening Academy Charter School l
  • Fenway High School l
  • City on a Hill Charter Public School l
  • Roxbury Preparatory Charter School l

Middle Schools

  • Higginson-Lewis K-8 l
  • Roxbury Preparatory Charter School l

Elementary Schools

  • Winthrop Elementary School
  • Mendell Elementary School
  • Higginson Elementary School
  • Mason Elementary School

Boston Latin Academy

Boston Latin Academy holds a distinguished place in the history of education. The founders of the school made the bold decision to educate girls. The Girls Latin School provided college preparatory training and also provided a classical education. Educating girls at this level was unheard of in the United States. It did not remain a girl’s school; in 1972, they admitted boys.

By focusing on the classics, the Boston Latin Academy is unique. The school requires four years of Latin. They provide over twenty classes geared for advanced students. “U.S. News & World Report” refers to Boston Latin Academy as an “Outstanding American School”. In addition to the rigorous academic training, the school encourages sports and has the usual high school teams. This exceptional school is available when you find one of the homes for sale in Roxbury, MA.

Madison Park Technical Vocational High School

Located at 75 Malcolm X Blvd, this is the only technical vocational high school in Boston. They provide all of the required high school subjects. However, they also provide the skills necessary for productive careers. The employment programs include the following:

  • Health Assisting
  • Graphic Communications
  • Metal Fabrication and Joining Technologies
  • Automotive Technology
  • Plumbing
  • Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing
  • Building and Property Maintenance
  • Dental Assisting
  • Electricity
  • Medical Assisting
  • Carpentry
  • Health Assisting
  • Culinary Arts
  • Cosmetology
  • Hospitality Management
  • Design and Visual Communications
  • Programming and Web Development
  • Graphic Communications

This is an incredible resource right in your yard when you buy one of the homes for sale in Roxbury, MA.


Roxbury was one of the first towns in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Founded in 1630, it became a town in 1846. In 1898, Boston absorbed Roxbury.

Roxbury was a very prosperous center for trade during the colonial period. Its major resources were rich farmland, building stones, and timber. Drinking water and flowing water that provided power were also valuable commodities. Roxbury had both. The stones found in Roxbury were especially valuable for building. In fact, the stones were so useful and so plentiful that Roxbury originally had the name Rocksberry. Roxbury also developed something on its own – The Roxbury Russet apple. Since it was very good for making cider, it became a very popular apple.

As time advanced, Roxbury continued to thrive. The horse-drawn carriage line added to the prosperity by transporting tobacco, fish, salt, and rum. Roxbury’s population increased as immigrants from all over the world arrived to join this center of commerce. Builders constructed housing for both the wealthy and the working class. Houses for workers increased in the 1880’s. With the population increase, the need for buildable land also increased. Old farms and estates were subdivided. In 1887, trolley service brought in even more people. Roxbury was booming.

The next population surge occurred during the World War I era. Many immigrants settled in Roxbury. Some of them started breweries that thrived until Prohibition. The next surge occurred in the 1940’s and the 1950’s; many people migrated from the southern United States.

Roxbury’s Industries

Roxbury went through a number of industrial cycles. At first, the majority of settlers were farmers. Mills and tanneries took over in the 1700’s. Starting in the 1800’s, there was more diversity. Many people worked in the iron and rubber industries. Piano making became part of the Roxbury economy. By the twentieth century, Roxbury had silent movie theaters, department stores, banks, and hotels. The town of Boston filled in the marshland; business owners built warehouses and factories. Today, offices and retail businesses are part of the economic scene.

Historic Sites in Roxbury

The Shirley –Eustis House

The Shirley-Eustis house took four years to construct- from 1747 to 1751. The Royal Governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, William Shirley built his summer home on his 33-acre Roxbury estate. There are only four Royal Governor’s houses still standing in the United States and this is one of them.

The house had a series of owners. After William Shirley, the house belonged to his the son-in-law, Eliakim Hutchinson. The next occupants were Asa Whitcomb’s Massachusetts Sixth Foot Regiment. Believing it was Tory property, the patriots seized it in 1778. There were several other owners before William Eustis bought it. William Eustis had several posts in the United States government – Secretary of War during the War of 1812, Ambassador to the Netherlands, and the first Democratic-Republican Governor of Massachusetts.

Dillaway – Thomas House

Few houses remain from the 18th century; this is one of the last in Boston. During 1775-1776, the Patriots battled for control of Boston. Part of the Patriot army camped in Roxbury with their leader, General John Thomas. The Dillaway-Thomas House served as their headquarters. Sadly, the scene General Thomas watched from the house was the burning of Charlestown and the Battle of Bunker Hill.

The house changed owners many times. It became the parsonage of Reverend Porter in 1786. Then, Reverend Porter bequeathed the house to Martha and Carolyn Porter Dillaway, his nieces. Martha Dillaway and her husband resided in the house in 1835. Martha lived in the house until 1903.
The Roxbury Historical Society moved into the building next. The funds to restore the house arrived in 1937 but it wasn’t until 1992 that the renovations were complete. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts provided the funds to convert the land into Roxbury Heritage State Park.

Eliot Burying Ground

The Eliot Burying Ground contains much Boston history as one of the three oldest cemeteries in Boston. The residents established the cemetery in 1630 but by 1854, the only burials were in family tombs. This land also served as the Roxbury Neck fortifications.

The Dudley family tomb contains the remains of some prominent Massachusetts dignitaries- Governor Thomas Dudley (1653), Governor Joseph Dudley (1720), Chief Justice Paul Dudley (1752), and Colonel William Dudley. Soldiers used the pewter covering the Dudley family tomb to make bullets. Post-Revolutionary War, an oval marble replaced the pewter covering. The First Church of Roxbury has a tomb here for ministers; they buried John Eliot and five other ministers here. A stroll through this cemetery is a stroll through Roxbury’s history.

Schoolmaster Hill

To many people, this is venerated ground. The leader of the transcendental movement, Ralph Waldo Emerson, lived here for two years. Emerson was an educator in Roxbury. Schoolmaster Hill was the spot where he wrote his essays and nature poems. A segment of his poem “Good Bye” is etched on a plaque memorializing this eminent author.

In 1990, the town restored the park. When you find one of the homes for sale in Roxbury, MA, you can picnic here and share the energy of Roxbury’s famous author.

Edward Everett Hale House

This house is located at 12 Morley Street. For forty years, Unitarian minister and humanitarian reformer, Edward Everett Hale lived here. He wrote many novels, the most famous of which is The Man Without a Country.

As the area became denser, administrators move the house from Highland Street to 12 Morley Street. The National Register of Historic Places listed it in 1979. In 1996, the Boston Landmark Commission made it a Boston Landmark.


The architect, Alden Frink, designed this magnificent, high Victorian, gothic home. Aaron Davis Williams built it in 1872 and the National Register of Historic Places, in 1987, added it to its list.

Aaron Davis Williams hired Alden Frink to design his house. The industrialization of America fostered nostalgia for the times before machines. Aaron Davis Williams was a wealthy business owner who wanted a house that resembled a castle. Due to a business downturn, Williams sold Abbotsford to James M. Smith. James M. Smith emigrated from Scotland in 1854. He was the treasurer of the Suffolk Brewery in South Boston and lived in Abbotsford until his death in 1894.

In 1923, the city of Boston used the home as a school for boys. The National Center for Afro-American Artists bought Abbotsford in 1976. It is now a museum for all residents to enjoy. Roxbury puddingstone was the building material for the house making it even more an integral part of Roxbury.

Cox Building

George Cox, in 1870, built this very unusual curved building. It adds an interesting classic appearance to Eliot Square. George Cox was a prolific builder. He built approximately 1600 buildings, mostly in Roxbury.

After the Civil War, Roxbury transitioned from a rural town to a suburban neighborhood. Cox originally built the structure to have first floor stores, upper floor hotel rooms, and residences. Cruz Development Corporation is the current owner and they have maintained the beauty and structural integrity of the original building.

Parks near Homes for Sale in Roxbury, MA

Franklin Park

This exquisite green space covers 527 acres. This Boston Landmark is the biggest park in Boston and is home to the Franklin Park Zoo. Originally, the name of the park was West Roxbury Park. Due to Benjamin Franklin’s generous donation, the caretakers of the park renamed it Franklin Park. This is one of Boston’s treasures containing picnic areas, rural scenery, sport’s spaces, stone bridges, a zoo, woodlands, Roxbury puddingstone, and stone ruins. The second largest zoo in New England, the Franklin Park Zoo, opened in 1912. This 72-acre area contains a large variety of animals and a tropical forest. You can visit animals that you can see nowhere else in Boston such as pygmy Hippos, lions, gorillas, zebras, giraffes, tigers, leopards, and budgerigars.

There are plenty of places for games here. The William J. Devine Memorial Golf Course is the second oldest golf course in America and located in Franklin Park. Boston Rugby Football Club plays matches on a Franklin Park field. There are also places for cricket, basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis. Their cross-country courses are popular with local high schools and colleges. The courses range from 3,000 to 10,000 meters. In 1992, the IAAF World Cross Country Championships ran here.

Open-air performance spaces, playhouses, host a variety of musical groups. A world-renowned orchestra, the Boston Pops, has performed here along with other orchestras.

Frederick Law Olmstead’s Landscapes

The most famous landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmstead, created the house that was located in Franklin Park. The house is now in ruins, but it is still an architectural marvel. Puddingstone, one of the area’s most sought after building materials, comprise the remains of this remarkable structure. In the past, Franklin Park administrators used it as a field house for athletic fields. Being a pioneer in the environmental movement, Olmstead was careful to design the building without disturbing the beauty of the landscape. You can experience the grandeur of the past by visiting the archway, benches, stone steps, benches, and water fountains of this ancient structure. When you decide on one of the homes for sale in Roxbury, MA, you will have the privilege of being near these beautiful grounds.

Horatio Harris Park

When you need a break from the activity in the city, this lovely gathering of rocks and trees can rejuvenate you. Roxbury puddingstone, the famous stones of Roxbury, is plentiful here. Horatio Harris Park, originally called Fountain Square, earned park status in 1852. In 1916, it became Horatio Harris Park after the Olmstead Firm provided upgrades.

Community Resources near Homes for Sale in Roxbury, MA

Egleston Square Branch of the Boston Public Library

Owning one of the homes for sale in Roxbury, MA, provides access to this beneficial resource. This library provides more than books. There is a staff to help with both computers and homework. If you want books in Spanish, they have a large collection. Truly, this library contributes to the community. There are programs for babies such as baby/toddler music time and baby/toddler story time. For adults who are learning English, they provide English as a Second Language classes. Pre-schoolers are treated to craft classes. There is a knitting and crocheting circle for adults. Adults working towards citizenship will find help here. This community asset is definitely community oriented.

826 Boston

Children ages six to eighteen can have trouble finding their voices. This writing and publishing nonprofit helps these youth be heard. Based on the belief that their stories should be told, volunteers teach them the communication skills necessary to do that. Teachers provide, free of charge, tutoring, creative writing, workshops, field trips, publishing projects, and help with English language acquisition. Approximately 4,500 students utilize this amazing resource. They generally have 700 volunteers including teachers, writers, and artists.

The Boston Centers for Youth and Families

The Boston Centers for Youth and Families is located at 339 Dudley Street. This is a wonderful place to spend leisure time and to learn new skills. Their arts department has a doll club, music and dance programs, art classes and cooking classes. Community and civic engagements such as senior programs, a teen center, community meetings, and fishing expeditions are also some of the services they offer.

They also provide educational enrichment such as tutoring, computer lab, summer programs, French class, and after school programs. Basketball, baseball, karate, and volleyball are the available sports. Many community, educational, and fitness needs are satisfied here. They have a community room, a dance studio, a fitness center, a gym, a recording studio, a tot lot, and an outdoor amphitheater. This is a place where you can exercise, learn, and play with all your friends and family.

The Roxbury YMCA

Another community resource and gathering place is the Roxbury YMCA located at 285 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The health, education, and well-being of the community are the goals of the YMCA. They have programs that benefit all age groups such as swimming lessons, sports programs, tutoring, and after school care for children. Character building and skills building are stressed in this caring environment.

Cultural Events near Homes for Sale in Roxbury, MA

Roxbury Center for the Arts at Hibernian Hall

In 1913, the people of Roxbury enjoyed music, dancing, and socializing at Hibernian Hall. It is located at 184 Dudley Street and builders restored it in 2005. The grand ballroom can hold 250 people. Residents now use the building for visual art fairs, theater, private parties, concerts, film screenings, and dance.

The Roxbury International Film Festival

This festival is ten days’ worth of workshops, films, and discussions. Throughout Roxbury, filmmakers present their creations and interact with their audiences. It also provides a networking venue that filmmakers can’t find anywhere else. The filmmakers are in competitions and win prizes for Narrative Film, Documentary Film, Audience Favorite, Narrative Short, Emerging Filmmaker, and Youth. Henry Hamilton, an award winning filmmaker, has an award named after him. The festival provides not only entertainment but also an educational experience for aspiring filmmakers. The festival has screened approximately 700 films since its inception.

The National Center of Afro-American Artists

The preserving and nurturing art and artistic heritage is the goal of this nonprofit cultural center. The enterprise began in 1968 and it continues to advance the artistic community. They present the works of professional artists and offer classes. Artistic works include graphics, decorative arts, paintings, photographs, and sculptures.

Interesting Stores near Homes for Sale in Roxbury, MA

The Frugal Bookstore

The owners of this store love books and are dedicated to promoting the love of books in their community. They pride themselves on offering the best prices available. They will order any book that you cannot find in the store as long as it is in print. The books are all new and they will help you order multiple copies for your school, book club, or event. The store is located at 57 Warren Street.

Alpha & Omega

Located in Dudley Square, this family owned and operated shoe store has been in business for over thirty years. They have a loyal following of customers that have grown up with this store. Even when a Footlocker opened next door, they still kept their loyal customers. Alpha & Omega is unique; at any one time, they have between 500 and 700 styles in stock.

The founder of the store, Sop Kim, came to Massachusetts from Korea in 1969. He had $4.25 and a dream. He worked in a Lawrence poultry plant and saved his money until he was able to buy the building that houses his store. Despite online and chain store competition, he is still there. When you buy one of the homes for sale in Roxbury, MA, you will want to buy your sneakers here.

Restaurants and Bars near Homes for Sale in Roxbury, MA

Bully Boy Distillers

This inviting distillery is located at 44 Cedric Street and is a great place to stop if you enjoy amaro, whiskey, vodka, gin, or rum. This distillery offers a lounge, events, and tours. They have a tasting room so you can choose your favorite. The owners are Dave and Will Willis. These brothers grew up on a working farm. They both made cider from the apples that grew on their farm but Dave turned into the master distiller. He practiced making hard cider and apple brandy until he perfected his craft. He has won awards for six of their spirits. Will handles the business end and helps with quality control by tasting the products.

If you would like to tour the facility and sample the products, you can reserve a spot by calling the distillery. You must be 21 or older to join the tour. They also offer cocktail classes so you can learn to make some of your favorite drinks. If you have friends who enjoy spirits, Bully Boy Distillers is a great place for a party.

P & R Restaurant

Located at 208 Dudley Street, this restaurant serves luscious Jamaican food at reasonable prices. They serve their jerk chicken with beans, plantains, and rice. They also make vegetarian patties in addition to the customary Jamaican meat patties. Not many restaurants serve liver but they have a wonderful liver dish here. Therefore, on a cold winter night, you can pretend you are on a tropical island ever if you can’t travel immediately.

Suyu Joint

If you want to explore the culture and food of Africa, you only have to travel to 185 Dudley Street. Suyu is a Nigerian kabob made with African herbs and spices and beef or chicken. Chef Cecelia Lizotte, the owner of Suyu Joint, learned many of her recipes and cooking techniques from family members.

Unique and exotic dishes are waiting for you here. You can order oxtail pepper soup or goat pepper soup for an appetizer. Moi-moi, a type of bean cake, is also a long-established favorite. Fufu, a dumpling made with grain, accompanies the stews. There are different types of fufu from which to choose such as rice, yam, whole wheat, corn, or cassava. Vegetarians are included in this feast; there are many vegetarian choices on the menu.

Fasika Café

This Ethiopian restaurant is located at 51 Roxbury Street. Some people say that Ethiopian coffee is the best in the world and the price is reasonable at Fasika Café. Try an Ethiopian food called gored gored made with beef and a jalapeno, garlic butter sauce. This restaurant has many vegetarian offerings so no matter what your preference you will find it here.


This bright and cheerful restaurant is located at 160 Blue Hill Avenue. They serve Dominican food here that has received praise from diners, food critics, and food magazines. The State House and universities have hired them as caterers and have given them rave reviews. Traditional and exotic foods are expertly prepared. Whether you like meat dishes, fish dishes, or vegetarian dishes, you will find a dish that will become a favorite.

Living in Roxbury, MA

Homes for sale in Roxbury, MA will provide adventures in dining, fun, and relaxation. From its beautiful green spaces to exotic restaurants, you should not miss an opportunity to view these properties.

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