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3 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in South Boston, MA

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South Boston 3 Bedroom Apartments FAQ

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View listings for South Boston, MA 3 bedroom apartments from the area’s largest real-time rental database. Use our search tool to refine your results and find the perfect place to live. When you find an apartment you like, contacting one of our helpful agents is only a click away. In addition to property details, each listing provides the agent information and a contact form. Boston Pads makes it easy for you to find your next South Boston apartment!  Click here to learn more About South Boston, MA

About South Boston 3 Bedroom Apartments

Three-bedroom apartments in South Boston are ideal for growing families or groups of roommates seeking ample living space. These apartments often feature spacious layouts, multiple bathrooms, and sometimes even private outdoor spaces. South Boston’s strong sense of community is evident in its numerous landmarks, such as the South Boston Public Library and the revered Paraclete Center, which offers educational programs and community events. Families can enjoy the proximity to the South Boston Waterfront and its beautiful beaches, like Carson Beach and L Street Beach, which are perfect for summer activities. Additionally, South Boston boasts a variety of dining and shopping options along East and West Broadway, ensuring that residents have everything they need within a short distance. Access to quality schools and easy transportation options make South Boston an attractive choice for families.

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