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Browse homes for sale in Chinatown Boston, MA from the Boston Pads real estate database! Homes for sale in this vibrant, bustling neighborhood are scarce due to its popularity and central location. However, with more listings and knowledgeable real estate agents than any other agency in the Boston area, you are sure to find a Chinatown property that you like and a friendly agent to help you.

About Boston’s Chinatown Neighborhood

About Chinatown Homes for Sale

Chinatown is actually a small neighborhood, one of the smaller in Boston. The population is over 7,600, and the area around Chinatown homes for sale has a dense urban vibe. It is conveniently located near the I-90 and I-93 interchange and close to the Financial District and Downtown Boston. Chinatown is just north of the South End and east of Bay Village and Back Bay. The Chinese cultural influence still prevalent in the neighborhood makes it a tourist destination. There are many unique shops and stores, and, of course, many fine restaurants. Chinatown homes for sale are conveniently located, with access to the unique resources of Chinatown and close to all the rest Boston has to offer.


Much of the area of Chinatown was originally tidal flats that Boston filled in as it grew. A succession of immigrant groups moved into, then out of this area in the 19th century. Each group came to take advantage of inexpensive housing and opportunities for employment, and then moved on as they prospered and a next group arrived. Chinese immigrants started arriving in 1874. In 1875 Hong Far Low, the first Chinese restaurant, opened. Through the 1880’s and 1890’s more Chinese workers arrived because of increased job opportunities. The industries and construction in the area needed more workers. The garment industry thrived into the 1990’s. Rather than moving on, many of the immigrants settled in and built up their community.

Real Estate

Chinatown homes for sale are rare, and not many are on the market at any one time. The median home value is about $512,000. Exceptional homes can run over $1,000,000 and up. Multi-unit buildings command much higher prices. Like most of the greater Boston area, real estate investments in Chinatown continually accrue value. Most residents, over 80%, rent rather than own their homes. This makes Chinatown a good place to invest in rental property.

Transportation near Chinatown Homes for Sale

The MBTA lines and bus routes serve Chinatown, and connect the neighborhood to the rest of the greater Boston area.

Chinatown MBTA Station is located at the corner of Essex Street and Washington Street. This station serves the Orange Line. It becomes very busy during rush hours, between 4pm and 7pm. There is an elevator, and the escalator goes up from the lower level. Oddly, there is no escalator going down. You can also pick up transfers nearby to the Silver Line and the 11, 15, 504, and 553 bus lines. Passengers may purchase fares at vending machines on site.

Tufts Medical Center Station is located at 750 Washington Street. This station serves the Orange Line, and there are nearby transfers to the Silver Line, as well as the 15, 11, and 43 bus lines. There is an elevator and an up, only, escalator. Vending machines provide access to purchasing fares.


Boston has a combination of some of the nation’s best private schools and universities and an excellent public school system. Chinatown homes for sale have some of the best options for education located right in the neighborhood.

Tufts University School of Medicine

Tufts University School of Medicine is located at 145 Harrison Avenue. The University established its School of Medicine in 1893. Being coeducational from its inception, eight of the twenty-two students the Tufts University School of Medicine graduated in its first year were women. Tufts University School of Medicine continues to be one of the most prestigious medical schools in New England.

The MD program is a four-year course of study that includes academics and a wide range of clinical experience. There is also a program called Maine Track for students committed to rural medicine careers at clinical sites in Maine. Tufts University School of Medicine offers dual degree programs, which include MD/MBA in Health Management, MD/MA in International Relations, and MD/MPH in Public Health Administration.

An accredited Doctor of Physical Therapy program is available here, as is a Master of Public Health program. In addition, there is also a Physician Assistant program, with an option for PA/MPH, a dual degree combining the physician assistant education with a master’s degree in public health administration.

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine is located at 1 Kneeland Street. Dr. Isaac J. Wetherbee founded the school as the Boston Dental College in 1868. It became part of Tufts University in 1899. Although Tufts University School of Dental Medicine is the second largest in the country, entrance is highly competitive. The school receives applications from some 4,000 prospective students each year, and only about 200 are accepted. The Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) takes four years and the curriculum includes academic, patient simulation, and clinical components. Postgraduate programs offer education in additional specific specialties.

The Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

The Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy is one of the eight schools of Tufts University. It is located at 150 Harrison Avenue. Established in 1981, this school joins behavioral, biomedical, social, and clinical scientists in the pursuit of nutrition science and its implementation in social policy. Students can earn both doctoral and Master of Science degrees. The curriculum includes interdisciplinary programs that draw on scientists and faculty of the other seven schools that make up Tufts University. The goal of this school is to provide worldwide improvement in nutrition and health.

Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences

This is another school of Tufts University. It is located at 136 Harrison Avenue. It is one of the country’s premier institutions for graduate biomedical education. Established in 1980, the school set out to promote integration across various medical fields for the improvement of health. To accomplish this, Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences brought together six of the Tufts University School of Medicine graduate programs – Immunology, Biochemistry, Physiology, Molecular Biology and Microbiology, Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, and Anatomy. Over the years, the graduate programs expanded, and some developed into more advanced forms.

Tufts University Office of Technology Transfer and Industry Collaboration

Tufts University Office of Technology Transfer and Industry Collaboration is located at 75 Kneeland Street. This office coordinates and facilitates the transfer of technologies developed by Tufts University to other organizations for commercial and research purposes. Among their responsibilities is identifying new partners and markets, protecting intellectual property, and negotiating agreements for licensing. The Tufts University Office of Technology Transfer and Industry Collaboration is an important part of disseminating the research and scientific breakthroughs generated by one of the country’s great institutions of research and learning. It is a necessary part of making practical and commercial use of these developments.

Josiah Quincy Elementary School

Josiah Quincy Elementary School is a Boston Public School located at 885 Washington Street. About 850 students attend this school in Kindergarten through 5th grade, as well as pre-kindergarten. This magnet school has a higher than average reputation in the Boston Public School system. There is a gifted program available. The student to teacher ratio is 15 to 1. The dedication and involvement of the veteran teaching staff of this school is noteworthy.

Josiah Quincy Upper School Washington Street Campus

Josiah Quincy Upper School Washington Street Campus, located at 900 Washington Street, is one of two campuses for this magnet school in the Boston Public School system. This campus serves the 6th and 7th grade students of the Josiah Quincy Upper School.

Kwong Kow Chinese School

Kwong Kow Chinese School is located at 87 Tyler Street. The Chinese Merchants Association founded this school founded in 1916 to serve immigrant children in Chinatown. In addition to the Chinese American community, it also serves children from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Viet Nam.

Currently this is a supplementary school intended to complement the Boston Public School system. Kwong Kow Chinese School offers education in Chinese language and culture, as well as after school, weekend, and summer programs. They are dedicated to helping their students achieve academic success in the public school system. They have an excellent record of accomplishment in this. The Chinese Community Education Center is also located here, which is an excellent asset for the community.

Landmarks & Historic Places near Chinatown Homes for Sale

Chinatown Gate

Chinatown Gate spans Beach Street between Hudson Street and John F Fitzgerald Surface Road at the southern end of the Rose Kennedy Greenway. The Taiwanese government presented this amazing structure as a gift. Two stone sculpture foo dogs flank the gate to prevent negativity from passing. There are various English translations of the inscription across the top of the gate. Examples include “a world shared by all”, “all under heaven for the common good of the people”, and “everything under the sky belongs to the people”. Regardless of the specific interpretation, the message is one of unity and belonging. Also inscribed on the Chinatown Gate are the four bonds of society – Justice, Honor, Propriety, and Integrity.

The Hayden Building

The Hayden Building is located at 681-683 Washington Street. Built in 1875, Henry Hobson Richardson designed this building for commercial retail use. It is the last remaining example of the buildings he designed for this use in Boston. It is a five-story brownstone structure, built in the Richardson Romanesque style. This National Register of Historic Places landmark replaced a drug store that had exploded. Historic Boston Incorporated completed a restoration of the exterior in 1995. This is now multi-family housing, following the conversion by CUBE design + research in 2011.

Uncle Frank & Auntie Kay Chin Park

Uncle Frank & Auntie Kay Chin Park is located near the corner of Beach Street and John F Fitzgerald Surface Road, at the southern end of the Rose Kennedy Greenway, and close to the Chinatown Gate. On July 9, 2019, the name of Chinatown Park changed to honor Frank and Kay Chin in recognition of their fifty years of service to the Chinatown community. The park is a small greenspace with plantings along curving walkways and a fountain with a small but aesthetic waterfall. Periodically there are art installations on display.

Mary Soo Hoo Park

Mary Soo Hoo Park is an open space along Hudson Street near the Chinatown Gate. There are picnic tables in the shade from the trees there. In the center of the park is a vent structure for the subterranean highway beneath it, which displays a reproduction of a 14th century Chinese painting of a landscape, courtesy of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Tiananmen Memorial

Tiananmen Memorial is a stone monument in Mary Soo Hoo Park. It carries inscriptions in Chinese and English commemorating the protest in Tiananmen Square and honoring the protesters who died there on June 4, 1989.

Tufts Medical Center

Tufts Medical Center is located at 800 Washington Street. It is the primary teaching hospital for Tufts University School of Medicine, as well as a biomedical research center. Because of this, there is a high level of care and attention devoted to patients. Facilities include a pediatric hospital, as well as a geriatric clinic. The full range of medical services is available here. The U.S. News and World Report survey rates many of the doctors at Tufts Medical Center in the national top 1%. The proximity of such excellent medical care is a reason to consider Chinatown homes for sale.

Area Attractions & Things to Do Near Chinatown Homes for Sale

Pao Arts Center

Pao Arts Center is located at 99 Albany Street. Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center founded this community arts center in 2017 with the partnership of Bunker Hill Community College. Pao Arts Center dedicates itself to be a cultural place for Asian Americans and immigrants. Symbolically, Pao Arts Center reclaims a parcel of land from which highway construction displaced residents of Chinatown in the 1960’s. The art gallery is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday 11am to 5pm, as well as Thursday and Friday from 11am to 8pm. Special events and classes are available here. There is an artist in residence program. Classroom and studio theater space is available for rent, and Bunker Hill Community College’s holds some classes here.

August Moon Festival

August Moon Festival brings out many Chinatown residents and attracts many visitors. The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association organizes this joyous festival every year. August 11, 2019 marked the 50th annual August Moon Festival. Along Harrison Avenue, there are merchandise and food vendors, booths promoting community organizations, displays of art, musical performances, and martial arts demonstrations. Of course, there is always the amazing, fantastic lion dancing and dragon parades. The August Moon Festival is a traditional harvest festival that brings together the Chinese community. Visitors are welcome to share in the celebration.

Chinese New Year Parade

Chinese New Year Parade highlights the festivities every year around the time of the Chinese New Year. February 17, 2020, on a Sunday, is the scheduled date for the next parade. The whole area of Chinatown shuts down traffic for the day. The parade winds its way throughout Chinatown with glorious costumed performers, dragon and lion dancers, music, and joyous noise to bring good fortune and luck to the community for the coming year.

Reggie Wong Memorial Park

Reggie Wong Memorial Park is located at the corner of Kneeland Street and Lincoln Street. The park is mostly paved with a fringe of greenery. It has three volleyball courts, two of which are also marked out as basketball courts. This is the center for community volleyball tournaments. As many as ninety-three teams, both male and female, have come from all over North America to participate in annual tournaments. Beloved community organizer and youth athletics patron, Reggie Wong, is the inspiration for the park’s name.

Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center

Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center is located at 38 Ash Street. They are a primary provider of human services for the Asian community of the greater Boston area. Their goal is to help families, children, and youth improve the quality and success of their lives. The available programs include Education and Workforce Initiatives, Child Care and Enrichment Programs, and Family and Community Engagement. In conjunction with the Josiah Quincy Elementary School, this is the home of the Red Oak after School and Summer Program. This resource improves the quality of life for all residents near Chinatown homes for sale.

Restaurants near Chinatown Homes for Sale

Chinatown is famous for the diversity and quality of Asian cuisines available here. Chinatown homes for sale are in the middle of a wealth of culinary options. Some of them are trendy, some fancy, and some seem unpretentious. Here is a sampling of some of the highly rated restaurants:

Jade Garden

Jade Garden is located at 20 Tyler Street and has a reputation for friendly and fast service. They are open from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. When you have been at a movie, concert, or play, you can still get a great late-night meal. People who enjoy Cantonese style food will be pleased to see their usual favorites. The lobster with ginger and scallion and the prime rib plate with black beans and tomato is particularly popular. In addition to the usual fare, they have some interesting chef’s specials: bitter melon omelet, garlic chives stir-fried with silver fish, duck tongue with house special sauce, and baby bok choy and tofu skin with salty pork. The reasonably priced lunches attract a crowd of regulars, and they offer both pickup and delivery.

The Q

The Q is located at 660 Washington Street. It is an upscale Mongolian hotpot restaurant, which also serves sushi and Chinese cuisine. The hotpot meals include a selection from their delectable list of broths and a selection of meat and/or seafood, together with veggies and a choice of various noodles or rice. Sushi, makimono, and sashimi are also available, in combinations or ala carte. The Chinese dishes on offer here are predominantly from Sichuan and Shanghai cuisine. There are many rave reviews by happy patrons of The Q. The prices are reasonable and there is a great variety of excellent food. They are open Sunday through Thursday from 11:30am to 11pm, and Friday and Saturday from 11:30am to 1am.

China Pearl

China Pearl is located at 9 Tyler Street. It is a popular, long established landmark restaurant. They are especially famous for their dim sum. They offer an extensive selection of traditional Chinese dishes, as well. They are open seven days a week from 8:30am to 9:30pm. Weekend brunch times can involve a significant wait. By all accounts, the dim sum is worth it!

Five Spices House

5 Spices House is located at 58 Beach Street # 2017 and offers authentic Sichuan food. It was awarded Best of Boston in both 2018 and 2019. Customers rave about their spicy hot pots, home style spareribs with potato, boiled fish fillet in spicy broth, pork with scallions, and chicken with 3 essences sauce. Don’t forget their delectable appetizers to start the meal right: chicken wings, spring rolls, spicy edamame to name a few.

Pho Pasteur

Pho Pasteur is located at 682 Washington Street and is open Monday through Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. For a change of pace, why not try some Vietnamese cuisine? Pho Pasteur is family-owned and has been around since 1991. The dishes are made to order with fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables. Natural woods and large windows create an inviting atmosphere. Favorites include fried quails, pad Thai, mien xao, yang chau fried rice, shrimp lemongrass, shrimp curry, sweet and sour squid, and tofu salad. If you still have room for dessert, try a mung bean shake.

Asian Garden Restaurant

Asian Garden Restaurant is located at 28 Harrison Avenue. They have a reputation for consistent good food in Cantonese, Hong Kong, and Szechuan styles. The menu is extensive and includes some dishes not commonly found, such as stir fried lotus roots, jellyfish with braised pork, and frog with garlic. The extensive list of seafood includes abalone and sea cucumber, as well as many tasty dishes with lobster or shrimp. There is a light Asian Garden Tea Time menu. Whatever food you want, you will probably find in on the menu, along with many new dishes to try if you are feeling adventurous. They are open seven days a week from 11am to 11pm.

My Thai Vegan Café

My Thai Vegan Café was voted Boston’s best Thai vegan restaurant. Each ingredient is meticulously chosen for freshness and flavor. The addition of other Southeast Asian seasonings combines the tastes of sweet, salty, spicy, and sour into a unified savory experience. If you like the taste of meat, they have vegan versions that taste like the real thing. The open and airy dining room contributes to the kind of mindful eating that your body will thank you for. Located at 3 Beach Street Fl 2, they are open 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and provide both takeout and delivery.

The appetizers are creative. The “chicken fingers” were never actually on a chicken and are fashioned from marinated tofu. The dumplings are stuffed with vegetables and ground veggie chicken. The Pao Pia Tod are spring rolls stuffed with veggie chicken, vegetables, mung beans, and bean threads.

The entrees are mixtures of veggie chicken, veggie fish, veggie beef, tofu, and a wide array of vegetables. Noodles and rice form the basis for many dishes and both green and red curry are available. They also have a selection of bubble teas.

Crave – Mad for Chicken

Crave – Mad for Chicken is located at 75 Kneeland Street. Patrons seek out this trendy establishment for a variety of well-prepared Asian food. It is most famous for Korean fried chicken. They use only fresh, never frozen, farm-raised, all natural chicken. Crave- Mad for Chicken’s special technique for frying and hand-brushed sauces guarantees juicy, crunchy, tasty Korean fried chicken like no one else’s. In addition, they have an extensive tasty menu of spicy specialties, including sushi, bulgogi, and Dolsot Bibim Bap. This is a place like no other! They are open Monday through Friday 11:30am to 2:45pm and 5pm to 10:45pm, Saturdays 12pm to 11:45pm, and Sundays 12pm to 9:45pm. Crave – Mad for Chicken is close to Tufts Medical Center and Chinatown homes for sale.


Shojo is located at 9 Tyler Street. They offer modern Asian cuisine in a trendy gastropub setting with fantastic murals. They specialize in small plates so patrons can try many different dishes. The bar offers a most interesting list of specialty cocktails; in addition, they offer a selection of Japanese craft beers.

The innovative menu changes with seasonal ingredients. Some of the amazing unique dishes they offer include Duck Fat Hand-Cut Fries with Sriracha Aioli, The Shojonator burger with kimcheese and smoked bacon on a house-steamed bun, Asparagus & Crab Salad with black sesame vinaigrette and pistachio, and Pork Belly Dumplings with cilantro, Jalapeno, and sake hoisin. Shojo is definitely a gastropub to try! They are open Monday through Wednesday 5pm to 11pm and Thursday through Saturday 11am to 11pm. They close on Sunday.

Gaga Seafood Restaurant

Gaga Seafood Restaurant is located at 25 Tyler Street. This is a long-established landmark restaurant specializing in offering fresh seafood and an extensive menu of classic Chinese cuisine. Patrons rave about the quality of the food and excellent service. This is traditional Chinese cuisine prepared impeccably and served with care. They are open seven days a week from 11am to 9:30pm.


Irashai is located at 8 Kneeland Street. This is a small, informal Japanese restaurant serving excellent sushi and teriyaki. Irashai is another local gem with good food at a reasonable price located near Chinatown homes for sale.

What it is Like to Live near Chinatown Homes for Sale

There is no doubt about the dense urban, always bustling vibe of Chinatown. Neighborhood associations greatly improve the quality of life for all residents here. Chinatown homes for sale provide a convenient location to experience all that life in Boston has to offer. Public transportation is easily accessible and extends to all the surrounding cities and towns.

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