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About Boston’s West End Neighborhood

West End Apartments, Boston, MA

The West End is a Boston neighborhood located just south of the Charles River. It is one of the most scenic neighborhoods in the city. The redbrick architecture, maintained after several generations of renovation, has allowed the area to conserve its rich history in one of the oldest cities in the United States.

The West End of Boston is bustling with activity! It is home to several government, business, and health institutions, and offers both residents and visitors a place to escape to along the Charles River, with abundant parks, green spaces, and playgrounds for people to enjoy. Due to the centrality of the neighborhood, the West End has convenient public transportation through the MBTA train and bus lines, as well as easy access to major highways.

The Early Days of the West End

Born out of a desire to renovate sections of the North End and Boston’s Waterfront neighborhood, the West End first made its mark on Boston’s map in the early 19th century. The area has been the subject of numerous renovation projects since its inception to offer Boston residents the best possible living and leisure areas. Some of the area’s earliest structures now make up Boston’s most important landmarks and institutions. Such places include the highly esteemed Massachusetts General Hospital and the Charles Street Jail, which later became the Liberty Hotel.

The West End’s long history has cultivated a diverse community of residents and visitors alike, as well as a culturally rich culinary atmosphere. The West End’s diverse roots contributed to the incredibly beautiful architecture of the neighborhood, such as synagogues, churches, and cathedrals that are over 200 years old!

While the West End has significantly changed since its inception, city planners always ensured that they maintained the city’s rustic style. Because of their efforts, today’s inhabitants and guests can enjoy the West End through its many decades of untouched beauty and charm.

West End Historical Landmarks

The West End has a wide variety of national landmarks that draw tourists from all over the world. Boston’s West End was home to many revolutionary thinkers who were responsible for the independence of the United States. Plaques and monuments throughout the neighborhood immortalize several iconic speeches. The city takes great care in maintaining the architecture of centuries past, allowing residents of West End apartments in Boston to enjoy the charm of the revolutionary era.

Charles Street Jail/Liberty Hotel

The Charles Street Jail, currently known as the Liberty Hotel, is one of Boston’s most intriguing landmarks because of the vast change it has undergone. Originally designed to replace the Leverett Street Jail, the former Mayor of Boston, Martin Brimmer, approved the opening of the Charles Street Jail in 1843. The jail was of formidable stature with its 90-foot atrium and over 220 cells. It remained operational until 1990 when the U.S. district court ruled that the jail violated the rights of its inmates and called for its closing.

The jail has housed a number of prominent historical figures, such as Malcolm X and Sacco & Vanzetti. The Charles Street Jail offers an abundance of information as well as a tour of the jail’s famous inmates.

In 2007, after several years of remodeling and renovation, developers transformed the jail into a luxury hotel that overlooks the Charles River. It now offers over 300 rooms and a variety of elegant bars and high-quality restaurants. Though the Liberty Hotel is a luxurious hotel today, it retains several of the same architectural features of the Charles Street Jail. It now provides a unique experience to all of its customers who wish to experience the rich history of the West End.

Guests and curious visitors can also learn what the jail once offered its inmates by visiting the hotel’s museum. This is a great way to savor the comfort of luxury travel while appreciating the history and culture that has shaped Boston over its tumultuous history.

Residents of West End apartments in Boston can easily make their way to the Liberty Hotel through the Orange and Green line T- stations (Charles/MGH and Bowdoin).

First Harrison Gray Otis House

Located in close proximity to Beacon Hill, Harrison Gray Otis House is one of the most iconic landmarks in Boston. Used as a model for many of the housing developments in the early 19th century, you can see hints of its architecture in many developments across the city.

Architect Charles Bulfinch designed the First Harrison Gray Otis House, constructed in 1796. Bulfinch wanted to demonstrate his appreciation for Harrison Gray Otis, a prominent lawyer who was responsible for the development of the entire Beacon Hill area. Bulfinch designed and constructed three homes for Otis and his family, which still stand to this day. They perfectly embody the federal building style that went on to shape many of the housing developments in Beacon Hill.

The three-story house boasts an elegant, redbrick exterior surrounded by a carefully tended garden and rustic pathway. While the symmetry of the windows is one of the most admirable architectural aspects of the home, the defining feature of any Bulfinch home is the beautifully crafted lunette in the center of the front wall on the third floor.

Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities purchased the home in 1916 and converted it into a museum and their headquarters. Since that time, they have hosted events and currently offer a variety of tours for visitors to explore the vast and rich history of New England.

TD Garden

Home of the famous NBA Boston Celtics and NHL Boston Bruins, TD Garden represents a sporting Mecca for all Bostonians. Though only recently established in the 1990s because of the precarious state of older stadiums in the Greater Boston area, the history of TD Garden is rich and full of championship winners and titleholders. This nearly 20,000-seat sporting goliath located on 100 Legends Way offers sports and music fans the perfect venue to enjoy their favorite events.

Not only is TD Garden conveniently located, it also serves as one of the main transportation hubs in Boston. It provides service to the MBTA Orange and Green lines, as well as to the commuter rail and several bus lines. This means easy access for anyone residing in West End apartments in Boston to the “The Garden.”

TD Garden is the place to be for music and sporting enthusiasts and largely reflects Boston’s wider cultural appreciation for arts, culture, and athletics. Fans can also attend their favorite events while dining at some of Boston’s most sought-after restaurants, such as Banners Harbor View, Legends, and Level 5 Bistro.

One of the best features of the stadium is that it offers fans a close-up experience to the venue that they are attending. The vertical architectural design gives any fan the impression of being in the middle of the action, regardless of where they are seated.

Academic and Health Institutions

Boston schools have a reputation for their high quality academic programs. This is no less true for the public or private schools found in West End, some of which feature in the top ten best schools in Massachusetts. The West End is also well known for being the home of Massachusetts General Hospital, one of the best hospitals in the world. They offer a variety of medical services and academic opportunities for those in the medical research field.

Eliot Elementary School

Eliot Elementary School, which is a part of the Boston Public Schools and Magnet Schools groups, is one of the best elementary schools in the West End. Known for its small class sizes, children from Pre-K to 8th grade receive individual attention. This ensures faculty can address their specific needs thoughtfully and holistically.

The school boasts consistently high test scores on the yearly state examinations. As the only innovation school in the city, academic opportunities are bountiful at Eliot. In addition to rigorous language arts and mathematics programs, the school also provides advanced and honors level classes in core subjects. They also provide a number of enrichment courses rarely found in these grades, including language, art, music, robotics, debate, technology, and theater.

Located on 16 Charter Street, Eliot Elementary is in close proximity to a number of West End apartments in Boston.

The Boston Children’s School

Located in the heart of the West End, this private institution provides a holistic curriculum that aims to develop its students’ academic curiosity as well as their emotional intelligence. Established in 1965 on 8 Whittier Place, The Boston Children’s School creates a peaceful atmosphere that fosters academic learning. It integrates various trees and plants throughout the building and outdoor recreation areas, while still having the convenience of being in the middle of the West End. Its location puts it in close proximity to several West End apartments.

The school welcomes all children aged two to seven. It regularly receives recognition for its top-notch student-teacher ratio of 8:1, allowing all children to receive individualized attention and support.

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital, founded in 1811 and located on 55 Fruit Street, is one of the most highly regarded hospitals in the world (Newsweek, US News & World Report). The hospital has a history of achieving groundbreaking medical feats, such as the first limb reattachment surgery in 1962, and is one of the first places to demonstrate the use of anesthesia during surgery in the mid-19th century.

The hospital continues to push the limits of medical and surgical treatment to this day, attracting the best physicians, researchers, nurses, and specialists from around the world.

Consistently ranking in the top five best hospitals nation-wide, this historic hospital offers a wide variety of care, from orthopedics to cardiology, and conducts innovative drug research and development work. Their commitment to quality and safety is unmatched by any hospital in the nation, with a staff that is diligently trained and recruited to provide the best quality care to its patients. The hospital is also a part of a select number of institutions to have received a Magnet award, which is the highest award attributed for nursing services by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

MGH is located in the heart of several main roads and highways, rendering access by public or private transportation easy and convenient for residents of West End apartments and the entire city. The closest T station is Charles MGH station, a short distance from many of the hospitals’ buildings.

Dining in the West End

The West End offers a variety of culinary experiences for its many visitors and residents, all of which are in close proximity to a number of West End apartments in Boston. Though many of the restaurants cater to post-game celebrations, the West End provides a variety of cuisines and experiences for its residents.

A&B Burgers

A&B Burgers, located on 115 Beverly Street, is a place locals regard as one of the best burger restaurants in the entire Boston area. Their original take on burgers, which customers will find on their detailed menu, caters to the tastes and desires of anyone who enters. Far from the typical cheeseburger, A&B Burger offers a unique selection that includes the “Sweet and Salty,” featuring rich, burrata mozzarella cheese, fig jam, bacon and arugula sandwiched between homemade, house buns. It also caters to vegetarians, offering the “Veggie Burger,” which includes a seared quinoa and roasted vegetable patty, braised halloumi cheese, garlic-flavored kale, and a homemade red pepper aioli.

A&B Burger is not short of options and offers the perfect atmosphere for diners looking to get a great meal before going to the game. It is conveniently located in close proximity to a large number of West End apartments in Boston and you can easily access it from several public transportation routes.

Bodega Canal

For those that are looking for an experience that differs from the many sports bars in the area, the West End offers Bodega Canal. This Mexican restaurant, located on 57 Canal Street, offers an original experience to its clientele by featuring dishes from different regions of Mexico. The restaurant serves a variety of Oaxacan and Sinaloan-style dishes, such as the carnitas and barbacoa, scallop ceviche, and Michelada mussels.

Bodega Canal has a warm and inviting atmosphere obtained from its candle-lit tables and elegantly designed bar. The drinks menu offers a unique selection of spirits, such as Mezcal. Their expertly trained team of cocktail mixologists creates the best craft cocktails in the area.

The restaurant is located in close proximity to the Haymarket T-station and allows for quick access from many West End apartments. Having high quality, authentic Mexican cuisine right outside your doorstep is definitely a selling point for potential future neighborhood residents.


For those looking for an Italian “scampo,” or escape, Scampo Boston is the place to be. Located on 215 Charles Street, this fine dining Italian restaurant offers some of the best, classic Italian meals, from the Roman Aglio e Olio spaghetti to the Sicilian veal and fennel meatballs. The taste of the food and the authentic Italian interior architecture and decor resembles that of a charming, rusting Italian restaurant that one could easily find in Italy.

In the warmer months, Scampo serves guests in an outdoor patio decorated with beautiful vine leaves and olive trees. Specialty Italian cocktails, such as Apérol Spritz, are must-haves at Scampo and go great with many of the shareable entrées offered by the restaurant’s extensive menu.

The restaurant’s central location on Charles Street allows convenient access for customers living in West End apartments.


After dinner, people often look to satisfy their sweet tooth before exploring the West End’s vibrant nightlife. That is why Swissbakers, located on 1 Nashua Street, is one of the most popular pastry shops in the area. Inspired by traditional, Swiss bakeries, this bakery offers a variety of items that originate from the four corners of the Alps: Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy.

The West End’s cultural diversity is well represented within its food culture, and is especially highlighted in this traditional bakery. Some of the most popular items that locals often buy include pretzels, croissants and European-style espresso coffee. This pastry shop is a family owned and operated business, which is reflected in the warm welcome they extend to each and every customer that enters their doors.

The shop’s ideal location next to North Station makes it incredibly convenient for both people coming from outside of the West End area, as well as for those living in West End apartments.

The West End’s Vibrant Nightlife

As one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the Greater Boston area, residents and visitors are never short of options when looking for a fun night out. Not only is the West End full of bars, nightclubs, and cocktail lounges, but it also contains a diversity of experiences offered by these different establishments that is unmatched by any neighborhood in Boston.

One of the main advantages of the West End’s nightlife is that it is centrally located and in close proximity to public transportation, rendering it easy and convenient for residents of West End apartments in Boston, MA to access neighborhood bars, lounges, theaters, and more!

Liberty Bar

Liberty Bar, located inside the Liberty Hotel, is one of the classiest bars in the entire city. It offers a variety of experiences that will fit any type of night on the town. The bar provides the best atmosphere for an intimate night out with a loved one, but also provides several, large LED screens that draw fans from all corners of the city to support their favorite teams. Liberty Bar provides a very social and welcoming atmosphere and patrons give them high praise for their extensive drink menu.

Residents of West End apartments in Boston can easily make their way to the Liberty Bar through the various West End bus lines or make use of the hotel’s valet service by driving directly to the bar.

Regulars will say that the beauty of the architecture, with its grand atrium and opulent glass ceiling, keeps bringing them back for more memorable nights in one of the most beautiful areas of the city.

Porters Bar and Grill

Porters Bar and Grill, located on 173 Portland Street, is the place to be for post-game celebrations. Widely known for drawing large crowds from the TD Garden, Porters Bar and Grill’s reputation for festive celebrations after Celtics and Bruins games is well earned. The bar also offers a fine dining and bar section for those looking for a quieter night out. The menu offers a wide range of options, such as Cajun Blackened Ahi Tuna tacos and Porters BBQ burger.

The centrality of Porters Bar and Grill, located between North Station and Haymarket Station, allows for easy access for many residents of West End apartments in Boston.

West End Market

Just like the neighboring areas of Beacon Hill and the North End, the West End is one of the pricier neighborhoods in Boston. The average prices for West End apartments in Boston are as follows.

  • Studio: $2,015
  • 1-Bedroom: $2,375
  • 2-Bedroom: $3,350
  • 3-Bedroom: $4,100

Living in West End Apartments, Boston, MA

The West End of Boston is an area constantly bustling with activity. With an equal balance of residential and commercial spaces, it offers some of Boston’s most visited attractions while also having one of the most peaceful settings along the Charles River. West End apartments in Boston, MA offer a variety of options to all of their potential tenants.

The vast amount of historical attractions and museums, coupled with an array of diverse bars and restaurants, has placed the West End among the best places to reside in Boston. A new apartment and life in the West End is just one click away!

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