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Weymouth, MA Apartments

Are you looking for an apartment for rent in Weymouth, MA? It is important to know what Weymouth has to offer as you compare prospective apartments. Don’t go into your search feeling stressed. Here, you will discover the history, personality, and delights of living in the Town of Weymouth–one of the oldest municipalities in Massachusetts. The Town of Weymouth is actually a city municipality that has kept “town of” in its official name as an homage to its history. If you are hoping to live and breathe history as you go about your daily activities, you should read on to learn more.

Weymouth, MA Geography

The Town of Weymouth is 21.6 square miles with water covering 4.6 square miles of the total area. There are a multitude of quaint ponds and parks to check out in the area that could be just 1 mile or 2 at most from your new apartment. In addition to the scattered ponds, the beautiful Weymouth Fore River borders the city on the north, with the Webb Memorial State Park at the very tip of the peninsula. Hingham and Weymouth share a critical environmental back river area to the East. The towns of Rockland and Holbrook are on the southern border of Weymouth, while Quincy and the town of Randolph share the western border.

You’ll find three neighborhoods to choose from in the city: North Weymouth, South Weymouth, and East Weymouth. In those neighborhoods, there are four village centers: Bicknell Square, Columbian Square, Jackson Square, and Weymouth Landing. Each has their own historical landmarks and nature areas. Beyond the city’s borders, you will find several more recreational areas within just a few miles.

Weymouth, MA History

Beginning in 1622, people started settling in the area now known as Weymouth, MA. The area originally began as the Wessagusset colony, but the first settlers had a rough time becoming successful. Starving and unprepared for the winter, the settlers had their first conflict with the residing Massachusett Native Americans who accused them of stealing supplies to stay alive. Shortly thereafter, the Massachusetts Bay Colony formed with a fresh attempt to settle in the area. These new settlers also struggled to survive as a colony, so those few that remained in 1635 integrated with 100 new English settlers. Boosted by this new group of settlers, the area officially became the Town of Weymouth that year.

The founding of the United States of America has roots in Weymouth, MA by way of the birth of Abigail Adams, wife and First Lady to U.S President John Adams. She was born in the The First Church, also known as “Torrey Mansion”, in 1744, which still stands today and is worth a visit for the small fee of $5/adult. While various tenants lived in the house since Adams’ birth, the land the government acquired the land in 1947 scheduled it for demolition. The Town’s residents, dedicated to the rich history of the community, came together to save the house, move it to a new location, and restore it to the style of Abigail Adams’ time.

Due to the extensive amount of waterfront in the area, the industries in the 17th and 18th centuries were mainly fishing and agriculture. Milling and shipbuilding became popular industries in the area growing the South Weymouth, and Weymouth Landing areas, respectively. During the 19th century, shoemaking became a popular South Shore industry.

Renting in Weymouth, MA

There is only a % vacancy rate in both Weymouth, MA apartments and houses, so if you are ready to call Weymouth home, you’ll have to keep an eye on the listings closely. While renting is still popular in Weymouth, of the 23,014 households, 34.1% are renters, but most residents own their homes at 65.9%. Renting short term would be a great way to see if you would be interested in eventually owning a home in Weymouth. The average monthly rental price for a Weymouth, MA apartment is $2,491, while the median home value is $409,571. It’s not the highest value in Massachusetts as a whole, but still one of the highest in the nation. The further you get from Route 3, the higher home prices become.

Only 7% of the housing in the city is the result of new development after 2000, including Avana Weymouth Apartments, a new luxury building in town. Most housing, about 68%, was built between 1940 and 2000, during a period of suburban boom. With the price of renting in Boston, just 12 miles from Weymouth, steadily increasing, the increase in rental units is likely to increase in the metropolitan area.

Commuting in Weymouth, MA

Since the 19th century, Weymouth has steadily grown in population. In the 1980 census, the population reached its peak of 55,601 residents. Although the population has dipped below that count slightly in the last 30 years, population estimates show it is likely to surpass the 1980 peak in the 2020 census. The city is mainly a residential suburb with easy access to Boston via MBTA buses and commuter rail. Living in Weymouth, MA apartments is the perfect mix of luxury and spaciousness, while still being in a relaxed suburb. Since there are many apartment buildings located near single-family homes, it can still feel cozy and approachable.

MBTA Commuter Rail Stations

You would have three main options for direct service to Boston from Weymouth via the MBTA Commuter Rail, with every station having hundreds of parking spots to encourage parking and riding into Downtown Boston.

  • East Weymouth Station (Greenbush Line)
    • Over 300 parking spots
    • Access via #222 Bus
    • Arrives at South Station, Boston in 35 minutes
  • Weymouth Landing/East Braintree Station (Greenbush Line)
    • Over 200 parking spots
    • Access via #225 Bus
    • Arrives at South Station, Boston in 30 minutes
  • South Weymouth Station (Kingston/Plymouth Line)
    • Over 500 parking spots
    • Arrives at South Station, Boston in 30 minutes


MBTA Buses

There are four MBTA bus routes serving the Hingham, Weymouth, and Quincy areas for easy access between neighboring town centers.

  • # 220: Hingham Depot – Quincy Center Station
    • Via Bicknell Square
  • # 221: Fort Point (Weymouth) – Quincy Center Station
    • Via River Street
  • # 222: East Weymouth – Quincy Center Station
    • Via Jackson Square
  • # 225: Weymouth Landing or Columbian Square – Quincy Center Station
    • Via Weymouth Landing and Columbian Square

Weymouth’s Elder Services Division also offers transportation for those aged 60 and above. You can call a number to schedule a pick up and drop off to go to doctor’s appointments or run errands without hassle.

Weymouth, MA Schools

If you are moving into a Weymouth, MA apartment with children, it is important to know that there are many public and private schools in the area. There are 10 public schools and 5 private schools for grades K-8. If your child is of high school age, you will be able to choose between Weymouth High School and South Shore Christian Academy.

Weymouth, MA Invests in its Outdoors

The Town of Weymouth has created an Open Space and Recreation Plan (2014) to invest in its myriad of wonderful parks and outdoor areas. You can invest your time by being a part of the community to help revise the plan, or you can simply spend your time in these gorgeous green spaces while living in your Weymouth, MA apartment. Whether you are hoping to explore some of the 700 acres of parks and conservation area or stick to the 12.5 miles of waterfront, you will definitely find your favorite picnic areas, ballparks, and more.

Boston Harbor Islands (Grape Island, Slate Island, and Sheep Island)

Three of the smallest Harbor Islands are within the city’s borders and near many Weymouth, MA apartments. Only Grape Island, accessible by ferry from Hingham Bay, is a regularly visited attraction. Grape Island has many wild berries and birds, and is a destination for camping in the summer. Slate Island has a large amount of poison ivy, and so visiting is highly discouraged. You may visit Sheep Island outside of bird mating season, as it is a bird sanctuary. While the island was 25 acres in the 18th and 19th centuries, it has eroded over the years to just 3 acres.

Bradford Torry Bird Sanctuary

The 110-acre sanctuary was named after Bradford Torrey, who was a nature writer and bird watcher that grew up in Weymouth in the 19th century. This nature area has a feeling of being mostly untouched with hard-to-find trails, bird sounds, and small streams throughout. This would be a great place to explore if you are looking for an adventure. Recently, the mayor announced that there would be improvements to the sanctuary, including better marked trails.

Cadman Conservation Area

Found along the Back River near Great Esker Park and south of Webb Memorial State Park, this is an area for preservation and has no public hiking trails. The city is devoted to its efforts to maintain its green spaces, and waterways, so you can enjoy the natural resources for years to come. This green space conservation effort is one of the things that makes living in Weymouth, MA apartments so enjoyable; there is always nature nearby.

Cavern Rock Area

The Cavern Rock Area is located along Whitman’s Pond and is home to many large rocks and boulders. This is a fun woodsy area to explore, and in the years to come, the city will be adding additional features like a hiking trail.

Great Esker Park

If you are a hiking enthusiast or a bird watcher, you will be delighted by the trails in Great Esker Park, which was formed by glacier melt thousands of years ago. There are several trails running along the low salt marshes and the high ridge. You may notice beautiful large birds like osprey or herons.

Great Hill Park

A great 140-foot hill stands to offer you gorgeous views of the Boston skyline, Harbor Islands, and generally enjoy the beauty of the water. You could bring a picnic, as the park is easily accessible via Bradley Rd. and close to many Weymouth, MA apartments.

King Oak Hill Park/Emery Estate

While the city only purchased this land in 2011 for conservation efforts, it has undergone many improvements for residents to visit. These include over 50 parking spaces, new restrooms, and a pavilion. The land, originally a farming estate, holds a large single family home, which the Emery Estate Committee has proposed be used for a future community center. As this space grows its public events, it will be a great place for the Weymouth community to enjoy. On the top of the hill, you will easily see sweeping views of the Boston skyline, while enjoying a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city itself.

Webb Memorial State Park

The tip of the Weymouth waterfront opens up to this state park in Hingham Bay. No matter the season, you could easily spend a day here doing a variety of outdoor activities. From kayaking and grilling in the summer to cross-country skiing in the winter, this historical spot could be a favorite. Native Americans loved it for the fishing and shellfish, while settlers used the area for agriculture. Today, it the state is preserving it for generations to come.

Weymouth Great Pond

Are you interested in learning more about the local wildlife? You may be interested in getting your fishing license and casting your line into Weymouth Great Pond. There are several species including, but not limited to, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, chain pickerel, and perch. Since the pond is a reservoir, there are restrictions for swimming and boating, which makes it a peaceful place to spend a weekend morning.

Whitman’s Pond

While Whitman’s Pond is smaller than the Weymouth Great Pond, it still has its charms! It is also home to fish, but in recent years, there has been a cleanup effort to remove invasive plant species that have affected the wildlife. In the winter, it often freezes over and you may or may not see ice skaters or snowmobiles in the area. If you are living in a Weymouth, MA apartment and are considering participation in these winter activities, be careful!

Things to do near Weymouth, MA Apartments

North Weymouth Waterfront & Bicknell Square

Cathay Center

This tasty Chinese restaurant has a fun twist with its community events. Right in the restaurant, after 9 pm, karaoke is in full swing! If that isn’t your style, you can test your virtual shot in the Wii Bowling League.

Taj Modern Indian Cuisine

Next door to Cathay Center, you will find a highly rated Indian restaurant that serves a lunch buffet on Saturdays and Sundays that you will not want to miss. After you eat, you could head over to the beach to work off your meal before returning to your Weymouth, MA apartment.

South Weymouth & Columbian Square

Cameo Theater

With tickets under $10/person and Bargain Tuesdays for $5/person, this family-owned theater company makes it a no brainer for you to check out the newest movies whenever you are looking for a relaxed activity. Its charming lobby will warm your heart, while the updated seats will make for a comfortable viewing experience.

Ecco Trattoria

If you are looking for a restaurant with upscale decor and sporting local seafood throughout the menu, you’ll have to try out Ecco Trattoria. Sundays through Tuesdays, they also have affordable Pasta Nights. If you have a case of the Mondays, let their chefs do the work for you to provide a lovely meal of Italian comfort food. Many Weymouth, MA apartments have great kitchens, but sometimes you deserve a break; one that Ecco Trattoria is happy to provide.

Jason Holbrook Homestead (Open Wednesdays)

If you have the free time, you will get a real treat by visiting the Holbrook Homestead. It holds Weymouth town records dating back to the 17th century. In addition to exploring records, you might enjoy seeing tools workers used at the Stetson Shoe Company, an homage to the shoe industry of the 19th century. The Historical Society boasts antique farming tools, sleighs, and furnishings that you are able to view with free admission.

Oasis Day Spa

This luxurious day spa will be the best place to treat yourself or a friend to nail treatments, massages, and more. You could spend a perfect winter Saturday in this warm space, while also being just a short commute from your new Weymouth, MA apartment.

The Cottage Bar and Restaurant

This Cottage Bar and Restaurant has a friendly neighborhood Irish restaurant and pub ambience. They offer Irish and American comfort food, including pub food, breakfast, lunch, and full dinners. The bar side has sports on big screens and live music weekly. While they open at 11am weekdays, you can come in for breakfast starting at 7am on the weekends. Their home style food earns enthusiastic reviews. They host Irish music sessions on Sundays.


This is the spot in town for a celebration. At Stockholders, you’ll have your choice between juicy steaks and mouth-watering seafood and you won’t be disappointed. During Patriots games, they sport New England pride by giving special Game Day deals. Bring your friends, and cheer on the Pats together.

Weymouth Farmers Market (Every Sunday from June through September)

Head down to Weymouth High School on Sunday mornings in the summertime to get fresh produce, and chat with neighbors from nearby Weymouth, MA apartments. By shopping at the local farmers market, you will be supporting local agriculture and local economy. If they don’t have everything you need, the local Whole Foods Market is just south on Pleasant St.

East Weymouth & Jackson Square

Barrel House Z & Vitamin Sea Brewery

These two hip craft breweries sporting rustic interiors and patio lights are fun spots for a tasty local drink. On Saturdays, both breweries are open at noon, so you can easily make it a two stop tasting experience without having to leave the block.

Herring Run Pool Park

In the spring, you might be lucky enough to catch schools of Herring, otherwise known as Alewives, migrate to Whitman’s Pond. Long ago in the early 20th century, the fishermen caught and sold them by the net full, and now their populations have severely decreased. The Annual Herring Run is a great way to bring attention to the amazing wildlife in the area.

Marylou’s Coffee

This local pink-hued haunt will quickly become your favorite spot for caffeine in the morning (or afternoon, or evening). You will keep coming back for the quick service and an affordable cup of coffee with unique flavor options.

Niko’s Restaurant

When you become a resident of Weymouth, MA apartments, you will probably also become a regular at Niko’s. It’s a breakfast and brunch restaurant that has everything you need when you don’t want to make it yourself. Niko’s has quick, friendly service, and their food is extremely approachable.

Weymouth Landing

Macy’s Beachway Liquors

They have been in business for 34 years and tout themselves as having the South Shore’s largest selection of beers, wines, and liquors. With their knowledgeable staff, this superstore will be the place you stop before a party on the way to your Weymouth, MA apartment.

The Grill & Eye

If you are looking for a friendly neighborhood breakfast and lunch diner this is a great place to try in Weymouth. The locals give this family run restaurant rave reviews, saying that this is their go to place for breakfast. Great basic comfort food served by friendly people, a small-town kind of place.

Open Doors Power Yoga Studio

A small local chain with new student discounts, Open Doors Power Yoga is located right in The Landing, where you have access to a myriad of Power Yoga classes, workshops, and trainings. Open Doors has a cozy and approachable feel where you can spend your evenings.

4th & Cherry

4th & Cherry is a cozy pub that gets consistently enthusiastic reviews for their unique, savory food and outstanding cocktails. This is the place to try exciting new innovations for food and drink. They are most definitely a worthy gastropub.