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About Woburn, MA Apartments

Are you exploring which city around Boston you could next call home? Like many other modern cities in the area, Woburn, MA was settled in the 17th century, so there are hundreds of years of history to discover on your search. The same architect who designed the Boston Trinity Church also designed Woburn’s iconic Public Library w. It still stands today as a favorite public amenity for all Woburn residents to enjoy. Read on to get a more condensed view of the city’s history and how it has transformed over the years. You will also find important facts about daily life in Woburn, like education, recreation, commuting, and all of the neighborhood spots you will surely visit on a regular basis.

Woburn, MA is Small, but Mighty

While Woburn, MA might only be 12.9 square miles, its population is quite dense at 38,120 residents as of the 2010 census. It continues to grow. Woburn had its most significant population boom between 1950 and 1960, increasing by more than 50%. The suburban flight helped make this small city into the charming community it is today. There are several historical landmarks in the city, as well as multiple commercial areas built in close proximity to major arteries and population centers. The rest of the city has a wide mix of single-family homes and duplexes, small apartment buildings, businesses and recreation areas. Likely wherever you land in Woburn, you will be able to easily access public space.

The borders of the city of Woburn, MA are comprised of Burlington and Lexington on the West, Wilmington on the North, Reading and Stoneham to the East, and Winchester to the South. Reading, Burlington, Wilmington, and Winchester were all originally within the Woburn borders, but all became their own townships before the end of the 19th century. Reading left first in 1644, and Winchester was last to break off in 1850. Woburn is only a few miles from larger suburbs of Medford, Somerville, and Cambridge, and just 9 miles north of Boston. With both Interstates 93 and 95 coming through Woburn, and an MBTA Commuter Rail station, the city is easily accessible.

Woburn, MA Real Estate Market

While 62.2% of residents in Woburn own their homes, there are a significant number of residents living in Woburn, MA apartments. Duplex houses are a popular apartment-style in the Boston area and in Woburn alike. As the homeownership rate is high, you will be sure to form long lasting relationships with your neighbors. Long-term residents may encourage you to lay down roots early as the house prices in Woburn are on the rise. At $394,900, the median price of a home in Woburn is much higher than the United States median. Renting Woburn, MA apartments might be a good compromise for residents who are looking for a temporary community.

Woburn, MA History & Important Landmarks

Residents began settling in the Charlestown Village area in 1640, but took the name of Woburn upon officially incorporating the city in 1642. Baldwin House, built in 1661, is the oldest home in Woburn. You can still visit it today as it currently houses the Sichuan Garden restaurant, which is located in North Woburn.

Sir Benjamin Thompson, later named Count Rumford, was born in Woburn, MA in 1753. Despite his birthplace, he did not stay in the newly founded United States of America after the Revolutionary War as he was in the British Loyalist forces. Some of his notable accomplishments were in thermodynamics.

Expansion & the Public Library

The town grew quickly, so there were already many schoolhouses and a U.S. Post Office established by 1800. In the early 1800s, there was considerable effort to begin a subscription library system, but it did not gain popularity quickly. By 1873, two brothers of the Winn family chose to donate money in their wills to start the process of a public library system bequeathing around $6000 total, which was not a small amount of money. Today, that would amount to about $120,000. Only two years later, J.B. Winn’s son, C.B Winn, passed away young leaving $140,000 to build a grand public library building. Today, that would be valued at well over $3,000,000.

Thereafter the process of the gorgeous designs for the Woburn Public Library began. Leaders selected Henry Hobson Richardson’s plans for the library in 1877. His design of the Trinity Church in Boston, which was dedicated that year, had made him a well-known figure in the architecture world. The style of architecture, rightfully called Richardsonian Romanesque after the architect, is a style he would use frequently in his designs for Boston area buildings. As a resident, you would not only be able to see the grandness of the building’s original stonework and high arched ceilings, but also appreciate the new wing of the library that will be finished by 2020.

With the Middlesex Canal and the Boston Lowell Railroad opening in the early 19th century, the tanning and shoemaking industry began to boom. An increase in convenient transportation allowed the regular delivery of tanbark to the town, which was crucial in these industries. Unfortunately, due to the Great Depression, both luxury industries saw a major decline in the town. As a result, today, no tanneries remain.

Getting Around & Living in Woburn, MA

It is likely that you will be driving your car to work like the 80% of Woburn residents that currently commute this way. Of course, you could choose to sit back and relax on the MBTA Commuter Rail Lowell Line to Boston’s North Station if you commute to the city for work. You can limitedly get on the train from Mishawum Station, located right along Mishawum Lake on the north side of the city, or more frequently from the Anderson Regional Transportation Center just slightly farther north from Mishawum.

At this station, there are over 2000 parking spots split between a Park and Ride lot and an Overnight lot. You will have to pay a small fee to park here, but if you regularly commute this way from Western Woburn, a monthly pass might be a good investment at $70 per month. From the Anderson Regional Transportation Center, you will also be able to easily hop on an Amtrak train that runs to Portland, Maine for a fun weekend day trip.

Getting to the airport from Woburn-Anderson Station is extremely easy. Instead of taking the Commuter Rail, then the T and the Silver Line bus, you can simply take the Woburn Logan Express run by Massport every day of the week. It runs more frequently on weekdays, departing every 30 minutes, and every hour on the weekends. If you have an extremely early morning or late night flight, it still runs a few set times between 11 pm and 4 am.

As you will read on, Woburn residents are frequently using their free time at local recreational spots, whether indoors or outdoors, meeting neighbors and friends. While generally a residential city with a variety of architecture and historical landmarks, Woburn, MA apartments have their own communities within.

Central Square

Central Square is located between North Woburn and the Woburn Common, host to a tiny patch of green surrounded by large trees. In the fall, this quaint spot will be a great place to feel encompassed by the falling leaves. You might just dive right in. This area is home to large single-family homes and duplexes, as well as the beautiful Burdett Mansion. The Burdett Mansion currently houses the Woburn Historical Society, where you can become a member and join in on local History Crawls.

North Woburn

North Woburn is the oldest residential area in the City of Woburn, as it is home a few important landmarks, like the Baldwin House and Count Rumford’s Birthplace. There are lovely historic farmhouses that create a charm in this neighborhood that feels unique. You might take a Sunday to wander down the tiny residential lanes just beyond the main square, where the North Congregational Church has been located since 1849. In the square, you’ll also pick up the 134 MBTA bus that runs from North Woburn south on Main St. You can make stops in Winchester, Medford and Wellington to visit your favorite spots in the surrounding areas.

Woburn Common

History is rich in the Woburn Common neighborhood. With the Woburn Public Library, Woburn City Hall, the First Church of Woburn, and many more historic red brick buildings, you will feel instantly immersed in the small city’s warmth. It is also a great area to explore local restaurants, run errands, and pick up unique grocery items from the locally owned markets. You can also get out of town easily by grabbing the 354 MBTA express bus that runs down Montvale to Downtown Boston.

Walnut Hill

A newer development in the fleet of Woburn, MA apartments is Washington Crossing located near the Walnut Hill neighborhood, the Woburn Mall, and Mishawum station. There are several units available in this luxury building, so this could be a good spot to lay down roots quickly. Washington Crossing sits on a tree-lined street, while most of the Walnut Hill area has a range of office parks and industry. Don’t let that color your view of this area, as it is still stone throwing distance to the Cranberry Bog Conservation Area through which the Aberjona River runs.

Woburn’s Education & Recreation

While Woburn’s most popular outside spot is Horn Pond, a lot of recreation takes place in the Senior Center and on several schools’ fields. Woburn is specifically very proud of its High School football team that took the Superbowl title in 1975, and maintained the title of the Middlesex League Champions for several years in the 1980s. Woburn Memorial High School’s mascot is proudly called the “Tanners” in honor of the once booming tanning and shoemaking industry of the 19th century. You will still probably catch fellow residents watching Tanner games under the Friday night lights. If you have school-aged children, you might like to know that several of the schools in the area are rated very well, and each have their specialties.

Cranberry Bog Conservation Area

Cranberry Bog is a hidden wooded area that would make anyone feel like they had stumbled upon something magical. With the Aberjona River running through, you will hear the sounds of a soft current, while you listen to various bird songs. Don’t forget that you’ll be just a short distance from your Woburn, MA apartment!

Horn Pond Recreation Area

This spot is both peaceful and popular depending on what time of day you choose to explore the pond. The paved loop trail directly around the pond is a manageable distance of 2 miles where you can stop to picnic, or exercise. The town does not allow swimming in the pond, but this is why it makes the perfect spot for bird watching and casual fishing.

Joyce Middle School & O’Brien Ice Rink

Whether or not you have a child attending this public middle school, you can still reap the benefits of the public ice rink. With skate rentals only $3 per skater, plus a $3 fee to skate, this could be an affordable, but active trip outside of your apartment.

Library Park

Home to the Woburn Memorial High School Softball team, you will not only find softball fields, but several other types of sports areas. If basketball or tennis is more to your liking, you will still find delight in this open space.

Mary Cummins Park/Whispering Hill Park

Lying on the border of Burlington and Woburn, MA, Mary Cummins left the park to these cities in 1930 so the public could enjoy them. At 210 acres, there are many trails and wooded areas for you to check out. Northeastern University bought some of the land for botanical research, and has now developed a building to some resident controversy in the area. Most of the Woburn land, however, remains untouched, as it is a conservation area.

Veterans Memorial Senior Center

The Senior Center has a variety of activities to suit anyone’s interests. From yoga or t’ai chi to scrabble and cribbage, on various days, you could try everything the community has to offer. The City of Woburn also puts on seasonal events in the space that you can follow through the online calendar.

Fun & Games in Woburn, MA

Something unique to Woburn might just be the vast number of games and recreational activities you’ll find here! There will be a new activity for you to explore, no matter your interests. There are also plenty of activities for children of all ages.

Breakout Games

If you have never tried an escape room experience before, Breakout Games will be an instant hit for you and a group of friends. This company has several escape room experiences for you to keep coming back to, including a kidnapping, a museum heist, a runaway train, and more. The object of the game is to prove you are clever enough to solve the puzzles and get out of the room. Similar to the way a horror movie psychologically terrifies and excites us, Breakout Games will have your heart pounding.

Dave & Buster’s

Arcade games are a favorite pastime for all ages. Dave & Buster’s is another great spot to get your competitive side out without having to brave the elements. They have arcade games, private rooms for events, a full menu, bar, and game bar to watch your favorite sporting event. During the day, it’s all about family-friendly fun. An adult must accompany all minors, up to six per adult. This is as a great place for a birthday party or afternoon post-game celebration as it is for a night out with your friends to grab a drink and watch the UFC match. They even have a kids menu in addition to their large and diverse food and drink menus. After 11:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, They are strictly 21+.

Launch Family Entertainment Park

Here you will find a variety of physical activities: laser tag, dodgeball, basketball, ninja course, launch pad, trampoline courts, tumble tracks, slackline, battle pit, and an XP Arena. They also offer Omni multi-player virtual gaming, as well as a more traditional arcade. When you want to refuel, they offer their Krave pizza, as well as other snacks, drinks, and ice cream. In addition to individual admission, Launch Family Entertainment will also host group events and fund raisers. Rental of the entire facility can also be arranged for exclusive private events. Every Sunday morning there is a couple of hours of Toddler Time when the park is exclusively open for toddlers (5 years old and under) with an accompanying adult.


If you have never played Laser Tag, you might not know the excitement that kids get when they can hide, and explore while trying to track down their opponents. For children of any age, this would be a great rainy day spot for them to have fun and play games. If you’re up for it, you could dive into the fun too.

The Bridge Spot

This is the place to go if you are a bridge player and looking to meet new players in a congenial atmosphere. You are welcome if you arrive by yourself or come with your bridge partner. If you are a beginner new to this long-established strategy card game, experienced teachers will gladly instruct you. Players of all levels are welcome at this friendly and congenial club.

Outdoor Movie Series at Library Field

Nice weather will bring residents out of their Woburn, MA apartments to watch family-friendly movies outside on Library Field. Pack dinner, refreshments, blankets, and bug spray, and you’ll be set up for a relaxed community event with your neighbors.

Vinkari Safari

Crawling babies and young toddlers will have unlimited activities to explore in this large padded warehouse space. Woburn is not short of places where parents and children can have fun outside of the house, so take advantage of the resource. If you have tiny kids, but are hoping to run into other adults that you can have a conversation with, this could be your perfect refuge.

Winchester Indoor Tennis

Right at the city border between Woburn and Winchester, this spot for indoor recreation will have you satisfied throughout the cold New England winter. You will be able to book courts and sign up for lessons. They also have lessons for children. Winchester Indoor Tennis might make you realize that tennis is a lifelong sport for the whole family.

Woburn Bowladrome

Founded in 1940, the Woburn Bowladrome has been around since the 8 candlepin lanes were reset by pin boys. Today, it is still a fun activity that everyone can enjoy. Of course, the pinsetters are fully automatic now. The Glow Bowl on Saturdays is the best time to come.

Eat & Drink Through Woburn, MA

Casa Nova Market

This is a locally owned market that deserves recognition for its unique assortment of groceries and ingredients. Casa Nova Market boasts Brazilian staples and fresh cuts of meat. They also offer prepared food for takeout or delivery. The staff is fluent in both Portuguese and English. While Woburn also has larger grocery stores including Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, Market Basket, and more, this market will make you feel like a local if you stop in to pick up that secret ingredient for your dinner parties.

Lord Hobo Brewing

This well-known New England brewery hosts an assortment of in-house craft beers, from the popular Boomsauce IPA to Nitro Coffee Stouts. You might wander over here to cool off after spending time at Mike Boyle’s Strength & Conditioning, or perhaps after watching a Little League game at Leland Park. This is definitely the hip local spot where you will take out-of-town visitors and beer connoisseurs alike.


Upscale Spanish Tapas served in the heart of the Hilton Hotel in town will make you feel like you’re on vacation even though you are just a mile or two from your new Woburn, MA apartment. On Friday nights, you can get dressed up and listen to local live music while you enjoy a cocktail. You may come back for the variety of events the restaurant hosts, like Yoga & Tapas, or a Wine Tasting Dinner.

Pintxo Pincho Tapas Bar

Take your date to this dimly lit, authentic Spanish Tapas bar, and they will not be disappointed. Whether your first pintxo, or small plate, is the sizzling shrimp, a hearty tortilla, or beef tenderloin on a bed of caramelized onions, there is something for everyone here in the heart of Woburn Common.

The Restaurant Bar & Grille

When it’s called “The Restaurant”, you know they are committed to being your favorite local haunt. Also located in the heart of Woburn Common, The Restaurant will get you inside with American comfort food, but they will have you coming back for the ice-cold beer and Musical Bingo.