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Chinatown Apartments for Rent

The current population of Chinatown is 7,634. Although it is one of the smallest neighborhoods in Boston, it also one of the most densely populated areas in the region. Due to its central location and proximity to important areas such as downtown Boston and the Financial District, Chinatown has become an increasingly popular place in which to live.

Market Analysis

The average monthly rent in Chinatown for a one-bedroom apartment is $3,044 per month. Two and three bedroom apartments command about 25% more and 50% more, respectively. However, 3-bedroom apartments are rare in this neighborhood. About 81% of people living in this neighborhood are renters. This tells us that Chinatown has a healthy and vibrant rental market. There are many styles and locations of Chinatown apartments for rent. So, take some time to inspect as many as you can. You will not be disappointed.


Getting around Chinatown is relatively simple since both the MBTA Orange Line and Green Line, two of the most important train lines in Boston, have stops in Chinatown. The Chinatown station stop is located in the northwest corner on the Orange Line. This connects commuters to the Northeast and Western parts of Greater Boston. The Green Line station, Boylston station, links Boston to several branches of the Western part of the Greater Boston region.

These subway lines also provide easy access to South Station, east of Chinatown, which is the main bus station that serves the New England region.

The Massachusetts Turnpike and Interstate 93 exits are located on the southern periphery of Chinatown.

Parking Garages

There are a number of parking garages in Chinatown. Washington Street, Beach Street, Ash Street, Kneeland Street, and Nassau Street all contain parking garages. Prices vary so it is a good idea to verify fees.


Boston has one of the most accomplished and diverse educational systems in the country. Chinatown apartments for rent will provide students of all ages with rewarding educational opportunities found nowhere else.

Josiah Quincy School

Josiah Quincy Elementary School is a Boston public school located at 885 Washington Street in Chinatown. It has top-notch classroom practices, great administration, and its commitment to cultural enrichment and artistic creativity.

The staff’s hard work and commitment to guiding their students has earned them the admiration of students and teachers alike. Parents can have peace of mind that their child will have skilled and ethical mentors and the individual attention necessary to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Kwong Kow Chinese School

In 1916, the Chinese Merchants’ Association founded Kwong Kow Chinese School. They dedicated this school to the continuation of Chinese language and culture. It is one of the oldest Chinese schools on the East Coast. They also provide academic support and recreational activities for children five to seventeen years old.

Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

The Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy is located at 150 Harrison Avenue. Established in 1978, it has the purpose of integrating biomedical, social, political, and behavioral sciences. Their scientists conduct research and educational programs to improve the health and nutritional status of people around the world. Tufts University, ranked as one of the top thirty universities and colleges in the United State, is a major research center.

Historic Places and Events

Chinatown Gate

This magnificent structure is located at the intersection of Beach and Surface Road. This gate was a gift from the Taiwanese government. The Chinatown Gate Arch is thirty feet high and there are two Foo Dogs, one on each side, to guard the entrance. There are two Chinese sayings engraved on the gate. One of the phrases is “Everything under the sky belongs to the people”. The other words relate the four societal bonds – propriety, justice, integrity, and honor. Residents living in Chinatown apartments for rent will always be able to enjoy the beauty of this unique architecture.

August Moon Festival

Every August, Chinatown hosts the August Moon Festival to celebrate the end of the harvest season. The festival is free and open to the public. It offers an experience that caters to the interests of all participants, such as live music, lion dancing, Chinese folk dancing, and martial arts performances.

The August Moon Festival also features many food vendors selling traditional Chinese street food and snacks, all of which are delicious. On this special day, family and friends at the festival typically share a Chinese delicacy called mooncakes, which are round, red bean paste-filled pastries. The intent of this special dessert is to represent unity.

Restaurants in Chinatown

Chinatown is a popular late night destination. Many of its restaurants are open late and provide a festive atmosphere.

In Chinatown, you will find quite a sizeable number of restaurants that offer a variety of foods from several parts of the world. Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese and Japanese cuisines contribute to your culinary excursions. You will never be short of options, and can consistently find high-quality meals at a reasonable price. The restaurants are also located in close proximity to most Chinatown apartments for rent.

Shabu Zen

Shabu Zen, located at 16 Tyler Street, will turn you into a hot pot aficionado. Servers in this Japanese style restaurant bring perfectly seasoned broths to your table so you can dip fresh vegetables, noodles, fish, and meat into the pots. You never have to be served over or under cooked food because you cook it right at your table.

All main courses include a variety of vegetables and your choice of rice, udon, or vermicelli. There are eleven broth choices: Korean kimchee, mushroom , tomato veggie, tonkotsu, Chinese herbal, Japanese miso, black chicken, Thai tom yum, tomato beef, Mongolian spicy, and Chinese Sichuan Spicy. There are also tempting and exotic appetizers such as seaweed salad and gyoza. No matter what you choose, all meals are healthy and delicious.

Avana Sushi

If you are looking for high quality sushi, look no further than Avana Sushi. This restaurant offers a traditional Japanese sushi experience by serving fresh, local fish prepared by traditionally trained chefs. Their huge menu will tempt every sushi enthusiast. The variety of sushi, sashimi, and maki offered by the restaurant is not only delicious, but also carefully made to ensure that the quality of the ingredients shines through. They also offer a variety of traditional side dishes, such as edamame and spicy Naruto. Avana sushi is located at 42 Beach Street.

Taiwan Café

Taiwan Café is a great little place located at 34 Oxford Street. Boston residents, a community that values the importance of diversity and cultural enrichment, have welcomed their approach to traditional Taiwanese cuisine. Their reasonably priced menu offers a cornucopia of dishes. There are vegetarian items as well as a variety of meat and fish dishes. If you are looking to explore the complexity of Taiwanese food, you will not find anything better than Taiwan Café.

Great Taste Bakery and Restaurant

For your fill of refreshing smoothies, bubble teas, Asian pastries, and other sweet treats, make your way to this 63 Beach Street eatery. They designed their exciting menu to cater to the tastes of anyone who enters their doors. The occasional long lines are an indication that this is no ordinary bakery. The pastries look as delicious as they taste. Living in Chinatown apartments for rent allows easy access to some interesting and exotic food.

Kaze Shabu Shabu

Located on 1 Harrison Avenue, Kaze Shabu Shabu is the restaurant to visit for those that want a more hands-on approach to food. Locals know it for its do-it-yourself cooking style, which allows patrons to create their own dish. They provide raw proteins and vegetables along with a broth in which to cook them. They also have specialty broths served in sectioned pots. Guests can order a pot with two or three sections in which to marinate meat.

For residents of Chinatown apartments for rent, this is truly a unique dining experience. The variety of broth options and accompaniments always meet the needs, wants, and desires of anyone who enters their doors. They also offer a variety of vegan and vegetarian options! The skillfully designed modern interior is both stylish and inviting. The wait staff is happy to assist patrons and answer questions you may have about the food and its preparation.

Empire Garden

Empire Garden Restaurant is located at 690 Washington Street in a building that used to be a theater. It was built when theaters had high ceilings, ornate archways, and murals painted by artists. They are open Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

They are mainly noted for their cart-service dim sum, but their menu goes beyond that. There are more soup choices than many restaurants and some are unusual such as minced chicken corn soup and roast duck noodle soup. Their menu is huge and includes all the popular Asian dishes. If you prefer steamed rather than fried choose from eight different steamed meals. With page after page of choices, it might be difficult to make up your mind. So, get a combination platter.

China Pearl Restaurant

China Pearl Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant famed for its signature dim sum dishes. From the dough to the filling, these hand-made delicacies, prepared by chefs with several years of experience, will definitely satisfy your taste buds. For many years, China Pearl has offered high-quality dim sum and many other delicacies to its customers. They have a wide selection of beef, pork, shrimp, crab, and vegetable dishes that are some of the best in Chinatown. Its location on 9 Tyler Street is close to many Chinatown apartments for rent.

Tora Japanese Restaurant

Tora Japanese Restaurant is located at 20B Tyler Street and is open Monday through Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Sunday 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. The atmosphere is cozy and the décor modern. There are rave revues about their sushi and seafood dishes, but they are best known for their Kaisen Don (sashimi and rice bowls). If you prefer a hot entrée, they have some interesting choices such as Miyazaki Wagyu Don and Buta Shogayaki Don. If you are feeling adventurous and want to try a unique dessert, they have Japanese cheesecake flavored with sweet potato or matcha.


Irashai is a Japanese restaurant located on 8 Kneeland Street. It has a reputation for expertly crafted sushi dishes and teriyaki. The chefs spend several hours studiously preparing their sauces, which they then brew overnight. Their fish comes from the best local markets. Irashai’s dedication to offering a locally sourced, yet authentically Japanese, experience is what really defines this restaurant. It is fortunate that this restaurant is a short distance from many Chinatown apartments for rent.

Hong Kong Eatery

If you are looking for the best barbecue pork dishes in Chinatown, make your way to Hong Kong Eatery. Located at 79 Harrison Avenue, this Cantonese eatery has a very diverse menu selection of Hong Kong fare. Its dumpling soup noodles are a true taste of Cantonese style food. They represent and preserve their traditions in every dish they prepare.


Ruckus, known for their customizable bowls where patrons can add as many ingredients as they want, is conveniently located at 5 Tyler Street. The broth is also very special because chefs brew it for several hours before serving it. This gives an unmatched bold and rich flavor to your bowl of noodles. Ruckus focuses on fast and fun. Their Pan-Asian ingredients are fresh and plentiful. This is a unique dining experience for people living in Chinatown apartments for rent.

Double Chin Modern Asia Restaurant

Double Chin, located at 86 Harrison Avenue, doesn’t get its name from sagging chins; it was founded by the Chin sisters. This is Asian fusion done creatively and you will love the results. Double Chin has been featured by Zagat, Eater, Travel Channel, Phantom Gourmet, and others. This is one of the few Asian restaurants noted for their desserts! If your sweet tooth is calling, try a custard donut bomb or a macaron ice cream sandwich.

Asian Garden Restaurant

Asian Garden Restaurant offers up genuine Hong Kong, Cantonese, and Szechuan Chinese delicacies. It is located at 28 Harrison Avenue. Szechuan food is usually spicy but they can adjust the heat to your taste. The variety of peppers, spices and herbs used in this cuisine really sets it apart from many other styles of cooking. If fusion food is your taste, this restaurant also gets rave reviews for their Chinese-American dishes.

Additionally, Asian Garden offers some very unusual dishes that you may not see anywhere else. If you are in the mood to try the out of the ordinary, they have stir-fried lotus roots, frog with garlic hot pot, duck tongue, and crispy fried squab. So, make your next night out a culinary adventure. Its close proximity to quite a number of Chinatown apartments for rent makes it a very convenient place to eat out with friends.


You can quench your thirst with a refreshing smoothie or a cup of bubble tea at Tea-Do, located on 8 Tyler Street. Along with their variety of teas and specialty drinks, you can also grab a quick bite to eat. This is definitely the place for tea lovers. They have an unusual and extensive menu of teas and tea drinks. Their eclectic entrée menu provides a much-needed departure from the boring grab-and-go food served by ubiquitous and tired chain restaurants.

Peach Farm Restaurant

Peach Farm Restaurant is located at 4 Tyler Street. Known for their high quality and expertly prepared Chinese seafood dishes, locals hold this restaurant in high regard. The restaurant ensures the quality of their food by only sourcing their ingredients from the best fish markets and local farms. Though famous for their seafood, they also serve delectable meat and vegetarian dishes. The welcoming atmosphere is intimate and inviting. While many look forward to their family style servings, individual options are also available. Their lunch specials are particularly popular.

Crave Mad for Chicken

Crave Mad for Chicken is one of the trendiest places to go for good chicken. It has authentic take on Asian cuisine, demonstrated by its signature Korean chicken dishes. Their Korean fried chicken is a tasty and very crunchy Boston favorite. This 75 Kneeland Street restaurant is close to a number of Chinatown apartments for rent, making it among the most convenient places to go for a good chicken dish. Its popular full service bar makes it a favorite gathering place.

Winsor Dim Sum Café

Winsor Dim Sum Café is located at 10 Tyler Street and is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. It is an unpretentious tearoom that prides itself on its made-to-order dim sum that is not served from carts. Their dim sum includes some uncommon choices such as sticky rice in lotus leaf packets and spinach with shrimp. They also have the traditional favorites: beef and broccoli, kung pao chicken, sweet and sour pork, shrimp and garlic, pan fried noodles, hot pots, and Buddha’s delight. If you prefer vegetarian dishes, they have a large selection for you: sauteed Chinese u-choy, ma po tofu, bean curd with straw mushrooms, and Yu Hsiang eggplant.

Ho Yuen Bakery

This 54 Beach Street restaurant is a place worth considering if you are interested in getting a sweet, baked treat. Ho Yuen is a Chinese bakery known for artfully preparing traditional baked goods. Many residents consider their moon cakes some of the best in Chinatown. Many people like to stop here for a quick breakfast of egg tarts. Baked surprises await you at this very popular local establishment!

New Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

New Jumbo Seafood Restaurant serves classic Chinese and Hong Kong-style cuisine with fresh seafood right from the tank. You can even see your fish in the tank before their chefs prepare it, so you know the food is fresh! The unique interior is inviting and festive, and it is a great place to eat with family and friends.


Wilbur Theater

This historic theater at 244-250 Tremont Street opened in 1914. Revitalized in 2008, it has remained a vibrant and exciting performing arts theater for over a century. It is a destination for people who truly enjoy live comedy and music.

Designated as a Boston Landmark in 1987, the theater also has the distinction of being on the National Register of Historic Places. Clarence Blackall built the theater 1913, and its contribution to the Boston art scene is timeless.

Famous comics who have performed there are Dana Carvey, Norm Macdonald, Jim Jefferies, Jim Gaffigan, Joe Rogan, Tig Notaro, Tom Green, Gary Gulman, Kathy Griffin, and many others. This is a terrific venue close to many Chinatown apartments for rent. You deserve a night of laughter and music.

The Wang Theater

The Wang Theater opened in 1925 and was referred to as “The Met”. The breathtaking décor and architecture was reminiscent of a Louis XIV palace. At the time of its construction, it many considered it to be the most important Boston landmark. There was no other theater in the world like it. It absolutely glittered with crystal chandeliers, imposing columns, and imported marble. At that time, people came to watch movies, big bands, and vaudeville.

In 1962, it was renamed The Music Hall and became home to the Boston Ballet. Audiences could also see the Stuttgart Opera, the Metropolitan Opera, Bolshoi Ballet and Kirov Ballet. Sadly, as time went on, modern touring companies viewed the stage as too shallow for their needs. Soon, this once grand began to show signs of neglect.

The theater was not to be abandoned by Boston’s cultural community. In 1980, a huge gift from Dr. An Wang saved the theater. Corporations and donors contributed the rest of the necessary funds. Their support enabled the restoration of the theater to its former glory, after which it became the Wang Center for the Performing Arts. Renowned plays and actors once again performed in this magnificent structure.

Chinatown Apartments for Rent

It is easy to see why this is one of the most popular places to live in Boston. Chinatown’s restaurants are the most interesting and exotic in the area. Its theaters have the best plays, concerts, and performances. Chinatown’s international flare never fades, and there is always something interesting to do nearby. Join the fun!

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