Do you find Boston’s zoning laws confusing? You’re not alone. Aside from dictating the appropriate use for a property in a specific area of the city, Boston’s zoning code also dictates aspects of a property like height, density, shape, etc. Boston has some of the most complex zoning regulations for commercial and housing developments, which […]
By: Aubrey Liss
 Jul 25
Investing in Boston real estate can be a great way to build wealth, but finding good off-marker deals can be a challenge. Especially in competitive markets like Boston, it’s important to know how to find off-market deals if you want to stay ahead of the game. There are several advantages to finding off-market real estate […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Apr 26
Investing in multi-family properties in Boston is a great way to build long-term wealth and reach financial freedom. These properties have two or more units, which are rented out to tenants, making them an attractive investment option as they provide multiple streams of rental income. In Boston, demand for apartments is consistently outpacing supply. The […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Apr 24
Multi-family real estate investments are a great way to build long-term wealth. However, while investing in Boston multi-family real estate can be incredibly rewarding, it’s not without risk. There are a wide variety of factors and nuances to consider if you want to have outstanding returns. To help guide you through the process, here is […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Apr 10
As you probably already know, real estate investors can use the effective tax-deferral strategy known as a 1031 exchange by reinvesting the proceeds from selling one property into another “like-kind” property (replacement property). If you are doing a 1031 exchange to help defer your taxes, you may have a few paths when it comes to […]
By: Sean D. Whalen, CFP®, MSF
 Apr 07
A property inspection is one of the most critical steps when buying or selling Boston multifamily investment properties. This article will cover everything you need to know about property inspections before buying or selling Boston investment real estate. Considering that the Greater Boston Area has numerous two and three-family properties that are often over 100 […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Apr 05
As a landlord in the Greater Boston area, maximizing your Boston rental income can be a challenging task. Insurance, labor rates and tax payments are always on the rise which can severely reduce returns. Historically speaking, Boston apartments have a very high turnover rate so having to refresh properties quite often can also dig into […]
By: Josue Vargas
 Mar 24
If you’re a first- time homebuyer, your current search may be focused more on condos and single-family homes in Boston. However, you may want to consider investing in your future and taking a look at multi-family homes in Boston for sale. With a multi-family home, you can live in one unit and rent out the […]
By: Aubrey Liss
 Jan 12
Purchasing a multi-family home in Boston is a popular investment choice for both seasoned and new investors. Given the strong and steady demand for rental housing, and the fact that home values in Greater Boston have appreciated by over 90% since May 2012, it’s easy to see why. Whether you plan to live in the […]
By: Josue Vargas
 Nov 28