Boston, the nation’s hub for academic excellence, endless professional opportunities, and an unmatched quality of life. Unfortunately, it also tops the list for high apartment rental prices and a limited supply of available and vacant apartments in Boston. With an average Real-Time Availability Rate (RTAR) of about 3.16% and a Real-Time Vacancy Rate (RTVR) of […]
By: Alexa Breban
 Jun 28
Boston is among the top American cities that provide the best quality of life. Its status as a world-class city, however, also means Boston apartment rents tend to be higher than in other locations across the country. Boston also has some of the lowest apartment availability in the nation. We all understand the law of […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Jun 06
If you’re looking for Boston apartments, you may find that there are all sorts of incentives available. The point of these offers is to get you to sign a lease ASAP. The real estate market tends to be a bit slow during the winter months. This means landlords are eager to get their properties rented. […]
By: Andrew Pitsios
 Jan 03
It’s a good time to be searching for Boston apartments. Things have calmed down a lot since the college students moved back to town in early September. There’s a lot less competition to worry about, and you can take a little more time to make decisions. You can even find many good deals out there […]
By: Andrew Sebaaly
 Nov 05
​East Boston is an eclectic neighborhood located in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The flourishing community of East Boston is famous for its culture, history, and food. It features an interesting mix of arts and cultural amenities, great coffee shops and delicious restaurants. East Boston also boasts a plethora of outdoor activity choices, and amazing […]
By: Daniela Alvarado
 May 27
Did you know that negotiating is an option when renting an apartment in Boston? If you are viewing vacant apartments, you can score a great deal right now. This situation may not last long but right now is the best time to grab an apartment in over thirty years. When most people hear the word […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Apr 01
Though you probably want affordable apartments — not cheap ones — finding a Boston apartment that fits your budget is always a challenge. Here’s our favorite tips to finding cheap 1 bedroom apartments in Boston.
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Jul 21