When it comes to investing in a Boston multifamily home, one of the keys to success is to make creative upgrades and attract tenants who pay more. That means taking the time to renovate in a way that improves the property’s value and marketability and reflects positively on you as an investor. You can have […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Apr 21
It goes without saying that indoor plants are trendy right now, especially if you’re looking to make your Boston apartment feel more like home. However, it’s important to know which kind of house plant is best for your way of life and house before you go out and buy the first one you find. Not […]
By: Taylor Oliveira
 Apr 14
We’ve all heard about how solar panels can make a huge impact on the climate and our energy bills, but as a property owner, you have to ask yourself: are solar panels really going to help me? Homeowners have a whole other suite of considerations when it comes to ensuring their properties run efficiently, but […]
By: Damarlee Smith
 Feb 16
Rental living offers numerous benefits and perks over owning a home, but the flexibility to personalize your Boston apartment isn’t one of them. Nothing beats the feeling of making a rented space your own. Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t make your apartment feel like home. Luckily, there are a few ways to […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Jan 18
When moving to a new home, having a finished basement can be a real selling point. Of course, then you must decide what to do with the extra space. This can be especially difficult if you have multiple people with multiple different interests! You can always section off different areas and spaces for different activities, […]
By: Taylor Oliveira
 Oct 14
Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a small landlord/ investor, being a homeowner in Boston isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a lot of hard work. A key difference from renting is that you’re responsible for making sure that everything is in good working order. The days of calling someone else to fix your problems […]
By: Sarah McMahon
 Jun 10
Living in a rental has so many advantages over homeownership. Toilet leaking? Call the landlord. Snow needs shoveling? Call the landlord. Driveway needs repair? Well, you get the idea. One of the things that tenant life doesn’t always give, however, is the opportunity to run wild with your creative side when you want to decorate […]
By: Gabriel Bonilla
 May 18
Boston’s rich history is impressive, and the old cobblestone roads have plenty of timeless charm. However, while old may translate into charming in the streets of Boston, it isn’t what you want when it comes to home décor. Your Boston home should reflect your personal style, but it’s important not to make permanent decisions based […]
By: Sarah McMahon
 Jan 27
Most Boston apartments tend to be small and with limited natural light sources. This is partly a function of the prevailing architecture of older houses and townhouses. These have been converted into multi-family apartment rentals. It is also a result of the high prices apartments in Boston can command, which is mostly determined by the […]
By: Steven Scurti
 Dec 21
Owning a Boston investment property can be an incredibly lucrative endeavor. Real estate is one of the fastest and most effective ways to build wealth in this country. However, you need to be fully aware of the expenses that are related to operating your property. That goes above and beyond the monthly mortgage, taxes, and […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Dec 13