Every Boston landlord’s dream is to have perfect tenants who always pay on time, maintain their residence, follow the rules, and of course, live there for several years. Wouldn’t that be nice! Unfortunately, if you are a landlord long enough, you will run into tenants that are less than dreamy.
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Dec 19
Property owners and managers need to wear many hats, and ‘rental inspector’ is one of the more difficult tasks they may have to do. Not only is it an awkward experience for a tenant, but there are also many hurdles to consider for the landlord. In many cases, a rental inspection can be considered a […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Dec 12
With Thanksgiving in the rear-view mirror, it’s time for landlords and property managers to get serious about winter maintenance for their Boston real estate. Cold, wet weather can take its toll on a property. It’s important to be proactive because repair costs can mount quickly! Here are a few maintenance tips that will give landlords […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Dec 05
Attention Boston property owners.  If you own or manage an unoccupied Boston apartment then you’re probably starting to feel a sense of panic. Each and every day that your apartment remains empty is costing you money. Have you actually sat down and calculated how much cash you’re losing? We’re talking about a potential of thousands of […]
By: Kristian Kotov
 Nov 14
Massachusetts Landlords have multiple routes when it comes to listing a rental property. Those options range from listing it directly by owner, to using dozens of real estate agencies in the area. This article will discuss the benefits for landlords to signing an “Exclusive Right to Rent Agreement,” and the important factors to look for […]
By: Andrew Sebaaly
 Nov 07
If you’re a landlord in Boston, a vacant unit is not making you any money. It’s costing you money each day that the unit sits empty. Mathematically speaking, it is extremely difficult to catch up financially within an 18-month period if your apartment stays vacant for one month. In fact, the only real way to […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Aug 29
Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a small landlord/ investor, being a homeowner in Boston isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a lot of hard work. A key difference from renting is that you’re responsible for making sure that everything is in good working order. The days of calling someone else to fix your problems […]
By: Sarah McMahon
 Jun 10
Boston real estate continues to be a solid choice for today’s investors, particularly due to its persistent price appreciation over the last decade. It helps that the Boston rental market has proven to be resilient. In our 2022 Boston apartment rental market report, we discussed the quick correction of the rental market after the unprecedented […]
By: Shani McKay
 Feb 15
Allston’s apartment rental market looks poised for a record year in 2022.  The Allston rental market is just starting to warm up, and apartment availability and vacancy rates are currently sitting at all-time lows.  Just last March, Allston’s apartment availability hit an all-time high (27.52%) as we endured the worst of the COVID-related supply glut.  […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Feb 07