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renew my apartments lease or buy a home
Jun 28

Should I Renew the Lease or Buy a Property?

Should I renew my lease or go buy a property? This is one of the most common questions that renters ask themselves. Chances are, you find yourself agonizing over this situation at least once, but possibly many more times over the course of your life. Deciding to renew your lease is as important as deciding whether you should rent or buy. In real estate, market timing is important, but so is knowing what is a great deal, both on the renting and buying side of the equation. The last thing you need is to rack up unnecessary expenses after moving to a new pad or staying put that you later realize could have been avoided. There are just so many factors to consider. If you stay put in your current Boston Pad, you have to deal with the potential of rising rent and perhaps a sub-par landlord. If you buy at the top, what happens if the market makes a correction in a long and tired asset bull run?

Oct 17

5 Homes under $500K in Boston

As housing prices in Boston continue to soar to record highs, it may give you the impression that buying a home in the city is an impossibility.  While these reports may be intimidating to any buyer on a budget, a little research will uncover some pretty great options for homes for sale in Boston that you can afford.   Here’s a list of five places you can grab for under $500,000.

Things to do in boston on a budget
Sep 20

Choosing a Neighborhood to Rent a Boston Apartment

With a population of just over 685,000 people, Boston is a small city compared to the four biggest cities in the country. When it comes to looking for luxury apartments in Boston, it’s important to understand that the Boston real estate market, is a super competitive one. You’ll get a better sense of what’s available and how much you must pay for a place if you take the time to learn about the diversity that exists throughout Boston neighborhoods.

3 steps for easy relocating
Jun 26

Top 3 Things Young Boston Home Buyers Want

Think all young Boston home buyers are looking for fireplaces, stainless steel appliances, and eat in kitchens? Then you are out of touch with the latest generation of home buyers. Having grown up with smartphones, apps, and the internet, millennials, have different wants and needs than previous generations when it comes to buying a home.  

Oct 17

5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Condo in Boston

Getting yourself ready to buy a condo?

First, thumbs up. Second, welcome to the American Dream!

the via seaport luxury building
Oct 3

Real Estate Frenzy in Anticipation of GE’s Move to Boston

When General Electric, the nation’s largest industrial company, announced it was moving its corporate headquarters to Boston early last year, the real estate community had stars in its eyes.

rent vs sell boston
Sep 15

Rent vs. Sell Boston

Are you ready to live that landlord life? Here’s why the answer should be Yes.

You just found out you’ve been transferred to a job across country. You’ve inherited a home in the Boston area, but you don’t live here and don’t plan to any time soon. You’re planning to retire to warmer climes, but have to sell your Boston home first. Or maybe you’re a budding real estate investor who’s looking to pursue a Buy and Hold strategy in the competitive Boston real estate market.

average rent prices in boston by town
Jul 24

Average Rent Prices in Boston by Town

***UPDATE*** We released our average rent prices map for 2019!! You can see the Updated Boston Average Rent Price Map here.

Click Here to View Large Map

Boston Pads recently published a series of infographics showing the average rent prices in 22 of the most sought after neighborhoods in the Greater Boston area. Utilizing their extensive database of over 156,000 Boston apartments, they were able to calculate the average rent price for most of the areas in close proximity to the city.

boston mls listings
May 30

Why Energy Efficiency Details Belong in Your MLS

Realtors, appraisers and prospective home buyers all rely on the MLS to learn about home prices and features. However, energy efficiency details about homes are not a standard part of the MLS.

In order to obtain the most accurate pricing on a home with energy efficient systems, the onus is on real estate professionals to include them in the home listing.

Feb 17

Massachusetts Real Estate Market Prime for Sellers

In the 12 years since the Massachusetts Association of Realtors (MAR) began tracking in-state home sales, the number of people looking to pick up and move is at an all-time low. The amount of home listings from November 2015 to November 2016 plummeted nearly 35%. Condo sales fell 30% during the same timeframe.

From Beantown and beyond, this is the perfect time to sell a home or condo in Massachusetts.

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